I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1201 by Xiruo Huang

The young man in the VIP room was named Harlan Busch. He was a direct descendant of one of the major families in the Royal Region.

Even though the Busch family was far from the eight prominent families, they were still pretty powerful in the Royal Region.

Harlan was not very talented, so he would use twice the effort to only get half the results during his cultivation. Moreover, he was very lazy, and he loved women. He could not go a day without sleeping with a woman.

Because of this, he threw the handle after the blade and began to make a fortune in the family‘s sphere of influence by relying on the family‘s reputation.

Despite this, Harlan was very discerning, which was how he got to where he was right now. He would never risk offending someone he did not know the background of.

After all, there were too many people in the Royal Region, the center of the entire galaxy, that he could not afford to offend.

If he was slightly careless, his entire family might be wiped out.

When Harlan heard the young man that he was from one of the eight prominent families, the Tuffin family, he

burst into laughter.

He said sarcastically, “Are you really from the Tuffin family? Are you kidding me? The Dallarosa family has wiped out the Tuffin family, and they have already replaced the Tuffin family as one of the eight prominent families.”

“It is because the Dallarosa family wiped out the Tuffin family that I showed up here incognito. Furthermore, the information I want to share with you is one of the absolute secrets of my family,” Floyd said.

“Oh? Let‘s hear it.” Harlan was interested.

“I can tell you, but you must settle all my debts and give me a large sum of money after that. Besides, are you sure you want all of them to know it as well?”

Harlan stared at Floyd. After making sure he was not joking, Harlan said, “You should leave now.”

“Yes, Boss!”

The two middle–aged men and two gorgeous women said at the same time.

Soon after, they left the room respectfully.

At this moment, only the young man and Floyd were left in the VIP Room.

“Can you tell me now? As long as you can bring me benefits, I‘ll agree with everything you ask for.”

Floyd took a deep breath before saying, “Pavan, the eldest son of the Tuffin family, has been exploring outside all these years. Recently, he sent a message back saying he found an indigenous living planet on the brink of the Milky Way. However, there was a peak Planet Ranker on the planet, and the aborigines had very high talent. It would be unimaginably valuable if he could plant his slave mark on this planet. Thus, he asked the family to subdue them.

“After the family got news about this, they immediately realized this would be the hope for the family to rise. Hence, they recalled all the heirs to elect a new head for the younger generation. Then, they asked Lord Adan to bring the head of the younger generation over. However, Lord Adan was met with an attack from the Dallarosa family while on the way. In the end, he died, and you know the rest. The Dallarosa family destroyed my family, but they had no idea about this. If I had another choice, I wouldn‘t have told you about this.”

Floyd told Harlan this because he had no choice.

Even though he was a direct descendant, he was the most inconspicuous one. His family died while going on a mission for the family. By right, this top secret would have been taken to the grave.

Floyd only knew this because he stole this information from the top secret vault of the family after the family was wiped out.

He wanted to go himself, but he did not have the power to do so.

Therefore, he hid this in his heart.

He had no other choice today and would die if he did not say it.

He might even live a life worse than death.

Hence, he could only use this information in exchange for his life.

As Harlan heard what Floyd said, his breathing started to get faster.

Clearly, he was very shocked after hearing this news.

Since Floyd dared to tell him about this, it would mean Floyd was confident about this news. He knew the consequences if he dared to lie.

How talented would an indigenous living planet with a peak Planet Ranker be?

If Harlan planted his slave mark on the planet and forced the people to drink genetic drugs to stimulate their potential before feeding it to the master, he would turn from a good–for–nothing to a genius.

How did he run into such an alarming yet fortuitous meeting?


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