I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1145 by Xiruo Huang

Three days later. Planet Grim. This was where the Grim family, one of the eight prominent families in the Milky Way, stayed. The Grim family was ranked fourth among the eight prominent families. They were very powerful, and a declining family like the Tuffin family could not compare to them. The Grim family was one of the giants even among the Royal Region.

A Milky Way Battleship descended on Planet Grim.

The moment Lucifer got out, the people who were waiting for him brought him to the main residence.

The cores of the Grim family were waiting for him here.

After three days, they learned about Master Lucifer‘s battle with Master Callan in an arena on Planet Staub.

In the end, Callan defeated Lucifer and was even stepped on and humiliated. This matter had spread all over the Royal Region.

The two families were close in ranking. One was ranked fourth, and one was ranked fifth, so they had been enemies for a long time.

This was not just a fight between the two first heirs, it was also a fight between their families.

However, the result shocked everyone.

Unexpectedly, Lucifer suffered a crushing defeat. Now, the Grim family was the laughing stock of the entire Royal Region.

Everyone would talk about this during their chats. How could the first heir of the Grim family be so weak? Did this mean they did not have any more promising descendants now?

Anyway, Lucifer had completely humiliated the Grim family.

Even though he could not change the fact that he had lost, his family still needed to know what had happened.

Lucifer had been cultivating with the grandmaster these years, so how would he lose to Callan?

If Grandmaster found out about this, he would be fuming.

Back then, you were evenly matched with Callan, and now you‘re easily defeated after cultivating with me for so many years?

‘You even let him step on you?

‘Won‘t that tell the world that I am a horrible teacher?‘

Lucifer was brought to the hall.

The hall was filled with people. It was like they were going to have a joint hearing.

There were a lot of direct descendants in a huge family like the Grim family.

Right now, the ones at the scene were just some of the more important elders. As the eldest son, Lucifer was feeling terrified by such a stern situation.

“The unfilial son, Lucifer, is here to see you all.”

Lucifer stood in the middle of the hall. He placed his hands together, bowed, and said respectfully. As the eldest son and the first heir, he did not need to kneel.

If other children made such a serious mistake and humiliated the entire family, they would be kneeling on the ground begging for mercy.

The scene was quiet. No one was saying anything. The head of the Grim family, Derry Grim, did not say anything as he sat on the main seat. of course, the others would be tactful not to speak before him. Lucifer knew he had embarrassed his family and did not dare to be rash anymore.

“I‘ve humiliated the family and caused irreversible damage to the family name. I beg the family‘s elders to punish me,” Lucifer spoke again. “It‘s good that you know you‘ve humiliated us. Do you know how long it‘s been since we‘ve been humiliated like this? Plus, you, the eldest son and first heir of the family, were the one who caused such huge damage to the family name and made us the laughing stock of so many in the Royal Region. How do you expect us to face the family‘s ancestors?” Derry scolded loudly. “Grandpa, I was wrong! I‘m willing to accept punishment,” Lucifer lowered his head and mumbled.

“Do you think you can reverse the damage by saying that? I don‘t mind you losing to anyone else, but you lost to that Elrod punk. You were always evenly matched with him, but now that you‘ve followed Grandmaster for so many years, you can‘t even fight back? Are you telling everyone Grandmaster is a horrible teacher?” “Grandpa! I am also unable to make heads or tails of how I lost. Until now, I still can‘t figure it out!”

“You better tell me everything in detail.” “Yes, Grandpa!”


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