I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1146 by Xiruo Huang

Next, Lucifer told Derry everything.

However, he did not tell Derry how he set a trap to lure David and Mia over.

He only said he had been locked up for so long, so after he accomplished Grandmaster‘s task and was let out, he wanted to come out and clear his head.

Then, he came to Planet Staub‘s arená to have fun.

Unexpectedly, Callan had also come over.

After that, the two started arguing, and then the argument turned into a fight…

The hall was silent after Lucifer stated what had happened. “You said you used Black Demon Palm on Callan, but it didn‘t do anything?” Derry asked.

“Yes, Grandpa. Grandmaster examined me after I learned Black Demon Palm, and that‘s why he let me out. However, it was useless to that punk Callan,” Lucifer said aggrievedly.

“Are you telling the truth? I‘m telling you, you better not lie. If not, don‘t even think of taking a step out of these doors.” “It‘s true, Grandpa. Believe me. Why would I lie about this? Even though I am usually a bit of a rascal, I wouldn‘t lie about such a serious matter,” Lucifer patted his chest and promised.

“If that‘s the case, do you have any guesses about the cause? You‘re the party involved and the only one who knows what happened in the fight.”

“Grandpa, there are two possibilities. It‘s either something‘s wrong with Black Demon Palm Grandmaster taught me, or the Elrod family has a way to counter it,” Lucifer answered.

After Lucifer said that, Derry scolded, “You bastard! What nonsense! Are you doubting Grandmaster?”

“I‘m just saying it‘s a possibility. If Black Demon Palm is not the problem, then it‘ll mean the Elrod family has a way to counter Black Demon Palm. If not, why would it not work on Callan? I didn‘t just use it once. I used it many times, but it never worked. That‘s why I was exhausted and gave that punk a chance to defeat me,” Lucifer roared. He knew he had to shift the family‘s attention. Only by doing this could he escape. If not, the grandmaster would not spare him so easily after causing such huge damage to the Grim family‘s reputation. If he could confirm that the Elrod family had a way to counter Black Demon Palm, he might even be rewarded!

After all, the families were mortal enemies. It would be no joke if the Grim family‘s enemy found a flaw in their combat skill. It would be better to find out and tackle it earlier than to find out when the two families were in battle.

If that happened, everything would be too late. Indeed, after Lucifer said that, the hall became noisy.

The core elders of the Grim family started to discuss among themselves.

They all knew that this was not a laughing matter if Lucifer was telling the truth. The two families would fight sooner or later. If the Elrod family hid this information and only exposed it when they fought, the Grim family would suffer a considerable loss.

The Elrod family might just turn the situation around and severely damage the Grim family.

Lucifer was a good example of this.

Before he knew the Elrod family‘s secret, he exhausted a lot of his energy every time he used Black Demon Palm.

If Lucifer used Black Demon Palm two or three times and still did not cause any damage to the enemy, he would surely lose.

Unless the enemy also used their combat skill to resist him.

If that were the case, he would have a chance since both sides would be equally exhausted.

However, Lucifer was clearly not talking about this. Callan did not use any combat skills to counter his Black Demon Palm.


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