I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1163 by Xiruo Huang

The election for the first heir of the Callisto family was going on as planned. This time, it was not just about strength. The core‘s support would also be considered, while even external forces would be counted.

It would be useless if they only had strength but could not convince the masses.

Strength was necessary for a huge force, but it was more important to coordinate the affairs of the entire family, lead the family down the right path, and strengthen the family.

Therefore, this was not a simple battle of strength.

The candidates would also be tested on other abilities.

Even if Beck and Micah had the most potential to become the head of the younger generation, this did not mean they were the only ones taking part in this election.

The other direct descendants were also taking part.

No one could be sure if there would be a dark horse among them.

However, after one whole day, there was no sign of a dark horse.

The election for the first heir of the Callisto family ended with Beck winning with slight advantage.

However, even if Beck won, he did not gain any official acknowledgment from the grandmasters.

He could only become the head of the younger generation if the grandmasters acknowledged him. By then, he would control the entire family after the current head abdicated.

“The Callisto family‘s election is over. Please move to the reception hall to wait for Grandmaster so we can pay respects to our ancestors. After that, we will announce the results.”

The family‘s core moved to the Callisto family‘s reception hall one after another.

On the way, Beck was accepting everyone‘s blessings in high spirits.

Right now, it had been decided.

Beck was almost certain to be the next head of the younger generation.

Nothing would change that anymore.

“Congratulations on the victory, Master Beck! Once Grandmaster is here and we pay respects to the ancestors, you will be the head of the younger generation.” “Everyone expected you to win the final victory, Master Beck! You will definitely lead the Callisto family to more glory in the future.”

“Master Beck is such a rare genius of the family. You‘re the chosen one in the Royal Region, so it‘s not strange for you to win the final victory.”

Countless cores of the family were praising Beck.

Beck did not dare to act recklessly when faced with so much goodwill from the core elders.

Even though he was just the head of the younger generation, he would need these people‘s support after he became the actual head and took over the family. If not, his life would be hard.

He could only stop fearing these people after he took complete control of the family. “Thank you, Elders. From now on, I‘ll need your support. If I made any mistake, I hope you can forgive me,” Beck put his hands together and said politely.

“Master Beck, you‘re too courteous. You‘re the head of the younger generation of the Callisto family. Who would we support if not you?” “Yeah, we will definitely listen to your orders, Master Beck.”

Micah followed behind desolately.

He watched everyone revolving around Beck. He would be lying if he said he was not envious. Not only was he envious, but he was also jealous and hateful. If Beck were not around, this would all be his.

Even if Beck were almost certain to be the head of the younger generation, Micah would not give up. It would take some time for Beck to go from head of the younger generation to the head of the family

If something happened to Beck midway, like what had happened to Fergus, everything would return to Micah.

Micah looked at Beck in front of him with hatred in his eyes. The Callistos exchanged pleasantries and arrived at the Callisto family‘s reception hall. The head of the family, Marco Callisto, was not sitting in the main seat.

Instead, he was sitting in the first row of the hall.

This was because the grandmaster would be here soon, and the seat was reserved for him. All kinds of sumptuous food and wine were placed on the table in the hall.


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