I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1160 by Xiruo Huang

“It will continue saying it! The Grim family is getting their retribution! This is your retribution for plundering everywhere! Hahaha! The Grim family is doomed!” When they were about to start fighting, a suffocating aura overwhelmed them from above, and they did not dare to move.

“Get me someone from the Grim family who can make decisions,” David said.

The Grim Manor was silent. No one dared to take a step forward because if they did, they might die.

They were all collateral relatives or subordinates of the family.

Therefore, no one was willing to risk their lives.

At this moment, a middle–aged man came forward suddenly. He knelt on the ground and asked, “Sir, are Lord Derry and the grandmasters dead?”

His voice was filled with intense expectations.

“That‘s right. All of the core elders of your family are dead. However, they offended someone they can‘t afford to offend, so they deserve it! You don‘t have to suffer the consequences. I just need someone to take me to a warship. Not only will I let you go, but I will also pay you,” David said.

After he said that, he heard someone laughing carefreely. “Hahaha!”

It was from that kneeling middle–aged man. The collateral relatives of the Grim family had devastated looks on their faces. Grandmaster Grim and the cores were dead, which meant the family was also doomed.

Even if some of the direct descendants could return from their explorations, they might not dare to show their faces anymore.

They could only live in the darkness and conceal their identities.

David frowned and looked at the laughing man.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed.

The middle–aged man had the word ‘slave‘ on his forehead.

A slave mark!‘

David‘s heart shook.

‘Did the Grim family plant a slave mark on this man?

“No wonder he hates them so much and was so happy after hearing about Grandmaster Grim‘s death.

As he looked at the middle–aged man, David remembered he promised old David from the other timeline that he would help old David‘s teammates that had been planted with slave

marks when he was strong enough. Without their help, David from that timeline would not have brought the system out of the God Tier Civilization and give it to David in this timeline. David would surely do what he promised. However, his power only increased suddenly recently, so it slipped his mind.

It seemed like he still had a lot of things to do.

It would be better to complete this as soon as he could. He would decide after he upgraded these planets to high civilization planets in the Milky Way Empire.

If not, some forces might find this place and plant their slave marks on it. When that happened, it would be too late.

He could not delay this.

Without the fearless seniors from the other timeline, they would not have gotten the system, and David would not be where he was now. It seemed like he had to delay going to Planet Royal.

The man was laughing so hard he was crying. Then, he started wailing.

It was as if he wanted to release everything in his heart.

David did not interrupt him as well.

He knew this person must have held it in for a very long time.

Once the humans of a planet were planted with slave marks, they would never have been able to make a comeback unless everyone on that planet went extinct. This fate was indeed hard to accept.

If David did not have the system‘s help, Earth would also have ended up like this.

By then, it might even have helped Pavan reached the peak of the Milky WayTherefore, David understood. When the middle–aged man got tired from crying, he gradually stopped and started kowtowing to David. Once, twice, thrice… While he was doing that, he mumbled, “Thank you, Sir! Thank you!”

– He kept going more than ten times.

David could not take it anymore, so he used his mind power to stop the man, preventing him from continuing


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