King of kings 1-25

Chapter 1

Baiyun Middle School, Senior 3 Class 5, all the students were listening to the teacher’s lecture carefully.

    Suddenly, one of the dozing students stood up and looked around in amazement.

    The teacher on the podium roared: “Omi, what’s wrong with you?Sit down for me.”

    But the dozing student muttered, “I’m dead, aren’t I?Where is this place?What a strange place.”

    Omi looked around and saw that there was a black panel on both the front and back walls, and he didn’t know what it was for.There were many young boys and girls sitting in the entire room, and they were all looking at him at the moment.

    Omi immediately arched his hands to everyone and asked, “Fellow brothers and sisters, may I ask where this place is?Why am I here?Why is this place so strange.”

    “Hahaha!”The whole class burst out laughing, all of them secretly saying, what’s wrong with Omi today?

    The teacher on the podium roared in anger, “Omi, if you don’t sit down, don’t force me to get angry.”

    Only then did Omi look towards the podium and said, “May I ask this brother, are you calling me?Is my name Don Tzu-Chen?”

    The teacher’s face darkened and he actually called him brother, was this a game to him?

    The teacher was about to get angry, but Omi’s tablemate was busy pulling him down.

    The teacher glared angrily at Omi for a while before continuing his lecture.

    Omi looked at his tablemate and smiled, “Brother, you are…?”

    “What’s wrong with you today?”Carlos at the same table was busy asking.

    “Brother, do you know me?”

    Carlos wiped his sweat, crazy, Omi must be crazy.

    “Omi, class is in session right now, stop talking nonsense, be careful of the teacher throwing you out of class.”

    “Class?How come I’ve never heard of this place in Jianghu.”Omi muttered softly.

    Carlos shook his head speechlessly, ignoring Omi and continued to listen to the lesson.

    At that moment, Omi turned his head and shone his face on the window glass.

    Taken aback.

    “This isn’t me, who is this?”

    Omi was shocked to see himself, he didn’t even look the same.Omi was so stupid that he didn’t move for a full ten minutes.

    Omi felt incredulous that he had been caught by his teacher’s wife because he had peeked at his little sister in the shower and accidentally fell off a ten thousand foot cliff while running away.Omi only remembered that he finally only had time to yell, “Who the hell built the house so high.”After that, Omi knew nothing more, then woke up and found that in this strange place, even his name and appearance had changed.

    It was then that a flash of light came to Omi’s mind, and a nearly impossible word came to mind: soul rebirth?

    “No way, right?”

    Don didn’t move for another ten minutes, unable to accept such a ridiculous fact.

    “Ringing!”The bell rang for the end of class.

    Everyone walked out of the classroom.

    Omi suddenly felt an urgent need to urinate and busily asked his tablemate, “Brother, may I ask where the wash room  is?”

    Carlos wiped his cold sweat again and said, “Omi, stop it, okay?”

    “Brother, I’m really in a hurry.”

    Carlos helplessly said, “Go out and turn left, at the end.”

    Omi scrambled out of the classroom, and at the end of the corridor, he really smelled the smell coming from the wash room , and instantly confirmed that this was the wash room .

    “A thatched room in this world, surprisingly .

It really is more advanced.”Omi said under his breath.

    Omi didn’t know what men’s and women’s toilets were, and walked straight into one of the doors.

    At this time, there was no one in this toilet.

    Omi immediately went to undo the waistband of his pants.

    “Huh?What’s with the belt?”Omi was so clueless about the belt that he couldn’t even get it undone after half a day.Suddenly, Omi touched a zipper, went down and pulled it open.

    “Wow, so these pants, you don’t even have to undo your belt to go to the wash room !It really is more advanced.”Omi said under his breath, then clamored to release it.

    After spreading it, Omi shook it and smiled, “Not bad, like an eagle, but it didn’t let me be reborn in this body for nothing.”

    “Ah!”Suddenly, there was a scream, and Omi looked up to see a gorgeous woman looking at him incredulously.

    “Ugh!”Omi was also stunned, why did the wash room  suddenly enter a beautiful woman.

    The beautiful girl screamed and covered her eyes in panic, she was completely dumbfounded at the moment.

    Omi entered the women’s toilet even if it was fine, but he actually did not pee on the squat toilet, right at the entrance, peeing against the wall, and a line of yellow urine was flowing on the floor at the moment.Peeing against the wall was fine, but he was actually playing with that thing of his on his own there.

    “Rascal!”That beauty blushed shamefully, cursed and fled, she so regretted coming to this toilet and polluting her eyes, how could there be such a pervert.

    “Girl, this young man did not mean to blaspheme, I hope you will forgive me!”Omi immediately caught up with him.

    “Rascal, why are you still following!”

    “Miss, please don’t misunderstand me. I am a man of good moral character and I am not ashamed to do things that humiliate women.If you want to blame it on yourself, why didn’t you knock on the door before entering the toilet?It was you who trespassed and caused the misunderstanding, everything has nothing to do with this young man!”Omi was downright cunning and pushed it cleanly in one go.

    That beautiful girl’s heart that anger, this pervert, what is he saying, crepe, and in the blink of an eye shifted the responsibility cleanly.

    “Are you sick, I’m going into the ladies room, what am I knocking on!”The pretty girl roared with anger.

    “Then don’t blame me, try to find out who doesn’t knock before entering the door.If you’re reasonable, you’re the one who took advantage of my body being looked at!”Don said roguishly.

    “You, shameless!Nasty.”That beautiful woman walked away with a curse in anger.

    Omi muttered, “Are all the people in this world so unreasonable?I was the one who occupied the toilet first!Barging in without knocking on the door yourself, and blaming others.”

    At this time, a boy who looked like a tug passed by the door, and at once saw that angry beauty as if she had been wronged by something.This beauty is called Liona, is his boss’s inner woman, at this moment, seeing his sister-in-law as if she was bullied, she was furious.

    “Sister-in-law, who is bullying you?”The trolling boy was busy asking.

    Liona was already very angry, and heard a punk student call himself sister-in-law, and became even angrier, roaring, “Who is your sister-in-law!”

    “Hey, hey, sister-in-law, who the hell is bullying you, anyway!Tell me, I’ll take care of him, won’t I, this kid?”The tugging student one pointed at Omi.

    Liona thought to herself, even if their big brother was annoying, he wasn’t as annoying as this pervert who ran into the ladies room.This pervert can’t be described with words, the degree of abomination, surpassing their boss countless times.In her heart, Liona said, “Good, let this bumbling student teach him a lesson, or else this pervert will be a nuisance to many girls in the future.”


Liona exhaled, “That’s him, he ran into the ladies room.”

    “What!”The bumbling student was taken aback and was busy saying, “Sister-in-law, he didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

    Liona gasped, “He just jerk*d off in there, I, I…!”Liona really didn’t have the face to say anything else, all that was lingering in her mind at the moment was Omi’s ugly stuff, she turned around and ran away.

    That punk student was furious: “Which class are you from, you? You’re bolder than our bosses who don’t even dare to mastu*bate in the ladies’ room.What the hell, you defiled our sister-in-law’s eyes, if I don’t vent my anger for her today, how can I face my boss.”

    Omi said, “Are you being reasonable or not, I was the one who occupied the wash room  first.”

    The muddled student was speechless and sneered, “Are you insane?You occupy the wash room  first?”

    “Yes, she walked in without knocking, can’t blame anyone else.”

    The gangster student’s brain was a little insufficient, how it felt to the bull, hummed, “You f*ck, you play me isn’t it, I’ll just beat you up and say it again, even our boss’s woman dares to make light of it, you’re tired of living.”The gangster student rushed up towards Omi.

    Omi took a few steps back, his eyebrows furrowed, “What do you want?”

    “Kid, although our boss is not in school today, but our boss is not something you can afford to offend, you better lie down honestly and let me beat you up.”

    Omi snorted, “It’s just as well that you don’t make sense, but you still want to beat me up.”

    “f*ck you, if I don’t beat you up today…….”

    “Pah!”Suddenly, the bumbling student was slapped away before he could finish a sentence.

    The student raised his head in a panic and looked at Omi with wide eyes, his face burning with pain.

    I saw Omi snort, “A gangster like you, and you still want to bully this youngster!Ridiculous.”


    “Pop!”Don slapped again and the bumbling student flew off again, hitting his head on the ceiling and falling back down.

    “Ah!”The mixed students screamed, blood streaming down their faces, looking at Omi in horror.

    Omi said, “Go back and tell your boss that it was your sister-in-law who went into the wash room  without knocking on the door in the first place, and it wasn’t my intention to desecrate her.If you come to trouble me again, be careful I’ll beat up your boss.”

    Omi turned around and walked away, Omi had seen more than his fair share of this level of gangster.

    That gangster student monster looked at Omi like a monster, beating up their boss?Doesn’t he know who their boss is?

    Omi thought that Liona, just now, was really their sister-in-law, and felt a little sorry, such a stunning beauty, but the name has been taken, this posture, not worse than his little sister.

    Thinking of the little sister, Omi suddenly felt like going back to his world, this world are very unreasonable, not at all meaningful, or go back to peek at the little sister bath cool.

    Omi went back to the room called class, he was very unaccustomed to this strange place, his heart prayed hundreds of times to go back, but there was no miracle.

    Omi was incomparably depressed, should have known that he would rather be caught by his teacher’s wife peeking at his sister’s bath than run away.

    The bell soon rang, and this class of senior three and five was a self-study class, where everyone was quietly studying on their own.

    Omi couldn’t go back to his world, he could only be forced to accept the reality, looking through the drawers of books and notebooks, thinking much

Get to know this place.If you can’t go back, you’ll have to survive in this strange place.Fortunately, he actually knew the words of this world.

    At this moment, a super beautiful girl walked into Senior 3 Class 5 and said loudly, “Who’s name is Omi, stand up for me.”

    Omi didn’t react the first time, because he wasn’t called Omi before.

    That super beautiful girl said loudly again, “Omi, you mangy toad, please stand up.”

    Only then did Omi realize that he was being called, as the eyes of the entire class were looking at him.

    Feeling baffled, Omi put down his notebook and stood up.

    The beautiful girl walked up to Omi, her face filled with anger, and she was holding a love letter in her hand.

    The super beautiful girl said in a high voice, “You are Omi?”

    “Uh!What can I do for you?”Omi asked, his eyes scanned the beautiful girl’s brests, visually measuring that they were smaller than his senior sister’s, but this beauty’s face and body were top-notch.

    “Omi, even you deserve to write me a love letter?You’re such a rustic, how dare you try to chase me?Have you ever taken a piss in the mirror?Do you know that this love letter of yours is causing the boy I like to misunderstand?”The beautiful girl slammed the love letter in her hand on Omi’s face.

    The students in the class were suddenly talking.

    “Omi wrote a love letter to school flower Samira?”

    “No way, is Don Omi, the turtle, worthy of someone?”

    “Omi is too self-conscious, trying to catch up with Samira.”

    Omi felt baffled, he had just arrived in this world, who did he write love letters to?

    “I didn’t write you a love letter.”Omi looked innocent.

    “And you say you didn’t?This love letter is clearly signed, Omi, Senior 3, Class 5.You’re still sophomoric, do you have any self-awareness, why don’t you write a love letter to a sow?You’re such a grifter, you even dislike sows, and you’re still trying to chase me, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

    Omi said: “I really did not write a love letter, only children write love letters.If I really liked you, wouldn’t I just ask the matchmaker to go to your house and propose a marriage.With this condition of mine, there’s no reason for your parents to refuse ah.”

    “What!”Samira felt a little spun out of her head.

    “Hahaha.”The whole class laughed, so Omi was still going crazy.

    Samira stomped her foot in anger and shouted, “Omi, you’re playing with me, what are you, and you dare to play with me.”

    Samira suddenly kicked at Omi, but she happened to be wearing a skirt.

    Omi was quick-eyed and instantly grabbed Samira’s kicking foot.

    “Ssshhh!”Samira’s skirt was instantly torn with a big gap, and the safety pants she was wearing inside were exposed.

    “Ah.”Samira screamed, busy covering the gap in her skirt with both hands.

    “Ugh!”Omi was stunned and helplessly looked at the cloth he was grasping in his hands, saying in his heart, “This body is so weak, I couldn’t even control my strength in time to rip off her skirt.Alas!Tearing a woman’s skirt, such a nasty act, why did such a noble man like me do it.”

    “Omi, you!”Samira was angry and furious, but she was also a little surprised that she was born into a gentry family and had at least practiced, but she was torn by Omi’s skirt.However, Samira put this down to an accident.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,”Omi said.

    Samira covered her skirt and said through clenched teeth, “Omi, I’m inconvenienced right now, I don’t care to bother with you.I’m warning you, don’t like me anymore, you don’t deserve it.Moreover, I’m not afraid to tell you that the person I like is Edward from the school, and I took the initiative to chase him.I’m afraid there’s no one in our school who doesn’t know Edward, so please have some self-awareness and don’t intrude into my life again.”

    As soon as the class 5 students heard the name ‘Edward’, they were sensational.

    “Wow, Edward, my idol!”

    “Only a strong man like Edward deserves to have such a beautiful girl!”

    “Omi is a piece of shit when compared to Edward.”

    Omi heard the reactions of his classmates and was surprised what kind of person this Edward was to have so many brothers praising him.

    Omi said to Samira, “Although you’re not bad looking, your bo*bs aren’t very big, and I don’t like them either, so don’t bother me anymore in the future.”

    “You!”Samira was gnashing her teeth in anger, if not for covering her skirt, she really wanted to rush up and kick him to death.

    “Omi, you’re talking so badly, but just to find a step down for yourself, in fact, you know how much you like me in your heart.You want a step down today, I’ll give you that step, hmm.”Samira glared at Omi with a huff, covered her skirt, and walked out of Senior 3 Class 5.

    The students in the class all looked at Omi, which those girls to Omi a face of contempt, very much despised Omi this gripe, to be able to talk to the goddess is not bad, actually still think that people breast small, breast small and also people write what love letters, obviously is not able to eat grapes say grapes sour.Shame on you, neuropathy.

    The boys in the class, but also the Omi as a fool, super despised.

    A boy in the front row laughed back: “Omi, you’re a bull, you dare to chase after Samira, one of the famous Four Great School Flowers.Daring to be a rival to Edward, I do admire you.”

    Omi immediately heard that this boy in the front row said admiration on his lips, but his tone was filled with mockery and contempt.

    However, Omi didn’t bother to get acquainted with this kind of low-level person and laughed it off.

    At this time, Omi’s tablemate said, “Omi, that love letter was indeed written by you, in fact, you might as well admit it generously, or at least frankly, why bother arguing?You’ve made all your classmates, as well as Samira, look down on you even more.”

    “Ugh!”Omi was stunned, and indeed he had written it?So, this body he now occupies was previously controlled by another person, and the love letter was written – by another person.What about the person who previously occupied this body?Did he die suddenly?

    “Oh, yeah.”Omi smiled and asked, “By the way, who is Edward?Looking at your reactions, it seems like you guys are a great guy.”

    “No way, you don’t even know about Edward?You’re kidding.”

    “I really don’t know.”

    Carlos at the same table looked at Omi strangely, why was he so abnormal today, in the first class, Omi was all still normal ah, and was still discussing with him what would happen after Samira received the love letter.But in the second lesson, Omi woke up after dozing off and went crazy.

    Carlos said, “The reason why Edward is worshipped by everyone, it’s because, he can do martial arts.”

    “What? It’s because he can do martial arts?”Omi was very uncomprehending, in his world, any cattle herding child that was grabbed would be able to do martial arts.

    Carlos gave Omi a blank look and said, “Difficult 

To knows martial arts. Isn’t that enough?Martial arts is something that the rich play with, or only those who are fortunate enough to know it, but ordinary people simply don’t.Those who know martial arts are able to block ten with one, and all students are envious.”

    Omi looked at the same table speechlessly.

    Carlos continued, “Edward, not only knows martial arts, he is ranked eighth in martial arts in Baiyun Middle School, and has a great reputation in Baiyun Middle School, worshipped by many teachers and students.He is the prince charming in the eyes of the girls, so Samira also took the initiative to chase him.”

    Omi smiled bitterly and said in his heart, “This world, what a strange world, martial arts, I knew it when I was three years old.”

    It was soon noon when school was over, and Carlos, who was at the same table, said, “Omi, let’s go to eat together.”

    “Uh, dinner!”Omi’s stomach grumbled at the sound of rice.

    “Good.”Omi followed Carlos and headed to the cafeteria.

    Omi looked at the cafeteria curiously and saw that Carlos took a plate, he also took a plate and followed Carlos.After buying the food, Omi saw Carlos pull out his wallet and take out a piece of paper with a head printed on it to pay the bill.Omi also emptied his pocket, and indeed he pulled out a wallet with a photo of Samira in it.Omi followed Carlos’s example and handed the photo to the cafeteria owner.

    The cafeteria owner stared at Omi stupidly, what did it mean to give him a photo?The cafeteria owner felt his head was a little short, what did the student mean?Bullying him to be honest?

    Omi saw the boss looking at him stupidly and urged, “What are you waiting for, take the money.”

    The cafeteria owner endured his anger and said, “Classmate, don’t bully others too much.”

    Carlos, who had finished paying his bill, turned back and saw Omi handing over Samira’s photo, confused, “Omi, what are you doing?”

    “Check out ah.”

    “Ah!”Carlos was stunned.

    “Didn’t you just check out with a piece of paper with a human head on it?”

    “Holy shit!”Carlos almost fainted when he saw that Omi still looked like a serious man.

    “Omi, don’t scare me, okay.”Carlos looked at Omi worriedly.

    Omi frowned, when Carlos was busy paying for Omi’s meal.

    “Alright, I’ll treat you.”

    “Oh, thanks, I’ll treat you next time.”

    Omi followed Carlos to an empty seat in the cafeteria and sat down.

    Carlos looked at how Omi was eating, but it wasn’t like he was abnormal ah.At this time, Carlos remembered a news on the Internet, somewhere a man driving a BMW seven series, red street light intersection speeding, at two hundred per hour hit and killed someone.It was only afterwards that he found out that the BMW driver was suffering from ‘acute transient psychotic disorder’.

    Carlos suddenly looked at Omi with pitiful eyes.

    As Carlos ate, he carefully spoke to Omi.

    Just at this moment, there was a stir in the cafeteria, and everyone looked up to see a beautiful woman walking in at the entrance of the cafeteria, so it was no wonder that it caused a stir.

    Omi also saw it and exclaimed, “So pretty.”

    Carlos said, “Her name is Simran, she is one of the four school flowers of our school, the same name as Samira.”

    “Wow, the school flower, no wonder she’s so pretty.”Omi said under his breath, “There are so many beauties in this world.”


Carlos laughed, “When you wrote your love letter to Samira, I suggested that you might as well write it to Simran.Because Simran comes from the bottom of the social stratum, a commoner school flower, it’s obviously easier to chase than Samira.You didn’t listen to me, and you even told me that you’re more handsome, so maybe Samira doesn’t care about your status because of your handsomeness.Once you succeed, Samira’s family is so rich, you can follow her to eat and drink spicy food.”

    “What!”Omi looked at Carlos incredulously and sweated, “Such shameless words, was it really me who said that?”

    “Nonsense, now you know the result, although you’re quite pretty, but unfortunately, a rich girl like Samira, who also knows martial arts, can’t possibly fancy you.Of course, even if you chase after Simran, you won’t succeed.Although Simran’s family is poor, but she has excellent academic performance, one of the four school flowers, there are many boys chasing her, and you won’t be able to match her.”

    Omi laughed, “Don’t say that, I’m embarrassed to say it.”

