I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1153 by Xiruo Huang

Inside the Octagon.  When Mia saw Darry charging at them, her heart leaped to her throat. She grabbed David tightly and screamed nervously, “David!”

Even though David said he was powerful, Mia had never seen his strength before.

Besides, the Grim family was not like the Tuffin family, and this was the Grim family‘s territory.

If something terrible happened, they might not be able to leave Planet Grim.

At this moment, David turned to look at Mia. He smiled and said, “Don‘t worry, I‘m here.”

Mia calmed down when she saw David‘s smile.

This man‘s smile made people feel very safe.

Derry approached the Octagon and was about to pull the vessel‘s exterior apart.

Right now, everyone was looking at him.

Lucifer showed a crazy smile. ‘Grandpa is taking action, so David will surely die today! ‘So what if David has some tricks up his sleeves? ‘I still have my four grandmasters.

‘David can‘t escape today.‘ Marino and the other grandmasters were observing Derry.

They shared the same thought as Derry.

Since this person dared to come to the Grim family, he would not be any simple if he was not a fool.

Furthermore, they could not sense any energy inside the Octagon. It was as if something was blocking it. The unknown was the scariest. Due to this, they asked Derry to find out what David was hiding. When Derry was about to touch the Octagon, the space seemed to freeze suddenly. Derry widened his eyes and looked at the Octagon right at his fingertips. However, he could not touch it.

What was more horrifying was that he could not move.

‘How did this happen?

‘I can‘t move. ‘What‘s going on? Can anyone tell me?‘

Derry was feeling more and more horrified.

He had been living for centuries, yet he had never encountered such a freakish occurence.

The others also noticed something was wrong. Derry was next to the Octagon, and yet he was not doing anything.

Marino saw the horrified look on Derry‘s face, and he knew something must have happened.

When he was about to ask…

“Get lost!”

Those words sounded like claps of thunder as they rang in everyone‘s ears.

Everyone was dizzy from the vibration.

Before they could realize what was going on…

In the next second… Boom boom boom!

A strong storm started spreading from the Octagon. It was so strong that the people around felt like they were a leaf in an ocean surrounded by waves more than a hundred meter high.

They could not resist at all. Initially, the Grim family‘s vessels were tightly surrounding the Octagon. However, after David said that, they all turned into fireworks in this storm. Then, they disappeared after turning into countless pieces. Meanwhile, no one was left within a hundred kilometers of the Octagon.

This storm threw the Grim family‘s cores hundreds of kilometers away. They were all looking at this scene, looking battered and sluggish. Their brains were still not registering what was happening, and they struggled to return to their senses.

The four grandmasters of the Grim family were no exception. Marino held Lucifer as they quietly watched the Octagon from hundreds of kilometers away. Even though Marino looked calm, a huge wave crashed against his heart. Even he felt irresistible energy sweeping across him when he looked at the scene just now. Even a mid–Infinity Ranker like him felt that he could not resist it.


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