I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1175 by Xiruo Huang

“What could there be?” Astrid asked, a confused look on her face. “If I‘m not mistaken, you‘ve got someone on your mind.”


“A man!”

Astrid was stunned. She looked down at her chest. “Ah!!!”

She let out a scream when she understood what her mother meant.

“M–m–mother, w–w–what are you talking about?” Astrid asked as she blushed furiously.

Her stuttering showed the nervousness she felt. “You‘re still denying it? You‘ve been nervous ever since I started asking you questions, Astrid. I gave birth to you. Did you think I won‘t know what you‘re thinking of?” Gamora asked teasingly

“M–mother, I–I really am not…”

The blush on Astrid‘s face had traveled down to her neck.

“Astrid, you‘re at the age when you start having romantic feelings, and it‘s only natural for you to have a crush. I felt the same when I met your father. But I‘m just curious, what sort of man has you missing him so much to the point where you spend half a day thinking of him? Can you tell me?”

“M–mother, I… I… I…” Astrid stuttered, unable to form a sentence even after a long while had passed.

Her thoughts were still muddled.

She felt extremely nervous and uneasy that someone else knew of the secret she had kept most closely to herself.

It was difficult for her to come to terms with it, even though that person was her mother, the person closest to her.

Of course, what Astrid was most worried about now was whether her mother would forbid this behavior.

After all, she had such a sensitive identity.

Meanwhile, David was an adventurer.

Astrid had been looking up information on David ever since returning to Royal Planet. However, there had been no powerful family with the last name Lidell in the past dozen years, and there was no one who fit David‘s identity either. Astrid knew David was probably from a less powerful family or organization, and despite his

powerful skills cultivated from his many years of exploration, he did not have enough power to support himself.. Astrid had been born into royalty, and she knew how powerful families functioned.

Their families had to be an even match if they wanted to get married.

Even her mother, the Empress, had been one of Lunar Palace‘s single women.

Thus, Astrid was terrified her mother would forbid what she was doing.

“Don‘t worry, Astrid. Your father and I will not stop you as long as it‘s someone you like. We aren‘t particular about the families being a good match either. After all, the whole of the Milky Way Empire is under our rule. Who else could be a match for that? But you‘ll have to at least let us know what he‘s like, don‘t you? You‘re still young, and we‘re worried you might get conned.”

When Gamora finished speaking, she paused in thought for a while before she continued,“ Also, you grew up with your father and brothers present, and they were your role models. I‘m really curious about what powers this man had to make you continue thinking of him even after your return.”

Astrid heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing Gamora say that. She knew she would not be able to avoid this.

Thus, she decided to tell her mother the truth.

She told Gamora everything, beginning from when David rescued her to when they separated. When Astrid finished her story, Gamora remained silent for a while before asking, “Astrid, how old is this David that you‘re speaking of?” “He looks young. I don‘t think he‘s over two hundred,” Astrid replied cautiously.


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