I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1156 by Xiruo Huang

After all, nothing was more important than his life. He would have nothing if he lost his life.

If he was alive and had his family, he would still be Master Lucifer to the outsiders.

Mia was in disbelief as she looked at Lucifer kneeling from a distance. ‘What‘s going on? Master Lucifer, from the fourth–ranked family among the eight prominent families, is kneeling and asking for forgiveness from me?‘

She needed to look up to someone like Lucifer before she followed David.

Right now, he was kneeling and asking her for forgiveness.

“David, I know there‘s a misunderstanding between you and Lucifer. Now that he‘s kneeling and admitting his mistakes, please spare him. From now on, you‘ll be our family‘s honorable guest. You can ask anything from us, and we will try our best to fulfill your wishes,” Grandmaster Marino said from one side.

He was not confident that he would defeat David.

Marino had to admit that he could not do what David did. It did not matter how David managed to destroy so many ships with his voice as well as throw the four Infinity Rankers back.

It was easy to destroy the ships, but throwing three beginner Infinity Rankers and one mid Infinity Ranker back was not easy.

Therefore, he could only admit defeat.

“You recognize your mistakes now? But unfortunately, it‘s too late,” David said expressionlessly.

“David, please show due respect to me,” Marino said in a deep voice. “Are you their grandmaster?” David asked.

“Yes, I am Marino, the Grim family‘s grandmaster. Please show me due respect, David. We will remember this,” Marino answered.

“I can spare you, but you have to agree to one of my request.” Marino, Lucifer, and the Grim family‘s core sighed in relief when they heard David say that Finally, things did not develop in a direction they could not control. However, Marino had a new idea.

‘Does it mean he can only use that powerful technique once?

‘If not, why would David go easy on them if he had such a huge advantage over them? ‘Does he not know not to sow the seeds of calamity?


‘I have to probe him when I get the chance.

‘If he can only use that method once, then I will make him pay for the losses he caused.’

Marino thought inside his heart. However, he said, “David, please tell us. As long as we can do it, we will do our best to fulfill


“Since you‘re their grandmaster, you should be the strongest in the family, right?”


“Then you should try blocking my sword. If you can, I‘ll spare all of you.” After David said that, the wooden sheath on Mia‘s back opened automatically. A long red sword flew out and landed in David‘s right hand. Then, David performed some tricks with the sword, and the long red sword drew some lines in the void.

What David said shocked everyone in the Grim family.

No one expected such a request from him.

David did not look too old.

The grandmaster had been living for thousands of years and was a mid–Infinity Ranker.

Even so, David was asking him to block his sword? How incomprehensible!

Marino looked at David and did not rush to answer.

It was as if he was trying to read David‘s mind, but he could not.

David held his long red sword and stood in the void, waiting for Marino‘s answer.

However, no one answered him even after some time.

So, he chuckled lightly and said, “So? Are you scared? You‘re a mid–Infinity Ranker, but you‘re scared of my sword?” “Are you serious?” Marino asked. “Of course! I never joke around,” David answered. “Alright, I‘ll block your sword and see what you truly got.” “That‘s more like it,” David smiled and said.


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