I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1157 by Xiruo Huang

The scene fell into silence. Everyone looked at David and Marino nervously.

“Are you ready?” David asked casually.

“Ready when you are,” Marino answered.

He did not think David would be too strong at his young age.

However, he had to pay attention to see if others in the Octagon would attack him in secret.

So, Marino‘s eyes were glued on the Octagon behind David. On the other hand, he was not bothered by David at all. Marino kept feeling like there should be someone strong inside the Octagon. That was probably why a youngster like David was so arrogant and confident.

“Alright, Marino. Since you‘re willing to try to block my attack, I won‘t care whether you can successfully catch it or not. From now on, I will not owe anything to your family.”

David stopped spouting nonsense. After he said that, he lifted his Evil–Splitting Sword, swirled it around, and held it in front of his chest. Then, he swung it from left to right.

He looked confident and at ease, and he did not look like he had any killing intent at all.

Instead, he looked like he was performing. It looked nice, but it would not harm anyone. At the same time, there was no energy coming from it.

The Grim family members from hundreds of kilometers away thought David was just taking them for fools. After he waved his sword around, David turned and walked back to Mia. Putting the Evil Splitting Sword into the wooden sheath, he said calmly, “Let‘s go.” Then, he walked back to the Octagon.

Mia was confused.

“That‘s all?

‘Isn‘t this child‘s play?‘ However, she still followed behind David.

She secretly turned back to look at the Grims far away during the process.

Marino took his best position when David waved his sword at him.

He emitted all of his power as a mid–Infinity Ranker. However, he felt insulted after David waved his sword and left. At this moment, he understood why David said they would not owe each other anything, whether or not Marino could not block the sword.

This was to give himself a chance to escape.

As a mid–Infinity Ranker and someone whose words carried enormous weight in the Grim

family, Marino was utterly fooled by this young man. He was enraged and amused. It had been so long since Marino fought someone. When did he become so cowardly?

Even though quite a few people in the Milky Way could reach late Infinity Rank and defeat him, they were few and far in between.

Furthermore, they were all giants in the Milky Way. Even if Lucifer offended someone the family could not afford to offend, they would not come to the Grim family in an Octagon to demand an explanation. Instead, they would send a message to the family and ask them to bring Lucifer over to apologize to them.

That was the way the top forces would do things.

It was only reasonable that David had picked up some unknown technique from an ancient relic. They had seen how powerful it was, so this went without saying. However, David definitely could not use it an unlimited number of times. After this, he thought he could move unhindered in the Milky Way and not be scared of anyone. This was why all this happened. ‘This young man is so ridiculous. ‘He doesn‘t know that external power will only ever be external, and you must rely on your own strength.‘ “Grandmaster!”



The Grims started calling out.

Clearly, they did not want David to leave so easily.

“David, is this the sword you wanted me to block? Do you think it‘s fun fooling us like this? You caused so much damage to my family today, and you want to leave just like that? Don‘t you think you‘re underestimating us?”


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