I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1194 by Xiruo Huang

“Is… Is… Is this true?”

“Yes! It’s true! Uncle Utopia, you can follow me there and see for yourself.”

“Hahaha… Justice has been served! I thought the Buckeranians would never be able to stand up again for the rest of our lives. I could never die peacefully knowing that. I didn’t expect the Grim family would pay for things they did so soon. I’m so happy to hear that. Hahaha…”

The old man started laughing loudly after he made sure what Balu told him was true.

Balu lived his life as a slave working for the Grim family. Were the Buckeranians left on Planet Buck not being enslaved too?

The fact that Planet Buck used to have a population of a hundred million in the past, but suffered a sharp decline in their population such that there were only a few million today, showed how the Buckeranians had lived during the past three

hundred years. ‘

They lived in fear every day.

They would die if they fought against them. If they did not fight, they had no choice but to become mining slaves who worked day and night.

After the old man finished laughing, he stood up and walked toward David. He kneeled on the floor and bowed to him three times respectfully.

David did not stand up to stop him.

He accepted it.

Even though the old man was very old.

As David’s combat reached the partial Eternal Realm, becoming the most powerful person in the Milky Way, his state of mind had changed too.

As the saying went, high achievers tended to be successful early in life. Someone powerful should be respected.

Besides, he was the one who saved millions of Buckeranians on Planet Buck. David felt comfortable accepting the old man’s respect.

After that, the old man said excitedly, “Thank you Mr. David for saving Planet Buck. Utopia will never forget what you have done for the Buckeranians.”

“Sir, you don’t have to do this! The Grim family has done many evil deeds. The day would come for them to get their punishment. Someone would’ve done so even if it wasn’t me. The reason I killed them was that we had a score to settle. I just ended up saving all of you in the process,” David replied calmly.

“Mr. David, in any case, you saved us and gave Buckeranians the chance to survive. Otherwise, we’ll probably slowly disappear as time passes, and we’d eventually become extinct. I would like to thank you on behalf of all Buckeranians.”

The old man continued to bow at David a few times, only then did he slowly rise to his feet.

Balu immediately came forward to help him up.

“Uncle Utopia, let’s go outside and tell everyone about this!

Our people have been bottling up their emotions for so long, so we should spread the good news and celebrate. Then, I’ll leave to look for the others.”

“Sure, sure, sure! I’ll gather everyone here and tell them the good news. You don’t have to go to all that trouble to look for the other Buckeranians. I know how to contact them. I only have to tell them the truth and they’ll show up.”

“Then without further ado, let’s get started.”


As the previous general officer of Babu, the head of Planet Buck, Utopia was a prestigious figure.

Not only did all the Buckeranians living in the base have to listen to him, but he also wielded enormous influence in other bases.

The reason why the Buckeranians were divided into several groups was that splitting up could prevent every one of them from getting killed by the Grim family.

Utopia led the three of them out of the giant tree. He gathered all the Buckeranians and announced the news of the

destruction of the Grim family.

All Buckeranians immediately erupted in cheers and applause.

At the same time, everyone was weeping tears of joy.

They had been waiting for this day for a long time.

Then, Utopia began contacting the other groups that were hidden away in the dark.

A day later, all Buckeranians came out from their hidden base and started to step out into the sunlight.

They hid in the dark, and they dared not to leave there.

Every base leader began to head to the place where the Grim family had stayed before.

Balu showed his imposing aura as their head. After he gave an enthusiastic speech, the rebuilding of the whole Planet Buck began and the Buckeranians continued with the tasks that remained undone.

After the bodies that were left outside were gathered, they were buried in the ground.

Now, all Buckeranians worked with a will. It had been a long time since there were smiles on everyone’s faces.

David felt relieved to see Planet Buck getting back on track. His work here was done.


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