I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1183 by Xiruo Huang


The sudden death of the supervisors from the Grim family provoked a shriek from the beauties that were serving them.

At the same time, it had also drew the attention of several miners. They stopped what they were doing to look at the dead supervisors, and then at David and his troop.

Ever since Balu stepped foot on Planet Buck, he had been restricting himself, until he saw how it was almost like a living hell before his eyes. Now, he could not hold back anymore.

These were his people.

Once, they had such blissful, free lives, but here they were at that moment, knowing nothing but pain and suffering as they trudged on, barely living. They were living completely hopeless lives. David did not say anything. He knew he needed to hand it over to Balu at that moment.

After managing his emotions, Balu knelt before David and bowed three times. Then, he got up and faced the Buckeranians without any emotion on his face.

“Good day, Buckeranians! My name is Balu, my father was Babu, and he was once the chief of this planet. At that time, we were all living blissful, free lives…

“But, ever since these scums arrived, our peaceful days have been disrupted. My entire family has been abducted, and we were forced to painfully live as slaves, while all of you were left behind to fend for yourself…

“However, it‘s all good now, Master has killed that bunch of scums, and I‘ve been rescued by Master. What we will do next is to free the entire Planet Buck and liberate our people. We have to work together to rebuild our home. We will go back to living the peaceful lives we once had…

“Lastly, I would like to apologize to all Buckeranians on behalf of my father, Babu. He did not manage to protect you and has caused all of you the hell you have to live with. I‘m sorry!”

Balu spoke all these with tears streaming down his face, and when he was done, he collapsed to the ground on his knees.

The Buckeranians, who had initially lost all hope and were emotionless and expressionless had dazzling light shining from their eyes after they heard what Balu had said.

They were not the generation of Buckeranians from hundreds of years before, but the third, the fourth generation after that, with some of them being the sixth or seventh generation after that.

Due to long–term malnourishment and timeless working, these people had very short lifespans.

However, this did not stop them from knowing about Planet Buck‘s past glory, since it was passed down via word of mouth from generation to generation.

Planet Buck was once like paradise. They had no oppression, no fights, and no forced labor regardless of the time of day. They never knew what kind of lifestyle the Buckeranians had in the past because they had never experienced it before. It was merely a dream to them. They could only imagine it. Did they finally wait long enough to see their dreams fulfilled?

All of the workers placed their tools down, fell to their knees, and wept. David brought Mia with him as they walked away. He knew these people had been holding it all in for too long a time, and they needed to let it all out.

David and his troop took a few days to go through each and every mine on Planet Buck. There were thousands of them.

The smaller mining areas had a few hundred people, while the bigger mining areas had tens of thousands of people. In total, they freed millions of Buckeranians.

Along their journey, they found that the entire Planet Buck was littered with dead bodies everywhere. It was like they were walking through hell.

There were many workers that had died, after which their bodies were carelessly discarded, welcoming the wild beasts to feast on them, and there were bones and corpses strewn everywhere.

Planet Buck used to have close to a hundred million people, but all that was left were the measly ten million people. The death rate was over 90 percent, and their remains could be easily seen all over Planet Buck.

Only the area around where Julius Grim stayed was clean. Looking at the horrible, hellish scene before them, not only were David and Balu shocked, even Mia‘s heart trembled.

One of them was glad that Earth had escaped such fate.

The other was flabbergasted. These were all his people.

David showed no mercy to the cruel supervisors from the Grim family. As soon as they arrived at a location, the first thing he did was take care of the supervisors.

After freeing the slaves, they went to look for the other people that were in hiding.

There were quite a number of them, and they were nearly all hiding in the deep forest.

If the Grims wanted to find these people, it would not be hard for them. The only reason why they did not was due to the issue of sustainability.


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