I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1216 by Xiruo Huang

‘Someone’s blocking the way?‘

David quickly used his mind power to inspect the situation.

Immediately, he noticed five black–robed men surrounding the Galaxy Warship.

There were two in front, one at each side, and one at the back.

The two in front were Infinity Rankers; the rest were peak Celestial Rankers. Judging from their outfits, David knew these people should be the Sangruil Sinners

‘When did Infinity Rankers become so rampant?

‘Did something happen when I left the Royal Region?

‘Why didn’t anyone tell me?

‘How dare the Sangruil Sinners get in my way in the Royal Region. Is the empire not doing anything about this?‘

Countless questions appeared in David’s heart.

However, he still needed to see what these guys wanted.

David went to the Galaxy Warship’s control room quickly. Soon after he arrived, Mia arrived as well.

As David looked at the two black–robed men in front of the ship, he asked, ‘ Who are you?”

“Are you the owner of this Galaxy Warship?” One of the black–robed men  asked.

“Yes. Who are you, and why are you blocking me?” David pretended to ask curiously.

“Which force in the Royal Region did you come from?” The other party did not answer David. Instead, he asked back.

“You didn’t tell me who you are and why you are here, so why should I answer you?”

At this moment, another black–robed man said, “Kid, judging from your voice, you should be very young. I should advise you to answer us obediently. If not, you won’t be able to handle the consequences.”

“You should answer me before I answer you. If not, I won’t say anything,” David rejected immediately.

“It seems like you still don’t know what’s going on. Since you’re in a Galaxy Warship, you should be a direct descendant of one of the major forces, right? Tell us who is behind you, and then bring us to see your grandmaster. If not, don’t blame us for being merciless. This Galaxy Warship can’t protect you.”

Those two people annoyed David, and he figured he might not get anything useful from them.

He did not want to waste his time here, so he decided to ask someone once he returned to the Royal Region.

Hence, David said, “Even though I don’t know why you Sangruil Sinners dare to appear in the Royal Region so brazenly, I’m sorry you ran into me today. I won’t spare half human, half monsters like you.”

The five Sangruil Sinners were taken aback.

When they were about to do something, they realized they could not move.

‘W–What’s going on?

‘Why does it feel like my body’s being restrained by an invincible force?

‘This force is so strong, and I can’t break out of it even though I’m an Infinity Ranker!‘

Before they could wrap their heads around this, the five turned back into beasts.

Scales started growing back on their bodies, and their power increased rapidly.

The characteristics of a Nine–Headed Serpent appeared over their bodies.

However, before they could complete the process, David’s strong materialized mind power crushed their bodies into minced meat.

David’s mind power was at infinity level 10, so how could Celestial Rankers and Infinity Rankers like them resist him?

Everyone in the Galaxy Warship’s control room widened their eyes when they saw the two masters turning into a pile of blood and flesh floating in the void. They all felt extremely shocked.

Even Mia was no exception.

She knew David’s power, but this strange and invisible killing method was alarming.

Most importantly, he did not kill an ordinary person.

Judging from how they could stop a Galaxy Warship, the two just now must be very powerful.

Even so, David killed them so easily.

“Continue moving.”

David ordered before turning around to leave the control room.

Mia quickly followed behind him.


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