    Carlos said, “In fact, I’ve already told you that we, the grippers, shouldn’t want to eat swan meat, but you’re partial to it.You are just a little more handsome than the average boys, but you haven’t reached the school grass level ah, support the death is also class grass level, besides, this world, handsome is useless.It’s only useful to have money and power, and martial arts.”

    “Haha!”Omi smiled, money and potential he didn’t know, but martial arts, Omi wasn’t worried at all.Even though he had just arrived in this world now and was just taking control of this weak body, it was impossible for ordinary people to be his opponent.

    The problem Omi needed to solve now was how to survive in this strange world.Moreover, Omi didn’t even know the identity of this body yet, whether it had parents and relatives and such, where it lived, and who else was in the family.All of it was unknown.

    Carlos asked, “Omi, tell me the truth, what’s wrong with you?Why is it that when you doze off and wake up in the second period, you look like a psychopath.But sometimes it doesn’t look like you’re a psychopath.”

    Omi smiled, “I don’t know, I just can’t remember a lot of things.”

    Carlos said, “It can’t be true that you’re suffering from acute transient psychotic disorder, right?”

    Omi was busy nodding, “No need to suspect, it must be this disease.So, I’m completely unaware of my own identity now, can you tell me?”

    Carlos was stunned, this was too serious, he even forgot his own identity.

    Carlos said, “Actually, I don’t know your identity either, even though we’re at the same table, you kid always feel mysterious and never say anything about your family.I only know that you live in the Songtao neighborhood, and you never reveal anything else.”

    “Ah.”Omi never expected that even a tablemate wouldn’t know his history.

    Omi smiled, “It’s fine, I just suffer from acute transient mental disorder, I’ll get better sooner or later.”

    Omi also didn’t want people to know that his current body and soul was no longer the same Omi from before, since Carlos said that he suffered from this disease, he simply assumed that he really had it.

    After lunch, Carlos went back to his classroom first, Omi walked around the school alone, he hadn’t even gotten to know the world properly.

    Omi looked at all the strange and new fresh things, especially that big ‘box’, Omi looked around it non-stop.Unable to understand why that box, after people sat on it, was able to move.Was it an animal unique to this world?

    After skirting around the entire campus and beyond, Omi sighed deeply, “This 

A world that is indeed more advanced.”

    Then, only then did Omi return to that room called ‘classroom’.

    However, there was already a teacher in the classroom, and that teacher saw that Omi had finished half of the class before coming, and said angrily, “Omi, where have you been?Why are you so late.”

    “Uh!”Omi was stunned and said, “I, I went to the gate to see that box-like animal.”Omi now knew that this person standing at the podium, called the teacher, was the teacher in his world, so Omi answered the gentleman’s question truthfully.

    That teacher’s eyebrows furrowed, completely unable to understand what Omi was saying.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “It’s that zoo by the gate, isn’t that where they keep all those box-like animals?Sorry, sir, I was delayed there for a bit.”

    “The zoo?Box animals?Don Omi, what the hell are you talking about?”

    Omi said, “It’s just to the left of the main entrance, a row of them closed, there are several colors, box-like animals, this animal runs very fast.”

    The teacher finally understood, Omi was actually talking about the cars in the parking lot in front of the school.Oh my God, the teacher was suddenly silly, and the entire class was unified.Nima yah, the parking lot was said to be a zoo, and those cars were said to be box animals, and they were still locked up in the zoo.

    The entire class was quiet, and everyone stared stupidly at Omi, who went crazy in the morning, but didn’t think he was still going crazy in the afternoon, and didn’t even recognize the cars.

    The teacher no longer knew what to say and beckoned, “Come in.”

    “Thank you sir.”Omi walked back to his seat.

    Omi was still quite respectful to Mr. Teach, in his world, Mr. Teach had a high status because he could teach everyone to read and write, and those who were literate were well respected by everyone.In some small villages, there weren’t many literate and cultured people in the entire village.

    After Omi sat down, Carlos whispered, “That one is called a car.”

    “Oh, car, car this animal, it runs too fast.By the way, I’ve searched around it for a long time, I couldn’t find its mouth, doesn’t it eat?”

    Carlos was going to faint, he was wondering if this was Omi.

    “Hey, tomorrow weekend, you’d better go see a psychiatrist, I hope you’ll get better soon.”

    “Who’s the weekend?”

    “On weekends, meaning tomorrow and the day after, don’t come to class here.You can be at home, free to move around.”Carlos was so tired of communicating with Omi.

    However, the three classes in one afternoon finally simmered down, of course, during which that teacher inquired about what had happened to Omi, and everyone said that Omi had been going crazy since the morning, so maybe he was having a nervous attack.

    After school, everyone picked up their bags and walked out of the classroom.

    Omi felt a little lost as he watched everyone keep leaving, because Omi didn’t know where he was going.

    “Omi, let’s go, I’m going home first, see you next week.”Carlos said as he carried his bag.


    Carlos also left, and in the end, Omi was the only one left in the class.


Omi was really helpless on his own, watching everyone go home, but he didn’t know where to go.This world was so advanced, there were so many things he couldn’t understand, and he was afraid he would be lost if he walked out of the school.

    “Sister, master, senior brothers, I really miss you guys.This hellhole is completely incomprehensible, where do I go from here.”Omi muttered to himself.

    It was getting dark, the students had all left, but Omi was lying alone on the table, his eyes unfocused as he looked out the window at the darkening sky.

    “Have I really been sitting here all this time?”

    “No, this Don must have a home in his own right.I want to go home.”

    At that moment, Omi remembered that at lunchtime, Carlos said that his family lived in some Songtao neighborhood.

    “Songtao neighborhood, is Omi’s home in Songtao neighborhood?Well, I must find the Songtao District, although I’m not familiar with this world, I at least know the words of this world.”

    Omi resolutely left the classroom and walked out of the school gate.

    Omi looked at the zoo in front of the school again, the cars that were closed had disappeared, only a few were still closed there.Omi saw at noon that as long as a person sat inside the box, the box would run up, it seems that these box animals are psychic, maybe their IQ is much higher than a horse.

    So, Omi resolutely walked to the zoo and came to one of the white cars, but couldn’t sit in it.This is simple, Don Omi blows the glass out with one punch and jumps inside.

    “Wow, this stool is so comfortable to sit on, this animal is really more advanced.”Omi smiled.Then, like the people he saw at noon, Omi sat in it and put his hands on that round circle, which was supposed to resemble a saddle.Omi said to the car, “Car, go to the Songtao neighborhood, drive.”

    Omi saw that the car was not moving, and shouted a few more times, “Drive, drive!”

    And at this moment, not far from the school entrance, four boys were smoking, and suddenly, one of them heard the car croaking alarm, turned around, looked towards the parking lot, and yelled, “Oh shit,  your Porsche is smashed, God, who is so bold as to steal your car, does he want to die?”

    The other three were busy looking back, all of them were stupid, here, there was actually someone who dared to touch Brother Ro’s car.

    These four people, one of them was precisely one of the five most vicious youngsters of White Cloud High School, Roger, known as Brother Ro.He was able to become one of the five most vicious youngsters because he was good at martial arts and had money to take care of a bunch of gangster students, so he became one of the five most vicious youngsters and rampaged around the school.

    When Roger saw that his Porsche was smashed, he was stupid, anyone who dared to touch his car would be beaten up by him, but right now it was smashed.

    After reacting, Roger raged, “Damn, how dare you steal my car right under my nose.”

    “Go, go over and waste him.”One of the men shouted, and the four of them immediately rushed to the parking lot.

    Rushing to the Porsche, they did see a man sitting in the main car, but couldn’t see his face because it was dark.

    The people who stole the car didn’t even panic, as if they weren’t afraid of being caught, and one said to himself, “Car, you’re down to support a voice, go or no go.”

    “Quack, quack, quack.”

    “Don’t just croak, don’t just croak, others sit in and leave immediately with a bang, why do I sit in and you croak and refuse to leave, I’m warning you, my patience has a limit.”

    Roger and his three men heard the car thief’s words and were silly on one side.

    “Brother Ro, this –>>

Who’s the car thief talking to?”

    “He’s talking to the car, holy shit, Brother Ro, it turns out he’s a psycho.”

    Roger was on fire, his Porsche was actually smashed by a psychopath.

    “Hey!”Roger shouted.

    Omi, who was in the car, looked out the window and saw four people standing outside, four people looking at him fiercely.

    A youngster yelled, “Don’t come down yet.”

    Omi was confused and jumped out of the car window because he didn’t know how to open the door.

    “What are you doing?”Roger asked angrily.

    “Uh, go home ah.”

    A younger brother said, “Brother Ro, don’t bullshit with him, see he doesn’t have any money to pay for it, just maim him.”

    Roger gave an order, “f*ck, give me a good beating.I didn’t expect that I, Roger, would be smashed by a psychopath even though I’m criss-crossing the campus, this spreads out, how else am I supposed to hang around the school, give me a hard beating.”

    “Yes, Brother Ro.”The three little brothers immediately surrounded Omi with a hehehe smile.

    Omi looked at the three hooligans that surrounded him, his eyebrows furrowed and said, “What are you guys doing?”

    “Kid, do you have any idea whose car you’re stealing?Why do you even ask.”

    Omi said, “When you go out and rescue people in the river, everyone will encounter some difficulties, but I just want to borrow it, and I’ll bring it back once the weekend is over.”

    “Bring it back?What the f*ck did you say.”The three goons looked at each other.

    Omi looked at the three hooligans, with colorful hair, odd shapes, and a large earring on their ear, they didn’t look like good people at a glance, and hummed, “I don’t think you’re serious people either, maybe you’re just a bunch of hooligans who robbed homes.Just because you guys say this car is yours, does it have to be yours?”

    One of the little brothers was depressed, “Shit, why are we talking so much to a psycho waste, fight.”So, this little brother was the first to rush up, the other two were not far behind, the time to perform in front of Brother Ro had arrived.

    The little brother who rushed up first, smashed a punch into Omi’s face.

    Omi’s face was cold, so this world, just like his world, was full of such Jiang Hu scum, rogues and hoodlums.

    Omi easily grabbed the smashing fist.

    Omi’s hand twisted, and with a ‘crack’ sound, that little brother immediately let out a scream, his arm was instantly twisted off, and he was in pain.

    Omi kicked, and this little brother whose arm was twisted flew out eight or nine meters.

    The other two little brothers also happened to rush up, and Omi grabbed them with his left and right hands, grabbing their colorful hair.

    “Bang!”Omi grabbed their heads and ruthlessly clashed them together, and they collapsed to the ground screaming.

    Roger looked at Omi in surprise, not expecting this psychopath to have practiced.

    Roger’s sword eyebrows shot up and looked at his three little brothers, it was so miserable in a split second.It seemed that he could only do it himself.

    “I’ll let you taste my Wild Crane Fist.”Roger bit his teeth and pounced on Omi.

    “Wild Crane Into Action” Roger took Omi’s neck straight.

    Omi a mouthful, this martial arts, is too bad, in his world, I guess any random pig breeding child could second him.

Chapter 6

“Pop!”Omi didn’t even look, his feet kicked, Roger’s bottom was unsteady and broken, and with a casual kick, Roger’s entire body tumbled to the ground, eating a mouthful of dust.

    “Ah, Brother Ro isn’t even an opponent.”The three younger brothers were shocked, Brother Ro’s martial arts skills were at least in the top twenty in the school ah.

    Roger gritted his teeth and flipped up with an upright, but he was beaten by a psychopath so badly that he was on fire.

    Roger made another move, the Wild Crane Double Claws, which was even more fierce than the move he just made.

    Omi grabbed Roger’s wrist at once, what Wild Crane Double Claws, just like a rooster being chased by a mad dog, waving its claws haphazardly.

    Roger felt his wrist was clamped by an iron vice, Roger cold sweat.

    Omi threw Roger upwards, and Roger spun three or four times in mid-air before finally falling heavily.

    “Ah!”Roger let out a scream.

    Omi walked up, Roger panicked and shouted, “Mercy, mercy, good man.”

    The three younger brothers looked at their boss incredulously, oh my god, Brother Ro was shouting for mercy, was this still Brother Ro who was running the campus?

    Omi shook his head and sighed, “I didn’t expect that in this world, such three-legged cats would even dare to come out and be a yuppie hooligan, alas.”Omi remembered that in his world, there were many hooligans, but even the weakest hooligans were stronger than them by an unknown amount ah.

    “Good man have mercy, I don’t dare, wooooooo.”Roger cried as he begged for mercy, he no longer had the momentum of the Five Great Villains, if he didn’t beg for mercy, be careful of being wasted by him.

    The three younger brothers had also already broken their nerves, and also kneeled down in panic, shouting ‘good men spare their lives’.

    Omi saw that the four yuppies had begged for mercy, and didn’t bother to get along with such a low-level person.

    Omi bellowed, “Get out.”

    “Yes yes yes!”The four of them immediately got up and rolled away in disarray, the Porsche not caring.

    However, the four didn’t completely roll, and after running a few dozen meters, they hid in a bush.

    “Brother Ro, what kind of person is this psycho, this martial art is too high.”

    Roger’s heart palpitated, “What the hell, I didn’t expect this psycho to be a great expert.”Roger wiped a handful of blood from his face, his hands were still shaking.

    Those few boys were also palpitating, their eyes staring over at the parking lot.

    They saw that psychopath standing in front of the front of the Porsche, which was still emitting a croaking alarm.

    Omi got a little angry and said angrily, “You beast, are you going or not?”

    “Bastard, if you keep croaking, I’ll waste you.”

    “Quack, quack, quack.”

    Omi’s face chilled and he said angrily, “Bastard, since you’re so blind, you can go to hell.”

    Omi raised his palm and slammed it into the hood of the car.

    “Bang!”The front of the car heaved down, the front wheels instantly crushed and burst, while the rear of the car instantly warped into the sky and flew five or six meters high before hitting the ground straight on.The Porsche was scrapped in the blink of an eye.

    A youngster stammered, “Brother Ro, your Porsche, was killed by a psychopath….”

    Roger was scared silly, this neuropathy, his martial arts skills were too high.

    The security guard heard the noise and rushed out, while Omi, had already disappeared.

    Omi was walking down a street by himself, aimlessly.

    A few dozen meters behind Omi, a Mercedes Benz quietly tracked Omi.

    “Grrrr.”At this moment, Omi’s stomach rumbled loudly.

    Omi gulped down his saliva and looked at a large stall on the side of the road, where several people were eating.

Omi licked his lips, then walked into the large stall.

    Omi sat down at an empty table and shouted, “Simran!”

    The people at the next table were all looking at Omi.

    Omi saw that no Simran came to greet him, and shouted again, “Simran.”

    Still no one came to greet him, instead everyone was looking at him.

    Omi muttered, “How come the service of restaurants in this world is so bad.”Omi remembered that in that world of his, before he entered the restaurant, Simran greeted him with a smile and said, “Guest, please come inside, the greeting is especially warm.

    “Simran.”Omi shouted again.

    At that moment, a woman came up, startled, looked at Omi for a few seconds, and asked, “Do you want to eat?”

    “I want to order food.”

    The woman brought the menu to Omi, who didn’t know exactly what the dishes were and casually scratched out five or six names.

    After ordering, the woman said, “Wait here, I’ll bring it up to you soon.”

    “All right.”Omi smiled, finally able to eat.

    After the food was served, Omi ate with great pleasure, halfway through the meal, Omi shouted, “Simran, serve the wine.”

    The woman who had just looked at Omi stupidly for a few seconds, then gave him two bottles of beer.

    Omi laughed, “The bottles in this world are even like this, the mouth of the bottle is too small, it’s not cool enough to drink.”Omi flicked his finger and the bottle cap flew off, Omi picked up the bottle and poured it into his mouth.

    “Pooh pooh!”Omi just drank it and spit it out.

    “Simran, what kind of wine are you, like water, worse than water, open a black shop ah you, give me a change.”

    The woman brought a bottle of sorghum to Omi.

    Omi gulped it down, laughing: “This is cool.”

    Omi suddenly remembered the days when he used to drink and eat meat with his senior brothers in big gulps while his senior sister danced with her sword to aid in the fun, those days were endlessly memorable.And now that he was alone in this strange world, never to return, he suddenly felt a bit sad.Omi couldn’t forget his relatives, especially his senior sister, who was only seventeen years old, one year younger than him, but she was already the most famous beauty in the world.Omi guessed that every time he peeked at his junior sister in the shower, she actually knew, but she pretended not to know.Now that he could never go back, his senior sister no longer had anything to do with him.The number one beauty in the world, or even if she knew he was peeping in the shower, it was all a blur, in his world, he was just a dead man.

    Omi gulped down the sorghum, and he’s already oozing tears at the corners of his eyes.

    After a bottle was finished in the blink of an eye, Omi shouted, “Simran, come again.”

    The woman looked at Omi in amazement, a bottle of sorghum, less than a minute to fill it up.The woman brought another bottle up, and Omi shouted, “Not enough, five more bottles.”

    The woman didn’t say anything and brought up four more bottles.

    Omi had pain in his heart and drowned his sorrows through wine.

    After five bottles were finished, Omi didn’t ask for more, though with his drinking capacity, he could still drink more.

    “Simran, pay the bill.”

    This time the woman knew she was being called and immediately came over.

    The woman said, “A total of 235.”

    Omi wasn’t sure how much 235 was, and pulled out his wallet.

    Omi saw the photo of the upperclassman Zuo, and this time Omi knew that the checkout was not allowed.So, Omi looked for other pieces of paper, but unfortunately, there was only one piece of paper left except for that photo.

    Omi handed that piece of paper to the woman.

    The woman was stunned, what did Omi mean by giving her 5 yuan?

    “Junior, how much change is left?”Don asked, he only had this one left to save and spend.


The woman’s face immediately darkened, and she took out five dollars and wanted change.

    “Not enough.”The woman yelled, flaming.

    “Ugh!It’s not enough.”Don Omi laughed a little awkwardly.

    “You spent 235, you gave me five dollars, and you want change?”

    “Oh, so what now, this is all I have,”Omi said.

    At that moment, a few other men from the kitchen came up, and the woman said, “He wanted to eat a bully meal, knowing that he only had five dollars on him, but he ate more than two hundred.”

    A burly man said angrily, “Kid, you don’t want to hang around if you dare to eat a tyrant’s meal at my place.”

    Omi laughed, “Misunderstanding, I really don’t want to eat a tyrannical meal.”

    The woman said, “Call the police.”

    The other man immediately called the police, the police station was nearby and came in a few minutes.

    A man and a woman came, and the woman was the captain.

    Omi looked at the policewoman and found that it was a beautiful woman with a super hot body, Omi couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

    Omi already knew that calling the police meant reporting to the authorities, and after the stall owner reported to the authorities, Omi didn’t resist, he wasn’t a scoundrel, so he waited at the stall for the constable to come.I just didn’t expect that this world was like this, and there was a beautiful woman as a constable.

    The beautiful policeman asked loudly, “Who dares to eat the bully meal.”

    Omi busily said, “Your Excellency, it’s me, I’m eating a bully meal.”

    The beautiful policewoman was furious, admitting so crisply, this is not putting the police in his eyes ah.

    The fiery policewoman walked up to Omi and said angrily, “You’re the one who eats hegemonic meals?”

    “Yes, my lord.”

    “My lord?”The fiery policewoman frowned.

    Omi said, “But, my lord, I don’t really want to eat a bully meal, I just don’t have enough money for food.”

    The woman from the big stall said angrily, “Officer, don’t listen to his sophistry, he ate and drank more than two hundred, but he took five dollars to me at the checkout, if this isn’t trying to eat a king’s meal, how dare he be so arrogant.Even if he took five dollars to me, he still dared to tell me about the change.”

    The beautiful officer looked at Omi and yelled, “Take out your ID card.”

