I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1179 by Xiruo Huang

One day later. The imperial government finally spoke up. It was announced that the recent turmoil in the Royal Region was caused by the Sangruil Sinners who had disappeared a long time ago. The Sangruil Sinners had appeared this time to destroy the balance of the Milky Wayoverthrow the Milky Way Empire, and rule the entire Milky Way galaxy.

It was hoped that all the forces in the Milky Way would unite and resist the threat together to ensure their peace.

At the same time, the empire also decided to hold a state banquet in three months‘ time. All forces invited by the empire had to participate and discuss how to eliminate these rebels.

Starting today, the army and the four major halls consisting of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Red Finch, and Black Tortoise would all be dispatched to carry out patrols within the imperial domain.

They were to promptly report to the empire if they were to find any trace of the Sangruil Sinners. If the news were confirmed to be true, they would receive a huge reward from the empire. After this announcement was made, waves shook through the entire Milky WayAfter all, the Sngruil Sinners had disappeared for hundreds of years. Many of the younger individuals were unaware of this force‘s existence. They all began studying Sangruil one after another. After learning that this was a force that once could compete with the empire, they were all shocked.

Sangruil had once been so brilliant. All the forces breathed a sigh of relief when the empire made their statement.

It was good enough now that they knew the situation. The unknown was always the scariest.

No one would be able to feel at ease without knowing what was going on.

With the imperial army and the four major halls dispatched to patrol the Royal Region, the Sangruil Sinners wuld definitely refrain from acting cockily. One was a lingering power that had been in hiding for hundreds of years. The other was the Milky Way Empire that was in its heyday. Even if the two forces used to be similar, the current empire had already left the Sangruil far behind.

No one thought that the Sangruil Sinners could overthrow the empire.

At this point, them coming out to cause trouble was just because they wanted to disrupt the empire. After all, these two sides had previously fought to exterminate the other.

Once the empire got serious.

These clowns would be finished.

The empire‘s announcement appeared to have temporarily calmed the empire.

However, anyone who has reached a certain status knew that the empire‘s current situation was not optimistic. The Sangruil Sinners had been preparing for hundreds of years and were not so easy to deal with.

Although the surface was calm, the water below still surged.

At the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. David and the others had found Planet Buck. It was a very inconspicuous, ultra–small planet that had some life. “Sir, here we are. This is the Planet Buck,” Balu shouted excitedly.

Although he had been young when he left the planet and hundreds of years had passed since, this planet had been imprinted in his mind deeply, and he would never forget it.

The Galaxy Warship had just approached this place when it was immediately intercepted by a patrolling vessel. David saw this and thought to himself that this vessel was much more developed than what was available through earth‘s technology. There was no such thing as a patrolling vessel on earth.

It looked like that Grim family have developed this place well over the years.

The patrolling vessel reached them and seeing that it was the Grim family‘s galaxy warship, immediately said respectfully, “It seems that the masters of the Grim family have graced us, please come with me.”

It then lead the way. The galaxy warship followed the patrolling vessel and entered Planet Buck.

While leading the way, the patrolling vessel immediately contacted Julius Grim, the head of the Grim family on Planet Buck.

At this time, Julius was enjoying a full service tended to by several enchanting beauties. These beauties possessed a characteristic, which was that the word “slave” was written on their foreheads in blood–red.

He had been extremely reluctant when he was sent here by his family to preside over the work here hundreds of years ago. This place was too small and too poor.

He had been filled with enthusiasm at the time and have wanted to achieve great things.


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