I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1213 by Xiruo Huang

Aside from the people who were grandmasters in the Milky Way, most people did not know that Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Red Finch, and Black Tortoise Hall were separated into the internal hall and the external hall.

The external halls were the four halls everyone saw on the surface; on the other hand, the internal halls would be hiding in the dark.

The external and internal halls had a massive difference in strength.

The heads of the external halls were only peak Celestial Rankers.

Meanwhile, the heads of the internal halls were four compelling peak Infinity Rankers.

The two sides had a clear difference in realms.It was evident from this how much different the internal and external halls were.

The power of the four halls was much greater than that of the palace guards.

Even if there were not many people in the internal hall, they had a terrifyingly high threshold.

Countless people would flinch at the thought of them.

They had to go through multiple levels of selection to join the internal hall.

Moreover, they also needed to be at least at Celestial Rank.

The four great halls were Emperor Nimbus’ true left and right hands.

They were also his super weapon to control the entire Milky Way.

However, the four great halls were different from the palace guards.

Emperor Nimbus trained the palace guards to be his death warriors, and they would only listen to his orders.

It would be the sare even if Nimbus were not the emperor.

On the contrary, this was not the case with the four great halls.

They were established when the Milky Way Empire was founded.

They would only listen to the emperor of the empire.

Anyone who was the emperor could control them.

In other words, if Emperor Nimbus gave his position to any of the eighteen princes, the four great halls, including the internal and external halls, would listen to the new emperor.иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмThey would not listen to Nimbus anymore.

This was the tradition of the Milky Way Empire.

This was the rule the previous grandmasters of the Barlowe family set to guarantee the emperor’s authority.

No one was allowed to break it.

The Milky Way Empire had controlled the Milky Way for so many years.

If they ever showed all their hidden power in one go, they would surely shock everyone.

After Prince Wagner left, Nimbus stopped reading his materials and lifted his head.

Even if he could not take action due to his injury, he could not let the Sangruil Sinners continue wreaking havoc.

He had to teach them a painful lesson.

Once there were a lot of rebel forces in the Royal Region, the empire would be in trouble.

The more the empire stayed silent, the more the forces would be tempted.

“Convey my order for me.Order the internal halls of Azure Dragon and White Tiger to dampen the Sangruil Sinners’ spirits and restore the empire’s glory,” Nimbus said in a deep voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” A voice resonated in the study.

However, one could only hear the voice but not see the person.

After Nimbus said that, he continued to lower his head to look through his materials.

Not long after he gave out the edict, Azure Dragon and White Tiger, the two internal halls hiding in the dark, were quickly dispatched.

They started to restrict the Sangruil Sinner masters in the Royal Region.

In the void of the Royal Region, two Infinity Ranked Sangruil Sinner higher-ups just finished contacting a force.

Even though they failed, the other party stated they would decide depending on the circumstances.

They had completed their king’s orders and were about to head to their next target when a cold light appeared out of the blue.

The two were shocked.

Then, they felt their scalps tingling, so they quickly dodged it.

Woosh! A cold light zoomed past them.

If they did not react quickly enough, they would have been severely injured.

“Who’s there?” One of the Sangruil Sinners yelled.

“Azure Dragon Internal Hall!” A voice said in the distance.

‘Azure Dragon Internal Hall?’


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