    “What’s an ID card?Never seen it.”Don Omi said.

    “What, so drag.”Fiery female police in a rage, completely do not put her in her eyes ah, told him to take the ID card actually said ID card what something, the police as a monkey dump.

    Fiery policewoman bad temper, a sudden kick over, deal with this kind of small punk, fiery policewoman is never polite.

    However, Omi thigh a little side, fire explosion policewoman kicked the air, almost to a split.

    The Fire Explosion policewoman was even more furious, but also a little surprised that Omi was able to dodge his kick.

    The big stall owner was busy saying, “Officer, see, this is a scoundrel, he even dares to play you guys.”

    Omi really didn’t know what an ID card was.

    The fiery policewoman asked the male policeman to search Omi’s body and found his wallet, but there was no ID in the wallet, only a photo.

    The fiery policewoman ordered, “Take him into the car and bring him back.”

    “Yes!Captain.”Omi was taken to the police car by the male cop and did not resist.

    The beautiful police officer asked the stall owner, “How much did he eat?I’ll pay for him up front.”


    The beautiful officer paid and got into the police car.

    Omi sat in the back of the car and looked unblinkingly at the male officer driving the car.

    Omi asked, “Officer, what will it take to make the car obey?”Omi stopped calling adults and called them police officers instead, because the owner of the large stall had just called them police officers as well.

    The beautiful officer and the male officer were stunned.

“What did you say?”

    “I mean, what would it take to make this car obey.”

    The two policemen furrowed their brows deeply, not understanding what this guy was talking about at all, and seeing as how Omi looked serious and didn’t look like a psychopath, then, he was deliberately playing them.

    “Don’t talk, behave yourself.”The fiery policewoman bellowed.

    Omi saw that the two constables didn’t answer him, so he had to stop.

    Back at the police station, Omi was taken to an interrogation room where the fiery policewoman personally interrogated him, she didn’t need to come here personally for this, but she had a very bad impression of Omi, and no punk had ever dared to play her.

    “Resist to be strict and confess, I’ll ask you to answer.”The fiery policewoman said seriously.

    “Yes, officer.”Omi obeyed with a nod.

    “What’s the name?”

    “Don Omi.”


    “What’s a career thing?”

    The fiery policewoman’s eyebrows jumped and knocked on the table in warning, “Don’t pull a rascal with me, I’ll be careful to put you in detention, so behave yourself.”

    Omi didn’t know what a profession was, so he said, “No.”

    The fiery policewoman asked again, “Age?”

    This Omi made a mistake, Omi was eighteen years old in his world, but how old was this world Omi didn’t know.

    “I don’t know.”Omi answered truthfully.

    The fiery policewoman yelled, “Give me some cooperation.”

    “I really don’t know.”Omi said with an innocent face.

    The fiery policewoman asked again, “Home address?”

    Omi was busy saying, “I know this, the Songtao neighborhood.”

    “Be specific, which building, a few zeroes.”

    “I don’t know.”

    The fiery policewoman slammed the table and yelled, “Omi, if you don’t cooperate, don’t blame me for being rude.”

    “I really don’t know.”

    The fiery policewoman looked at him angrily, but Omi wasn’t intimidated by her eyes and smiled hehehe, “Officer, you’re so good-looking, you must be the number one beauty constable in the famous Jianghu.”Omi showed a series of beguiling smiles.

    The fiery policewoman was expressionless, “Who else is in the family?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Any bad habits?Like taking drugs and such.”

    Omi asked, “Is it a bad habit if you like to peek at your sis in the shower?”

    “Bang.”The fiery policewoman slapped the table and said angrily, “Omi, are you still playing with me?”

    “Uh, no, you said yourself that you were frank and lenient, and you’re still not satisfied that I’ve confessed to something so private.”

    “You……………………”The fiery policewoman threw the pen in her hand.

    Omi’s head flicked off.

    Omi said to himself, this beautiful constable, she’s so hot-tempered, just like her boobs, burst.

    “You’re good, I’ll see how long you can talk tough, I’ll detain you until you’re willing to cooperate voluntarily.”

    The fiery policewoman walked out of the interrogation room and ordered to a male officer, detain him.”


    Omi didn’t resist and was taken to a detention room in the police station.

    Omi looked at the bars, and that’s how he knew he was being locked up.

    “Damn, I’ll have to go to jail even if I eat a tyrannical meal.”Omi was speechless, of course, it was impossible to hold him in this small detention room.

    “Kid, reflect well, it’s no good to go against the police, whenever you’re willing to cooperate properly, you’ll be released.”That policeman said, slamming the iron door of the detention center shut.

Chapter 8

Omi snorted in disdain, “Want to put young Master Ben in jail?You guys are still a little young.”

    Omi leapt to the ventilation window on top of the detention room, and with a casual pull, he twisted and bent several sturdy iron railings.

    Omi’s entire body sprang out of the detention center, like a gecko, hands and feet on the wall, brush a few seconds, along the outer wall to the roof of the building, then leap on the roof, jump to another building twenty meters away, then leap again, and jump to the roof of the next large building, so jumped several times, Omi disappeared into the night, drifting away.

    And at this moment, in the police office, a police officer said, we found the girl in the photo in that kid’s wallet, that girl is called Samira, the daughter of Linjiang City, the chairman of Thousand Beauty Company, Shangguan Salt, who is a senior in Baiyun Middle School.”

    The fiery policewoman asked, “Can we contact her?”


    “Contact her right away.”


    At this moment, in a villa of a certain manor.

    Samira had just finished eating and was sitting in the gazebo making a phone call.

    “Hey, Hao Hao, what are you doing.”Samira called Edward.

    “Samira, I said, let me calm down for a few days, okay?”The other party was impatient.

    “Aigoo, why don’t you believe me yet, am I such a bad person that in your mind I’m just a random person who has an affair with a handsome guy?”

    “Cut!”The other party’s phone hung up.

    Samira stomped her foot in anger and said under her breath, “What are you, daring to hang up on me.”

    At this time, a middle-aged man came over and asked with a smile,  how’s the progress?”

    “Not good!”Samira exhaled and said that this middle-aged man was Samira’s father, called Shangguan Salt.

     I have wronged you.As you know, we were sent by our family to create a business in this Linjiang City, there is a lot of commercial competition here, it is inevitable to offend some black and white enemies, the more strong people to serve us, naturally the better.Edward is ranked eighth in martial arts in Baiyun High School, quite a potential, if you can use your beauty to get Edward to willingly sign a contract of sale or something, that would be perfect.What? You haven’t gotten it yet?What’s going on?With your beauty and our family history, this should be easy to pull off.”

    “Don’t mention it, piss me off.”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “This morning, a Omi wrote a love letter to me with very explicit content, which was seen by Edward.Edward went so far as to think that I was having an affair with Omi, and no matter how I explained, it was useless.”

    Shangguan Salt asked, “Is that Omi very strong in martial arts?Your school has never heard of this genius.”

    “Can’t do martial arts at all, Omi thought, he’s handsome, would I care about the rest of him because he’s handsome, how naive.”Samira said with a scowl on her face, then snorted, “That bastard Edward, has always been inferior to his looks, what a nutcase, his ugly looks is none of my business, think Miss Ben really likes him?Hmph, this little Linjiang City hasn’t got a man that this lady is interested in.”

    Shangguan Salt said, do you want me to find someone to fix that Omi?How ungrateful is that?A toad wants to eat swan meat, and doesn’t look at what level he is.”

    Samira said, “Forget it, it’s already happened, what’s the use of fixing him, a lower class slinger.It wasn’t a big deal in the first place, the fault is that he does look a bit handsome, Edward too

Jealousy is what makes it so.Alright, I’m going to take a shower, don’t worry, I’ll charm Edward and then make him sign a sales contract with our company.”

    “Haha, dad has confidence in you.”

    Samira had just walked to her room when her phone rang.

    “Hello.”Samira picked it up.

    “Hello, this is Detective Captain  from the main police station, I’ve caught a suspect here, we found your photo in his wallet, can I have a few minutes of your time to assist us in our investigation.”

    “Uh, he has my photo in his wallet, what’s his name?”

    “Do you know this man, Don Omi?”

    “What? Omi, it’s actually him.”Samira was shocked.

    “You know him?”

    Samira huffed, “Know him, he’s a student from Baiyun Middle School, in the senior three class five.He just wrote me a love letter in the morning, but I ruthlessly rejected it.”

    When Captain  heard Samira say that, he suddenly remembered that the stall owner said that Omi drank six bottles of white wine and that Omi wept as he drank.

    he  suddenly realized, “No wonder.”

    “What’s hard to blame?”Samira was busy asking.

    “Just now we caught him at a big stall, he ordered a table of food by himself and drank six bottles of white wine, the owner said that when he drank, he still had tears in his eyes, so he was rejected for confessing to you and drowned his sorrows through alcohol.”

    “Ah!”Samira was stunned and said in her heart, “No way, Omi was rejected by me, but he felt so bad that he drank six bottles of white wine and cried while drinking.”

    “Alright, now that his identity is confirmed, it’s fine, sorry to bother you.”

    “Oh, it’s fine.”

    Hanging up the phone, Samira hummed, “In the morning, he still said that I had small breasts and didn’t like it, but at night, he drank six bottles of white wine, his mouth is so contemptible.”

    Samira was not moved by Omi’s behavior in the slightest, but instead felt that Omi was an idiot and a trash man.

    Samira sighed, “Unfortunately, no one is perfect, if… he could be so infatuated with me, how good would it be… alas.”A young man flashed in Samira’s mind, a young man who was extremely talented in martial arts.

    Every young girl had a flawless dream lover in her heart, and Samira was no exception.

    At the police station, Captain Xu said, “Bring Omi out, his identity has been established, this guy was rejected today’s confession, before he ran off to drink six bottles of white wine and eat a tyrannical meal, it’s not enough to be detained.Educate him and let him go.”


    However, a minute later, that police officer ran back and said, “Team Xu, that guy is not in the detention room.”

    “What? Not in the detention room?”

    The fiery policewoman ran to the detention room where Omi was being held, and it really wasn’t there, the iron pillar was forcibly twisted and bent on the tiny ventilated iron window at the top of the detention room.

    A police officer said, “Team Xu, this kid’s strength is too much.”

    The fiery policewoman looked at the twisted iron pillar and was also shocked, it seemed that this brat had also practiced, no wonder he was able to dodge her kick during the big stall.

    “I originally wanted to educate him and then release him, but he doesn’t even put the Public Security Bureau in his eyes like that, so don’t blame me for being rude.”

    “Team Xu, what do you want?”

Chapter 9

“I want to arrest him, this kid is so lawless, if we just ignore him, then where is the authority of our police.In this world, no matter how good the martial arts skills are, they never dare to openly provoke the authority of our public security, not to mention that this district is a high school student who has learned a little bit of sketchy martial arts skills, and he dares not take the police into account.”The fiery policewoman said with a bite.

    Omi was walking down a street when a bus happened to stop at the stop.

    Omi looked up and saw that the front of the bus had ‘Bus No. 8, Jing Yang Gong to Songtao District’ written on it.

    “Huh? To Songtao neighborhood?”

    Omi had a smart idea, and saw many people getting into the car.

    Omi busily ran up and asked the one driving, “Going to the Songtao neighborhood?”

    “Can’t you see, it’s the last shift, do you want to get on?”

    “Yes, yes, yes.”Omi scrambled into the car.

    The driver saw he wasn’t putting in a coin and said, “Hey, a dollar.”

    “Put it on the tab first, right?”Don Omi said.

    The driver snickered for a moment, and the other passengers all cast contemptuous glances.

    The driver wanted to drive him off, but thought better of it, not bothering to offend such a scoundrel for a piece.

    Omi’s wallet is still in the hands of that hot policewoman, where is the money to insert coins.

    Forty minutes later, Omi got out of the car and immediately saw a gate with ‘Songtao District’ written on the door.

    “Oh my god, I’ve finally found ‘home’.”Omi was excited inside, because Omi was completely ignorant of this world, and in his heart, the Songtao District was his harbor.

    However, the Songtao District was so big and had so many people, where was his home?

    Just then, an old man came with a bag of rice.

    “Omi, why are you back so late.”

    Omi looked at the old man in confusion.

    The old man handed the bag of rice to Omi and said, “Don’t just stand there, help me carry the rice.”

    “Oh.”Omi carried the bag of rice and followed that old man, saying in his heart, “This old man is not my family, is he?Grandpa?Father?”

    The old man walked ahead, entered an elevator, and finally stopped at the seventeenth floor.

    “Here we are, thank you.”The old man said gratefully.

    Omi was stunned, “Ah, you’re not one of my family, huh?”

    The old man was baffled, “Omi, what nonsense are you talking about, I’m your next door neighbor.”

    “Oh, next door neighbor, I’m going home then.”

    “Thank you for your hard work, would you like a cup of tea.”The old man asked.

    “No, thanks.”Omi walked out of the old man’s house and looked to the opposite door, since he was a neighbor, the opposite door must be his house.

    Omi took out the key and twisted it a few times, and it did open the security door.

    When he opened the security door and saw the home inside, Omi was incomparably excited.

    It was not an easy journey back.

    The home was dark and no lights were lit.

    Omi tried to call out, “Father, Mother, my son is back.”

    No one answered.

    “Strange, no one is here?”Omi scratched his head.

    Omi closed the door of his house and stood by the living room’s window sill, looking out at a tall building and lamenting, “The houses in this world are really more advanced when stacked like boxes.”

    Just at this moment, the sound of a key opening the door came from outside.

    Omi was shocked, “Is my family coming back?”

Don tapped his chest, a little nervous.

    The door opened and a man and a woman walked in.

    The male said, “That loser, he’s still not back this late.”

    The female said, “Whatever he’s doing, he’d better die outside and never come back.”

    “Just what I wanted, in that case the house becomes ours too.”The man chuckled.

    At that moment, the female turned on the light in the living room, and suddenly saw Omi standing in the living room, watching them like a ghost.

    The woman cursed, “Omi, you’re looking for death, you came back without turning on the light, you want to scare my mother to death.”

    Omi looked at the man and woman in front of him in confusion, the man was about thirty-five years old and the woman was about thirty, and the woman was also full of foxy breath and not bad looking.

    Omi dared to conclude that the man and woman were by no means his parents, who were they?

    The male yelled at Omi, “What are you waiting for, don’t go cook dinner yet.”

    Seeing Omi’s indifference, he said angrily, “Yoho, you’re still not listening?To cook?Hear that?”

    Omi didn’t say anything and stared blankly at the man.

    When the man saw that Omi was still indifferent, he slapped Omi’s face.

    Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, daring to hit him and grabbed his hand in a flash.

    “Bang.”Omi twisted, and the man’s body spun around a few times and fell onto the coffee table, shattering it.

    The other woman was shocked and looked at Omi incredulously, then knelt down and said in fear, “Young Master spare your life, Young Master spare your life.”

    The man reacted and also begged for mercy, “Young Master spare your life, it’s all because I was confused.”.

    Omi looked at the man and woman, their bodies trembling as they kneeled before him and begged for mercy.

    Omi was puzzled, “What status am I, anyway?These two are so fierce all of a sudden, and all of a sudden they’re calling me Young Master and sparing my life.”

    The woman asked in a small voice, “Young Master, don’t you have the talent to practice kung fu?”

    Omi said, “I can crush you with one finger, and you say I have no talent.Say, who the hell are you two?”

    “Huh?”They were both stunned.

    “Young Master, what’s wrong with you?Don’t you know us?”

    Omi said, “I had an accident in practice today, I’m so confused right now I can’t even remember who I am.”

    “Ah!”They were both shocked.

    “Don’t ah, speak quickly, who am I and who are you.”Omi ordered loudly.It didn’t matter what they would suspect now.

    The woman said half-heartedly, “Young Master, my name is Jean, his name is John, we are both your servants.”

    “You’re both my servants?”

    “Yes!Young Master, you really don’t remember?”

    “If you are my servants, then why are you so arrogant?Especially this son of a b*tch who just dared to hit me.”Omi pointed at the man called John.

    John nervously lowered his head.

    “We……..”The woman named Jean was also nervous and didn’t know what to say.

    Omi said, “Alright, we’ll deal with this matter later, quickly say, who am I.”

    John said, “Young Master, your name is Omi, you were originally a young master of the Tang family’s grandson.Because you didn’t have the talent to practice martial arts, you were bullied by the family.About two years ago, you were framed by a few other young masters of the family, and the head of the family drove you out of the family in a fit of anger, leaving you to fend for yourself.And the two of us, who turned out to be your parents’ servants, were entrusted by your parents to follow you out of the Tang family and take care of you.”

Chapter 10

It suddenly dawned on Omi that the Omi of this world wasn’t from an ordinary family, what kind of Tang family’s young master , but unfortunately he was driven out of the family, and he didn’t know what the original Omi had done so badly that he would be driven out of the family.

    Omi asked, “What level of existence is the Tang family?”

    That little ring said, “I don’t know what level of existence, but anyway, the Tang family owns several large groups, and the Tang family’s business is involved in a wide range of businesses, what with e-commerce, medicine, manufacturing, and so on.In short, the Tang family is very rich.”

    Omi asked again, “What serious things have I done that would drive me out of the family?”

    That John said, “Because…because you peeked at your cousin’s fiancée in the shower.”

    “What?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, how come he was peeking at the bath again.

    Nima, it was because he was peeking at his little sister’s bath that his soul was reborn into this world, I didn’t expect that the Omi of this world was also peeking at someone else’s bath and was expelled from the family.

    Omi was really speechless.

    Omi said, “It’s just peeking at a bath, it’s not like being kicked out of the family, right?”

    Jean said, “Young Master, you are a loser in the Tang family who can’t do martial arts, while your cousin, a very promising genius in the Tang family, is also a little-known martial arts expert.You peeked at his fiancée’s bath, it’s a miracle that you’re still alive, at that time, if it wasn’t for your mother fighting to the death to protect you, you would have been killed alive by your cousin.”

    John said, “Yes, young master, you have no status in the Tang family, you are defeated and lustful, and you dare to peek at someone’s fiancée bathing, so who will you kill if you don’t.Moreover, your cousin’s fiancée is also a powerful woman, from a family not weaker than the Tang family, even if your cousin doesn’t kill you, she will still kill you.No one would dare to say anything about the Tang family’s grand master or anything else, who would defend a loser.Later, your mother fought to the death to protect you before you picked up a life and then drove you out of the family, you were no longer a Tang family member from then on, you had nothing to do with the Tang family.”

    Omi laughed, “So tragic.”

    “Young Master, why are you still laughing.”

    Omi said in his heart, “It’s none of my business, it’s not like I peeked at whoever that was bathing.”

    Omi asked again, “What happened after that?”

    John said, “After that, your mother gave you a sum of money, and then quietly let us leave the Tang family with you.Because we were afraid that your cousin wouldn’t be relieved and would find you again and do something to you, so we fled far away and came to this Linjiang City and lived here, and it’s been almost two years now.”

    Omi was already clear about his current status and his heart was at peace.

    Omi looked at the two maids, Jean and John, and smiled.

    Jean and John felt creeped out when they saw Omi let out a dark laugh.

    Omi suddenly asked, “When I was kicked out of the family, how much money did my mother give me?”

    “Ah!”The two maids were in a panic.

    Omi guessed when he saw Jean and John’s reactions, nine times out of ten, the money his mother had given him had been spent by these two maids.

    “Say it, how much?”

    “Less, young master, it’s not much, just under three million.”John said.

    Omi didn’t understand what the concept of three million was.

    “Now where’s that money?”Omi asked, Omi knew deeply how important money is in this world because of the overlord meal.

    The male supporter John stammered, “Shao, young master, we used that three million to buy a house here, using your name, if you don’t believe me, you go to see the real estate certificate.”

