I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1186 by Xiruo Huang

It would be troublesome once they interfered with the Milky Way‘s affairs.

Even her father and brothers could be in danger.

David finished reading Astrid‘s message.

It was exactly like he had speculated.

He knew Sangruil Sinners were up to no good when they attacked Princess Astrid.

Otherwise, they dared not act so blatantly.

His speculation was proven to be true.

Even the empire felt the danger.

Sangruil Sinners seemed to have found a strong partner, so they wanted back evf ything that had once belonged to them.

When it came to the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan, aside from what David had heard from Astrid, he had also learned about them from the Meteor Chamber.

However, he did not learn much about them.

The Meteor Chamber required other treasures of heaven and earth instead of Galaxy Dollars in exchange for in–depth information.

David could not help it.

Was he to trade it for the Demon–Splitting Sword?

He was not that stupid.

He would not do this unless he had lost his mind.

It was a weapon capable of slaughtering everything in the universe.

There was no way he would use something that made him stronger in exchange for something useless. He bought information from the Meteor Chamber to get lavish points.

Since he could not buy it, there was no need to do any transactions.

Therefore, he had only gotten basic information about Nine Headed Serpent. He only knew that they were a strong man eating race.

However, they were not in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the Beast Galaxy next door.

David had no idea how strong this race was and whether it was as strong as Eternal Realm.

Since Sangruil Sinners and Nine–Headed Serpent Clan were working together, they must have had a deal with each other. If Sangruil Sinr s brought down the empire and took control of the Milky Way, wey would have done their side of the deal. Many people from the Milky Way would die and become the Nine Headed Serpent Clan‘s meal.

David did not want to be a busybody, but he was human after all. He could not stand seeing the Milky Way‘s people become another race‘s food.

He would forget it if he was incapable.

However, he had the power to stop it, so he could not stand by and watch.

David, “Your Royal Highness, no need to thank me. Since we‘re friends, don‘t mention it. But since it has something to do with the Sangruil Sinners and Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s deal, I have some say in this as I‘ve confronted them before. Don‘t worry! I‘ll be at Planet Royal in three months.”

Astrid‘s tears turned into smiles after receiving David‘s message.

She knew David would say yes.

Whatever his reason for coming to Planet Royal, it was fine as long

as he was here.

Astrid, “David, you‘re highly principled. I thank you for Father and the Milky Way‘s people.” David, “Your Royal Highness, don‘t mention it! I‘m human too. Of course, I don‘t want to see another powerful race invade our homeland. Especially if it‘s a Nine–Headed Serpent that feeds on humans. I won‘t refuse as long as I can help.”

Astrid, “Thank you very much, David. I‘ll wait for your arrival in Planet Royal in three months.”

David, “Okay! See you in three months.” Astrid finally sn d brightly after texting David.

‘David finally agreed. ‘He‘ll be on Planet Royal in three months, and I‘ll see him then.’ However, Astrid then looked a little distressed. ‘There are still three months to go!

‘How can I pass the time faster?

‘If only time could speed up.‘,


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