I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1164 by Xiruo Huang

After everyone sat down accordingly, Marco stood up and said, “Thanks for the hard work. everyone. Let‘s feast. We‘ll pay respects to our ancestors after the grandmaster is here. Then, we‘ll announce the final candidate for the head of the younger generation.”

The middle of the hall became lively.

Soon after they ate, someone lifted their wine glass to toast Beck, the next head of the younger generation.

Beck did not refuse.

For the ones with power, wine was just like an everyday beverage to them.

It would not affect their body no matter how much they drank.

Micah looked at Beck with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Everyone was toasting Beck while he was drinking by himself.

This was his reality.

A day ago, some of the cores would surround him in a family gathering like this.

Now, no one was around him.

Time passed slowly. While everyone was drinking happily, two people walked into the reception hall. All of the cores stopped what they were doing and went back to their seats.

The one walking in front was an old man.

The person was one of the five grandmasters of the Callisto family. He was Cyrus Callisto, a mid–Infinity Ranker.

Meanwhile, there was a man hiding under a black robe behind Cyrus.

The man was covering himself completely. No one could see his face.

When they saw the old man, the elders of the Callisto family were all shocked.

According to usual practice, Cyrus, a mid–Infinity Ranker, would never come here. All five of the grandmasters were Infinity Rankers. Two were at mid–Infinity Rank, while the other three were at beginner Infinity Rank Normally, they would send a grandmaster at beginner Infinity Rank for this kind of occasion. However, this time, Cyrus, a mid–Infinity Ranker, was here. It seemed that the grandmasters valued this election a lot. Everyone looked at Beck

Even though this was just a small change, it could indirectly prove how much the grandmasters valued this head of the younger generation.

Beck was so excited that he was shaking.

If Grandmaster Cyrus came here, it showed how much the family valued him. He made up his mind secretly that he wanted to lead the family to go one step further. Even if they could not compare with the first–ranked Drake family, they had to be miles ahead of the families behind them. Cyrus walked to the main seat without saying a word. The black–robed man also followed behind him quietly. At this moment, the elders in the hall stood up. They put their hands together, bowed, and greeted respectfully, “Greetings, Grandmaster!” “Sit down, everyone,” Cyrus said calmly. “Thank you, Grandmaster.”

When everyone was seated, Cyrus asked, “Have you chosen the head of the younger generation?”

The head, Marco, came forward and answered, “Grandmaster, we have.” Then, he turned to say to Beck, “Come here, Beck.” Beck calmed his excited heart and walked to the middle of the hall. He bowed and said,“ Greetings, Grandmaster. I hope you‘re doing well.” Cyrus looked at Beck and said, “Good, you‘re not bad. I must praise you for standing out among so many Callisto children.”

“Thank you, Grandmaster!” Beck cried excitedly.

“Don‘t be in such a hurry to thank me. You still had to beat one more person to become the head of the younger generation.” “Who?” Beck lifted his head and asked.

“Me!” The black–robed man suddenly said. Beck felt that this voice sounded familiar, but he could not remember who it was.

It was not just him, the others in the hall also felt the same way.


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