    “What house is so expensive, it needs three million.”

John said, “We spent two million on the house and several hundred thousand more on renovations, and that’s not much left.”

    “Really?So how much is left?”

    “Thirty thousand.”

    “Give me the rest of the money,”Omi ordered.

    “Yes, I’ll take it out tomorrow and give it to you.”John said.

    Omi nodded his head, though he didn’t quite understand the meaning.

    John was a bit surprised that Omi hadn’t asked him to take out his bank card.

    After all, Omi didn’t understand this world yet, where did he know about this bank card thing.

    “Alright, I’m going to take a bath, serve me quickly.”

    Jean led Omi into the bathroom and adjusted the hot water for Omi before coming out.

    “Young Master, the clothes are at the door.”Jean said.

    “Yeah, got it.”

    While Omi was enjoying his bath, Jean and John came to the balcony and whispered.

    “John, the young master doesn’t seem to be normal.”Jean said.

    “Yeah, he didn’t even ask for the bank card, I told him to take it out tomorrow and give it to him, and he actually nodded.”

    Jean added, “This trash, he used to be a trash who couldn’t do martial arts at all, now why is he suddenly so good at martial arts.”

    “The hell knows.”

    “Will you really take out the money to him tomorrow?”

    John a snort: “The idiot only took out the money to him, early tomorrow morning, we’ll just take the rest of the money and leave.Now that this punk is so strong, this house seems unexpected, if we don’t leave, we won’t even be able to use the rest of the money in the card.”

    Jean asked, “How much money is left on the card, anyway?Is it really only thirty thousand?”

    “Hehe, fooling that idiot, but it’s true that it’s not much, there’s only a hundred thousand left.”

    “Ah, so little ah, the original madam gave the young master’s bank card, a whole five million ah, after we bought this house, at least two and a half million left, this is only two years, only a hundred thousand left.”Jean said full of questions.

    John impatiently said, “Come on, it’s not like you don’t know how we spent the money in the past two years, we don’t have any jobs, and we’ll spend all the gold and silver mountains.”

    “Okay, so tomorrow we really don’t care about that loser and just leave?”

    “Or what, really work for him as a maid?Before, it was just for the money. Now what?Do you think there’s a future in following him?”

    Jean was full of reluctance, “This house was bought with twenty thousand square meters, it’s worth two million, do you really just don’t want it?”

    John snorted, “Jean, you really think this place is your home, if Young Master was still as useless as before, he might have been able to turn the house into ours, but don’t even think about it now.Don’t forget, it’s Young Master’s name on this property deed.”

    “Why were we so stupid when we bought the house in the first place, why did we write his name.”

    “We had just left the Don’s at the time, how could we have had the guts to do that.But I didn’t expect that two years after this turn of events, no one from the Tang family has come to look for him.It seems that the Tang family really drove him out of the family, had we known that, we wouldn’t have been polite when we bought the house in the first place.”

    At this moment, in the bathroom, Omi was drenched in hot water, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, humming, “These two villains are really playing a trick on me.”

    The whispers of the two maids on the balcony had already been heard by Omi.

    With Omi’s martial arts skills, at this distance, even a mosquito buzzing would be able to hear it.

Chapter 11

Omi finished his shower and came to the living room, his face unmoving.

Jean and John were busy walking in from the balcony.

Jean said, “Young Master, sit down for a while, I’ll cook dinner right away.”

Omi said, “Waiting for you to cook,  would have starved to death.”

That John smiled, “Young Master, then I’ll make you tea, read all day.”

Omi said without being salty, “No matter how tired you are, it’s enough to clean you up.”

“Oh!”John blanched.

Omi took a shower, refreshed, and sat down on the couch, right on the TV remote.

The TV suddenly turned on, and the person on the TV just happened to shout, “Dare, who told you to sit down.”

Omi was shocked and immediately stood up.

Omi stared at the man in the TV picture and vigilantly asked, “Who is your Excellency and why are you lurking in my house.” Remember the URL Natia .online

The man on the TV laughed, “Hahahaha, don’t ask me who I am, I’m here to take your little life.”

Omi snorted, “Taking my little life, so arrogant, then let the horse come.”

John, who was making tea, looked at Omi silly.

However, the TV screen turned and jumped to another person, only to see that person plop down on his knees, “Senior spare my life, senior don’t kill me.”

“Huh?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed.

Omi looked at John and asked, “What’s going on here?Who are the two men in the box?”

“Ah, young master, are you all right.”


“Young Master, this is a television, not a box, there aren’t really people in it, it’s like a play, but in the form of real images and characters.”

It suddenly dawned on Omi, Omi had seen some operas made up by Jiang Hu literati before.

Omi couldn’t believe it, “This world’s opera texts are like this, they really are more advanced.”

Omi immediately looked at it with relish.

After Omi learned to use the remote control, he immediately became a TV fan.

It was late at night, the two maids had gone to bed, and Omi was still mentally watching a TV drama.

Omi watched urban type TV dramas because by watching this type of drama, Omi could learn a lot of things about the world.

For example, there is a thing that can transmit sound a thousand miles away, as long as you press a number that represents someone else, you can talk to that person a thousand miles away, which is called a mobile phone on TV.

In addition, Omi had understood a lot of these Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 after watching the television.

Omi watched it all night long.

This night, Omi had gained so much.

Yesterday, Omi was at a loss about the world, ignorant and unknown.And today, Omi had gradually uncovered the mysteries of this world, no longer feeling so mysterious.

Omi believed that he only TV, he will soon understand this world.

The day had dawned and the sun had risen.

“Today and tomorrow are weekends, I don’t have to go to school for the next two days, what should I go and do?”Omi said internally.

“Those two maids, the sun has risen and they’re still not even up.”Omi suddenly got a little angry.

Omi arrived at the two maids’ room.

“Bang bang.”Omi knocked hard on the door.


sp; “Shit, let’s still let people sleep.”John was on fire, probably still awake, and opened the door to the room, and roared at Omi, “Rubbish, you’re looking for death.”

However, John hadn’t finished his sentence and suddenly knelt down.He just thought, in his confusion, that Omi was still that trash, so he broke into a rant, but once he finished yelling, he remembered that Omi wasn’t that trash anymore and immediately kneeled down in shock.

“Pah.”Omi slapped it hard.

Jin  was suddenly slapped away.

“Young Master spare my life, Young Master spare My life, oooooh, I didn’t mean it, I forgot, I’m sorry, I just woke up, I haven’t remembered yet, Young Master spare your life, John won’t dare to do it again.”John even kowtowed and begged for mercy, almost peeing out of fright.

And at this moment, that maid Jean also woke up and was wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the bed, looking at Omi in horror.

Omi sneered, “I’m sure this is how I was bullied by you guys in the past.”

“Young Master, please spare me, I won’t dare to do it again.”John kowtowed desperately.

Omi swept a glance at their room, and his heart became even more furious, saying, “The room I sleep in, ordinary, the room you guys sleep in, why is it so big and beautiful.Who exactly is the maid and who is the young master now, why do I feel like I am your maid?”

John’s face was so white, even Little Ring was so scared that he crawled up and got on his knees to beg for mercy.

Jean was wearing three points.One style sleeping, right now the body was exposed to Omi’s eyelids.

Jean’s skin was soft and white, and his body was also good, Omi could not help but take a few more glances.

After Jean saw Omi’s gaze, he deliberately pushed his chest forward.

Omi grunted: “Jean, what are you sticking out for, think I’ve never seen it before, get out.From now on, this room is mine, you guys go sleep in that room of mine.”

“Yes yes yes.”John panicked and nodded.

Omi walked out of the room, Jean was a little disappointed to see that the young master didn’t seem interested in her.If Young Master was interested in her, she wouldn’t mind having something happen with Young Master.

Omi went to the bathroom sink and squeezed a little toothpaste to brush his teeth.

Omi hadn’t known about brushing his teeth this way, all from watching TV and the computer.

After brushing his teeth, Jean and John also got dressed.

The two of them seemed like they couldn’t wait to leave.

: “Young Master, wait at home, I’ll go out and buy you breakfast.”

And John was also busy saying, “Young Master, I’ll go out to get you money ah, take out the remaining 30,000 yuan to bring you.”

Omi hummed inside and said straight if he wanted to escape.

Jean and John didn’t wait for Omi’s answer, they hurriedly opened the door of their home and entered the elevator.

In the elevator, John was relieved and said, “Finally, I can leave this foolish young master, I will never come back again, we will take the remaining 100,000 pieces and go away.”

But Little Ring was depressed and said, “Pity about the house, alas.”

Soon, the elevator landed on the first floor, from the seventeenth floor to the first floor, it was less than a minute.

However, when the elevator door opened, Omi was standing outside, and Jean and John were startled when they saw Omi.

“Ah, young master, you, where did you come down from.”

Omi snorted, “No way to escape.”

Jean was busy, “Young Master, what did you say, escape, why can’t I understand.”

“Alright, your whispers last night can’t be hidden from this young master’s ears.You guys wanted to take the rest of your money and run away early in the morning, think twice.”


“Ah.”Jean and John’s bodies trembled.

Omi grabbed John’s ear and dragged him out of the elevator.

“Young Master, it hurts.”

Omi dragged John until he was outside the building before releasing him, ordering, “Go, go to the bank now and take out the rest of the hundred thousand and give it to me.Don’t try to beat around the bush with me, or you really shouldn’t blame me for being impatient.”

“Yes, Young Master.”John didn’t dare to argue anymore, and honestly took Omi to a nearby bank.

Honestly, he withdrew a hundred thousand dollars.

Omi had seen banks on TV and already knew what a bank was, the equivalent of a money bank in his world.

John heartbrokenly handed over ten bundles of money to Omi and said, “Young Master, it’s all here, the whole hundred thousand.”

“Very well.”Omi smilingly took the money and said, “Forgive you for not daring to trap me again.”

“Young Master, don’t worry, I won’t dare to do it again, John will definitely serve Young Master well.”John was busy offering his services, but his mouth grunted, “I’ll serve your sister, I’ll escape as soon as I find an opportunity.”

Omi stuffed 100,000 yuan into the two pockets on either side of his pants, the two pockets on the back of his ass, and the two pockets on his chest.However, because each pocket couldn’t be completely filled, the money stuffed in each pocket was exposed halfway, making it especially conspicuous. A second to remember to read the book

Little Ring reminded, “Young Master, if you reveal your money like this, it will be easy for a thief to see you.”

Omi trailed off, “That little thief dares to steal me, feel free to come.”

Omi resolutely walked out of the bank.

As expected, passersby immediately looked at Omi.

Omi walked rampantly, not afraid of being looked at.

“Where’s the stupid goods ah, is this showing off wealth, showing off wealth also at least change the floor goods on the body ah.”

“I see is a demolition of a rich man, Nima, the first time I saw such a show of wealth, the whole body six pockets, each pocket exposed half a bundle of money.”

Passersby saw it and pointed at it.

John really couldn’t walk down behind Omi, feeling humiliated following Omi, busy saying, “Young Master, I’ll go back first.”

Little Ring was also busy saying, “Young Master, I’ll also go back first.”

Omi snorted, “If you’re not afraid of having your legs broken by me, then go back first by all means.”

“Woo.”The two of them suddenly showed clothes that were worse than crying.

Omi ordered, “Today, you’re not going anywhere, you’ll follow me wherever I go, and if you dare to leave me for half a step, I’ll break your legs.”

“Young Master…”

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes!”The two of them nodded their heads with reluctant faces.

Omi smiled and said, “Let’s go, accompany Ben Shao to have a good look at the world, hahaha.”

Jean plucked up courage and said, “Young Master, take the money and put it in my bag, I’ll hold it for you, I can’t snatch it away anyway with your strength.”

Omi thought to himself, fine, a hundred thousand dollars stuffed on his body, it’s uncomfortable to walk around.

No longer being watched by passersby, they only felt much more relaxed.

Omi walked along the street, stopping to take a look at anything new when he encountered it, and then sighed, “This world, it really is more advanced.”

An hour later, Omi passed by the entrance of a hospital and found a large crowd of people around it.

Omi said, “There’s excitement over there, go over and take a look.”

“Yes, young master.”The two maids were extremely reluctant.

Omi went up, only to see a young and beautiful girl kneeling in front of the hospital, that young and beautiful girl kept crying and pleading to the onlookers, “…my father is seriously ill, he has to pay 100,000 yuan immediately, otherwise the hospital won’t do anything to save him, please help me, I’ll pay you back, please…”

Omi was taken aback when he saw that woman.Omi had seen this beauty before, yesterday at noon when he was eating in the cafeteria with his tablemate Carlos, this beauty walked into the cafeteria and caused a sensation, then Carlos told Omi that this beauty’s name was Simran and she was the commoner flower of Baiyun High School.

Omi was heartbroken to see such a big beauty crying and begging the crowd here.

However, there were many onlookers, but no one was there to help.

At this time, a nurse came out and said, “Li Jinbao’s family, have you collected any money, if you don’t pay the money quickly, it will be too late even to save her.”

Simran was so anxious that she almost fainted.

Simran hesitated, then bit her teeth and said tearfully: “As long as which kind-hearted person, right now, is willing to help me pay this 100,000 yuan, I Simran vowed that afterwards, I will definitely… give my word, I Simran will never go back on my word…”

“Wow!”The crowd of onlookers stirred, looking at Simran’s beautiful face, graceful body, and voluptuous curves, leaving a trail of drool.

However, 100,000 is not a small amount of money, will stand here, indicating that are living in the old city, living here is not extravagant to take 100,000 for a beautiful student in exchange for a promise, besides a verbal commitment, brain bad before really take out 100,000 out to her.

Sure enough, someone in the crowd said, “You mouth a promise in exchange for a promise, who knows if you’re cheating money.”

Simran was so embarrassed, if she didn’t have to, she would never do such a thing.

Omi sighed, the road was not fair, he really couldn’t be as cold as others.

It just so happened that he had another hundred thousand.

Omi called Jean over.

“Bring me the money.”

Jean was shocked, “Young Master, are you crazy, 100,000 for a verbal promise from her?”

“Cut the crap, take it out.”

Jean tightly covered her bag and said anxiously, “Young Master, you have to think twice, it’s really not worth it.Or else this way, I’ll also promise you with my body, and I’ll only take ten thousand, although I’m not that young, but I promise, definitely more capable than her.”

“f*ck you, bring it.”Omi bellowed.

“Young Master, don’t be fooled by her beauty ah, you’ve seen my body, I’ll only take ten thousand, I’ll never lose money.”

“f*ck you.”

Omi snatched Jean’s bag over and took out his 100,000.

Jean was very aggrieved and cursed in her heart, “Bastard, isn’t my mother even worth 10,000 yuan?”

Lisette saw that no one was willing to lend a helping hand, and turned to walk inside the hospital in a lost state.

“Wait.”Omi shouted.

Simran panicked and turned around, only to see a boy coming with a large stack of money.However, Simran was stunned when she saw Omi because Simran had seen Omi at school.Simran felt very embarrassed and humiliated, she would rather be a rich person in the society than an alumnus.

Omi walked forward, holding ten bundles of hundred dollar bills in his hand, and said, “Here is exactly one hundred thousand dollars, take it to save your father first.”


When Simran was so helpless, she was moved to tears when she saw this life-saving 100,000 pieces.

Although it was embarrassing, but saving her life was important, Simran didn’t have time to think about anything else, busy saying: “Thank you, Omi.”

“Er, how do you know my name is Omi.”

Simran said awkwardly, “I’m also a senior in high school, I’ve heard of you.Don’t worry, even though we’re classmates, I’ll definitely honor what I just promised.When I’m done, I’ll keep my word.”

The onlookers all looked at Omi with envy, soon they would be able to have this beauty, of course, there were also people who scolded Omi for having his brain kicked by a donkey and definitely getting water.

Omi smiled, “Simran, you misunderstood, I didn’t give you 100,000 because of your offer.I, Omi, am of high moral character, this is something that everyone knows, I will not take advantage of this.You don’t need to give me anything in return, so hurry up and pay the money.”

Immediately, someone scolded Omi for being an idiot, so it wasn’t exchanging a hundred thousand for ah, but giving someone a hundred thousand for nothing, never seen such an idiot before.

Simran looked at Omi, extremely touched, and didn’t know what to say.

Omi smiled, turned around and left.

Simran busily said, “Omi, thank you, I’ll look for you later.”Simran hurriedly ran into the hospital after saying that, she didn’t have time to say anything more to Omi now, and hurried to pay the money.

Simran finished paying the money at the hospital, after watching her dying father sent to the rescue room, Simran only hurriedly ran out of the hospital gate, unfortunately, just now the crowd of onlookers has already disbanded, Omi has long disappeared. The first website m.Natia .online

Simran stood in front of the hospital, unable to say how moved she was.

Omi, with two maids, continued to walk down the street, looking east and west.

Originally, he had a hundred thousand yuan, but this turned out to be a gift, and all of a sudden, he became a poor man again.

Along the way, that little ring still muttered desperately, seemingly dissatisfied with Omi, Omi did not bother to pay attention to her.

In Omi’s world, it was common for people to help each other out when they saw injustice.In Omi’s world, it was common to see people who were full of chivalry and righteousness risking their lives to help strangers, so Omi really didn’t feel anything about this small amount of money.

Omi wandered the streets for another half hour, it was already noon, and his stomach rumbled.

Omi hadn’t eaten breakfast, he was very hungry.

However, he had no money left.

Omi said to the two maids, “Do you have any money on you?”

The two maids were busy shaking their heads, but in their hearts they hummed, “Nima, finally know that you also need to eat ah, 100,000 yuan said to send, starving you.”

Omi sighed, “Looks like we’ll have to eat another tyrannical meal again.Let’s go, there’s a restaurant over there in front of us, go over there and eat a tyrannical meal.”

Omi was the first to head to the restaurant in front of him.

Omi himself felt humiliated after eating a Hegemonic meal twice in a row.

The two maids were baffled, so they could only follow Omi to the restaurant in front.

Omi ordered a table of food, and when he was almost finished, Omi said, “When you finish eating later, run as fast as you can for as many pieces as you can.”

“Young Master, are you really planning to eat a Pauper’s meal?”Jean stunned jaws asked, what was in this young master’s heart, and really wanted to eat a bully meal ah, thought he engaged in humor.

“Don’t worry, experienced, the second time to eat a tyrannical meal, all right, I’m done eating, ready to run.”

At this time, Jean took out a hundred yuan from his pocket and said, “Young Master, actually, I still have a few hundred yuan la, I don’t need to eat a bully meal.”


;Omi glared: “You guys even cheated this young master out of money, take out all the remaining money you have on you.”

John glared at Jean.

The two of them obediently took the few hundred dollars they had on them to Omi.

Omi was rich, so naturally, he didn’t need to eat a tyrant’s meal, and happily finished the bill, pocketing the remaining few hundred, making sure to save and spend it.This world without money is difficult to walk, Omi just came to this world has been deeply experienced.

At this moment, at the People’s Hospital, Simran’s father was pushed out from the rescue room.

Simran and her mother were busy pouncing on him.

“How is it?Doctor.”

The doctor said, “Congratulations, this life is saved.”

Simran’s tears came out, and Li’s mother was busy shouting thank you to God.

However, the doctor said, “The life is saved, but don’t be too happy yet, the patient is in a very bad condition, his spine is severely damaged and will likely continue to deteriorate, so please be prepared to pay for the follow-up treatment.If it continues to deteriorate, then only his entire spine will have to be replaced.”

“Ah!Doctor, you’re scaring me!”Mother Li cried.

“What am I scaring you for.”

Simran was busy asking, “How much medical expenses should we probably prepare for?”

