I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1184 by Xiruo Huang

If they were to all be captured, it would not take long till there was no one left to work in the mines.

Only when these people were spared could they continue to have offspring, by which time the Grims would have an unending supply of slaves to work the mines.

In the beginning, Julius Grim was not aware of this problem, causing the number of Buckeranians to decrease drastically. He only slowly came to realize the gravity of this issue after some time.

If there was no one left on Planet Buck, they would most certainly be called to go back to the Grim family, and the paradise–like life as they knew it would come to an end.

This was the reason they developed a strategy like this.

If they let the hiding Buckeranians breed, when there was no one left to work the mines, all they needed to do was uproot one or two groups of people from their hiding places to continue the work.

The Grims repeated this many times, successfully extending their days in paradise.

After freeing all the slaves, David and the two breathed a sigh of relief. Looking for the others was no longer urgent after knowing that at the very least, they would not be in danger.

David and the rest were also prepared to continue their search mission after a night’s rest. Just as David returned to his Galaxy Warship, his communication device rang out of the blue. “Ring ring!”

It was a message from Princess Astrid.

Even though Planet Buck could not connect to the Royal Region’s network, David had the system with him!

He was able to completely ignore the distance. No matter where he was, he was able to connect to the network.

As for Astrid Barlowe, David had decided to try his best to keep his distance, and not have too many interactions with her. This was because he knew that Astrid Barlowe had started to grow fond of him.

If they were to continue interacting, it would cause a lot of trouble in the future.

The main issue was Astrid’s very unique identity. As the only Milky Way princess, who was also Emperor Nimbus‘ favorite daughter, if something were to happen between the two of them, the issues would be immeasurable.

David did not need to be fearful of anyone, especially with his current ability, but he was still not very fond of being under the limelight, and being at the center of attention of the entire Milky Way.

His current relationship status was very complicated, and the more it was probed the more complicated it would get. At this point, he had no idea how he was going to deal with all it.

If he were to add another princess to the mix, would that not be equivalent to him digging his own grave? Shaking his head, David opened the message.

Astrid, “Where are you now, David?”

David, “I‘m not in the Royal Region at the moment. I‘m very far away. What can I do for you, Your Royal Highness?”

Astrid, “Oh, you‘re still not done with your business, David?”

David, “Nope! It might still take a very long time. If there‘s anything I can help you with, please feel free to say it, Your Royal Highness.” Astrid, “David, three months from now, Father will throw a state banquet at Planet Royal, and all the different forces of the Milky Way will be there in celebration. I‘d like to invite you to come along. Will you be available?”

At Planet Royal far, far away, Astrid Barlowe sat in her room, staring nervously at her communication device after she had sent the message. She was so worried that David would say that he did not have time.

It took her so long to find an excuse to invite David to Planet Royal.

If he rejected her, what should she do?

Did she really have to ask Father to step in personally, and have him captured so he would be her husband?

No, no!

No way.

If she did that, David would be really angry. She could not be selfish like that.


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