I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1144 by Xiruo Huang

“You yourself said it‘s David who will offend them, not me. Before you know someone, it‘s better to be their friend than their enemy. Who knows if he‘s hiding an incredible power or identity? Let‘s go. We have to go back now. I finally made my family proud. I want to see how they will reward me.”

Callan left after he said that.

The old man followed behind him.

Inside the Octagon that just left Planet Staub.

“David, are we going to Planet Royal now?” Mia asked.

“No, we‘ll go to the Grim family first,” David answered. “The Grim family?” “Yes, the Grim family.” “Why?”

“We‘re going to demand for an explanation. Lucifer lied to me just now. Not only did he waste my time, he even tried to disrespect you. How can we let this go?” 

“David, forget it. The Grim family is ranked five among the eight prominent families. You can‘t compare them to the Tuffin family, who‘s about to drop off the list. We might not achieve anything if we go.”

After Mia said that, she remembered something and added, “David, it‘s not that I am looking down on you. I know you‘re powerful, and you‘re not scared of them. However, I don‘t think it‘s necessary. After all, we didn‘t lose anything.” “What do you mean? I lost so much time. Also, didn‘t you see how Lucifer wanted to kill me? I can‘t stand this. Of course, I have another purpose.”

“What is it?” Mia asked.

“Since you‘ve decided to follow me, I should show you how powerful I am so that you won‘t be scared and nervous to do anything in the future.

“I‘m sorry, David. I‘ve embarrassed you,” Mia whispered apologetically.

“Alright, you don‘t have to apologize to me. Just listen to me. We‘ll go to the Grim family to get an explanation, and then we‘ll head to Planet Royal,” David decided.

“Yes, David,” Mia answered.

The Octagon started driving toward the planet where the Grim family stayed.

At this moment, Lucifer was in a Milky Way Battleship heading back to his home. Even though the two ships left one after another, the time between their journey did not differ much.

However, the Milky Way Battleship was much faster than the Octagon.

Right now, Lucifer was awake.

However, he still could not accept the reality of getting defeated by Callan.

He still could not wrap his head around it.

Why did Black Demon Palm, the combat skill that his grandmaster taught him, lose its effect? His grandmaster checked his Black Demon Palm before he left the family, and it had indeed reached entry level.

If he could hit Callan with a sneak attack, he would not be able to handle the Black Demon Poison

Moreover, he had used Black Demon Palm so many times, but Callan was still alive and well. He was not affected at all.

It was either something was wrong with his Black Demon Palm, or Callan had the skill to combat the Black Demon Palm.

If it were the former, it would be easy.

He could ask Grandmaster to look at it after he returned.

If it were the latter, then it would be troublesome.

He had to tell Grandmaster as soon as possible.

Grandmaster‘s threat to them would diminish if the Elrod family had a way to combat Black Demon Palm. This was good news to the Grim family.


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