I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1168 by Xiruo Huang

The Milky Way Empire did not say anything about this. Before the enthusiasm of the Grim family being wiped out died down, more major news followed

The Callisto family, the second–ranked family of the eight prominent families, announced their head, Marco, would abdicate.

Fergus would now take over the Callisto family.

Once this news got out, the Royal Region erupted.

A lot of them could not believe this.

After all, how old was Fergus?

Even if he was a genius, he could not take over such a powerful family at such a young age.

Many of the chosen ones the same age as him were still fighting hard for the position of the first heir.

Yet, Fergus had taken a step forward and became the head of the Callisto family.

This was such a huge difference in ability.

Moreover, news came through the grapevine not long ago stating Fergus was a cripple and could only spend the rest of his life in bed.

Now, not only had he recovered, he had even become the head of the Callisto family.

This was quite unbelievable.

However, this was now fact.

The Callisto family announced this themselves, so it had to be real.

This time, Fergus was miles ahead of his peers and those older than him.

After Fergus took over the family, he started desperately looking for David.

Now, he had the strength and time to seek revenge.

Fergus would not be where he was if David had not crippled him, but Fergus would never forget the pain David brought him.

Fergus would only be happy if David endured the same or even more debilitating pain than him.

In addition, that woman Mia dared to treat him like this.

Fergus already knew what he would do to Mia.

He would capture and then torture her. He had to make Mia die with boundless fear. Right now, Fergus was turning more and more unhuman like. Instead, he was like a beast. After fusing with the Nine–Headed Serpent’s genes, his strength increased by leaps and bounds, but at the same time, the side effect was also apparent.

After searching, Fergus got some clues as to where David was from some bounty hunters. He learned that David was last seen on Blue Star. However, he had left and was not there anymore.

From the clues, Fergus also knew about David‘s extraordinary relationship with Princess Astrid.

Princess Astrid even asked an important figure in the military, Ramos, to cripple his son Burke just to avenge David.

Now, it was not the time for Sangruil to declare war on the empire. Firstly, this was because the help from the Nine–Headed Serpents was not here yet. Secondly, Sangruil needed to win over more forces while Emperor Nimbus was recuperating before it could win in the final battle.

Fergus was not an idiot.

He knew Sangruil had given him everything he had now.

Of course, he would not ruin Sangruil‘s plan because of his private matters.

However, being unable to seek revenge for the time being and crush David into pieces made Fergus more and more brutal.

After he became the head, Fergus would constantly sneak into the prison to catch some of the prisoners. He could only temporarily soothe the anger in his heart by eating humans. This was also one of the side effects of fusing with Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes.

Meanwhile, the five Callisto grandmasters had been corrupted by Sangruil and were now

Sangruil‘s lackeys. Initially, the grandmasters firmly refused. Wouldn‘t they be going against the empire if they worked with the Sangruil Sinners?

Once the empire found out, their entire family would be killed.

However, after the Sangruil Sinner Fergus brought to see the grandmasters showed his strength, the grandmasters had no choice but to agree. That Sangruil Sinner was a late Infinity Ranker. If they refused, they would have fight this battle. Even if the five grandmasters worked together, they might not be able to defeat a late Infinity Ranker.

Besides, after knowing that the king of Sangruil heavily injured Emperor Nimbus and the benefits Sangruil promised after overthrowing the Milky Way Empire, the Callisto family finally agreed to work with the Sangruil Sinners to overthrow the empire. Right now, the Callisto family was on the Sangruil Sinners‘ side.


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