I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1177 by Xiruo Huang

The Royal Region, Planet Royal! Inside the Royal Palace of the Milky Way Empire. Emperor Nimbus had just cleared customs when he briefly bumped into the Empress Gamora. After learning about some of the recent events in the empire, he immediately convened a high–level meeting of the empire.

Among them were the lords of the four great halls: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Red Finch, and Black Tortoise, the ministers of state and military generals of the empire, as well as the princes of the empire. It could be said that this gathering of individuals included almost all the official rulers of the empire.

This was also the only time when all the top–level personnel of the empire were completely gathered, except during the empire‘s state banquet. “I believe everyone is aware of what happened to the Sangruil Sinners!” Nimbus, who was sitting on the throne, said. “Us princes are aware!”

“We ministers are aware!”

All the high–level officials of the empire replied in unison.

“I called everyone here today because I wanted to discuss a countermeasure. Hence, I will not hide this from all of you. The Sangruil Sinners have been preparing for hundreds of years this time and they are menacing. I retreated this time because I had been slightly injured after battling the leader of the Sangruilians, Moe Labate,” Nimbus said.

After he said that.

Everyone present was shocked. The emperor was an invincible existence in the entire Milky Way, yet he was actually injured?

This was truly beyond their cognition. No wonder the emperor had not shown himself for a long time. No wonder he had left the empress to handle everything. It turned out he had retreated behind closed doors to recuperate.

It seemed that the Sangruil Sinners had not come in peace this time! “Your Majesty, is Moe Labate, the king of the Sangruil Sinners, so strong? Did he actually manage to injure you? It‘s really unbelievable to me,” one minister stood up and said in shock. “Eaxctly! It is shocking to me that there exists someone in the Milky Way who could hurt the emperor.”

Nimbus smiled and said, “You don‘t have to be so shocked. I, Nimbus, am human, not a god, I am not invincible in the world, so it is normal that I would be injured. I fought against Moe Labate and although my injuries were not minor, Moe Labate was much more injured than I. After more than a month of recuperation, I am now healed, so everyone can rest assured!”

Nimbus‘s words coaxed a sigh of relief from everyone.

According to the emperor‘s words. Moe Labate should be weaker than him.

This was fine.

If Moe Labate was stronger than the emperor.

The empire would be in danger. However, faced with these Sangruil Sinners who had disappeared for hundreds of years, the high–level officials of the empire present felt troubled.

Many major events had occurred in the Royal Region recently and they were all related to the Sangruil Sinners.

It never rains but it pours, and these people had managed to endure the situation for so long “Your majesty, what should we do next? There has been some unrest within the Royal Region recently,” asked Wagner Barlowe, the eldest prince.

“If anyone has anything to say, or any opinions, state them. The purpose for calling everyone here today is to find a way to deal with the Sngruil Sinners without affecting the empire. Let me remind you first that the empire is now facing a difficult time. I could previously ignore your private squabbles, but not anymore. I will not forgive anyone who goes behind another‘s backs,” said Emperor Nimbus. “Us princes understand!”

“We ministers also understand!”

The words of the emperor were still quite the deterrent, and no one dared go against it.

“It‘s good that you all understand! If you have any suggestions, you can voice them. If accepted, you will be credited and rewarded for your merits after the matter with the Sangruil Sinners is resolved.”

“Your majesty, many major events have occured within the Royal Region during your recovery. The Grims, who ranked fourth among the eight great families, was destroyed, and the ancestral land of the Drakes, who rank first, had been laid siege, causing the ancestors of the Drakes to be seriously injured. These were likely the work of the Sangruil Sinners.”

“What do you mean likely? I think it is definitely the work of those bastards. They want to muddy the waters of the empire while the emperor was recovering, and then come to fish in troubled waters.”


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