I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1188 by Xiruo Huang

You could see it in the way Gamora remembered it.

Astrid listened with longing.

She wished she and David could be like her parents.

Light Star. Close to the edge of Zone of Nothingness in the Milky  Way.

Since the Sangruil Sinners occupied it, the humans here had been kept in captivity for food. Light Star was now a hundred times scarier than Planet Buck.

The people on Planet Buck were only abused and enslaved, and the people worked themselves to death.

However, Ligh tar was different.

All humans had been locked up for food. They were supplied to Sangruil Sinners with Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s genes.

You could imagine the fear people on the Light Star felt.

What was it like to wake up every day, scared it was your turn to be eaten and be treated as food when you were a high–intelligent race with consciousness, a mind of your own, and character?

Only the people on Light Star knew.

They were in a state of panic almost all the time.

That atmosphere could drive people crazy. The Sangruil Sinners could control their desire to eat humans if they were willing.

They were only part Nine–Headed Serpent, with the human genes still being the dominant part of their genetic makeup.

However, they did not restrain themselves because man–eating was a better way to trigger Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes. It would quickly improve their strength.

They were also preparing for the impending war. The Milky Way Empire had been developing at high speed over the years. It had a powerful army, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Red Finch, and Black Tortoise halls, and the royal guards, which Nimbus trained himself.

These were powerful forces no one could ignore.

The Sangruil Sinners were no match for them.

Otherwise, the empire would not have hunted them for thousands of years.

The Nine–Headed Serpent Clan was restricted by the Universe Convention and could not send troops in large numbers.

The Sangruil Sinners could only feed on humans and activate their Nine–Headed Serpent genes to improve their strength.

In a mega–war that involved the Stella Civilization Galaxy, the strongest person would play a decisive role. Still, it would not work without a backbone force backing them up. Therefore, the Sangruil Sinners had to be well prepared. They had done everything they could to win.

They did not care what it took.

On Light Star, Sangruil‘s king Moe and Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s Severus discussed Nimbus‘s intention to hold a state banquet.

Nimbus had somewhat disrupted their plans. Moe‘s original plan was to dismantle the Milky Way Empire from within while improving itself before the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan arrived to back them up.

They would find ways to infiltrate the forces, starting from the weakest to the strongest.

If they could infiltrate a third of the forces, their next step would be much easier. Once their help from Nine–Headed Serpent Clan arrived, they could easily destroy the two partial Eternal Realms rankers of the Barlowe family–Nimbus and Wilfred.

Even without the Barlowe family, with a third of the force on their side, Sangruil could take control of the Milky Way in the shortest time possible, avoiding other complications. Then they could take back everything that belonged to them and enjoy their victory.

The Milky Way Empire would hold a state banquet in three months and send the army and four great halls to patrol the Royal Region.

Sangruil‘s plan to infiltrate it did not seem very plausible.

Even if they did not infiltrate it, Sangruil could destroy the Barlowe family and take control of the Milky Way with the Nine Headed Serpent‘s help.

However, this would take a lot longer, and they would face a lot of unavoidable troubles.


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