I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1189 by Xiruo Huang

Liglit Star.

A sky–soaring tower. Two men were sitting across from each other, drinking coffee. One of them was frowning, while the man opposite him looked relaxed.

The man frowning was Sangruil‘s king–Moe, and the other was Severus from the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan.

Unable to resist after a while, Moe asked, “Severus, when will your people from Nine–Headed Serpent Clan arrive? Nimbus has noticed our frequent movements. He should have healed from his injuries by now. The sooner we act, the better for us.”

Severus took a sip of coffee before slowly answering, “King Moe, calm down. You know it takes time to get across the Zone of Nothingness. You can‘t rush it. They‘ll get here when you get here.”

Severus enjoyed being on top of the Milky Way and the slow pace of life.

Humans were indeed the wisest of all creatures. They were unique, and it was no wonder all creatures in the universe wanted to imitate them.

He was not the only partial Eternal Realm around, but there was no one stronger than him.

Other than that, Severus was one of the top ten galaxy beasts.

Besides his physical prowess, he had Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s natural talent.

Even if he could not beat Nimbus, he was confident that he would not lose.

Severus did not take Moe seriously. If he had the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s genes, he would be restricted by the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan.

This was why they had sent him here.

Helping Sangruil take on the Milky Way Empire was one nice way to call it.

To put it bluntly, they were spying on Sangruil to prevent them from breaking their deal.

However, Severus fell in love with the Milky Way after coming here.

He did not want to go back to the Beast Galaxy anymore.

Not only were there tons of delicious food to eat, but you could stand at the top of the galaxy and look down on everything.

It was something the Beast Galaxy could not give him.”

The Beast Galaxy had Eternal Realm elders controlling him, and there were several races that even the Nine–Headed Serpent could not afford to offend.

Besides that, the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan was also at war with its arch–rival, the Star Pythons.

He could be sent to war at any moment.

It was unknown whether he would survive this.

How easy was life here?

Not only was there no danger, but he could do whatever he wanted at any time.

When he finished eating the humans on Light Star, he could continue eating on another living planet.

There were millions of living planets on the Milky Way. It would take forever to finish them.

This was the kind of life Severus wanted.

It was unlike the Beast Galaxy, where he had to keep his tail between his legs.

Moe was unsatisfied with Severus‘ attitude.

“How can I not worry? Our infiltration plans are now being limited by the empire. If Nimbus is given more time to prepare, we will be in trouble. Severus, you don‘t want the Nine–Headed Serpent to be in trouble either, do you?”

“Moe, I think you‘re confused. So what if we give them time to prepare? With the two of us around, Sangruil is already invincible. One or two more partial Eternal Realms will be sent over to ensure no mistakes this time. Wipe out the Barlowe family, and everything will be settled, won‘t it?” Severus said dismissively.

“Severus, I‘m not panicking. The Milky Way has several other powerful forces besides the Barlowe family. Even if we wipe out the Barlowe family, it will be troublesome not to win over these forces. Besides, our partnership with the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan must be kept secret. We can‘t let too many forces know about it. It will cause a rebellion among the Milky Way‘s people if revealed to the public, and it will become a big deal involving the entire Milky Way. We‘re doomed if news of this gets to the Universe Enforcers. It‘s very unlikely, but we can‘t rule it out either. Thus, we should keep things lowkey.”

Severus had no choice but put down his teacup and turn serious at Moe‘s words.

Universe Enforcer! These were the people who struck fear into the entire universe.


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