I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1147 by Xiruo Huang

 When everyone was talking, the head of the family, Derry, spoke.

“Someone go and get me a captive from the prison. We‘ll see if Lucifer‘s Black Demon palm is working or not.”

Clearly, Derry also realized the seriousness of this, so he needed to test it out on someone.

If Lucifer‘s Black Demon Palm were fine, they would have to tell the grandmasters about this.

“Yes, Lord Derry.”

Immediately, someone stood up and answered before leaving the hall.

“Lucifer, if you‘re telling the truth, not only will the family forgive you for your mistake, you will even be rewarded,” Derry looked at Lucifer and said in gratification.

Derry was not angry like earlier; he was like a whole other person.

Derry looked gratified, and the other core family elders looked pleased as they looked at Derry.

‘This kid is the family‘s lucky star indeed.


The grandmaster, who had been stuck in his realm for many years, suddenly had a breakthrough when Lucifer was born.

Now that he was let out, he immediately noticed their enemy‘s huge secret.

‘The Elrod family found a flaw in Black Demon Palm?‘

This was useless to the other families, but the value of this information was immeasurable for the Grim family.

In addition, the possibility of Lucifer‘s Black Demon Palm not working was too miniscule.

After all, the grandmaster had examined it himself.

“Thank you, Grandpa! It‘s my honor to be able to contribute to the family. However, I feel terrible for humiliating the family right after I was let out,” Lucifer said lowly and apologetically.

Even though he was saying that, he was overjoyed on the inside.

He finally dodged this bullet.

Not only did he dodge this bullet, he even gained more recognition from his family, further solidifying his position as the family‘s lucky


In the future, he would have more rights to speak in the family.

“Master Lucifer, please don‘t say that. You‘re the family‘s lucky star. If it weren‘t for you, we wouldn‘t know about the Elrod family knowing the flaw of Black Demon Palm. We would suffer greatly if we ever engage in a battle in the future.”

“Yeah! Master Lucifer is our lucky star. When you were born, Grandmaster had a breakthrough, and now, you helped us dodge a bullet.”

“I‘m wondering how your injuries are, Master Lucifer. I have some treasures of heaven and earth that are good for treating serious injuries. I bought them with a lot of money, and I hope you can take them.”

“I have a pellet here too. It‘s effective for healing the body. Please accept this.”

The core elders were concerned about Lucifer‘s injuries and were all giving him any treasures that could heal his injuries.

They knew Lucifer‘s position in the family was unshakable now.

In the future, the family would be handed to Lucifer.

Therefore, it would be useful for their future if they wormed their way into a relationship with Lucifer right now.

Derry looked at this scene with a smile on his face.

Lucifer was his biological grandson.

Hence, he loved to see this scene.

“Thank you for your concern, Elders. Since you‘re all so passionate, it would be impolite for me to refuse,” Lucifer replied with a grin.

Then, he accepted the treasures the elders gave him.

Those things were precious, so it would be a waste not to take them.

“You‘re too humble, Master Lucifer. You got hurt for the sake of the family, so as your elders, this is what we should do.” “Yeah. Master Lucifer, you did so much for the family, so this is nothing.”

After exchanging some pleasantries, everyone went back to their seats.

Lucifer was also asked to sit at one side to wait for the prisoner.

“Lucifer, how are your injuries?” Derry asked. “Grandpa, I was just exhausted. I‘m fine now,” Lucifer answered.


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