The doctor said, “If the spine is replaced, it will cost at least two million, you should always have this money ready, don’t pay it and delay the treatment.”The doctor said and left, with today’s medical technology, it is possible to replace the human spine.

Mother Li was literally going to faint when she heard that so much more money was needed, she could only earn two and a half thousand a month at most, she couldn’t even take out the one hundred thousand this time, let alone the two million that would follow.

Simran held her mother’s hand and cried, “Mom, as long as my life is saved, it’s better than anything else, the money will always find a way.Besides, Dad may not continue to deteriorate, just in case it doesn’t.”

Mother and daughter hugged and wept together, the poor were really suffering from an expensive disease.

Omi finished his meal and led the maids to continue shopping.

The two maids really didn’t want to follow Omi blindly strolling.

John begged, “Young Master, please let us go back first.”

“If you don’t want to have your legs broken, then go back first.”Omi said without turning back.

The two maids didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Omi asked, “By the way, how much money did I just rob from you guys?”

“About six hundred.”John said.

“Six hundred, how long can you eat it.”

John said, “With the way you eat, it’s probably just a day or two.”

Omi scratched his head, depressed, “What if you eat it all?I don’t want to eat tyrannical meals anymore.”

Jean was upset, “Knowing that you have no money, you still say you’ll give away 100,000.”

Omi snorted, “I’m not the one who will not save a person if I see an injustice on the road.Alright, I’m asking you guys, what will it take to get the money?”

John said, “The only way to make money is to go to work.”

“Work?Where do you work?”

“Like working as a waitress in a hotel, ktv, and other places.”

“About how much money can you make?”

“Brace yourself for three thousand dollars.”

“Is three thousand a lot?”

“Not much, just five times the six hundred dollars you have on you.”


Omi broke out in a cold sweat, “The six hundred dollars I have on me, you guys said you can only eat for one or two days, so wouldn’t it be like working for a month and only being able to eat for less than ten days?”

“If you save, it’s okay to last a month.”

Omi shook his head in succession, “No, no, that’s not a good idea, is there any other way to get more money?”

At this point, “If you want to get money fast, go rob a bank.”

“No, the bank’s money is the people’s, in the end it’s the people who lose, how can I, Omi, do such an unjust thing.”

“Then go rob a corrupt official ah, now that the country is fighting corruption, you go rob a corrupt official, it can be considered as a contribution to the anti-corruption cause.”

“It’s better to let the country do such a small thing as fighting corruption, I won’t get involved.”

“Then go rob those rich people who do unknown business, we have a very famous underground money bank in Linjiang City, called Van Gogh Money Bank, that boss is doing serious business on the surface, but secretly he is loan sharking and collecting black accounts, the police can’t do anything with him without evidence, so simply you go rob his money.”

Omi laughed, “Yes, all of his money is scavenged, if I, Omi, rob the rich to help the poor, it’s a chivalrous thing to do.”

“Ah!”john and Jean were shocked.

“Young Master, you’re not kidding, are you?You really want to rob the owner of that Van Gogh Money Bank, huh?”Jean is busy asking, she’s just saying. Remember the website

“Does this look like a joke to you?”Omi was serious, in his world, there were also chivalrous people who robbed the rich and gave to the poor, and their chivalrous spirit was praised by all the people.

john wiped his cold sweat, “Young Master, if this is caught, but he will go to jail ah, although everyone knows that they must have done something illegal, but even the police can’t find evidence, if you rob him, the police will definitely arrest you.After all, if there’s no evidence, then his property is still protected.”

Omi snorted, “Can we catch Ben before we say anything, with Ben’s skills, if I can’t do this little thing of robbing the rich to help the poor, how can I still come out.”

john was busy shaking his eyes at Jean, and Jean immediately understood.

The two of them suddenly thought together, if Omi was caught stealing, with the other party’s background relations, not a decade or eight years can come out?That house is theirs now, yay.

Little Ring said happily, “Young Master, I support you in robbing the owner of the Van Gogh Money Bank.”

“Yes, young master, the owner of the Van Gogh Money Bank, raiding the people’s money, if not rob him who else.Go quickly, go to his home, I heard he has a small vault in his home.”

Omi frowned, “It’s not good in broad daylight like this, after all, it’s theft, it’s still more appropriate to go in the middle of the night, it also saves people from getting hurt.”

“Hmph.”The two servants scowled for a while, speaking so nicely, it turned out that they didn’t dare to go and make excuses.

In fact, Omi really planned to rob the rich and give to the poor in the middle of the night, today, seeing Simran selling her body to save her father, Omi felt that this world, in essence, wasn’t much different from his world.The poor were still poor, the rich were still rich, he had the ability to do it, so why not help the poor?While theft was bad, he stole from the bad guys.In his world, the chivalrous man who robbed the rich and gave to the poor was always talked about.Even if it was a criminal act, it was worth committing, and chivalry was only for the people.

After a day of shopping, Omi only returned home at nine o’clock in the evening.

As soon as the two servants returned home, they were exhausted, having accompanied Omi for the entire day today.

Jean said, “Young Master, I really can’t do it anymore, I’m going to take a bath, and after that I’m going to go to bed first.”

john and Jean quickly went to bed, while Omi’s mind was planning tonight’s robbery of the rich to help the poor, Omi was by no means joking, he was playing for real.

Omi immediately rummaged through his closet and found a black outfit, then found himself a black cloth that he used to cover his head and face, exposing only his two eyes.After all, he was from the Jiang Hu world.

At about two midnight, Omi jumped

Out of the window, like a spider crawling on the outer wall of a high-rise in the neighborhood.

Omi had watched television, so he knew about a thing called ‘surveillance’, and of course, he knew about the fingerprint thing.

In the night, Omi traveled through the city’s buildings, whether it was a thirty-story high-rise or a low-rise private house, Omi was like no man’s land.

Omi quickly found an upscale neighborhood, he had already stepped on the spot during the daytime, the owner behind the Van Gogh Money Bank lived in this upscale neighborhood.

Omi arrived at the home of the owner of the Van Gogh Money Bank and went around the back.Pressing his hand on the wall behind the villa, Omi’s internal strength was so profound that the wall cracked with a forceful shock.However, under Omi’s exquisite internal strength, the cracked wall did not collapse with a bang, but just left a small hole.

Omi’s nimble body like a cat entered inside in no time.

Omi saw the monitors in every corner inside, Omi grabbed a handful of gravel and threw it at each monitor.

“Crackle.”All the monitors on the wall were shattered by his gravel.

Omi quickly found the safe in the basement, his hand pressed on the combination lock of the safe, and with a shock of internal force, the combination lock was destroyed and the door automatically popped open, in front of an expert like him, no combination lock was useless.However, at this time, an alarm also sounded.

Omi took out the black sack he had prepared and swept the money from the safe into the black sack in one go, a whole big sack.

Omi backed out in the blink of an eye.

However, before leaving, Omi left a line on the wall: borrowing money to help the poor, thanking the patron.’A defeat of red dust’ toast.

By this time, many people had already come down from upstairs, and Omi knocked them down in one fell swoop, then drifted away.

In that world of Omi’s, those who robbed the rich and gave to the poor would usually leave a message telling others that he was robbing the rich and giving to the poor, a narrow-minded act, not stealing for his own use, otherwise, what was the difference between them and the flying thieves who robbed homes.

Naturally, Omi would also leave his name, One Defeat of the Red Dust, or he would have to take the name of a flying thief.

Of course, ‘One Defeat of the Red Dust’ was the name he had given himself.

Omi carried the sack on his back and disappeared into a dark corner, there was no way those people could leave Omi behind.

About ten minutes later, many police cars arrived, and the entire upscale neighborhood was buzzing with police cars.

Although the owner of this underground money dealer had illegal business, there was no evidence, so his property was still protected by the law.

At the moment, Omi, carrying a sack on his back, flew through a low residential house.

The people who lived in these low houses were undoubtedly poor.

All of them were asleep at the moment.

Omi flew on the roofs, quietly, and when he saw the poorer roofs of the houses, Omi would hang upside down on the roofs and throw in bundles of money through the windows or other doorways.Each bundle was ten thousand dollars, and some threw in several bundles while others threw in one bundle, and depending on the situation, it looked like the poorer the bundle, the more he threw in.

Then they darted quietly to the next house.

In this way, Omi carried a sack of money, and soon half of it was given away, and it really looked like a martial arts soap opera in which martial arts experts robbed the rich to help the poor.

At this time, Omi came to the roof of a house, a low single-storey small house, the tiles are covered with grey plaster tiles.It was 2:30 in the morning at the moment, and the lights were still on in this household.

Omi sent it all the way over, every household was already asleep, why was this one still awake.

Omi immediately lay down on the roof and heard someone talking inside the house.

“Mom, you go to sleep, I’ll watch Dad.”A girl said.

“How can I sleep, your father only had the operation today, but we brought him home at night, what a sin.”A middle-aged woman cried softly.


The girl also cried, “Mom, don’t be like this, it’s because we don’t have the money, if we didn’t have the money, how could we save that hospital fee.That 100,000 today is just the surgery fee, it doesn’t include other expenses.”

Omi was shocked, “It’s actually Simran, that’s too much of a coincidence.”

Omi saw their family in such hardship and felt pity for them, the 100,000 just given to them today was nothing more than the surgical fee.There were all sorts of other expenses on top of the surgery fee, and they couldn’t afford such exorbitant fees, so they could only do the surgery and go home on the same day.

At this time, Omi heard Simran’s mother sobbing again, “Look at your father now, nine times out of ten, he will continue to deteriorate, if the spine is replaced, it will cost two million, oh my god, where are we going to get it, woohoo.”

“Mom, don’t think about that yet.”

Just then, a sack flew in through the window.

“Bang!”The black sack fell to the floor.

“Who?”When Simran’s mother and daughter shouted, they were busy looking out the window and saw a blurred shadow standing outside, and that shadow said, “This money, take it to save your loved ones.”

Of course, Omi’s voice changed.

“Money?”Li Xuan Er was busy looking into the sack, and by God, the sack was full of money.

“Who are you?” One second to remember to read the book

Omi said, “My name is One Defeat Red Dust.”

Omi said, leaped to the roof, landed on the roof without even a sound, blinked and disappeared into the darkness, really came and went without a trace.

Simran’s mother had poured out all the money in the sack and poured out a bed of money, the two mothers and daughters looked at a bed of money stayed.

Simran’s hands trembled and counted the whole two hundred and ten bundles.

“How much?”Mother Li’s voice trembled as she asked.

“Mom, the whole two million one hundred thousand.”

“Ah.”Mother Li almost fainted when she heard the amount.

“Who was the one who just called himself a defeated red dust?Why are you giving us so much money in the middle of the night?”

“I don’t know.”Simran shook her head blankly.

Mother Li said, “Never mind so much for now, put the money away, saving your father is important.”

“But the origin of this money is unknown, just in case.”Simran frowned.

Mother Li said, “Compared to your father’s life, the unknown origin is nothing, the worst case is that I will go to jail later.”

Simran nodded her head blankly.

Omi soon returned to the Songtao neighborhood, of course, Omi couldn’t go through the front door, but climbed up the seventeenth floor and jumped into the house through the window.

Only after finishing did Omi go to bed beautifully.

At this moment, in the upscale district, the hot-bodied Xu Mei Qian roared, “Investigate the surveillance of all the places around here for me, and don’t let go of any corner.”


Xu Mei Qian looked at the words engraved on the wall and said angrily, “Robbing the rich to give to the poor?Hmph, I don’t care who you are, I will catch you, daring to rob a house in my territory.”Xu Mei Qian doesn’t believe that it’s really robbing the rich to help the poor, what era is this?

However, Xu Mei Qian had also heard that this owner wasn’t a good person either, and there were suspicions of illegal sources, but the police couldn’t just ignore it just because they heard it wasn’t a good person, the police talked about evidence, and until there was evidence, she had to follow the law to protect anyone’s property.

“Captain, no traces were found, it’s obvious that this was the work of a martial arts expert.”One of the men returned to report.

“A martial arts expert would still need to rob a home

Shed?Would a martial arts expert lack money?”Xu Mei Qian’s eyebrows furrowed.In this world, martial arts masters were very popular everywhere they went, and it was impossible for them to be reduced to a home invasion and robbery.

Therefore, Xu Mei Qian was baffled by tonight’s home invasion and robbery, she didn’t quite believe that it was done by a martial arts expert.

Early the next morning, in a poor residential area of Linjiang City’s Old Town, all the families were getting up one after another.

At this time, many people suddenly found a bundle of money in their houses.

“Where did you get the money?”

Although many people didn’t know where the money came from, the residents who got it didn’t go out and yell loudly, but the family looked at the money and frowned at it like it had fallen from the sky.

At that moment, they turned on the TV, and the morning news was all over the news, saying that someone had stolen from a rich man under the guise of robbing the rich to give to the poor.

Those poor residents who somehow got 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, after watching the TV and the news, and then looking at the money that appeared out of thin air in their homes, they suddenly wondered if it was really the person in the news, codenamed ‘One Defeat of the Red Dust’, who robbed the rich to give to the poor and threw it to them, right?

That’s ridiculous. Is there really such a thing as robbing the rich to give to the poor?Plots that only happen in martial arts TV shows really play out in real life?

However, whether it was or not, those poor people who got money out of thin air would not make a sound.

At her home, Simran watched the TV news and was stunned, robbing the rich to give to the poor?

However, Li Xuan Er’s heart was filled with mixed emotions, the man in black she saw last night turned out to be the same wannabe thief who was wanted by the whole city at the moment, a defeat of red dust.

“Should I take the initiative to hand over the money?Or is it silence?”Morality and law struggled within Simran’s heart, in the end, it was her father’s life that prevailed, and Simran chose to remain silent.Otherwise, also too sorry for a defeat of red dust, just, this person’s thinking, how do I feel a bit unable to figure out, what era, still robbing the rich to help the poor, did he come from the world of martial arts?

At the police station, the director roared, “Xu Mei Qian, I give you three days, if you don’t solve the case in three days, I’ll remove you from your post.”

Xu Mei Qian gritted her teeth, “Don’t worry Chief, I will catch that Wang Yang Bandit.”

“Don’t go yet.”The director roared, although he said on his lips that if the case wasn’t solved in three days, Xu Mei Qian’s position would be removed, but it was just words.

Xu Mei Qian was so young that she had become the captain of the criminal police, the captain of the narcotics brigade and so on several captain positions, holding several positions, not because she had a big backstage, but because, Xu Mei Qian’s martial arts skills were so high, it was the Public Security Bureau that had spent a high price plus favors to bring Xu Mei Qian, who had such high martial arts skills, here.How could they really just withdraw it.

Xu Mei Qian walked out of the director’s office, full of anger, she is a famous expert, the Public Security Bureau paid a high price to hire her, but today in her territory such a thing happened, if she can not solve the case and catch that river bandit, she herself is embarrassed to hang around here.

At six in the morning, Omi was still exhaling.

At this time, Jean and john quietly woke up.

“Keep your voice down, let’s hurry up and escape in the car before the young master wakes up.”..

john smiled, “Good thing we bought a BMW 5 series at that time, it’s finally worth a little money.”

“Quickly go.”

The two of them hurriedly opened the door, entered the elevator, and went down to the first floor in flames, while at this moment, Omi was still snoring.

When they reached the first floor, the elevator door opened and Omi, wearing his pants, was standing at the door of the elevator, looking down at the two maids and smiling, “Good morning, two of you.”

“Ah!”Jean screamed, looking at Omi in disbelief, who had just left the house when they were clearly snoring.

“If you want to leave, you can, take out the car keys.”

Chapter 16

john played dumb and asked, “Young Master, what key?”

“BMW Series 5, hand over the keys.”Omi glared.

john only had to honestly hand over a bunch of car keys to Omi.

Omi took the car keys and grunted, “Alright, you guys can go now.”After saying that, Omi’s figure moved and rushed up the stairs in the blink of an eye, no matter how fast the elevator was, it wasn’t as fast as he was.

“Wow.”Jean saw Omi’s body dash up the stairs like a string of shadows, dumbfounded.

“Young Master’s lightness is too high.”

john urged, “Jean, hurry up, although we don’t have a BMW anymore, we can still start afresh, we can definitely live happily ever after.”

Jean huffed, “Who’s going with you, I’ve decided, I’m going to stay and be the young master’s maid.”

Omi took the car keys and went back to sleep, sleeping until nine o’clock at once.

After waking up at nine o’clock, Omi walked out of his room, the house was quiet, and it seemed that the two maids had indeed left.

Omi didn’t feel sorry for them, it was just that he would be alone in the future, not yet accustomed to the world, no one to explain to him. The first website

Omi turned on the TV, which was broadcasting news about the home invasion that happened at two in the morning today.

Omi watched with pleasure.

The news said that a total of 3.8 million cash had been stolen from the theft.

3.8 million was a big number, so it was big news in Linjiang City and caused a big stir.

Omi was shocked to learn the amount, 3.8 million for his own use, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about food for years.

Unfortunately, Omi was robbing the rich to help the poor, and he would never leave a single penny for himself.Otherwise, it would go against the chivalrous spirit of robbing the rich to help the poor, and would be disreputable to the people of the world.

Omi turned off the TV and prepared to go out for breakfast.

“I only have a few hundred dollars left on me, what should I do?”Omi got sad, not expecting to come to this world and worry about food every day.

“In this world, if you don’t have money, it’s really hard to eat a meal.”Omi muttered and went downstairs.

At this moment, downstairs in the Songtao neighborhood, there was a Mercedes Benz parked, the same one that had followed Omi the previous evening.

Omi got off the floor and walked out of the entrance of the community, preparing to go to a restaurant for dinner.Don’t ask him why he didn’t cook it himself, where would Omi use an induction stove.

Omi walked out of the gates of the Songtao community, more than ten meters behind him, that Mercedes-Benz car slowly followed up.

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, “It’s this car again, what is he following me for?”

In fact, Omi had already noticed it, he had felt it when he came home from school the evening before, but the day before yesterday he was unfamiliar with the world and thought that cars were animals, but now he was not so unfamiliar with the world and knew that cars were not animals.

Omi turned at an intersection in front of him and disappeared from the Mercedes Benz driver’s view.

The Mercedes-Benz driver immediately accelerated to catch up and also turned towards that intersection.

However, after turning around the intersection, the Mercedes driver still didn’t see Omi’s figure.

“Huh disappeared, where did he go in a flash?”

Just then, Omi’s voice came from the backseat of the Mercedes, “Why are you following me?”

The driver of the Mercedes turned around and was shocked to see Don Omi sitting in the back seat of his car.

“Gah!”Mercedes let out a screech of brakes.


“You you, when did you sit behind me.”The driver of the Mercedes Benz looked at Omi in horror, not even sensing Omi getting into his car at all, of course, he left the rear window glass open, otherwise Omi wouldn’t have been able to get in.

Omi said seriously, “I’m asking you, why are you following me?You won’t get a chance if you’re not honest about it.”

“No, no, no, I’ll say I’ll say.”

“Hurry up and say it, I’m still in a hurry to go to dinner.”

“Hello, I’m Song Daitian’s driver, I went to the school to pick up Song Daitian’s daughter that day, but I didn’t think I’d be late, and Miss went back first in her classmate’s car.As I was about to go back, I saw you smash a Porsche with a slap, I was shocked, you are definitely an expert in deep hiding.”

Omi said, “Cut the crap, it’s none of your business whether I’m an expert or not, why are you following me, what’s your purpose?Did you see that I still have a few hundred dollars in my pocket and want to rob me?”

“Senior, I don’t have the strength to rob you, I don’t mean any harm by stalking you.”

“Then what do you want?”

“It’s like this, our boss was looking for a campus personal bodyguard for his daughter, and I’m a martial arts practitioner and know some experts in the field, so he asked me to ask around as well to see if there were any suitable introductions for him.I just happened to see you, so, I wanted to get to know you a little better and then I followed you, that’s all.”

