I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1209 by Xiruo Huang

After putting the secret technique to use, the three noticed they had reached the edge of the Milky Way. They were thrilled.

“Haha! It was so effortless. I thought we‘d only reach after some time. I didn‘t expect us to arrive so soon. This is great! We can eat delicious humans soon! I can‘t wait!”

“Using the space crack is indeed the fastest to travel. No wonder the people at Eternal Realm can ignore the distance and reach their destination after tearing the space. It‘s a pity we can‘t stay in there too long and can‘t determine the direction. Once we go in, we can only feel around blindly.” “It’s nothing! Once we reach Eternal Realm, we can also tear space and walk around freely.” “Eternal Realm?! It‘s not that easy! We might never get there in this lifetime.”

“Alright, stop sighing. Let‘s go! I can‘t wait anymore, and I can already smell the humans. Humans are born to be our food. After we help that punk Moe overthrow the Milky Way Galaxy, all of us can have unlimited yummy humans.”

“You‘re right. It‘s not the time to sigh about that. Food is more important. Let‘s go!” The three sped forward, following the direction provided by the secret technique.

The full speed of someone at partial Eternal Realm was faster than any typical flying vessel. They were like three flashes of light traveling in the void. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

Soon, the three entered the vicinity of the Milky Way.

While they were here, there were no space cracks that were normally prevalent in the Zone of Nothingness.

There were also no terrifying and strong Void Wings.

The trio continued to head to Light Star. At the highest level of the tower, Severus got the news that the people sent by the clan were arriving soon. Hence, he summoned Moe over.

“Severus, I wonder why you summoned me. Did you get any news from your clan?” Moe asked. “That‘s right, Moe. The help from my clan is arriving soon. This time, in order to make sure the plan goes smoothly, the clan sent us three people at partial Eternal Realm. In addition to us, there will be five people at partial Eternal Realm. No matter what the Milky Way Empire does, they will surely lose,” Severus replied with a grin. “Really?” Moe got up and asked excitedly.

“Of course! I just got the news. They will be at Light Star soon.” “That‘s amazing! That‘s so amazing! Haha! Nimbus, just you wait! I will turn your state banquet this time into a state funeral!” Moe cackled loudly.

At this moment, Severus interrupted Moe and said seriously,” However, we have to try our best to keep this event small scale, as you said. Even if the chance of us alerting the Universe Enforcer is very low, we can‘t afford to gamble on it. If we alert those guys, we‘re all doomed. Even the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan will be affected.”

“Don‘t worry, Severus! I will have all our Sangruilians infiltrate other forces at no price in about a month. When that happens, we

can forcefully suppress the entire Barlowe family, not giving them a chance. I promise they won‘t be able to do anything grand.” “Alright, I hope we have a pleasant cooperation.”

After that, Severus reached out his right hand.

Moe reached out his hand as well to shake the other‘s hand. He said, “I hope we have a pleasant cooperation!”

In the next few days, the Sangruil Sinners started to move around the Royal Region like crazy after getting Moe‘s orders. They frequently appeared, so they could not avoid colliding with the Milky Way Empire‘s military and the four great halls of the empire.

However, the Milky Way had developed for many years while Sangruil was struggling at death‘s door. Once they collided, aside from the first time the empire‘s military suffered a defeat because they did not understand the Sangruil Sinner‘s attack, the empire‘s military slowly gained the absolute upper hand in the following conflicts and continuously suppressed the Sangruil Sinners. However, this was just a smoke bomb the Sangruil Sinners put out to attract the empire‘s attention. Their mighty people were secretly contacting various forces in the Royal Region to try to infiltrate them. The three from the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan at partial Eternal Realm arrived at Light Star a few days later. Moe‘s overweening attitude increased once the five at partial Eternal Realm met. Since things had escalated to this stage, Moe felt that Sangruil was – definitely going to win. It would just depend on how easily they would win and how big of a price they would need to pay.

Planet Royal in the Royal Region. An inconspicuous spaceship quickly left a planet that was controlled by a medium force. As it just arrived outside the planet. Zap!

A cold light appeared and sliced the ship in half in the blink of an eye.


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