I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1176 by Xiruo Huang

“To be able to so easily deal with the beginner Celestial rank Sangruil Sinners, he should have power close to that of a mid–ranker. To possess such combat power at this age, this David is indeed worthy of the title the Chosen One, even when compared to the rest of the Royal Region.” “Really? Don‘t you think David amazing, Mother? I do as well,” Astrid said happily.

She was naturally delighted when she heard her mother praise her sweetheart. However, Gamora changed the subject then and said, “Except that, while David is good, there is still a certain distance between him and your father and the two older brothers. You are likely very are fond of him now because he had abruptly appeared to save you when you were at your most desperate. You will slowly forget him after a while.”

The smile on Astrid‘s face immediately stiffened.

“Mother, David saving me is one reason, but what made me like him more is how I feel when I am with him. I like listening to his interesting stories from his adventures, I like playing the piano for him. I will not forget him no matter how much time passes,” Astrid said solemnly.

Seeing Astrid‘s solemn expression, Gamora shook her head. Smiling, she said, “Alright, alright! You don‘t need to get so agitated, Astrid. I was just sharing a possibility. Since you like him so much, have your father introduce David to the Royal Region after the matter with the Sangruil Sinners has been resolved. If he dares not come, have your father bring him back in chains.”

“Mother…you…you…you tease me,” Astrid said shyly, covering her face. Gamora and Astrid continued to chat and laugh. There was, however, another thought in mind.

Could David‘s appearance be a setup?

A trap set up by the Sangruil Sinners.

With the purpose of breaking into the Barlowes.

They could collude with forces in and out to attack the Barlowes in one fell swoop.

If not, why was it such a coincidence?

That a powerful, young man would suddenly appear to save Astrid during her most desperate moments when she was facing the Sangruil Sinners.

Most importantly, this person had just returned after exploring the outside for decades. Not even the Royal Region could find out about his origins. This was rather intriguing.

Astrid was at an age defined by innocence, and she did not have the ability to discern anything.

The Sangruil Sinners could have had David appear at this time because they wanted him to exploit this fact.

Gamora felt that this was very possible after giving it some thought. It was just that she could not tell Astrid about it now yet.

Based on her display just now, she had likely been so thoroughly brainwashed that she would not possibly believe it. It might even affect their personal relationship. Goodness! It was hard to shelter a girl forever! Even so, she had to figure out something.

Otherwise, this girl might sink deeper and deeper into ther feelings. There was still a chance to save her since they had not been in contact for a long time.

To do this, she would have to get David to Planet Royal.

“Astrid, what is David doing now? Why don‘t you invite him to Planet Royal? He saved you. As your parents, your father and I would like to thank him personally,” Gamora said. “Mother, I invited David, but he said he had something to attend to so he couldn‘t come for the time being. But he promised me that he would come look for me at Planet Royal after he was done with his business,” Astrid replied.

“Is that so? Are you two still in contact now?”

“Rarely, also… and I‘m afraid that if I chase after him every day, he will be annoyed with me, so I usually only talk to him for a bit after every few days,” Astrid said with her head lowered.

Finished! They were finished!

When Gamora saw Astrid‘s appearance, she knew it was over. It was now crucial that David come to Planet Royal. This was so that they could determine his identity. If he was a Sangruil Sinner, they would not go easy on him.

If he was not, then he could join them.

Otherwise, who knew what fuss this girl would throw?


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