“Uh, campus personal bodyguard?”

“Yeah, it’s a popular profession these days.”

“You’re stalking me because you want me to be your boss’s daughter’s bodyguard?”Omi asked.

“Oh, if you’re willing, you can certainly give it a try.”

“Why would I want to be your lady’s bodyguard, is it lucrative to be a bodyguard?”

The driver was busy saying, “I don’t know if it’s profitable or not, but I definitely won’t treat you badly.I’m following you just to see if you have any plans in this regard, senior, how about giving it some thought?”

Omi said, “Do you think I’m so good at martial arts that I would easily be a bodyguard for someone?”

The driver smiled, “Senior, you’re right, so I have no illusions, just give it a try, since you don’t have the intention, then forget it, sorry to bother you.”

Omi busily said, “Wait a minute, for the sake of you being so sincere, as long as the salary is still okay, it’s not impossible, if I can pay five thousand yuan per month, I think I can reluctantly agree.”

The driver was taken aback: “What? Five thousand yuan.”

Omi was stunned, busy changing his words, “Then four thousand yuan.”

“Ah, four thousand yuan?”The driver was shocked again.

“Not even four thousand, that’s a minimum of not less than three thousand.”

“Three thousand?”The driver stared at him.

Omi clenched his teeth and said, “How about two thousand for each side.”

“Senior, are you kidding me, two thousand?”

Omi gritted his teeth, “A thousand, that’s okay, right?”

The Mercedes driver was even more incredulous: “Senior, can you stop joking?A thousand?”

“Damn it, five hundred, it really can’t go any lower, if it goes any lower I really won’t consider it.”Omi was depressed, a moment ago he had said five thousand before reluctantly agreeing, but he didn’t expect that in the end he had taken the initiative to drop to five hundred, this was too unruly.Where is it that people wanted to recruit him, it was obvious that he was a deadbeat who wanted to do this job, and also said that he wouldn’t be an easy bodyguard, he beat his own face ah.

The driver laughed, “Senior, you’re really joking, with your price, you must be at least fifty thousand.”


“What, fifty thousand a month?”Don was incredulous.


“Shit, then I just offered five thousand, you ah what ah, thought I was a lion.”Omi really wanted to slap him to death, causing him to ruin the high and mighty image he was maintaining.

“Oh, Senior, do you really have the intention to be a bodyguard for our lady?The price can still be negotiated with our boss if you’re not satisfied.”

Omi now even food was a problem, what else was there to be willing to do, in fact, in Omi’s heart, he incomparably cherished this job opportunity, not to mention five hundred, I’m afraid that as long as he was in charge of food and accommodation he would be willing to do so.Omi found that, coming to this world, he became so unrestrained, a few meals can let him be someone else’s bodyguard.

Omi smilingly asked, “That, minding the meals?”

The driver smiled, “Senior, don’t worry, once you’re accepted, food and lodging will be included.”

“So good, then what’s the hesitation, I’m willing.”

The driver smiled, “However, senior, there are some things I must explain first.”

“You say.”

“Our lady is a very difficult girl, and our boss is feeling a headache, so you should be prepared.Of course, she loves a little fuss, but she’s not bad in nature.Also, our boss has entrusted other people to find bodyguards besides me, so there are other people competing with you, and you have to pass our boss’s interview to be our lady’s personal bodyguard.” Remember the website

“No problem, it’s a piece of cake.”Don Omi smiled.

“Good, then you’ll wait for my call or I’ll pick you up this afternoon.”

“I don’t have a phone.”

The driver was stunned, how come people didn’t even have cell phones nowadays.

“Oh, then I’ll give you my spare phone to use for now.”The driver took a cell phone to Omi.

“Thanks.”Omi accepted it unceremoniously, Omi’s heart was already not going to return it.

Omi got out of the car and said goodbye to the driver of the Mercedes, the Mercedes drove away, he would come to pick up Omi for the interview in the afternoon.

After that, Omi went to a hotel to have lunch, because he found a new job and was in a good mood, so Omi ate all the remaining hundreds of dollars at once.

After lunch, Omi returned to his home in the Songtao neighborhood, studied the phone, and accidentally dialed out a number.

A pure female voice rang out from the phone: “Hello, Uncle Omi.”

Omi was shocked to hear the voice on the phone, it was the first time in his life that he received a phone call, and he was so polite when he opened his mouth and called him uncle.

“Hehehe, you’re welcome, Uncle Omi is also polite in this room, whose child is that, what a good boy.”Omi chuckled.

The other end of the phone was stunned, then furious, “You’re not Uncle Omi, who are you?”

Omi said, “I’m Uncle Omi, my surname is Omi, my name is Omi, aren’t you calling me Uncle Omi?”

“Bastard, how dare you trick me.”

“Cut!”The phone hung up.

Omi looked at the phone lovingly and smiled, “You can really transmit sound for a thousand miles, it’s amazing.Nima, when I was young, my master forced me to practice Thousand Miles Voice Transmission and punished me by not eating for three days.If Master knew that in this world, a small cell phone can truly transmit sound a thousand miles, I’m afraid that Master himself

Don’t even practice it anymore, hahaha.”

Omi’s childhood practice of a thousand miles of sound transmission work, just a good name, not really a thousand miles, at most a few kilometers range across the air, and very exhausting internal force.

At this moment, just that Mercedes Benz driver, the phone on his body rang, a look is their lady called, busy pick up.

“Hello, Miss Rain.”

“Uncle Omi, I just called your other number, why didn’t you answer it?”

“Ah, Miss Rain, this, sorry ah, that phone, I’m lending it to someone else for a while.”

“Who is he?”Miss Rain asked angrily.

“Uh, Miss Rain, he’s the personal bodyguard candidate I found for you, his name is Omi, I was going to pick him up this afternoon for an interview with your father, but he doesn’t have a cell phone, so I’ll just lend him that cell phone for him to use temporarily.”

Miss Rain said angrily, “Just tell him not to come for the interview, I will call my father and never hire him even if he comes for the interview.”

“Ah, Miss Rain, why?”

“How dare this Denton ronin take advantage of me, I would never want someone like that as my bodyguard.”


“Oh.”Uncle Omi Oh sounded and frantically dialed Omi, but unfortunately no one answered.

Because Omi didn’t know how to answer the phone.

At this moment, in a certain place, a young man was preparing to go out, and a middle-aged man behind him instructed, “Go for it, Wei Ming, you can definitely become Song Yu’er’s personal bodyguard.You’re the tenth ranked expert of Baiyun High School, and you’re also recognized as the school’s grass, so whether it’s martial arts or face value, there’s no reason why you can’t become Song Yu’er’s bodyguard.”

This man called Wei Ming smiled, “I know, uncle, I’ll try my best, Yu’er is originally the woman I have a crush on, she almost had an accident last month, I hate that I can’t protect her personally.This time her father happens to be looking for personal bodyguards, so I can justifiably stay at her house, and then, day in and day out, I will definitely be able to make her fall in love with me.”

In another part of the city, a young man dressed in black smiled slightly and looked at himself in the mirror, his mouth agape, “Perfect.”

A follower by his side was busy saying, “Young Master, with you on board, is there still a girl who can’t be set up?You’re one of our Linjiang City, one of the three major irregular forces, that Song Daitian may not dare to disrespect you, and it’s Song Daitian’s honor that you can be his daughter’s personal bodyguard.”

“Hahaha.”This man laughed loudly and snorted, “Song Yu’er, I am bound to win.”

Similarly, at this moment, on a highway not far from Linjiang City, a young man of about eighteen or nineteen years old, carrying a snake skin bag on his back and a straw hat on his head, was walking along the highway towards the toll station of Linjiang City.This young man laughed hehely, “Finally arrived at Linjiang City, after walking for three days and three nights, my legs are broken.However, the task given by Master this time is very simple, to personally protect a thousand gold lady, or a super beautiful thousand gold lady.Hehehe, I like this kind of mission the most.Master, don’t worry, I will definitely take care of your old friend and protect his granddaughter properly, hahaha, beautiful girl, I’m coming.”

Saying that, this teenager exerted his lightness and bypassed the toll station and entered the city.

Also at this moment, at the Linjiang City Railway Station, a soldier king wearing a camouflage uniform and carrying a bag walked out of the station.This soldier king looked strong and muttered in dissatisfaction, “Commander, I’m used to being born and raised, but you’re asking me to protect some thousand-strong lady, alas.”


In the Sontao neighborhood.

Omi was studying his phone when the sound of a key opening the door came from outside.


At that moment, Little Ring and john opened the door and came in, carrying many vegetables and fruits in their hands.

“Young Master, you’re up.”Jean asked enthusiastically.

“Hm?Aren’t you guys gone?”Omi looked at Jean and john in confusion.

“No ah, we went out to buy food for you young master, I’m going to make a nice lunch for young master at noon.” ..

“Did I hear that right, now you are given freedom and you are not leaving.”

“Young Master, Jean and I have decided that we will be your servants.”john fawned with a fawning smile.

Omi shook his head speechlessly and beckoned, “Just right, come here and teach me how to use a cell phone.”

“Ah.”Jean was stunned, but still enthusiastically taught Omi how to use a cell phone. One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, in a certain building in Linjiang City, there was a luxurious and spacious office.

A middle-aged man was sitting in the office when an old man in his sixties walked in.

“Dai Tian.”That old man called out.

“Uncle Li, did you find out who attacked Rain last time?”The middle-aged man asked.

“No, I guess it’s not that easy.By the way, the personal bodyguards hired for the lady, the candidates are almost all together, at two o’clock in the afternoon, you can conduct the personal bodyguard interview.”The old man named Li Bo reported.

Song Daitian nodded and asked, “Who are all of them?”

Uncle Li said one by one, “The first candidate, called Liu Yue, this Liu Yue is very strong, his master is in the top ten of the Yan Huang World’s strongest killers.If it wasn’t for the fact that your father once had some friendship with his master, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to hire him to come down to the mountain to protect Miss Yuer.Your father wants this Liu Yue to become Miss Yu’er’s personal bodyguard.”

Song Dai Tian nodded and smiled, “My father has really put in a lot of effort for this granddaughter.”

The old man continued, “The second one is, you entrusted the army’s Commander Lan to find him, called Chen Jiang, with your relationship with Commander Lan, naturally you won’t find a bad one for you.I heard that this Chen Jiang is a soldier who has carried out countless death missions, and is also good enough to be a personal bodyguard for a lady.”

“What else?”

“The third one is, the youngest son of our Linjiang City Feng Yun Hall, Lu Bing, named Lu Guan.Lu Guan has always been Lu Bing’s proudest son, and he took the initiative to apply to be a lady’s bodyguard.Lu Bing is the vice head of the Wind Cloud Hall, and his son took the initiative to want to be a lady’s bodyguard, if we don’t give him face, we’re afraid it won’t be good.After all, in Linjiang City, there aren’t many who dare not give face to the Wind Cloud Hall.”

Song Daitian frowned, appearing a bit irritated, and asked, “And?”

“There’s a fourth one, the one you asked the principal of Baiyun Middle School to find, the principal of Baiyun Middle School nominated a student named Wei Ming, this Wei Ming, who is also a student of Baiyun Middle School, ranked tenth in martial arts, is also quite suitable to be a lady’s personal bodyguard.”

“Well, there shouldn’t be any more.”

The old man smiled, “There’s another one, you entrusted that driver, Little Omi, to help see if there’s a suitable one, and the driver, Little Omi, also recommended one.”

“Little Omi?Oh, I just casually said it, and he took it seriously.”Song Daitian laughed speechlessly, with his connections, why would he entrust a dead plane to find a bodyguard, but it was just a casual remark.

The old man said, “What Little Omi is looking for is, a man named Omi, I don’t know what this Omi is

The origin, I’ve heard that it’s also from Baiyun High School, but among the geniuses and strongmen of Baiyun High School, I’ve never heard of Omi.”

At this moment, Song Daitian’s phone rang.

“Hey, Yu’er.”Song Daitian kindly said.

“Dad, I heard that you’re interviewing me for a bodyguard this afternoon, isn’t that right.”

“Yu’er, don’t worry, dad will find you one that’s enough to protect you, and what happened last time will never happen again.”

“Dad, there’s a guy named Omi, he absolutely can’t be hired.”

“Uh, why?”

“Dad, this Omi is a rogue, she took Uncle Omi’s phone this morning and called me, deliberately taking advantage of me.”


“Alright, that’s it.”

Song Dai Tian laughed wordlessly and said, “Uncle Li, then let that Omi not come to the interview, after all, it’s a driver looking for a driver with limited vision.”

“Dai Tian, I’m afraid that Little Omi has already informed that Omi, so wouldn’t it be a bit unkind to suddenly ask him not to come now?He’s not going to be hired anyway, whether he comes or not will be the same result, so why suffer the tongue, and also embarrass Little Omi, after all, Little Omi is an old driver who has been with you for twenty years.”

Song Daitian said, “Alright, for the sake of Little Omi’s face, then let this Omi come for an interview, but, will never hire him.”


In the Songtao district, Jean and john personally cooked a sumptuous lunch for Omi.

“Young Master, is it delicious?”john asked.

“Well, it’s good, tastier than the restaurant’s, and restaurant food is always greasy.Especially after going out for a meal this morning, I always feel a bit uncomfortable in my stomach, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

john Dao: “Young Master, you must have eaten gutter oil.”john secretly laughed: “Young Master’s martial arts skills are so high, but he was also dried out by gutter oil, gutter oil really is infinitely powerful.”

Jean said, “Young Master likes to eat it, Jean cooks it for Young Master every day, okay, Young Master.”

Omi vigilantly asked, “Suddenly so good to me, you want to hit my body again ah.”

“Young Master, where are you going, Young Master’s martial arts skills are so high, Jean is willingly being your maid this time.”.

john asked, “By the way, young master, that big theft in the early morning, was it you who did it or not?”

“Don’t ask so many questions, alright, thanks for lunch, I have an interview this afternoon, I’m going to take a lunch break.”

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Omi’s phone rang, and it looked like it was the driver of the Mercedes that had called in the morning.

“Hello.”Omi picked it up.

“Senior, I’m downstairs, come down, I’ll pick you up for a company interview.”

“Okay, I’ll be right down.”

Omi went to the bathroom mirror and touched his hair and took care of his clothes before he walked downstairs and saw the Mercedes Benz from the morning waiting outside.

“Senior.”The Mercedes driver was busy pulling open the door and invited Omi to get in, then drove out of the neighborhood.

“Who was the woman who called me at noon?Why do you call me Uncle Tong?The boy is polite, but a bit mean.”Omi said.

The Mercedes driver laughed bitterly, “She’s our lady, she’s not calling you Uncle Omi, she’s calling me.Since I’m surnamed Omi just like you, you can call me Little Omi.”


“Uh, what a coincidence, so it’s the original family, then I’ll call you Little Omi, and you shouldn’t call me senior either, call me Omi.”

Little Omi smiled bitterly, his heart was filled with mixed feelings, Omi had already offended the lady, it was not necessary to bring Omi to the interview anymore, but it would be a bit not good if he was suddenly not brought to the interview.

Little Omi already knew that it was impossible for Omi to be hired, so he intentionally said, “Omi, you have to be mentally prepared ah, this interview, in addition to you there are four others, the other four are all very outstanding young people.”

Omi said, “Don’t worry, with my conditions, your boss has no reason to refuse ah, this job is good, I will definitely fight for it.”

“Oh, just try your best.”Little Omi, the driver, smiled bitterly.

Finally arriving at the bottom of a tall building, the driver: “Omi, this is our boss’s company, the boss is on the 18th floor, let’s go to the 18th floor.”


Omi arrived at the eighteenth floor, the driver, Little Omi, led Omi to the door of a receiving room and said to Omi, “Omi, you can wait inside first, someone will notify you to enter our boss’s office for an interview when the time comes.”

“Oh, good.”

Omi walked into the doorway of the receiving room and saw at a glance that there were already four young men waiting there.

Those four men suddenly looked at Omi. The first website

Omi laughed and said, “Four brothers, I am courteous in this chamber.”

“Hmph!”One of the youths, dressed in black with an evil look, scowled at Omi, seemingly extremely disdainful.This youth was someone from the Wind Cloud Hall of the Three Great Irregular Powers, called Lu Guan.

The youth who was closest to Omi and was still wearing a camouflage uniform instead smiled slightly at Omi and said, “Hello, you’re also here for an interview, I’m Chen Jiang.”

Omi was busy saying, “I’m Omi.”


That peasant worker-like young man, he was squinting his eyes to assess Omi, this peasant worker-like young man was the expert who came down from the mountain, called Liu Yue, at the moment he still had a snake skin bag by his side, he also had a straw hat hanging on his back.

Liu Yue said to Omi, “This fellow, looking at your relaxed state as you walk in here, you seem to be very confident about this interview.”

Omi also looked at this migrant-looking youth and smiled, “This farmer uncle…”

“Who do you call Uncle Farmer?”Liu Yue roared and flamed.

“Ah, are you also here for an interview?Oh, sorry, I thought you were here to sell produce.”Don was busy apologizing.

“You.”Liu Yue was so angry that she wanted to attack.

“I’m sorry ah, misunderstanding, a martial art, it’s mainly because of your dress, you look too much like a farmer uncle.”

“Hmph.”The peasant-looking Liu Yue snorted, no longer paying attention to Omi and focusing on the youth on the ledge.The youth standing on the ledge was called Wei Ming, who was precisely the tenth ranked expert of Baiyun High School, and among all of them, including Omi, this Wei Ming was the most handsome looking.Therefore, everyone felt that this most handsome person was the biggest threat.Except, of course, Omi, who felt that he was the most handsome.

The youth standing by the ledge turned his head to look at Omi with a cold face, but he didn’t seem to know Omi.

Five people were sitting in the receiving room, and they didn’t speak to each other.


br /> The TV in the reception room is on, and the TV has started to broadcast about the big theft case in the early morning this morning.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.Omi did not know that the world is the rule of law country, only no evidence yet, no matter how bad he is protected by the law.Moreover, in the eyes of the police, Omi, a thief, was even worse than the owner of the Van Gogh bank.The police do not believe that Omi is really robbing the rich to help the poor, he himself did not keep any money.

The host of the TV broadcast: “…at two o’clock in the morning today, the vaults of XX households in the XX upscale district were robbed, with 3.8 million in cash disappearing, which is the largest amount of money in burglary cases since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.The Public Security Bureau first judged that this burglary, either a long-planned team, or a martial arts master.But is it the work of the burglary team, or a martial arts master?For this reason, today at noon, the Public Security Bureau invited Linjiang City’s super expert, Senior Liang Qihua, to go to the scene of the incident for an hour-long observation.Here, let’s see what Senior Liang Qihua said.”

The phone screen immediately switched, and a man of about forty to fifty years old appeared, this man was very middle-aged, with a red face, he looked like a martial arts practitioner, and his martial arts skills should not be weak.

This man said to the reporter’s microphone: “From the scene traces, definitely not a professional theft team, see this fallen wall did not, this is the use of internal force to tear down.The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.This person’s internal force was able to shatter the safe, his martial arts skills are definitely not weak, and there were no traces left at the scene, his light skills are very good.”

Omi looked at that Liang Qihua and said in his heart, “This person, however, has some eyesight.”

The young man in the receiving room who looked like a migrant worker, a mouthful, “This shameless thief, I, Liu Yue, will catch him, for sure.”

That black-clothed youth, Lu Guan, snorted: “Where is the migrant worker who doesn’t go to the construction site to move bricks and comes here to pretend to be something.”

Liu Yue looked coldly at the black-clothed youth and said, “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb, and if you sneer in front of me again, I will throw you down directly.”

