I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1206 by Xiruo Huang

At this moment, Snow Peak was hovering in the air like it was magic.

Mia was already used to this.

Ever since she watched David killing all of the Grim family‘s core, she would not be surprised at anything David did.

With his strength, he could destroy this planet with a stomp of his feet if he wanted.

The room was quiet when the leaders in Planet Cloud saw Snow Peak being lifted easily inside the control room. Everyone‘s eyes were wide, and their jaws dropped. Only heavy breathing could be heard.

They could not believe what they were seeing.

“S–Sir! What should we do?” Someone asked.

From his voice, one could tell that he was in extreme panic.

The strength that David exhibited was too great.

They had never seen this before, and never expected someone to lift a mountain and make it hover in the air.

How much strength would be required? Not only him, the other people in the control room also

had looks of horror on their faces.

They turned to look at an old man at the same time.

That old man was the most authoritative decision maker on Planet Cloud.

“Send two people to tell the fighter jets to come back. Also, tell all the weapons to cease fire. We can‘t predict these aliens‘ strength. The rest of you, come with me to meet those level 3 civilization aliens. Let‘s see what they want,” the old man said.

He understood the other party was trying to intimidate them.

If not, the entire Planet Cloud would not have been able to resist him.

The techniques from a high–level civilization were so scary.

Snow Peak was so huge, and it casually lifted and until it hovered in the air.

This was unfathomable!

When would Planet Cloud develop to become a civilization?

On the grassland in Planet Cloud. After David shocked everyone with one move, he spread his hands and said slowly, “See? I really don‘t mean you any harm. If I did, your planet wouldn‘t even have the power to fight back. I genuinely come here in peace.”

The pilots of the fighter jets got the order from the control room. The control room was asking them to retreat. At the same time, they had to calm these powerful yet strange aliens.

“Sir, our commander will be here to talk to you soon. Please wait patiently for a while.”

“That‘s right. This wouldn‘t have happened if you did this earlier. You just had to make me show my strength,” David smiled and said.

“Please calm down, Sir. You are Planet Cloud‘s first visitor from outer space. I had to treat you with care for the sake of the tens of billions of people on this planet. I hope you understand.”

“It‘s fine! It‘s fine! I understand. It‘ll be fine as long as your commander gets here. Don‘t worry. If I were hostile, I would have suppressed your planet by force.”

“Thank you, Sir!”

After the fighter jets got the order, they left the grassland slowly.

David was not bothered and just let them leave.

At the same time, he placed Snow Peak down to its original position. It did not look any different from before.

Soon, the Galaxy Warship, David, and Mia were the only ones left on the grassland.

Meanwhile, the highest commander of Planet Cloud was heading over here.

After a day, David‘s Galaxy Warship left Planet Cloud to head to another destination.

They had settled their first target.

After his careful explanation, Planet Cloud agreed to join the Milky Way Empire.

To avoid problems, David contacted Princess Astrid directly.

With her help, Planet Cloud and Planet Buck successfully joined the Milky Way Empire. They were registered as high–class citizen planets of the empire.

At the same time, they were also successfully registered on the empire‘s galaxy map.

None of the forces would dare to covet them anymore.

The deterrent effect of the Milky Way Empire was unquestionable.


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