I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1185 by Xiruo Huang

David looked at Astrid’s message and was silent.

Emperor Nimbus had planned for a state banquet at Planet Royal three months from now? All the forces of the Milky Way would be there in celebration?

Did the state banquet of the Milky Way Empire not only happen once a decade?

It was not time for it yet, right?

Also, it was not that grand of an occasion as well to have all the forces in the Milky Way attending.

David instinctually felt that this state banquet was more than it initially seemed.

It might be related to the Sangruil Sinners.

However, what did that have to do with him?

Why did Astrid Barlowe invite him?

David gave it more thought, and he roughly understood Astrid’s plans.

Inviting him to the state banquet was a hoax. The truth was, she wanted to see him.

The state banquet was nothing but an excuse.

It would be best if he did not attend.

If all the forces of the Milky Way were to be present at the state banquet this time around, and there was bound to be a flurry of VIPs. If he really did spark any rumors between himself and Princess Astrid, he was sure to become well-known and famous.

He would be thrust into spotlight and become the center of attention everywhere he went, and that was no good news.

It did not suit his humble personality.

Hence, David’s reply was, “Your Royal Highness, I’m truly sorry! I will be occupied with work at this time and won’t be in the Royal Region, so I might not be able to attend.”

David have yet to realize that he was the biggest VIP of the Milky Way.

With combat ranking of Partial Eternal Realm, he would be able to put up a fight if he ever got into a fight with Emperor Nimbus.

Besides that, he had three different top combat skills practiced to perfection, and a supreme weapon – the Demon-Splitting Sword – that could slice through everything in the universe.

With all these added bonuses, only a genuine fight

could show if Emperor Nimbus was actually a match for him.

David felt that he had nothing to be afraid of, especially of Nimbus Barlowe.

Meanwhile, Astrid was anxiously waiting for David’s reply.

When she saw David’s reply about him not being at the Royal Region, hence he could not make it, she felt aggrieved.

When they parted, they had made a pact for him to come back to her as soon as he could.

It had been such a long time, and not only did he not have any intention of coming to Planet Royal, he even rejected her when she took the initiative to invite him.

As the Emperor’s favorite daughter, when did she ever suffer such grievance?

Astrid’s tears flowed down like a breached dam.

It took a while for her to let it all out, and when she finally dried her tears, she felt that she could not just give up like that.

She had to fight for her happiness.

If David did not want to see her, she would change her approach.

After giving it some thought, Astrid had finally come up with another valid excuse.

“David, I told Father and Mother about you saving me, and they would like you to attend the state banquet so that they could thank you for saving me, and they would like to ask you more about the situation regarding the Sangruil Sinners. You’ve fought them, so you should be more aware of their combat style. This time, the Sangruil Sinners partnered with the Nine- Headed Serpent Clan and merged both their genes. It would be a huge threat to the people of the Milky Way, so Father and the rest are trying to figure out a way to counter it. Could you please temporarily set aside the work you have on hand and make a trip here?”

After she had finished typing it, she sent it and quietly waited for the results.

This time, she was no longer as anxious as she was before.

Astrid believed that David would not reject her this time, since it involved the safety of the people of the entire Milky Way.

Also, what she had said was technically not wrong.

This time, the Sangruil Sinners partnered with the Nine- Headed Serpent Clan, and it could be a catastrophe to the people of the Milky Way.

The Nine-Headed Serpent Clan was one of the strongest clans amongst the galaxy beasts that loved to consume humans.


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