“In Linjiang City, there is no one who dares to openly mess with me, not even Song Dai Tian, just you?”

The migrant-like youth instantly struck out with an extremely strange technique and grabbed the black-clothed youth’s neck, and the black-clothed youth was suddenly unable to resist, his whole body going cold.The migrant-like youth said, “Do you really want me to throw you down?”

The black-clothed youth broke out in a cold sweat, this youth who was like a migrant worker was very strong.

“Cough.”At this time, there was an untimely coughing sound, everyone took a look, the one who made the coughing sound was Omi.

Omi smiled and said, “Both of you, just take it easy.”

The young man who looked like a migrant worker glared at Omi and said, “You one who came to make up the numbers, you better shut up.”

Omi said, “Who says I’m here to make up the numbers, I haven’t even interviewed yet, how do you know I won’t be hired, I can tell you, none of you are going to steal this job from me, I’m waiting to be hired before my next meal is even served.”

“Hmph, a fool’s errand.”That black-clothed youth snorted at Omi.

That soldier king in camouflage uniform, though, had been very calm, probably related to his military background, he had been watching the news on the TV and hadn’t paid any attention to the struggle between the civilian youth and the black-clothed youth.

At this time, that soldier king looked at the TV and said, “This shameless thief, he will definitely be caught by me.”


Omi asked, “Soldier King, it’s not like he stole your money, not to mention he robbed the rich and gave to the poor, the family that was robbed is not a good person.”

“The state will judge if he is a good person or not, even if he is not a good person, is he free to steal his money?Even if his money comes from a dirty source, it belongs to the state and the state confiscates it.”The King of Soldiers said righteously.

“That warrior, he robbed the rich and gave to the poor, shouldn’t everyone praise him for his chivalry?”

“Warrior?Robbing the rich to give to the poor?Ridiculous, only a fool would believe that there is still robbing the rich to help the poor in this world.I will do my best to help the public security of Linjiang City and arrest this thief.”Soldier King Chen Jiang swore and said.

Omi said inwardly, “Damn, I robbed the rich to help the poor and helped those poor people, why didn’t I hear praise?Is the world different?I have good intentions and I’m still being criticized.”Omi was depressed, the result was not at all what he had imagined, it should have been talked about.

At this moment, an old man around sixty years old walked into the reception room and said to the five people, “Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.Now Mr. Song is ready to start the interview, Liu Yue, you’ll be the first to enter Mr. Song’s office for the interview.”

“Yes, Uncle Li.”That migrant-like youth smiled and nodded, he actually knew that old man and called him Uncle Li.

When Liu Yue had just arrived in Linjiang City, it was Uncle Li who personally picked him up.

Liu Yue walked into an upscale office where Song Daitian was sitting in an office chair.

“You must be Liu Yue.”

“Hello, Uncle Song.” Remember the website

“Haha, Liu Yue, quickly take a seat, I’ve heard of you for a long time, but I didn’t expect that I would actually be able to invite you down the mountain.”Song Daitian excitedly stretched out his hand and shook Liu Yue’s hand.Song Daitian suddenly had a smart idea, wanting to test whether Liu Yue was really as powerful as the legends, so, shaking hands with Liu Yue, Song Daitian suddenly used force.

Liu Yue smiled slightly, and with a shock of internal force, Song Daitian’s hand was suddenly shaken apart and his palm became numb.Song Daitian was shocked, he really was an expert.

“Uncle Song, no need to be polite, I just followed my master’s orders to come down to the mountain to complete this mission, leave the safety of your daughter to me.”

“Good, I’m relieved to have you to protect my daughter.”Song Daitian was thrilled, Liu Yue’s strength was undoubtedly many times stronger than his, worthy of the legend.

“Second one, Chen Jiang, you go in for the interview.”Ten minutes later, that old man called out.

The King of Soldiers stood up and walked out of the receiving room to the office next door.Song Daitian was busy saying, “You must be Chen Jiang.”

“Hello, Uncle Song.”

Song Daitian shook Chen Jiang’s hand and said with a smile, “The candidate that Commander Lan introduced to me is really good, so sit down.”

However, that soldier King Chen Jiang smiled, “Uncle Song, I won’t sit down, your daughter doesn’t need me to protect her anymore, the first Liu Yue who just came in, he is strong enough to protect your daughter.I was sent here by Commander Lan to protect your daughter, but you already have a strong enough candidate, so I won’t participate.I’ll take my leave, sorry.”

Song Daitian sighed, “Chen Jiang, I’m really sorry, that Liu Yue just now, my father asked someone to invite him down from the mountain.”

“Uncle Song don’t need to be sorry, I understand, then I’ll leave first, I’ll make it clear for Commander Lan.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Soldier King Chen Jiang walked out of the office in a flash.

“Third, Lu Guan.”

That black-clothed young man walked out of the receiving room and entered the general manager’s office next door.


p; Song Daitian looked at this black-clothed youth.Not getting up to greet him, he smiled and said, “Lu Guan, sit down.”Song Daitian knew very well that this Lu Guan was trying to hit on his daughter, and he would never lead a wolf into his home, but it was just that Lu Guan’s father was the deputy head of the Wind Cloud Hall of the three major irregular forces in Linjiang City, so it was a bit difficult.

Lu Guan smiled and sat down, “Mr. Song, I won’t beat around the bush, I express my condolences for the attack on your daughter not long ago.So, I’ve applied myself to come and be your daughter’s bodyguard, what do you think?Of course, my father also wants me to protect your daughter.”Lu Guan purposely mentioned his father to put pressure on Song Daitian.

Song Daitian said, “Lu Guan, thank you for your kindness, my daughter already has a personal bodyguard, please return.”

Lu Guan’s face was cold: “Song Dai Tian, don’t look at the monk’s face to see the Buddha’s face, are you sure you won’t consider it?I’m afraid my father will not be pleased.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“Hmph.”Lu Guan got angry and said, “Song Daitian, you’ll regret it.”

“The three major irregular forces are not powerful enough to make people feel intimidated in Linjiang City, besides, your father is only the deputy hall master, please return.”

Lu Guan exhaled and walked away, not expecting Song Daitian to not give face.

“Fourth one, Wei Ming, please go in for an interview.”That Uncle Li came to call, and that handsome looking Wei Ming walked out of the receiving room.

Omi was the only one left in the receiving room.

Omi always felt that today’s atmosphere was not right.

When Wei Ming entered the general manager’s office, Song Daitian smiled and said, “You must be Wei Ming, please sit down.”

“Hello, Uncle Song.”

“I’ve heard about you from your principal, he admires you, no wonder he recommended you to be my daughter’s personal bodyguard.”Song Dai Tian said.

Wei Ming was busy saying, “Does Uncle Song have a suitable candidate in mind?”

Song Daitian smiled, “There, so I have to say sorry to you, I’ve already called him on the phone from your principal’s side.”

Wei Ming knew at once that he couldn’t be Song Yu’er’s personal bodyguard and said anxiously, “Uncle Song, I’m really suitable to be Yu’er’s bodyguard.”

“Wei Ming, just because you’re so suitable, you’re the schoolmaster of Bai Yun High School, right, my daughter is the school flower, so I’m afraid that what I don’t want to happen will happen.”

Wei Ming smiled sadly, “Uncle Song will be afraid because he thinks I’m not good enough for Yu’er, right?”

Song Daitian didn’t say anything, acquiescing.

“I’ll take my leave.”Wei Ming got up and left.

Song Daitian said, “I’m sorry, I hope you can understand.”

“I won’t give up chasing Yu’er.”

Wei Ming walked away.

That old man came to the receiving room and shouted, “Omi, it’s your turn.”

Omi said, “Finally it’s my turn, why am I last ah, am I the finale ah?Usually the finale is the most important one, haha, there’s a show.”

That Li Bo smiled slightly, but in his heart, he snorted.

Omi walked into Song Daitian’s office.

Song Daitian didn’t get up to greet him, sitting in his office chair, and didn’t have the intention to shake hands with Omi.

Omi smiled and said, “Hello, boss.”

“You must be Omi.”Song Daitian asked.

“Yes, Mr. Song, may I ask when I can start working?”

Chapter 21

“Going to work?”Sonny Day’s brow furrowed.

“Just starting work, I thought it would be best to start right away, and I’m not afraid to laugh, I haven’t even had dinner yet, I’m just waiting to get to work.”

“Oh.”Song Dai Tian smiled politely, but in his heart, this Omi, really so uninteresting, really as his daughter said, is a Dengtuan.If it wasn’t for the face of the driver, Little Omi, this interview wouldn’t even have been for him today.

Omi thought it was proper to be Song Dai Tian’s daughter’s bodyguard, and said, “Boss Song, before, 50,000 a month, and also includes food and accommodation, is it true ah?”


“Boss Song, I promise, you will never spend the fifty thousand dollars, by the way, I heard that your daughter is a very difficult lady, don’t worry to leave it to me, I promise to help you cure her into submission, I, Omi, am a legend when it comes to healing people, hehehehe.”Omi rubbed his hands in excitement.

Song Daitian didn’t want to waste time with Omi, smiling, “Omi, I’m sorry, I didn’t say I wanted to hire you.”

“Ah.”Omi was stunned there, he was so intent on thinking he could start working.

“I’m sorry, but you can leave now, and thank you for coming to the campaign.”

Don Omi was puzzled, “Why?There’s no reason.”

Song Dai Tian looked a bit irritated, “Omi, you want a reason, I can give you one, first of all, my first impression of you is not good.My daughter called at noon, saying that you took advantage of her over the phone, what qualifications do you have to be my daughter’s bodyguard?” One second to remember to read the book

“Ah, you call that taking advantage?It was your daughter herself who wanted to call me Uncle Omi ah, I didn’t let her call, I also praised her as a polite child, how can you do that.”Omi said grievously, Omi also knew who it was at that time ah, came to this world, the first time to receive a phone call, very emotional, OK.

“Anyway, thank you for coming to participate in the election, and I can only apologize for the result that you were not accepted.”Song Daitian’s tone seemed to have given an eviction order, if it was someone else, they would have heard it right away.

“Mr. Song, please reconsider, I really need this job.I’m worrying about food every day, you can solve it, besides, with my martial arts skills, protecting a pussy, that’s not a piece of cake.I’m so determined to pull down my status and enter the bodyguard industry ah.”Omi said.

Song Dai Tian didn’t answer Omi anymore and shouted, “Uncle Li, escort Mr. Omi out.”

That old man walked in and said to Omi, “Omi, please go back, our Mr. Song has work to do.”

Omi smiled and walked out of the office with great regret.

Omi didn’t feel angry, he just felt sorry, he really valued this job, when he was that driver before, he lowered his salary time and time again, and finally shouted to five hundred a month, he just needed to manage his food and housing.Unexpectedly, such a beautiful errand was not meant for him.

“Oooh, how am I going to fix dinner?”Omi secretly.

In the morning, Omi thought he had found a good job, so he ate up all the hundreds of dollars he had on him.

Omi dragged his feet and walked to the first floor of the building.

At that moment, the driver from before, Little Omi, was busy coming out of the side and deliberately asked, “Omi, how was the interview?”

“Failing to get elected, did you know I would fail?”

“Ah.”Driver what.

Omi said, “If you knew I would be unsuccessful, why did you let me come for the interview.”

The driver, Don Jr.

With a sigh, he comforted, “Omi, don’t be like that, it’s just a job.How about this, I’ve helped you find a job as a bodyguard, I’ve heard that the Liu family in Linjiang City is also looking for a bodyguard for their lady, why don’t you try your luck there?”

Omi’s eyes widened and he was busy asking, “How is this Willow’s salary?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, the Willow family has a big family business too.I heard that the Liu family’s golden lady was at school two days ago, and a male punk deliberately belittled her in the bathroom while she was there, so the Liu family also wants to get their lady a campus bodyguard to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.”

Omi was stunned, “Flirt with her in the bathroom?”

“Yeah, your Baiyun Middle School, I wonder which pervert, probably because he couldn’t chase after the Liu family’s daughter, deliberately took the opportunity of her going to the toilet to pee in front of her, right?This matter, CEO Liu Chen Ming is very angry, so the Liu family will have to find a personal bodyguard for their lady as well.Omi, why don’t you try your luck at the Willow family.”

Omi didn’t respond for a long time, and said in his heart, “That person who peed in the women’s restroom shouldn’t be me, right?”

“Did you hear me, Tzu-Chen?”

“Ah, heard heard heard.”

“Well try your luck then, I hear it’s also an interview this afternoon, so you’ll have to hurry.”

“Oh, okay, thank you Little Don.”

Omi didn’t know what he was thinking about, as if he was struggling with a question: did that guy who peed in the ladies’ room mean him or not?

The Liu family was also looking for personal bodyguards, and Omi was excited to hear this news, but once he heard the words behind Little Omi’s words, Omi hesitated.

“No matter what, let’s go first.”Omi bit his teeth.

Omi immediately asked Little Omi, “Little Omi, where to go for the interview at the Willow House?I can’t find it.”

Driver: “It must be at the Changliu Mansion, you can just take a taxi to get there.”

“But I don’t have any money.”

“Ah, don’t you even have a few tens on you?”Don Jr. broke out in a cold sweat, which was too poor.


“Ugh, forget it, I’ll lend you some then.”Little Omi took a hundred dollars and gave it to Omi.

Omi gratefully said, “Thank you for your generosity, brother Omi.”

“Alright, hurry up and take a taxi to Changliu Mansion.”


Omi stopped a taxi and said to the driver, “To the Changliu Mansion.”

Half an hour later, the taxi arrived at the entrance of the Changliu Mansion.

After paying, Omi walked into the Changliu Mansion.

A receptionist busily asked, “Hello, sir, how may I help you?”

Omi said, “I’m looking for your boss, his name is Liu Chenming, where is he?”

“You have to make an appointment to see our General Manager, do you have an appointment in advance?”

“Appointment?I don’t know.”

“I’ll ask for you then.”

The lady at the front desk made a phone call, then said to Don, “I’m sorry, sir, but you don’t have an appointment.”

“What about it, I need to see him, I heard he’s looking for a bodyguard for his daughter, is that true?”

“Sir, it’s his family business, I didn’t know that.”


“Then you take me to him.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but you don’t have an appointment.”

“Then make an appointment quickly, eh?”

The receptionist smiled, “Sir, the appointment is not immediately available, it also depends on whether our boss wants to see you, whether you have time, and there is no such quick answer.Moreover, our boss’s schedule is full in three days, so even if you make an appointment, you’ll have to meet him after three days.”

“Three days later?The cauliflower is getting cold. Which floor is your general manager’s office on?Can you tell me about this?”

The receptionist said, “On the nineteenth floor, the staff elevator cannot go up to the nineteenth floor, only the special elevator can go up.”

Omi didn’t say anything and walked out of the building to an unoccupied place on the side of the building.

Omi leapt onto the glass curtain wall of the building, the entire exterior of the building was covered in dark blue glass.Omi put his hands on the glass and quickly climbed up like Spider-Man.

At this moment, in one of the luxurious offices on the nineteenth floor, a middle-aged man with an unhappy face said to one of his men, “What are all these things, can’t you find some powerful experts?Look, this Lu Guan, I’m afraid he just came over from Song Daitian.”

That subordinate said, “Boss Liu, indeed, this Lu Guan has just come from Song Dai Tian’s.Song Daitian’s father, entrusted a great relationship to find a very awesome bodyguard, a teenager from the mountains.However, we don’t have such a good relationship ah, this Lu Guan, out of the three youths who came for this interview, he is already the best.”

Liu Chenming depressed, “This Lu Guan, who is one of the three irregular forces in Linjiang City, is from the wrong background, I don’t want such a person to be my daughter’s bodyguard, it’s simply leading the wolf into the house.” First URL

That subordinate said, “But, the three major irregular forces, none of them are easy to provoke, if you don’t give face to Lu Guan, I’m afraid you’ll offend Lu Guan’s father.After all, Song Dai Tian’s family is strong and has wider connections, he can be unafraid, but we, however, have to be scrupulous ah.Right now, Lu Guan and the other two teenagers’ that interviewed him are waiting outside.”

Liu Chenming slapped the table, “How annoying.”

Omi was now crawling all over the glass curtain wall outside this Grand Xia, but he just couldn’t find an entrance.

“Doesn’t this transparent wall have doors and windows?If you can’t find any more doors or windows, you’ll have to smash them.”Omi said depressingly.

In the general manager’s reception room on the nineteenth floor, three teenagers were sitting there.

One of them, a black-clothed youth, was Lu Guan, who had just come from Song Daitian’s place.

Lu Guan had just been swept away by Song Daitian, and now had anger in his heart, and had now pinned his hopes on the Liu family.It would be good if he could become Liona’s personal bodyguard, Liona was also one of the school flowers of Baiyun High School.

Lu looked at the other two and said, “Hey, you two, come here.”

“What are you doing?”The two youths looked at Lu Guan.

Lu Guan walked up and said from above, “Even you are worthy of competing with me, I now give you two choices, first, voluntarily roll away, second, get beaten up by me and then roll away.”

“By virtue of what?What are you?”One of the youths said.

Lu Guan said coldly, “Just because I am a member of the three major irregular forces of Linjiang City, the Wind Cloud Hall.”

“Hmph, so what, we’ve come all the way from abroad, how would we be afraid of your local landlord.”

Lu Guan rushed

Up, in an instant, knocked down those two youths, Lu Guan huffed: “With this strength, you even dare to compete with me, get out.”

In Liu Chenming’s office, a secretary busily ran in to report, “Chairman, it’s bad, outside the reception room, that black-clothed youth, beat up the other two who came for an interview, the other two who came for an interview have been beaten away, only that one in black is left.”


“That’s too much.”Liu Chen Ming was furious.

At this moment, Lu Guan pushed open the office door and walked in.

“Lu Guan, who let you in.”Willow Chenming asked angrily.

Lu Guan smiled, “Mr. Liu, what exactly do you mean by delaying entering the interview process for so long.So, I had to come in myself, I’m not going to be long-winded, I want to be your daughter’s personal bodyguard, I want to protect her.I don’t need your salary, it’s completely free, I don’t know what you think, Mr. Liu?”

Liu Chenming raged, “Lu Guan, don’t go too far, don’t think you can do whatever you want in my place just because you’re a member of the Feng Yun Hall.”

Lu Guan laughed, “Mr. Liu, what are you talking about, I just want to protect your daughter.However, you’re really right, I, the Wind Cloud Hall, am not a soft tomato, hahaha.”

“You.”Liu Chenming was furious, but unfortunately, Liu Chenming only knew how to order a three-legged cat, where was he a match for Lu Guan.

Lu Guan said, “Mr. Liu, don’t hesitate, let me be your daughter’s bodyguard, don’t worry, I’ll protect your daughter well.”

“Don’t even think about it, I’d rather not have a bodyguard than someone like you as my daughter’s bodyguard.”

Lu Guan sneered, “Mr. Liu, you think the Liu family is the Song family.I might have some scruples at Song Dai Tian’s place, but I have nothing to scruple about with you, Mr. Liu, I don’t think there’s any need to rip your face off.Tearing your face is bad for everyone, but we’ll have to see each other often when we become your daughter’s bodyguard.”

“Give me out.”Liu Chenming yelled.

Lu Guan’s face chilled and said gloomily, “Liu Chen Ming, this young master will be your daughter’s bodyguard for free, don’t give me shame, provoke me and I’ll make you unable to get along in Linjiang City.”

Liu Chenming’s chest was stuffy with anger.

“Knock knock, knock knock.”Just at this moment, the sound of dong dong dong came from the glass curtain wall outside.

Willow Morning Glance looked outside and froze, only to see a person stuck to the glass out of thin air.

