I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1162 by Xiruo Huang

“Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!”

Balu answered happily while kowtowing non–stop. “That‘s enough. I am very casual, and I don‘t like all this complicated etiquette. Don‘t do it to me anymore.” After David said that, he waved his hard and helped Balu up with his mind power. “Yes, Master. I understand.” After Balu said that, he took a step backward. “Balu, do you remember where your home is?” “Yes, I do. Even though so much time has passed, I always wanted to go back to visit my people.”

“Go to the control room and tell them the direction. We‘ll stop by your home first.” “Thank you, Master! I will never forget your kindness and grace!”

“I told you not to be so polite with me. Off you go.” Balu left the room happily and headed to the control room.

He was about to return to his previous home, so he was very excited.

After Balu left, David said, “Mia, we might need to change our plan. We‘re not going to Planet Royal now because I just remembered there are many things I need to do.” “That‘s up to you. I‘ll go wherever you go,” Mia said. “We‘ll fulfill Balu‘s laugh before we do the rest.”

“Yes, David.”

Planet Callisto in the Royal Region. Right now, the Callisto family was very lively. This was because they were hosting a family meeting, and almost all of the cores were back. This time, they were looking for the first heir of the family, meaning they were going to determine the head of the younger generation. Initially, three people were eligible to compete for this position, Fergus, Beck, and Micah Callisto. Right now, Fergus was crippled, so Beck and Micah were the only ones left.

Once the next head of the younger generation was determined, the title would not go to

anyone else unless anything significant happened. . The head of the younger generation would be the next head of the family.

Everyone figured that since Fergus was crippled, the family felt a sense of urgency, so they wanted to determine the next heir as soon as possible.

Moreover, the grandmasters were the one who announced this. Initially, the family was very concerned about Fergus being crippled. No matter what, he used to be a direct descendant who was eligible to compete for the title of head of the younger generation.

Even if he was crippled, they had to find who did that and make them pay. However, Fergus refused to say when his family asked him about that. Back then, he had already fused with the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s genes, and his strength skyrocketed. Hence, he wanted to seek revenge on David himself. Furthermore, his family found out from Heathcliffe that this was related to Planet Boundless. Planet Boundless was related to the Lutgen family and Princess Astrid‘s incident. Therefore, the Callisto family stopped looking into this. They would only decide after this pressing issue was over. If not, the Callisto family would not sit idly by after David crippled Fergus. This was not what the second–ranked family among the eight prominent families would do.

However, since it was related to Princess Astrid and the Sangruil Sinners, the Callisto family had no choice but to tread carefully.

Beck and Micah came in their Sunday best.

They were the main characters today.

One of them would become the first heir of the family.

When they thought about how they might be the head of the younger generation, they were ecstatic.

Moreover, they did not think they would lose to each other.


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