I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1205 by Xiruo Huang

“Who‘s the person in charge of this planet? Tell him to talk to me. You won‘t understand even if I explain to you. You can‘t make these decisions anyway,” David asked.

“I‘m sorry. If you don‘t explain to us, there won‘t be anyone coming to talk to you because we can‘t be sure if you‘re friend or foe.”

David was in a dilemma now.

He shook his head helplessly and said, “I genuinely come in peace. Why won‘t you believe me?”

“You have to show proof that you don‘t mean any harm. Not a single person would believe a stranger completely if they were in this situation, right? Please understand!”

Perhaps the Galaxy Warship looked too domineering and formidable, and David was from a level 3 civilization, which led to the person speaking very courteously.

David figured that this person was being fair, but how would he prove himself?

After thinking about it, David looked around and spotted a huge mountain peak hundreds of kilometers away on his right. It was very eye–catching on this flat plain.

He suddenly had an idea.

Since the other party did not believe him, he should be straightforward. He would show some of his strength to show these people that if he wanted to harm them, they would not have any way to resist.

That way, he could indirectly show that his purpose was genuine.

‘Alright, I‘ll do that!‘

“If that‘s the case, I‘ll prove it to you.”

After David said that, he pointed at the huge mountain peak hundreds of kilometers away and continued, “See that mountain?”

“Of course! That‘s Snow Peak. It is the tallest and biggest mountain on the grassland and the tallest and biggest peak on Planet Cloud.”

“Look closely then! My explanation is on that mountain,” David said.

The fighter jet pilot did not understand what David was saying, but he asked the other fighter jets equipped with high–definition cameras to adjust their cameras so they would capture footage of Snow Peak.

While the cameras were pointed at it, the leaders in the control room could also see it.

Meanwhile, the other fighter jets aimed their guided missiles at David and the Galaxy Warship.

Not only the fighter jets, but the countless powerful large –scale, long–distance cannons were also targeting him.

If they detected any hostility from David, they would fire without hesitation and raze this place to the ground.

As everyone stared at Snow Peak, David said one word.


After he said that…


A loud voice could be heard from a distance.

Then, the ground shook.

Snow Peak was lifted off the ground and rose in the air while countless people on Planet Cloud watched.



“This is impossible!

Everyone was shocked to see this scene, and they were all mumbling, “Impossible! Impossible!”

The scene was too shocking.

‘What magnificent technique is this?

‘How can he lift Snow Peak?

“That‘s Snow Peak, the tallest and biggest mountain on

Planet Cloud!

‘It was so easily lifted by such a mysterious power. How shocking!

An ordinary person could not do this.‘ After Snow Peak rose to the air, it stopped there quietly.


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