When Roo watched the person outside, his eyebrows furrowed, wasn’t this the idiot he had just seen at Song Dai Tian’s?

After crawling outside for a long time, Omi was overjoyed to finally see someone in this room.

“Knock knock knock.”Omi was busy knocking on the glass, signaling the person inside to open the window.

Willow Chenming hesitated and pulled open the window, but unfortunately, the window was very small and opened downward in such a tall building, making it difficult to climb in.

However, Omi managed to squeeze in hard.

Omi was busy thanking, “Thank you, by the way, I’m looking for General Manager Liu Chenming, may I ask how to get there?”

Willow Chenming asked, confused, “Who are you?Why come in from the outside?”

“I’m here for an interview, and I heard that Miss Willow’s family is also hiring campus bodyguards, so I came over, but a lady on the first floor wouldn’t let me come up, so I had to climb up here.”

Willow Chenming looked at Omi with some shock and asked, “You just climbed up here?”



At this time, Lu Guan huffed, “What the hell, it’s you again, why did you come here.”Lu Guan was upset, he had just come from Song Dai Tian, but so was this psychopath.

Omi looked at Lu Guan and laughed, “What a coincidence, brother, did you also come over here for the interview?”

“Coincidence your sister, who told you to come over?”Lu Guan yelled.

Omi said, “Boss Song’s driver Little Omi let me come over ah, did he also introduce you over here, you came over really fast.”

Lu Guan pointed at Omi and yelled, “Get out of here, Liona’s bodyguard has already determined that it’s me.”

Omi said, “Is the interview already over?”

At this time, that Willow Chenming was busy saying, “This brother, the interview hasn’t finished yet, what’s your name, I’m General Manager Willow Chenming.”

Omi was busy looking at Liu Chenming and said enthusiastically, “General Manager Liu, I’m sorry, I just didn’t know you were on General Manager, if I’ve offended you, please bear with me.My name is Omi, I really need this job, please interview me again.If you don’t hire me, I won’t have money for dinner.”

Liu Chenming smiled, “Omi, I officially announce that you’ve been hired.”

“Ah, you’ve been admitted so soon.”Omi looked at Liu Chenming incredulously. Remember the URL

Liu Chen Ming looked at Lu Guan and said, “Lu Guan, I’m sorry, but my daughter already has a bodyguard, so please go back.”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Lu Guan laughed out loud, a fierce look on his face.

“Liu Chenming, it seems that you are really toast.”Lu Guan clenched his fists and looked viciously at Willow Chenming.

Willow Chenming took a step back and looked at Lu Guan vigilantly and said angrily, “Lu Guan, this is my office, so don’t do anything foolish.Do you really think you can do anything because you’re a member of the irregular forces?”

“Hahaha, Willow Chenming, if you think so, then you’re really underestimating my Wind Cloud Hall Lu Guan Young Master’s skills.Liu Chenming, you’re asking for it.”After saying that, Lu Guan blasted at Liu Chenming with a fierce punch.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Lu Guan’s fist, it was Omi.

Lu Guan looked angrily at Omi and said through clenched teeth, “I’ll count to three, if you don’t roll away, don’t blame me for even letting you go.”



“Slap.”A loud slap hit Lu Guan’s face and he was slapped on the ground, one side of his face was swollen and blood oozed out of the corner of his mouth.


Omi snorted, “Lu Guan is it, now that Boss Liu, has hired me, if you want to bully my boss, you should at least get my permission.”

“Looking for death.”With a carp, Lu Guan flipped over and killed Omi while his body was still in mid-air, the three meter radius around him was filled with the solemn aura of death emitted from Lu Guan’s body.

“Transforming Dragon Palm.”Lu Guan contained dozens of variations of palm strikes towards Omi, virtual and real.

Liu Chenming on the side warned, “Omi, be careful, his martial arts skills are very high.”

“Bang.”Before Liu Chen Ming’s voice finished, only Lu Guan crashed into the wall.

“Ah.”Liu Chenming’s eyes widened incredulously, it seemed that his warning to Omi was completely unnecessary, Omi’s strength was many times higher than Liu Chenming’s.

“Bang.”In the next second, Lu Guan was grabbed by Omi’s head and slammed into the ground like a ball.The tiles on the floor instantly cracked like a spider, and Lu Guan’s head was bleeding.


p; “What.”Liu Chen Ming was really shocked, Lu Guan was so abused that he didn’t even have a chance to fight back, no, it should be that he didn’t even have a chance to say a word, this mysterious Omi finished off Lu Guan.

“Bang bang.”Omi grabbed one of Lu Guan’s legs and came up with a triple slam.

Liu Chen Ming was so excited that he looked at Omi and said in his heart, “God, what kind of luck have I had today, I actually recruited a bodyguard with such strong martial arts skills.”

Only then did Omi stop and threw Lu Guan towards the corner of the office.

Lu Guan’s head was covered in blood and his face was already different.

“You you you.”Lu Guan swelled his eyes and pointed angrily at Omi.

“Get out of here, if you dare to mess with my boss again in the future, you’re messing with me.”

Lu Guan strained to get up and clenched his teeth, “We’ll see.”

Omi wanted to chase after him and beat him up again, but Liu Chenming was busy shouting, “Mr. Omi, don’t chase after him, this man is not easy to provoke, he has already been taught a lesson, so if he dares to hit my Liu family again in the future, he will have to weigh his words.”

Omi nodded his head.

Liu Chenming was in a very excited mood, busy saying, “Mr. Omi, please sit down.”

“You’re welcome, Boss Liu.”

Liu Chenming smiled, “Mr. Omi, I didn’t expect you to be so good at martial arts, that Lu Guan just now, he’s very strong ah, he’s a pretty famous young expert.”

“No way, this kind of rookie, you’re quite famous.”

“What Mr. Omi said, but with your martial arts skills, you could have gone to a better place, why did you choose to come and be my daughter’s bodyguard?”Willow Chen Ming was confused.

“Being a bodyguard, it’s already the best job for me ah.By the way, boss, don’t blame me for digging into my money ah, when I was hiring over at the Song family, but they gave me 50,000 a month, and also included food and accommodation, I don’t know how it is on your side?Of course, if you don’t have fifty thousand, it’s possible to negotiate again, hehehehe.”

Liu Chenming smiled, seeing how Omi was so serious about bringing it up, he thought it was something that scared him, but it was the salary.

“Mr. Omi, don’t worry, I’ll give you one hundred thousand a month, also inclusive of food and accommodation.”

“One hundred thousand, wow.”Omi was delighted.

“Boss, don’t worry, I’ll do a good job.”

Liu Chenming said, “Mr. Omi, there’s no rush on that, right, where are you from?Well, at least let me get to know you somewhat.”

“I come from a far away place, but of course, you don’t have to worry about me being bad,”Omi assured.

Willow Chenming smiled, “With your martial arts skills, there’s no need for you to come to me to be a bad guy, okay, I trust you.Where are you staying now?What kind of work did you do before?”

“I live in the Songtao neighborhood, and I’m still a senior at Baiyun Middle School.”

“Ah, what a coincidence, my daughter is also a senior at Baiyun High School.”

“Hehe, I know.”Omi smiled.

Liu Chenming said, “White Cloud High School, with its mixed dragons and snakes, is very chaotic, I wanted to get my daughter a personal bodyguard a long time ago, but, my daughter is very much against it, she doesn’t like having someone watching over her.So, I’ve found several bodyguards for him before, but she finally chucked them all out.However, last Friday, a perverted man at school deliberately defiled my daughter’s purity by peeing in the ladies’ room while she was in the bathroom.So, this time, she can’t object, and we must get her a campus bouncer.”

“Uh, heh heh.”Omi chuckled, feeling a bit faint in his heart, was it really the same person?


“Alright, Omi, it’s time for the end of the day too, I’ll take you to my house right away, meet with my daughter first, and try to start working officially tomorrow, okay?I’ll arrange for you to be in my daughter’s class, and you’ll come home with her after school, just as you both happen to be seniors again.”

“Good.”Omi nodded.

Willow Chenming and Omi went downstairs and asked Omi to get into his special car.

In the car, Omi made a phone call to his maid, Jean, and told her to keep a good eye on the house in the Songtao neighborhood from now on.

Liu Chen Ming was confused and asked, “You still have a maid, huh?”

“Yeah, but they had to stay and work for me as a servant, so I just had to do whatever they wanted.To tell the truth, I’m actually a family outcast from a faraway place who was expelled by a certain family.”

“Which family would let someone with such high martial arts skills go?”

“Oh, let’s not talk about it, anyway, I’m starting my life anew, and what happened in the past has nothing to do with me.”

Talking to Liu Chen Ming all the way, he soon entered a high-class residential area, all luxury villas.

Willow Chenming said, “The villa in front is the house where my daughter lives.”

“The house where your daughter lives?Don’t you live here?”Don Omi asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

“I live here too, of course, but I’m a businessman, and even though my company’s headquarters are here, I spend very little time actually here, and most of the time I’m traveling around, and the time I live at home is not many days a month.So, it’s mostly my daughter who lives here alone.”

“Oh, and what about your wife and the others?”

“Hey, my wife and I got divorced, one daughter goes to me and the other to her, I was originally the door-to-door son-in-law of a powerful family… Never mind, let’s not talk about the past.”Liu Chen Ming smiled bitterly, but there was a hint of loneliness in his eyes that he couldn’t hide.

The car soon stopped in front of a villa.

“Omi, go inside.”

“Oh.”Omi followed Liu Chenming into the iron gate outside the villa, and an old woman in the flower garden inside was busy greeting, “Master, you’re back.”

Willow Chenming asked the woman, “Where’s Miss?”

“Miss is in the study reading a book, Miss especially loves to study.”

Liu Chenming shouted, “Xiang’er, come down quickly, Dad has found a good bodyguard for you.”

When Liona, who was in the study, heard this, she immediately came down the stairs to see what kind of bodyguard her father had found for her.

However, when Liona came down to the living room and saw Omi sitting on the sofa, her body trembled and her whole body stayed.Liona would never have thought that the bodyguard her father had found for her would be the super pervert king who peed in the ladies’ room.

When Omi saw Liona, he smiled bitterly, it was really her, and greeted Liona with a bit of a guilty conscience, “Hello, Miss.”

Liona’s mind suddenly recalled what happened in the ladies’ room, and this scoundrel even bit back and said that she took advantage of him.

“Ah.”Liona screamed.

Liu Chenming was busy, “Xiang’er, what’s wrong with you?Come over and get to know Omi.”

Shannon Liu pointed at Omi in horror and shouted, “Dad, hurry, get him out of here.”

Liu Chen Ming frowned, “Xiang’er, what did you say?

He’s the bodyguard I hired back for you, his name is Omi, he’s also a senior at Baiyun High School, come over and get to know him.”

Liona said anxiously, “Dad, please kick him out, this bastard is the pervert who bullied me in the ladies room on Friday.”

Liu Chen Ming laughed, “Xiang’er, stop it, I know you still don’t like being watched by bodyguards, but this time, I mustn’t by yourself, what happened in the bathroom on Friday, you forgot about it so quickly, so this time, whether you like it or not, I must get you bodyguards.”

Liona was so anxious to cry that she pointed at Omi and complained, “Dad, I didn’t lie to you, the pervert who bullied me in the ladies’ room was this guy, I recognized him even when he was burnt to ashes.”

“Alright, Xiang’er, every time you find a bodyguard for you, you find all sorts of reasons to frame others, the last time you found that bodyguard for you, didn’t you also frame him for entering your room in the middle of the night, can you ever change a fresh reason, really.”

“Ooh, Dad, why don’t you just believe me, you recruited the pervert back, are you really going to lead the wolf into your room?”Liona looked at Omi in a burst of fear, this pervert even dared to be so blatant at school, if this was at home, wouldn’t she be defiled?Maybe wait a few months and even conceive a child, at the thought of this, Liona’s body trembled with fear.

Omi smiled cheekily and said, “Liona, are you mistaken about someone.”

Omi couldn’t admit it to death now.

Liona roared, “You pervert, you burned to ash I won’t even acknowledge the wrong person.”

Liu Chenming saw how stubborn his daughter was and looked at Omi.

Omi smiled bitterly and said, “Boss Liu, it seems your daughter doesn’t welcome me.”

Liona gritted her teeth and said, “Get out, you in pervert, get out.”

Omi said, “Boss Liu, do you think, with my strength, I need to bully a schoolgirl in the ladies room?Truth be told, I don’t even know what the word ‘bullying’ means.”

Liu Chenming looked at his daughter and said, “Xiang’er, stop it quickly, look at Omi, such a simple and kind person, he doesn’t even know what bullying means, how could he do something like that.”

“Dad, don’t be fooled by his appearance, he lied to you, I don’t believe this pervert is pure and good, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Omi said, “Boss Willow, I swear to God, I’m really pure and good.”

Liu Chenming nodded, he had seen how high Omi’s martial arts skills were, and with such high martial arts skills, the girls who fell after him must have been a bunch of them, there was no motive at all ah.

“Xiang’er, if you keep messing around, daddy is angry.”Then he said to Omi, “Omi, don’t mind, Xiang’er is just a bit naughty sometimes, you should take it more seriously.”

Omi laughed and asked, “Boss Liu, I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, aren’t you afraid?”

Liu Chen Ming laughed bitterly, “Omi, don’t tease me, how can you be that kind of person, I’d rather believe that I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I don’t believe that you are ah.”

Liona exhaled and looked at Omi, “You’re shameless, you dare not do it.”

Omi smiled cheekily and said, “Liona, I’ll treat you as a child who doesn’t know any better, so for your father’s sake, I won’t bother to bother with you.”

Liu Chen Ming couldn’t help but look at Liona with a straight face and reprimanded, “Xiang’er, you’re so old and still ignorant, so why don’t you apologize to Omi.”


“What? I have to apologize, no way.Dad, you led the wolf into the house, you’ll regret it.”After saying that, Liona ran upstairs in tears.

Liu Chen Ming apologized and smiled at Omi, “I’m sorry, Omi, Xiang’er has been spoiled by me since she was little, some times she’s very sensible, but other times, she’s very ignorant, please bear with me a little more.”

Omi said, “It’s okay, I only do my essential work, I don’t care about the rest.”

“Good, good, then, Omi, you go take a shower first.”

“Okay.”Omi nodded, looking at such a large villa, and thought to himself, “It must be cool to live here, I’ll be relying on it later, yay.”

Liu Chenming instructed the old woman, “Wu Ma, take Omi to his room.”

Wu Ma asked, “Master, which room, please?”

Liu Chen Ming thought for a moment and said, “Let Omi stay in the room next door to Miss, it will also be easier to protect her.”

“Yes, Master.”

Wu Ma was respectful to Omi and said, “Mr. Omi, please follow me.”

“Yes, thank you, Mother Wu.”Omi acted like a decent gentleman. First URL

Omi was taken to a luxurious room on the third floor, with a one meter eighteen bed and a very well-lit balcony.

Wu Ma said, “Mr. Omi, you’re busy first then, I’m going down to cook dinner.”

“Okay, thanks Mrs. Wu.”

Wu Ma took the room door with her as she went out.

Omi collapsed on the soft bed and sighed, “This bed is so comfortable, rich people really enjoy, no, people in this world really enjoy.In my world, no matter how rich people are, the bed is still a hardwood board, hehe, I’m liking this world more and more.I also like this house a lot, and I’m not leaving even if I’m dead.”

Omi entered the bathroom, even the bathroom was huge, almost half the size of someone else’s room.

Omi took a comfortable hot shower, wrapped in a white towel, and stood on the balcony of his room, comfortably stretching his waist.

At this moment, in the next room, Liona was throwing herself on the bed and sobbing, after crying for a while, she took a picture of a woman in the bedside table.I’m not going to be able to do anything about it,” she said.Mom, I miss you so much, I haven’t seen you since you divorced Dad when I was eight years old, and you haven’t come looking for me, do you really not want me anymore?Dad has been out doing business for years, I’m the only one at home, and now dad has even recruited a pervert into the house, what am I going to do in the future, sob.”

After crying for a while, Liona put the photo down and went to the balcony of the room.

It just so happened that Omi was on the balcony of the next room, and the two rooms were just a meter apart.

“Ah!You you, why are you here.”Liona asked as she saw Omi and her body trembled.

“Hehe, Miss, I live in this room ah, from now on, we will live next door oh.”

“What? You’re still living next door to me.”Liona was on fire.

“Yeah, the boss said it’s easier to protect you this way, hehehe.”Omi laughed a series of giggles, but Omi’s laugh felt like a conspiratorial wicked laugh in Liona’s eyes.

When Liona saw Omi’s wicked laugh, her petite body trembled, and she said angrily, “Pervert, what kind of bewitching soup did you put into my dad, why did my dad

So trust you.You yourself should know better than anyone whether or not you were the one who urinated in the ladies room that day.I warn you, I will never let a beast like you stay in my house, and I will never let you be my bodyguard.”

Omi said, “Miss, to make a living, why drive me to extinction.”

“You’ve bullied me and you dare to come to my house to muddle your way through, you’re shameless.”Liona was furious, having never seen such a shameless pervert.

“Hehe, Miss, who made your family rich, I wouldn’t have come to your house to mix meals, but unfortunately, that Song Yu’er’s father, didn’t admit me, so I had no choice but to come to your place to mix meals.”

Liona was furious, “So, you’re a pervert with a purpose, staring at those school flowers in Baiyun Middle School.You can’t hit Song Yu’er’s idea, so you hit me, you don’t want to.By the way, I also heard that a man named Omi wrote a heartwarming love letter to Samira, I didn’t know who it was, but it was you too, you pervert.Omi, can you be a little more shameless?You’re still not human.”

“Hey, I can’t help it.”Omi helplessly puffed his hands out.

But think about it, it’s really, the love letter written to Shangguan Zuo, Carlos said, the language is very explicit, Omi himself was speechless, such a shameless love letter dared to write, the previous Omi, really shameless ah.

A series of misunderstandings and coincidences, Omi in the heart of Liona, has become a beast level character.

Liona grunted, walked into her room, secretly saying, “I must get rid of him.”

“Mr. Omi, Miss, it’s dinner time.”Wu Ma came up and called.

Omi and Liu Chenming’s father and daughter shared dinner together.

Willow Chenming gave Omi a bunch of Porsche car keys and smiled, “Omi, starting tomorrow you will be accompanying my daughter to school, here are the car keys, go to and from school with my Xiang’er.”

“Good.”Omi nodded, in fact, Omi couldn’t drive at all, but Omi still took the key, Omi felt that he should be able to study at night.

“Omi, I’m relieved to have you here in the future, Xiang’er is now my only family, so I’m counting on you.”

Omi said, “You’re welcome, I’ll just make a living, I’ll do my job.”

“Oh, don’t say it so badly, I would rather, you and Xiang’er are not just a bodyguard and a lady, but also like friends.”

Omi smiled, “I would very much like to become friends with Miss, but I’m afraid Miss won’t like it.”

Liona huffed, “I swear, if you don’t grow up to be my bodyguard, you’ll be good enough to resign of your own accord.”

Omi said, “Don’t worry Miss, I won’t give up such a good job.”

Willow Chen Ming made a round, “Alright, alright, you guys don’t fight, it’s just starting now, you don’t get along, but I’m sure you’ll get along with each other over time.”

“I’ve had enough.”Xiang Yun Liu got up and walked upstairs.

“Ugh.”Willow Chenming sighed.

Liu Chen Ming and Omi also finished their meal quickly, they had some tea, when Liu Chen Ming received a call from his secretary, “Mr. Liu, the plane takes off at nine, you should get ready to leave, the driver and I are on our way to your house.”


Putting down the phone, Willow Chenming smiled bitterly, “Look, I just came back for dinner, and I have to leave again.”

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