I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1171 by Xiruo Huang

A shocking battle erupted at the Drake family‘s ancestral ground, which ranked first in the eight prominent families. According to information provided by the Drake family…

The ancestral ground where their elders lived had been attacked by a group of black–robed people. These people were extremely powerful, and they utilized extremely bizarre methods. Although the Drake family had managed to drive the attackers off, the elders were all suffering from injuries of various degrees.

At the same time, the Drake family had requested the return of their core senior members, who were situated in various parts of the Royal Region.

The Royal Region erupted into a frenzy when the news went public.

The Drake family‘s power was different from the others. After all, they ranked first amongst the eight prominent families. The other families‘ powers were nothing when compared to the Drake family. Moreover, the Drake family was the only one among the eight prominent families that had backup warriors who were Infinity Rankers.

They had such immense power, so how did anyone even dare attack them?

Instantly… Everyone in the Royal Region went on high alert. Things had started with the Grim family getting quietly eliminated, and then the head of the Callisto family had willingly given up his place and allowed a youngster to take over. Now, even the Drake family had been attacked.

It had taken only about a month for these three major events to happen in succession at the Royal Region. The Callisto family‘s events could be easily explained. After all, it was something that had occurred within the family. However, the Grim family‘s elimination and the Drake family‘s attack indicated a high chance of a major change occurring in the Royal Region. Meanwhile, the Milky Way Empire had not even made an appearance. It caused some people to begin forming theories.

Many were even speculating that the Empire was behind these incidents.

However, that assumption seemed wrong once they delved deeper into the theory.

If the Empire was behind the incidents, there was no way the Drake family would have survived. They would have vanished without a trace just like the Grim family had.

Moreover, the Empire had no reason to attack the Drake family. Even so, if the Empire was not the mastermind behind the scenes, why had they not stepped forward?

After all, the Empire was the most powerful body within the Milky Way. They had full power to control and maintain order within the Milky Way. When citizen planets were destroyed in the past, the Empire would send people over to conduct investigations even if the planet was not within the Royal Region. However, this time, everyone noticed that something was amiss.

The Empire had not done a single thing.

There were only three possible explanations. The first was that the Empire was behind the incidents, or they had given tacit approval to another organization to carry it out. The second was that the Empire was maintaining its silence because they were up against another organization that held more power than them. The third was that the Empire was preparing to deliver a fatal blow.

However, no matter which one of those possibilities was true, what had happened to the Grim family and the Drake family had already caused panic to wash over the Royal Region.

The powerful organizations began reducing the territories they presided over.

Additionally, they requested the return of their higher–ups and ensured everyone was gathered together on their main planet.

This way, it would also be easier for them to deal with any sudden incidents. What if they were the black–robed people‘s next target?

No one could tell for sure.

The entire Royal Region could sense that something was about to happen. Even the trading planets, which were usually bustling with noise and excitement, turned quiet. The people next–in–line to be heads of the prominent families had all been asked to return home.

Many money–squandering establishments boarded their doors shut after losing their biggest customers, opting to wait until the storm passed before they made their next move.

An economic depression began taking shape in the Royal Region. Many planets even closed their borders and refused entry to travelers.

This domino effect was a result of what had happened to the Grim family and the Drake family.

The Royal Region and Planet Royal were the core of the Milky Way Empire. Planet Royal was also the largest living planet in the Milky Way Empire. At that very moment, in a lavish mansion situated upon Planet Royal…

Princess Astrid looked bored as she stared out the window.

Life after returning to Planet Royal was so dull.

Princess Astrid missed the days she spent listening to David tell stories of his explorations. If she ever got the chance…


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