I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1149 by Xiruo Huang

An Octagon approached Planet Grim. David spread his mind power and scanned the entire Planet Grim.

Immediately, he sensed four intense energies.

One mid–Infinity Ranker, and three beginner Infinity Rankers.

As expected of the fourth–ranked family among the eight prominent families, they were much stronger than the Tuffin family.

However, they were just so–so to David.

Even a large colony of ants could never best an elephant.

After confirming the location of the Grim family‘s grandmasters, David commanded the Octagon to get ready to descend.

After the four grandmasters learned about the Elrod family finding a flaw in Black Demon Palm and that they might attack at any time, they decided to all come out of seclusion to wait for the Elrod family.

At the same time, they were also discussing countermeasures.

Lucifer should have been a sinner to the Grim family after losing to Callan.

In the end, he discovered a shocking secret and immediately transformed into the Grim family‘s lucky star again.

Besides, Grandmaster Grim had a breakthrough when he was born.

Therefore, Lucifer‘s position in the family was even more unshakable.

Even the Grandmaster Grim praised him, calling him the family‘s lucky star and the hope for the development of the family.

Lucifer never expected things would develop in this direction as well.

This was such a shock to him.

He thought he would not escape calamity and he would surely receive

the most severe punishment from his family. Now, he was viewed as the family‘s savior.

Lucifer was very pleased with himself right now.

He was starting to lose himself in the countless praises.

At this moment, he thought he was the chosen one who God sent to lead the Grim family to glory. He was glowing right now.

Lucifer placed his hands behind his back and walked with his head high in the Grim Manor.

“Hello, Master Lucifer!”

“Hello, Master Lucifer!”

“Hello, Master Lucifer!”

Everyone who saw him on the way would stop and greet him politely, be it a servant, direct descendant, or an elder.

This whole time, Lucifer would only nod and grunt his reply.

He would only exchange pleasantries with some elders who held very high statuses.

Even if the grandmasters acknowledged him and he was sure to become the next head of the family, he could not be too arrogant.

Especially to the elders of the family.

Without their support, or if they worked together to oppose him, Lucifer would not have a day of peace, even if he was the head of the family.


Lucifer knew this in his heart.

Right now, he was enjoying this feeling.

Back then, even if Lucifer was the eldest son and the first heir, a lot of the direct descendants were unconvinced.

They even wanted to fight for the first heir position with him.

However, no one had such thoughts anymore.

Even if they did, they would hide these thoughts inside.

From now on, Lucifer was the head of the family‘s younger generation.

When he was strong enough, he would take over the Grim family.

However, Lucifer still had a sore spot in his heart: David and Mia.

He had to find those two after he settled this kerfuffle.

David had to die since he dared to touch Mia.

After he killed David, Lucifer would forcefully dominate Mia. “Master Lucifer, the grandmasters are asking for you.”


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