I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1207 by Xiruo Huang

“I told you not to take shortcuts. You were just supposed to obediently go on the original route, but you didn‘t listen to me. Great, our flying vessel has been swallowed by the crack in the Zone of Nothingness.” “It‘d be too slow to use the original route. We are finally leaving Beast Galaxy to have fun in the Milky WayDon‘t you want to reach earlier so you can enjoy the yummy taste of humans sooner?”

“Of course! However, won‘t it be dangerous to take shortcuts? Luckily, the crack this time is not that powerful. We‘d all die here if we ran into a more powerful one!”

“It‘s not that easy to kill all of us. Plus, it‘s not that easy to run into the most powerful crack. We‘re just unlucky to have run into one today.”

“You said you wanted to take the shortcut. So what should we do now? Where are we? How far is this place from the Milky Way? Where should we go?”

“How the hell would I know?”


“Alright, stop arguing! Let me check with the secret technique,” another person said.

Then, the two stopped talking.

The three beasts that changed into human form were the people the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan sent to assist Sangruil.

Since they were scared that they would attract attention, so they only sent three people over.

However, this was enough. These three were all at partial Eternal  Realm.

In addition to Moe and Severus, who were already in the Milky Way, there would be five of them who were at partial Eternal Realm.

Even if there were two people at partial Eternal Realm, Nimbus and Wilfred, in the Milky Way Galaxy, they would not be the five‘s opponents.

They would suffer a crushing defeat during a five versus two battle.

The Milky Way Empire would not win unless Nimbus or Wilfred broke through to Eternal Realm.

However, this was not realistic.

If someone in the Milky Way reached Eternal Realm, the Nine Headed Serpent Clan would not dare to be so arrogant.

Even though there was only a half–level difference between partial Eternal Realm and Eternal Realm, it was miles apart.

As the saying went, ‘a miss is as good as a mile‘.

It would be a whole new world if one could get through this half level difference.

They could only be stuck here forever until they die if they could not.

Eternal Realm was called Eternal Realm because it had an eternal life span.

As long as there were no accidents, one could age to be as old as heaven and earth and shine as bright as the sun and moon.

One could imagine how big the difference was.

There were a lot of people at partial Eternal Realm in Beast Galaxy. However, there were not a lot of them at Eternal Realm.

Most of the powerhouses were stuck at this stage and could not break through. In the end, they exhausted their life span and died with regrets. .

The Nine–Headed Serpent Clan sent these three people to help out in the Milky Way. In order to reach faster and eat humans, they did not follow their original route. Instead, they took a shortcut. Naturally, there would be dangers in taking shortcuts.

In the end, their flying vessel was swallowed by a crack in the Void of Nothingness.

They could only escape from the crack they made after changing back to their original forms.

Even though they were all at partial Eternal Realm, they could not stop too long in the Zone of Nothingness. If not, their bodies would not be able to take it.

Only after they reached Eternal Realm could they travel, walk, and hurry on freely in the space cracks.

This was also one of the signs of reaching Eternal Realm. Distance would be nothing to them once they reached Eternal Realm.

They could tear a crack in space and walk in it.

They could also get across different galaxies quickly, let alone within the same galaxy. Their speed would be beyond the restriction of space.


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