I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1219 by Xiruo Huang

When David arrived on Blue Star, the new head of the Callisto family, Fergus, was reading about his family‘s top secrets in his study on Planet Callisto.

Back then, he did not have the authority to read these things.

However, right now, he could look at it whenever he wanted since he was the head.

For him, his family no longer had any secrets.

Knock knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Fergus said.


A core senior of the Callisto family walked in after pushing the door open. “Lord Fergus,” the man said. “What is it?” Fergus asked without lifting his head. “Lord Fergus, we just got the news from Blue Star. Mia returned to her family, and a young man named David returned with her.” “Oh? Is this true?”

Fergus put down what was in his hands and lifted his head to look at the man. His tone made him sound delighted.


“Good! Haha. I have long waited for this moment. I knew Mia would go back to her family. David, I want to see where you‘ll run to this time. Get a Galaxy Warship and a few people to go to Blue Star with me.” Fergus laughed.

“Yes, my Lord.” The man left the study respectfully. Fergus stood up excitedly. David and Mia finally showed up. He did not give up searching for David this entire time. At the same time, he deployed a lot of spies.

Naturally, he deployed the most spies to Blue Star, where Mia‘s family was. Mia disappeared with David, and since Blue Star was her home, she would surely return some day. After fusing with the genes from the Nine–Headed Serpents, having his strength increased, and becoming the head of the family, Fergus was high–spirited.

His popularity suppressed all of the younger generations in the Royal Region, and he became the most dazzling star in the region, making countless young people admire him.

These were the changes brought on by strength and identity. While Fergus was enjoying this, he still had a sore spot in his heart: David. Fergus still remembered vividly how David crippled him with just one move. Sometimes, he would jolt awake from his nightmares.

He worried everything he had right now was fake, and his real fate was spending the rest of his life in bed, struggling at death‘s door.

Hence, Fergus had to seek revenge. He also wanted David to suffer the pain he suffered back then so that he could soothe the sore spot in his heart. At this moment, David appeared on Blue Star out of the blue, so Fergus would not let this chance go.

Right now, he was confident he could cripple David easily and make him wish he was dead.

Just like David had done to him.

Also, how dare that b*tch Mia reject me and choose to leave with a man she barely knows.

She has to pay for what she did. ‘Not only her, but her family will also disappear from this world after I kill David.

‘I wonder if Mia will regret her decisions when she watches her family getting killed because of her wrong decision.‘

As Fergus thought about this, a sinister smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Soon, a Galaxy Warship left Planet Callisto and headed to Blue Star.

Blue Star.

After David subdued the forces on Blue Star, he planned to stay for a few days so Mia could reunite with her family.

He still had time before the state banquet.

If David had gone too early, he would not know how to face Princess Astrid. Thus, he would arrive just in time and avoid spending too much time with her.


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