I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1167 by Xiruo Huang

“I‘m sorry, I didn‘t control my strength, and I went overboard,” Fergus said nonchalantly.

Even if he was apologizing, his tone and attitude were indifferent.

Beck was just an ant to him.

He would surely die after offending Fergus.

The Callisto family‘s hall was silent.

No one dared to say anything or speak up for Beck.

Fergus looked around.

The core elders did not dare to look into his eyes, especially the ones who used to support him.

Back when Fergus was crippled, they immediately went to others.

Now that Fergus had come back miraculously with good health and even become so powerful, their lives would be miserable if they did not think of a way to get Fergus‘ forgiveness.

After all, the grandmaster was supporting Fergus fully.

Fergus felt pleased as he watched the cores looking away from him. This felt great. The Callisto family was just the first step. Soon, the Milky Way would be crawling under his feet. He believed this day would arrive soon.

Planet Buck was a tiny living planet.

At the same time, it was Balu‘s planet. After it was discovered by the Grim family and a slave mark was planted more than three hundred years ago, this place had been an abyss of suffering.

Since Planet Buck was very far and tiny, and the people here had limited talent, the Grim family brought the head of the planet, who was also Balu‘s father, and his family away. The Grim family left some people on the planet and never paid attention to them.

Meanwhile, the people the Grim family left became the local tyrants of Planet Buck, ruling everything on the planet.

However, the Grim family also brought some advanced technology over, causing Planet Buck to be significantly different compared to how it was more than three hundred years ago.

Even the fastest Galaxy Warship would take more than a week to come here from the Royal Region.

On the other hand, it would take about four or five months for an Octagon to come here.

Time passed slowly.

David and the gang drove the Galaxy Warship to Planet Buck.

A month later, the Galaxy Warship approached Planet Buck. Balu started to get restless and anxious. He was worried that Planet Buck would become a wasteland. David could not comfort him regarding this. To be honest, if David faced the same thing as Balu and if Pavan planted his slave mark on Earth, he would be even more restless and anxious than Balu to return to Earth after hundreds of years. Two major things happened in the Royal Region this month. First, as time went on, the news of the Grim family being destroyed started fermenting in the Royal Region, attracting the attention of countless people. The Grim family was not ordinary. They were a big family with four Infinity Rankers and were ranked fourth among the eight prominent families. 1 They were not nobodies in the Royal Region.

In the end, they were wiped out so silently.

How could they not pay attention to this? Everyone was guessing who did this. Of course, there were a lot of versions of the story.


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