I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1193 by Xiruo Huang

The old man and Balu headed deeper into the forest.

David and Mia followed them.

The path was a little dark due to the shade from the canopy’s leaves of the towering trees.

However, it did not affect David.

Daylight and the nighttime seemed to be no different for him after he reached this realm.

He had his mind power to support him.

He could even perceive an ant under the tree leaves clearly.

Mia followed closely behind David.

After they crossed a dark tunnel, things slowly began to brighten up.

Along the way, they saw that trees around them were full of Buckeranians standing on the treetops.

All of them looked at David and Mia curiously.

On this planet, other than the Buckeranians who had the slave mark on their forehead, they had only seen those who were sent by the Grim family who took them away and made them their mining slaves. Those men were fierce–looking.

There were no slave marks on David and Mia’s foreheads, and they were not as fierce–looking as the Grim family.

They were beautiful.

They had never seen such a beautiful creature on Planet Buck.

That was why David and Mia attracted all the Buckeranians‘ attention.

They continued to walk for a while.

The old man and Balu stopped under a giant tree.

The giant tree looked like it had a diameter of at least seven to eight meters.

It could absolutely be considered a giant among all the trees there.

The inner side of the tree had been emptied, and there were stairs in it. One could climb the stairs and make his way up to the treehouse on the treetop.

The old man led Balu into the tree. Then, they made their way up the stairs.

David and Mia followed them into the tree too.

As for the Buckeranians who were behind them, they could only stop outside the tree. They were not allowed to enter without permission.

They went all the way up.

A few minutes later, David entered the treehouse on the treetop.

The furniture in the house was simple.

There was a wooden round table surrounded by a dozen wooden chairs. There were a few small square tables beside it. Each table had two chairs next to it, and a set of teacups on it.

The old man walked toward a small square table and sat down on the chair, then he said, “Take a seat!”

David and the others made themselves at home. They sat down on the chairs beside him.

“Balu, who’re they?” The old man asked after the four of them sat down.

“Uncle Utopia, they’re the saviors of Planet Buck. Without them, this day would never have come for us Buckeranians.” Balu looked at David and answered gratefully.

“Oh? What happened?” The old man wondered.

After that, Balu started telling his story.

It all started the moment his family had been taken away.

They became slaves and worked served the Grim family for three hundred years. Meanwhile, Balu’s parents could not accept the fact that they had fallen from grace and become slaves. They got so depressed that they eventually fell ill and passed away.

Balu was left alone at the death’s door. At first, Balu had lost all hope too.

This was until David showed up and destroyed the Grim family. He rescued Balu and followed him back to Planet Buck. He continued to save the Buckeranians who were enslaved by the Grim family.

One could say that without David, the Buckeranians would slowly die and become extinct after hundreds or thousands of  years.

“Balu, what did you say? The Grim family on this planet had been killed? All the mining slaves had been freed?” The old man grabbed Balu’s hand and asked excitedly.

“Yes, Uncle Utopia! Not only were the Grim family members on this planet eliminated, but the whole Grim family was wiped out by Mr. David. From today onwards, Planet Buck belongs to us. We can live the peaceful life we had a hundred years ago, and no one will ever disturb us again,” said Balu as tears welled up in his eyes.


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