I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1182 by Xiruo Huang

David Lidell and the other two went toward their first stop, which was the nearest mine.

Planet Buck was rich in a certain kind of ore that could be extracted and refined into low–grade metal. Even if its value was not great, large volumes of it could be worth quite a lot. If not, the Grim family would not have sent so many people there.

Julius Grim‘s task was to control the indigenous people so they would mine ores and refine them into metal. The Grim family would be there to collect it once every few decades.

The mine that David and the rest were heading toward was a bigger mine, with at least thousands of Buckeranians working in captivity as mining slaves. As they were just approaching the mine, they could hear all kinds of insults from the Grims. “Be quick! Did you not f*cking eat? I‘ll break your f*cking legs if you continue dilly–dallying.” “What the heck are you looking at? Don‘t you have your job to do? Wanna stand up for him, huh? You looking for a beating?” “Smack! Smack! Smack!”

“Ahh! I won‘t do it again, I won‘t do it again!”

“Master, someone passed out.”

“Trash! Doing such little work and they dare pass out? A few of you, drag him out, throw him to the beasts! Don‘t get in the way.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Ding! Ding!”

A noise combination of scolding, people shrieking from pain, and clanging of the ore mining filled the ears of David and the other two

Balu‘s eyes were bloodshot as he trembled with rage.

If David was not at his side, he would have rushed in and killed everyone in there.

David‘s expressions were stormy as well.

That was the result of implanting the slave mark.

If earth also had the slave mark implanted on it all those years ago, it would probably be in a similar state to Planet Buck.

Mia Concord did not feel as emotional as the rest.

She was born in the Royal Region, and even though she was born to a small force, she was used to watching injustice.

One could only rise above the crowd if one had the ability and background to match. Or else, if one lived in the lowest tier of society, they would not have it easy. There were even a few arenas that had secretly organized matches to pit human against human just to entertain the rich and powerful.

Losing meant death, and to die a gruesome death was way crueller than what was happening in the mine.

David and the rest continued walking forward and were quickly stopped by two Grims.

“Who are the two of you? You look unfamiliar! This is the heart of the mine, you can’t enter without the Master’s permission.”

Naturally, they assumed that David and Mia were Grim, because, on Planet Buck, other than the indigenous people that had the slave mark implanted, the rest of the people were all Grims.

There was no slave mark on Mia and David’s forehead, so it was clear that they were not one of the indigenous people.

David ignored them and continued walking forward.

The two Grims were about to stop him when they realized they could no longer move their body.

Not only could they not move their body, but they also could not speak a word.

It was like there was a hand squeezing their throats.

Slowly, the two Grims lost their lives and fell to the ground.

As David and the two entered the mining area, they were immediately greeted with the sight of countless Buckeranians hard at work.

Each and every one of them was so thin they were skin and bones.

80 percent of them were men, and 20 percent of them were women.

There were also a few of them pushing the ores out from the mining hole.

“Ding! Ding!”

The sound of mining was a lot clearer once they went in.

The miners were hard at work while the supervisors from the Grim family were seated at the side surrounded by meat and fruits. There were beauties serving them, massaging them, and feeding them.

David and the two also saw a pile of about ten bodies stacked casually on top of each other. These were probably the miners that had fainted or died today.

In reality, with the abilities of the Grim family in the Milky Way, it was entirely plausible to hand the mining jobs over to machines, since the technology on level 3 civilizations in the Milky Way was already very advanced.

However, they chose to use human labor to save costs.

Planet Buck had so many slaves anyway, they might as well put them to use.

The arrival of David and the other two caught the attention of the supervisors.

However, before they could say anything, David had already broken their necks with his mind power.


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