I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1214 by Xiruo Huang

The two looked at each other and saw fear in each other’s eyes.


They did not hesitate before splitting up to flee in opposite directions.

After that, they turned into colorful lights and fled frantically.

As the Milky Way Empire’s opponents for thousands of years, Sangruil knew about the existence of the four internal halls.

They were the most potent weapon of the Milky Way Empire.

Both sides had fought for so many years, and Sangruil had suffered so much defeat by the hands of the four internal halls.

When the two Sangruil Sinners heard the other party was from Azure Dragon Internal Hall, they fled at once, even though they were Sangruil higher-ups at Infinity Rank.

Nothing was more important than their lives.

They finally endured the pain of fusing with the Nine- Headed Serpent’s genes to reach Infinity Rank.

Moreover, Sangruil was about to overthrow the Milky Way Empire to take over the Milky Way.

When the time came, the Sangruil higher-ups would sit at the top and enjoy admiration from countless people.

They did not want to die now.

It would be such a pity to die like this.

“Hmph.You want to escape? Can you really do so? How dare you rebels and traitors bring chaos to the empire.You should die!”

The voice said again from a distance.

“Ah! n “Aah! Soon, two pained wails could be heard.The two Sangruil Sinners were killed quickly.After that, their corpses were also taken away.The bodies of a Celestial Ranker were worth researching.

Azure Dragon Internal Hall and White Tiger Internal Hall were taking action.

They showed their strength and got a great result immediately.

Now, the Sangruilian higher-ups at Infinity Rank did not dare to show themselves.

Many did not even dare to stay in the Royal Region.

The four internal halls were too intimidating, and they were terrified.

Moe also found out at once that Nimbus had dispatched Azure Dragon and White Tiger Internal Halls.

He was not worried about the people who were Celestial Rank and below.иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмHe could sacrifice them.

However, he could not sacrifice the Infinity Rankers.

There were not a lot of Infinity Rankers in Sangruil.

If the four internal halls of the empire killed some more, it would not be easy to control the countless forces without the Milky Way since Moe would not have so many powerhouses to act as deterrence.

As the king of Sangruil, he could not keep worrying about this trivial matter.

Thus, Moe decided to ask the Infinity Rankers of Sangruil to hide for the time being.

They should not go head-on with Azure Dragon and White Tiger Internal Hall.

They should only continue once the hype died down.

Moe wanted to take action himself and eliminate those two forces in the Milky Way Empire with Severus.

However, he gave up that thought in the end.

Although they would make the empire suffer a huge loss and hurt their foundation if they did this, their gains would not make up for their losses if they inadvertently alerted their enemy.

The destruction of the Milky Way Empire was unchangeable.

Right now, Moe was most scared of Nimbus knowing Sangruil’s true power and escaping without care.

That way, it would be troublesome.

If one of the people at partial Eternal Realm in the Milky Way Empire escaped, it would be a huge hidden danger to Sangruil.

If Nimbus got to Eternal Realm by chance, Sangruil’s difficult victory that they gained after sacrificing so much would be gone like a puff of smoke.

Thus, Moe had to catch the Barlowe family off guard and end them in one fell swoop.

He could let the others go, but he could not let Nimbus and Wilfred go.

These two had to die, and they did not have another choice.

A month later, the Milky Way Empire would hold its state banquet on Planet Royal.

That day, they would pay their respects to the Barlowe family’s ancestors, so Nimbus and Wilfred would surely be there.

Sangruil would take action on that day.

Five people at partial Eternal Realm versus two people at partial Eternal Realm.

Nimbus and Wilfred would not be able to escape.


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