I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1172 by Xiruo Huang

She truly hoped for a chance to go on an expedition with David. If that ever happened, it would definitely be a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

However, her identity meant that her wish would never come true.

Things had been slightly better when she had first returned to Planet Royal.

Every day, the older boys dropped by to have a chat and spend time with her.

However, they had gotten busier over the past few days, and did not have time to accompany her anymore.

Everyone in the Royal Palace seemed to have a nervous look on their faces. Princess Astrid had not seen her father except on the day she returned home.

She knew that everyone was busy with the Sangruil Sinners.

The Sangruil Sinners had made an aggressive appearance this time, and there was no doubt of a massive war between them and the Empire.

Her father, brothers, and uncles were all busy coming up with ways to deal with the Sangruil Sinners.

To be honest, Princess Astrid was grateful for the Sangruil Sinners‘ appearance. If they had not appeared, she would never have met David. If that were the case, she would still be peacefully journeying through the different planets before she returned to Planet Royal and continued living life as she always had. Now, after David‘s entrance into her life, it felt as if someone had thrown a rock and created ripples in her previously calm life.

She initially had nothing to look forward to in her life, but now she did.

She hoped David would fulfill his promise as soon as possible and visit her at Planet Royal.

However, her gratitude had limits.

Princess Astrid did not want the evil Sangruil Sinners to win, nor did she want her father, brothers, and uncles to get hurt. She hoped her father would drive them away as quickly as possible, and that the people of the Royal Region could live in peace once more.

After staring out the window for some time, Princess Astrid got up and walked to another room. She sat in front of a dulcimer, placed her hands upon it, and began plucking the strings with her nimble fingers.

Melodious notes rang out.

Sadly, there were no people other than a few servants nearby.

Which meant only a few people got to hear the beautiful melodies she created.

After all, Princess Astrid was the Harp Fairy.

She had not been given the title simply because she was a princess. It was because the melodies she created with the dulcimer were truly enchanting and enthralling Princess Astrid did not get up after she finished playing the piece. Instead, she recalled the piece she had performed for David. Besides her father and brothers, David was the first man who had gotten to watch her perform in private. Yes, that probably counted as a first!

Unfortunately, there were so many other firsts that she did not have enough time to dedicate them all to David.

She wondered when he would have time to visit Royal Planet again.

‘He promised me.

“So, he‘ll come, right?

‘He will come.

‘I‘ll never forgive him if he doesn‘t come. ‘I‘ll get Father to arrest him and make him his son–in–law. ‘But will that displease him?

‘Who cares, he can be displeased for all I care!

‘He refuses to come to visit me anyway.

‘I don‘t care if he‘s happy or not!‘

Princess Astrid thought to herself.

When the sounds of Princess Astrid‘s playing stopped, a servant appeared at the entrance. Upon seeing Her Royal Highness staring into space… She did not dare interrupt her and merely stood nearby waiting. Her Royal Highness had begun staring at nothing ever since she returned from her trip. Often, she would spend entire mornings staring into space. Sometimes, she would even laugh out loud. Her Royal Highness had never acted this way in the past. Her friends were all wondering if Her Royal Highness had been cursed.


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