I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1154 by Xiruo Huang

‘What was that? ‘Is a late Infinity Ranker or a peak Infinity Ranker hiding in this Octagon?

‘No way!


‘What kind of existence was a late Infinity Ranker or above? There were not many of them in the Milky Way. So why would they show up here? ‘Someone of this level will not take such a low–level vessel to travel.

“This must be an unknown trick, and he can only use it once. He can‘t use it an unlimited number times.‘

Marino comforted himself internally. He had to make himself believe this even if he figured it was just a small chance. If this were not the case, then the Grim family would be doomed.

Furthermore, they would have no chance of making a comeback in the future.

Inside the Octagon, Mia was also shocked by what happened.

When David said that, he was not loud. He only said it with his normal volume.

Moreover, she did not feel anything when she was next to David. Nonetheless, it was chaos out there.

The countless vessels from the Grim family were destroyed by what David said.

It was just two simple words, yet it contained so much power. This changed Mia‘s entire worldview.

She could not believe that this was real. “David! T–T–This…”

Mia started stammering. “So? Did you like that?” David chuckled and asked.

“Yes!” Mia nodded quickly.

“I told you I‘m powerful, but you refused to believe me. Those Grims are nothing but ants to me. Also, those four grandmasters are just ants that are slightly more powerful to me,” David said seriously.

Mia was shocked, and she looked at David in disbelief.


‘The Grim family, ranked fourth among the eight prominent families of the Milky Way, are just ants to David?

“How strong is he?

‘What kind of monster am I with? ‘Is he still human?


‘How can I think about him that way?

‘Of course, he‘s human, but he‘s just different from others.‘

Right now, Mia felt that if she gave David some time to grow, he might be able to fight with the emperor of the Milky Way Empire. ‘Emperor Nimbus is the strongest in the Milky Way. ‘If David can one day be on the same level as His Majesty, won‘t it mean I can do whatever I want in the Milky Way? ‘Even the eight prominent families would have to respect me.

‘Does that mean I‘ll stand out among my peers?


Mia always felt inferior because of her background.

She was the only fairy without a background.

The other three were either a princess or a descendant of powerful forces.

On the contrary, she just came from a small family.

So, whenever a big shot invited her to something, she had to go even if she was reluctant.

On the other hand, the other three fairies were not the same.

They could do whatever they wanted.

This was the difference between Mia and the other three fairies.

She dreamed of being like the other three fairies and not being restricted by others.

Now, she finally saw hope.

If she stayed with David, she knew this day would arrive soon. “David, I will never doubt you again,” Mia said. “Alright, I‘ll let you see how powerful I am today. From now on, don‘t be so nervous and fearful when you do anything. You don‘t have to be scared,” David nodded and said. “I got it!”


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