I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1155 by Xiruo Huang

When the Grim family‘s cores were looking at the Octagon blankly and not knowing what to do, the Octagon‘s hatch opened. The cores‘ eyes narrowed, and they saw David walk out. Mia had a wooden box on her back as she followed behind David.

The two stood in the void and looked at the Grim family, who were more than a hundred kilometers away

“Lucifer, do you regret what you‘ve done after seeing that?” David asked. “H–How did you do that?” Lucifer pointed at David, his face filled with shock.

He could not understand how David destroyed so many of his family‘s vessels with just his voice.

Not only that, but the four grandmasters were also thrown hundreds of kilometers away.

Lucifer would have never imagined this.

After Lucifer said that, he heard a voice behind him. “Kneel!” Then, he felt an overwhelming force on him. After that, he knelt in the void involuntarily. Lucifer turned around in disbelief. The person who asked him to kneel just now was Grandmaster. “Grandmaster!” Lucifer cried. “Shut up! Apologize to David now!” Marino said sternly. “Grandmaster, I…” Before Lucifer could finish, Marino interrupted him. “I asked you to apologize to him!” Marino stared at Lucifer and said word by word. Right now, he was seething. The Grim family worked hard for generations and finally got to where they were right now. They were lucky enough to be among the eight prominent families and were even ranked fourth.

Marino did not expect to suffer such a massive loss because they accidentally offended someone,

Countless of their vessels had turned to dust. The destroyed vehicles made up two–thirds of their vessels and were accumulation over hundreds of years. Now, they were all gone.

Moreover, the other party did not seem like he would stop. If they were not careful, their family would be wiped out today. In addition, the person who did all this was Lucifer, the family‘s lucky star. Right now, Marino did not think that Lucifer was a lucky star. He was clearly a troublemaker. Marino was so remorseful. If he did not let Lucifer out, would their family be in such a compromising position right now? Lucifer looked at the grandmaster‘s angry eyes and knew he was being serious. His heart grew cold as he recalled how the grandmaster was also thrown hundreds of kilometers away by that sound. The grandmaster might have known he was not David‘s opponent, so that was why he showed this expression. If not, he would have sought revenge after the family suffered such a huge loss.

He would not allow David to act so arrogantly.

Even if Lucifer did not want to believe this possibility, he had to admit it was still possible. If he wanted to survive, he had to admit his mistakes, apologize, and get David to forgive him. “D–David, Dance Fairy, I offended you. I hope a person with great moral stature like you won‘t remember my faults. Please let me and my family go. I will never forget your grace and kindness,” Lucifer said humbly. He thought this through and realized that if he wanted to stay alive, he could only be humble.


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