I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1161 by Xiruo Huang

A Galaxy Warship was speeding ahead in the void. Inside the ship were David and the others. This time, David did not just take a Galaxy Warship from Planet Grim. He also brought along the middle–aged man who had been planted with a slave mark.

Or rather, that middle–aged man insisted on following David and wanted to serve him as his master because David avenged him and his planet.

David pitied this man.

After all, he had almost been like him.

The middle–aged man‘s name was Balu.

He had a peaceful and prosperous life on a tiny planet. According to Balu, that planet was tiny and even smaller than the moon. Not many people stayed there, so it was still pretty primitive.

This was until the Grim family went and destroyed their peaceful life more than a hundred years ago. Back then, Balu was very young, and his father was the head of the planet.

After the Grim family planted their slave mark on the planet, Balu and his family were brought to Planet Grim. From that day on, they lived like slaves. Hundreds of years passed, and Balu had no idea if anyone was still living on that planet. Thus, he hoped David could take him back to his planet to check on his homeland. To be honest, David could not say no to this request. He was not cold blooded. Even though he would waste more time, David decided to take Balu back to his planet. The slave mark‘s feedback to the planter was closely related to the talent of the victim. S

Even though the Grim family planted their slave mark on Balu‘s planet, since this planet was still primitive and had limited talents, its feedback to the Grim family was not that great. Hence, the Grim family never improved in these hundreds of years.

If it were Earth, then it would be a different story. David from the other timeline said after a declining family like the Tuffin family planted a slave mark on Earth, they prospered. After that, Pavan, the family‘s eldest son, became the Master of the Milky Way. In that timeline, the Tuffin family‘s status was even higher than the Barlowe family, which was also the royal family of the Milky Way Empire. This showed how talented and rare earthlings were.

“Master, since you‘re so powerful, do you know any way to remove the slave mark? I‘ll pay any price if I can get rid of the slave mark,” Balu, the middle–aged man, asked expectantly. David did not answer. He only shook his head to show that he did not know. From what he knew, a bloodline curse from the slave mark was impossible to remove once it was planted. At the very least, a level 3 civilization like the Milky Way could not remove it. It was unknown if the other higher–level civilizations could.

Even if David was powerful and the strongest in the Milky Way, he had limited knowledge.

After all, he came from a remote planet like Earth and did not spend much time growing.

Balu was disappointed when he saw David shaking his head. If someone powerful like David, who viewed the Grim family as ants, had no idea of how to fix this, then who would?

“You don‘t have to be too disappointed. Even though we don‘t have a way to remove it here in the Milky Way, it doesn‘t mean the higher–level civilizations don‘t. We need to find out and discover this slowly,” David comforted. “I got it, Master. From now on, I will do anything for you to repay your grace. I hope you can keep me around,” Balu said after kneeling in front of David and kowtowing to him. “Balu, you don‘t have to do this,” David said.

“Master, I won‘t get up if you don‘t say yes. I‘ve nowhere to go. I will only have a glimmer of hope if I‘m with you. Even though I know I am weak, I promise your enemies will have to step over my dead body if they want to hurt you,” Balu said firmly.

David knew Balu was being sincere.

After he thought about it, David decided to keep Balu.

He needed someone to work for him now anyway.

Right now, the people driving the Galaxy Warship were Pavan‘s people. To be honest, David did not like this.

However, he could not find suitable people for the job, so he had kept them around.

David would feel more at ease using someone like Balu.

“Alright, you should stay with me from now on, but if you want, you can leave at any time. I won‘t stop you.”


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