I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1195 by Xiruo Huang

Three days later.

David found Balu and told him that he would be leaving Planet Buck soon.

“Mr. David, you’re leaving soon?” Balu asked.

“Yes! Planet Buck has gotten back on track. I should leave too,” replied David.

“Mr. David, can you please stay for another day? I’ll leave with you after getting everything in order.”

“Balu! You should stay here. The Buckeranians need you.”

“Mr. David! I must leave with you. This is not only to repay your kindness, but it’s also for this.”

Balu said as he pointed at the slave mark on his forehead, then he continued, “The only possible way to lift the limitations of the slave mark is to follow you, only then my people will be truly freed.”

David looked at the sincere expression on Balu’s face.

He knew he had made up his mind.

“Alright then! I’ll give you one more day to prepare. We’ll leave Planet Buck tomorrow. Since you’ll be following me around in the future, stop calling me Mr. David. Call me David, like how Mia does!”

David turned around and left after that.

Balu, who was behind him, bowed and thanked him, “Thank you, David!”

At night.

David was about to rest.


There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” said David.

Balu pushed the door open and came in. Someone was behind him, and it turned out to be the old man, Utopia.

“I’m sorry! David, sorry to disturb you,” Balu apologized.

“It’s still early! What’s the matter?” David asked.

“Uncle Utopia said he needed to talk to you.”

David shifted his gaze to Utopia.

At this moment, Utopia said to Balu, “Little Balu, I have something to discuss with Mr. David. Please step out for a moment.”

“Okay! David, Uncle Utopia, take your time.”

Balu turned around and left the room after that, and he closed the door behind him.

“Old master, what’s the matter?” David asked with curiosity.

David was confused. Why did the old man come looking for him? Were they not familiar with each other?

Even though he saved the Buckeranians.

The old man kneeled before him and thanked him. What else could there be?

Utopia bowed to David first, and only then did he speak, “We, the Buckeranians, shall never forget Mr. David’s great

kindness and what you’ve done for Planet Buck. Your name will go down in our history and be passed on to the next generation. The next generation of Planet Buck will remember those dark days and bear your kindness in mind.”

David did not know if he should cry or laugh.

That was what he wanted to tell him.

Was there a need to pay a visit and tell him about this at this hour?

“Old Master, there’s no need to do so. It’s no trouble at all, and I’ll probably forget about this soon.”

“Mr. David has done many good deeds. It’s normal to forget about them. Even though it wasn’t a problem to you, it means a lot to Planet Buck. It’s a chance for rebirth and for us to start a new life again.”

Utopia paused for a moment, and continued, “Mr. David, little Balu will be staying with you. Please take good care of little Balu. I know he’d like to follow you around to see the galaxy. He’d be looking for a way to lift the curse. I know it’s not going to be easy for him. I’ll leave little Balu to you.”

“No problem, Old Master. I won’t let anything happen to Balu since he’s with me. As for the slave mark, it’s an evil curse that has been cast over the whole planet. I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do either,” David shook his head and replied.

“Mr. David, you don’t have to feel sorry. This is our fate. I came looking for you today not just to express my gratitude, there’s also something I’d like to give to you.”

Utopia reached out for the shirt pocket in his arms, and he was about to take something out.

David immediately rejected him when he heard the old man was going to give him something. “It’s okay, Old Master. I didn’t help you all to get something in return. Don’t do this. I’ve got everything I need.”


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