I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1174 by Xiruo Huang

The rainbow fish were not just eye candy. Their value was in their flesh. Not only was it fresh and tender, but consuming it was helpful for cultivation.

Whenever rainbow fish were seen at auctions, countless people would go crazy trying to purchase them, and they would always end up being sold at an exorbitantly high price.

Meanwhile, there were over a hundred of the aforementioned rainbow fish in the pond.

Princess Astrid was focused on feeding the fish and did not notice the sad look that had briefly appeared in Gamora‘s eyes.

She had only been trying to comfort her daughter just now.

Her daughter was right. The Sangruil Sinners had made ample preparations and were making aggressive advances.

Many massive incidents had occurred in the Royal Region recently. The Grim family‘s downfall and the Drake family getting attacked all indicated the Sangruil Sinners were making a return

This time, it would not be as easy for the empire to win as they had expected.

Most importantly, Gamora‘s husband, whom she thought was invincible, had been gravely injured by the Sangruil Sinners‘ king.

Although Wilfred was assisting in his healing, he still had not fully recovered even after more than a month.

The Sangruil Sinners‘ king had sustained injuries that were even more severe, but Gamora did not view that as good news.

In Gamora‘s eyes, her husband, Nimbus Barlowe, was the most powerful person in the Milky Way. He was invincible.

Even so, he had been gravely injured. This meant the empire would not be able to get rid of the Sangruil Sinners easily. They were well–prepared, and they would be going head–to–head against the empire. Gamora could not help but worry for her husband‘s safety after he had been so gravely injured.

However, these were grown–up matters, and there was no point in her telling Astrid these things when she was still young, and a girl at that. They would only make her worry even more.

Thus, Gamora did not tell her the truth.

Astrid tossed the fish food into the air, and a rainbow fish jumped out of the water to fight for the food.

The fish looked like carp leaping through the dragon‘s gate. It was a beautiful sight to behold. “Mother! Here, toss some too,” Astrid said. The two began feeding the fish.

Soon after, Gamora said, “Astrid!”

“Huh? What is it, mother?” Astrid asked.

“I heard that you‘ve been staring into space lately, and that you often spend entire mornings doing so.” “Huh? Uh… no, when did I do that?” “What do you mean by no? Do you know what the people are saying about you behind your


“What are they saying?”

“They‘re saying that the royal princess has been staring dazed so much that it looks like she was cursed after her return.”

“Those blasted girls. I‘m going to teach them a lesson!” Astrid said angrily as she puffed her cheeks.

Although that was what she had said, she would not do anything drastic to her servants.

Princess Astrid‘s servants were so close to her that they were practically sisters. They knew Astrid well, which was why they dared gossip about her behind her back. They would never have dared do so if they were serving someone cruel. “So, tell me, what are you thinking of when you‘re zoning out?” Gamora asked, a smile on her face.

“N–nothing much, I was merely thinking of… the beautiful sights I saw on my trip. They were sights you‘d never see on Planet Royal,” Astrid answered nervously.

“Is that so?”

Gamora had a slight smile on her face as she gazed at Astrid.

“Y–yes, that‘s right!”

Astrid noticed Gamora staring at her when she finished speaking.

She sounded slightly nervous as she asked, “Mother, why… Why are you staring at me? Do I have something on my face?”

“No, you don‘t have anything on your face. But you have something here,” Gamora said as she smiled and pointed at where her heart was.


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