I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1180 by Xiruo Huang

However, over the course of time, reality slowly smoothed his edges. The Julius of today now felt that this small planet of Buck was actually pretty good.

That was because his family was far away and only ever visited once every few years.

He was emperor here.

He enjoyed the offerings of Planet Buck, from their food to their women.

His words were law.

No one dared go against him. Was he not much stronger now than when he was acting as a grandson every day back in the imperial domain?

Julius shivered and took a deep breath. It was a beautiful day, and he was living better than an immortal.

Suddenly, his communicator rang. “What is it?” Julius picked it up and asked a little unhappily. “Sir, a master of the family has arrived.” “Master of the family? Who is it?” “I don‘t know! But this person certainly has a high status within the family since he came on the family‘s galaxy battleship.” “What? He is in the family‘s galaxy battleship? Where is he now?” Julius stood up abruptly as he asked in shock. “Right behind me, he is preparing to descend.” “Alright, alright! I‘ll be there soon.” Julius hurriedly disconnected the communicator. He was also frightened.

Those who were qualified to ride the family‘s galaxy battleship definitely held a pretty high status. The people who came for an inspection in the past all came on Octagons, yet this guy actually rode the galaxy battleship this time? He had to go and meet them quickly. Otherwise, if he were to offend them, the good days would come to an end.

Julius was used to being a master, and he did not want to go back to becoming a mere grandson.

After landing on Planet Buck, David brought Mia and Balu along and got off the galaxy battleship. Julius greeted them with a large number of the Grim family members. “I had not known that your excellency would be coming here. Do forgive us for the lack of preparation. I am the head of the Grim family on Planet Buck, it is good to see you, my lord.” Julius clasped his fists with both hands and bowed at a 90–degree angle, his greeting


“Welcome lord!!”

The Grim family members behind him also shouted. “You are the Grim family who stayed here to manage things?” David asked. “Yes, that is me. May I know who you are, my lord…?” After David confirmed Julius‘s identity, he wayed his hand directly. Julius and the other members of the Grim family behind him only felt an unrivalled aura coming toward them. There was a sharp pain and then their bodies flew up, then hit the ground heavily.




Everyone vomited blood.

At the same time, they were turned into cripples by David.

It all happened too fast. Their minds were all a blank except for the severe pain washing over their bodies. Julius tried to support his body with his hands but was unsuccessful. He could only lay on the ground and look at David with a frightened expression. He asked through spasms, “You…you…who are you? We are all of the Grim family, so why did you treat us like this? What did we do to offend you?”

“As if I am anything like your failure of a Grim family. I have eradicated the Grims completely. As the pawns of the Grim family, you may be exempted from the death penalty, bu cannot escape punishment. Thus, I will have you all spend the rest of your lives in bed. You will repent for the sins you committed in the first half of your life like this,” David said expressionlessly. He had scanned the planet with his mind power before they landed.

And it showed David the unsightly things Julius had committed.

The entire planet was like hell itself. The population was estimated to be in the millions. All the beautiful women had been captured by these scum and locked up for their own pleasure. Meanwhile the men and less desirable women were all subjected to mine for the Grim family.

Not to mention, they were overseen by the Grims.

If they were to slack, they would be beaten up David also found many people hiding in the dark who were not under their control. After all, the Grims only had a limited number of people here.

It was impossible to control the entire planet.

The vegetation on Planet Buck was also very dense, which made for great hiding.


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