I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1150 by Xiruo Huang

voice interrupted Lucifer as he was deep in thought.

“I got it,” Lucifer answered.

Then, he turned around and followed the person to see the grandmasters.

Soon, they came to Grandmaster Grim‘s study.

Knock knock knock!

Lucifer knocked on the door and said, “Grandmasters, I am here!”

A voice said from inside, “Come in.”

Lucifer pushed the door open and went in.

There were five people in the room.

Four grandmasters, all infinity rankers, and the head Derry were inside.

Those five were the ones with the highest status in the family.

“Lucifer is here to greet you all, Grandmasters. Greetings, Grandpa,” Lucifer said respectfully.

“Lucifer is here. Come and sit,” an old man with white hair said gently.

That person was the strongest grandmaster in the Grim family. He was Marino Grim, a mid–Infinity Ranker.

He managed to improve to mid– Infinity Rank when Lucifer was born.

Therefore, Marino was very fond of Lucifer.

He felt that Lucifer was his and the family‘s lucky star. If not, how would he have inexplicably broken through the realm he was stuck in for centuries and was starting to feel hopeless when Lucifer was born?

“Thank you, Grandmaster!” Lucifer answered.

Then, he found an empty seat to sit in. “May I know why you summoned me?”

“Lucifer, I need to discuss something with you this time,” Marino said.

“Please, go ahead.”

“Our family will have a marital partnership with the Callisto family. What do you think about this?” Marino asked.

“This is good! Grandmaster, if we can have a marital partnership with them, it will be like two giants working together. Aside from the Drake family, we have long surpassed the other families. We can‘t miss such a good chance,” Lucifer answered happily.

He was troubled because he could not find that punk Callan.

Callan dared to step on his face in front of so many people. Lucifer would not give up if he did not seek revenge.

However, the two families were almost the same in strength.

In addition, the Elrod family knew the flaw in Black Demon Palm, so it might not be possible for Lucifer to seek revenge for the time being.

Even so, things would be different if the Grim family could have a marriage connection with the Callisto family.

If the second–ranked and fourth–ranked families among the eight prominent families worked together, without exaggerating, aside from the first–ranked Drake family, the other families would be nothing. If that happened, Lucifer would find a chance to kill that punk Callan secretly.

So what if the Elrod family found out? They would not dare to come to seek revenge, and they would only suffer this grievance in silence.

Lucifer felt great as he thought about this.

After the two families worked together, he would wait for his turn to take over the Grim family. Then, his family would definitely go up

another level.

“Indeed! However, the Callisto family is second to the Drake family among the eight families. If we propose marriage with them, we must send someone with a higher status.”

“Grandmaster, are you asking me to have a marriage connection with the Callisto family?” Lucifer asked with a frown.

“Yes. After all, you‘re the future head of the family. The Callisto family will only consider the marriage because of your status. They will surely not consider the others.”

“Then who am I marrying?”

“We are not sure yet. I have to go and discuss this with Grandmaster Callisto. However, don‘t worry. Since we are sending the future head of the family, they will not randomly send someone to deceive us. You can go and check out the unmarried Callisto women. Tell me who you fancy, and then I‘ll go and ask for her hand for you,” Marino said.

“Alright, Grandmaster. Since you said that, I‘ll accept for the sake of the family‘s future development. However, I need to pick the woman myself,” Lucifer agreed after he thought about it.

If he refused, the grandmaster might not force him. Otherwise, they would not ask him to join in the discussion.

However, if he refused, he did not know when he would ever have the chance to seek revenge against Callan.

Lucifer was impetuous.

He did not believe in the saying ‘one should bide one‘s time and wait for the right opportunity to seek revenge‘.

He could not wait that long and would not miss out on any chance.

Besides, having a marital partnership with the Callisto family was good.

The Callisto family was huge and had many virtuous and gorgeous women.

He should just choose one with high status.

The grandmaster said he could choose a woman for himself anyway.

“No problem!” Marino guffawed and said.


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