I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1173 by Xiruo Huang

Shades of red immediately appeared on Princess Astrid‘s face when she returned from her trip down memory lane and noticed there was someone at the door.

Upon noticing the princess was no longer lost in thought, the servant said respectfully, “The Empress requests your presence, Your Royal Highness.”

“Mother wants me? Alright, got it, you may leave!” Princess Astrid answered.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness!”

The servant left after she finished speaking.

Princess Astrid stood and walked toward the Empress‘s quarters.

She arrived at another luxurious building after making her way through beautiful gardens and corridors.

“Your Royal Highness!” the servants standing at the building‘s entrance said as they bowed in greeting

“Where is my mother?” Princess Astrid asked.

“The Empress is fish–watching, Your Royal Highness! I will escort you to her right now.”

“That‘s alright. I can go on my own!”

Princess Astrid did not wait for a reply before she made her way through the building and arrived at a man–made pond.

An elegant–looking woman was feeding the fish inside the pond.

Upon taking a closer look, one would see that the woman‘s features were similar to Princess Astrid‘s.

However, her older age made her seem more mature and seductive.

Meanwhile, Princess Astrid seemed more youthful.

However, if the two were to stand side–by–side, they could easily pass as sisters.

The woman, who resembled Princess Astrid in appearance was the Milky Way Empire Emperor‘s first wife – Gamora Libra.

She also held the title of “Mother of Planet Royal“.

Her position in the empire was high, and she had a lot of power as well.

Additionally, Gamora had been born in Lunar Palace, which housed one of the two most powerful families in the Milky Way Empire.

Her mentor was an elder who was at Peak Infinity Ranker.

Thus, it could be said that Gamora Libra was the most powerful woman in the Milky Way Empire.

“Mother!” Princess Astrid called out happily after seeing the woman.

“Astrid, you‘re here! Hurry over,” Gamora said, smiling as she looked up.

Princess Astrid hurried over, and upon arriving next to Gamora, asked, “Mother, how did you find the time to feed the fish today? Has Father left the premises?”

Lately, the emperor, Nimbus had gone into seclusion.

Which meant Gamora had been in charge of making decisions that concerned the Milky Way Empire.

Although the various institutions of the Milky Way Empire were up and running, there were still plenty of decisions that required the emperor‘s sign–off.

Since the emperor was not present, it was up to Gamora to fulfill these responsibilities.

This meant that Gamora had no time to accompany Princess Astrid because of how busy she


“Yes! Your father has left the premises, and he‘s currently in a meeting with the princes and ministers. I can finally catch a break. I‘ve been exhausted recently, and have neglected you, Astrid. Now that your father is in charge of overseeing the empire‘s affairs once more, I can spend more time with you,” Gamora said, a loving smile on her face as she took Princess Astrid‘s hand.

“It‘s alright, Mother! I understand you have important matters to attend to, I‘ll be alright.”

“I‘m a woman and have no interest in getting involved with men‘s affairs. I merely had no other choice when your father went into seclusion, but since he‘s back in action, I can withdraw and watch from a distance.”

“Mother, has everyone been preoccupied with the Sangruil Sinners recently?” Princess Astrid asked.

“That‘s something for your father, brothers, and the ministers to worry about, Astrid. You don‘t have to worry about them. The Sangruil Sinners are a bunch of clowns who can‘t accomplish much,” Gamora said comfortingly.

“I was just curious! The Sangruil Sinners haven‘t done anything for several hundred years, which means they must have made ample preparations before their sudden appearance in the Milky Way. I think there‘s an ulterior motive behind their return and that Father and everyone involved should proceed with caution.”

“They might be prepared, but the empire has not been resting on its laurels for the past several hundred years. Besides, he’s your father, so what do you have to worry about? Everything will be taken care of with him here. All we need to do is cheer him on from the sidelines,” Gamora said.

“Alright! I understand, mother. I‘m sure father will drive these evil Sangruil Sinners out from the Milky Way.” Princess Astrid began feeding the fish in the pond after she finished speaking. These fish were no ordinary fish. Each one was as colorful as a rainbow, and they looked gorgeous.


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