King of kings 1351-1355


“Master, it’s alright, from now on, my disciple will never let anyone bully you again.”

Omi looked at the man called Po and said, “Your master is dead, you can go find your next family.”

Ding Ru was busy saying, “Feng’er, his name is Po, he’s the housekeeper here, and I owe it to him to take care of me all these years.”

“Really? In that case, if you’re willing, come with me and I’ll introduce a better family to you.”

“Thank you senior, I’m willing.”

“Then let’s go.”

Omi let his master and Po, sit on Little Fire’s back, and then sailed away.

As for Leishu’s body, Omi burned it to ashes in one fire.

“Windy, why did you appear here?How did you find me?And where are your sifu, brothers and sisters?”Ding Ru was busy asking.

Omi said, “Master, they’re all in Golden Silk City, we’re going back to Golden Silk City now, it’ll take months to go back this way, I’ll slowly tell you about our experiences over the years.”

Three months later, Omi finally arrived at Golden Silk City, mainly because the road was unfamiliar, otherwise it would be faster to get there. The first website

“Master, Po, this is my temporary residence, Golden Silk City, the Golden Rock family, let’s go down, Shisun, senior brother, and junior sister and the others, they will be happy to see you back alive.”

“But, my face.”Ding Ru touched his disfigured face.

Omi consoled, “Master, don’t be afraid, I think that your teacher’s wife can help you restore your face.Master was willing to disfigure himself in order to protect his disciple, Master’s great kindness, and disciple is really unable to repay it.”

“Feng’er, you brothers and sisters are my sons and daughters in my heart, I should do whatever I do, don’t say such words in the future, like a woman.”

“Hehe, good.I won’t say it later.”

Omi flew to a manor.

At a glance, Omi saw three children playing on the grass outside the manor, it was Omi’s daughter, Qin Nui, Wind Bell, and Wind Xu too.As for Feng Lei, the son born to Li Xuan’er, he couldn’t walk yet.

“Master, they are my children.”

“Ah.”Ding Ru seemed to feel a bit unable to believe it, in the blink of an eye, Omi’s children were four, so it seemed that he had really been away for too long.

“Daddy, daddy.”

Three children saw Omi and ran up.

“Qin Nui, Feng Xu, Feng Chime, have you missed daddy.”

“Daddy, Mommy and I miss you every day oh.”Wind Wook said.

“Hahaha, come, let me introduce you, this is your Master Teacher, call him quickly.”


“Eh eh eh!”Ding Ru was busy smiling and nodding his head.

At this time, Qin Ren, Xu Mei Qian, Liona, and the others, saw Omi and came over from afar.

“Husband, why did you come back without saying anything.”Qin Ren said happily looking at Omi.

As for her Master, she didn’t pay attention at the moment.

Xu Mei Qian and Liona were also dead happy to see their husbands’ sudden return.

Omi said, “Rei’er, look who’s back with me.”

Rei Qin looked at Bao and Ding Ru behind Omi.

“Ah.”After looking at them for a few seconds, Rei Qin suddenly shouted out.

“Master, Master?”Rei Qin shouted incredulously.

Ding Ru was busy, “Rei’er, it’s me.”

“Ah, really Master, Master.”Rei Qin cried out and pounced on it.

In the distance, Omi’s brothers and sifu seemed to have seen the commotion and ran over.

“Haha, Senior Brother Feng, how did you come back so quickly.”Big Brother smiled.

At that moment, however, the teacher’s wife cried out, “Ding Ru.”


“Ding Ru.”


Shisuni was crying and hugging together.

Big Brother and the others hadn’t reacted yet.

“What does this mean?”

Omi glared, “Can’t you even see Master’s figure?That’s Master.”

“What.”Omi’s brothers and sisters all yelled out, that disfigured man, was Master?

“Nonsense, I’ve got Master back.”

“I’ll go, Master, I’ve really missed you.”Omi’s brothers and sisters all jumped on it.

Omi smiled in relief, it was really good that Master had finally returned.

During the days when Master was away, Shiniang was all alone and miserable, the brothers and sisters were all very heartbroken, now it’s good that Master is back, Shiniang finally doesn’t have to be so lonely.

That night, in the manor, Omi held a grand reception banquet to celebrate his master’s return, Omi also invited Jin Yao and Jin Yue over, the whole family was full of laughter and happiness.

Late in the night, the feast ended, before the large crowd dispersed.

In the aunt’s room, the aunt and the master embraced each other tightly, and then it was like a dry fire, passion ignited the whole room.

Omi spent the night in Qin Ren’s room next door.

Omi heard the commotion and smiled.

Little Sister blushed and said, “What are you laughing at, you’re laughing so obscenely.”

Omi shouted loudly, “Shisha, shout out to your heart’s content, we can’t hear you, hahaha.”

Little Sister hurriedly covered Omi’s mouth and said, “What are you doing you.”

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed hehehe and pounced on Qin Ren.

At the next door, Shifu’s wife felt quite embarrassed when she heard Omi’s voice, and Shifu laughed, “This jerk.”

The teacher’s wife snapped, “Who told you to make so much noise, so that Feng’er and Rei’er can hear it.”

Nothing was said for the rest of the night.

The next day, at the morning meal, Shisuniang and Master got up the latest, and only when everyone was halfway through did Shisuniang arrive late.

Big Brother Haha laughs: “Shiniang, this morning up red glowing oh, like a few years younger yo.”

The teacher’s wife blushed and said with a glare; “Xie Yong, do you think you’ve grown up and the teacher’s wife can’t take care of you.”

“Oooh, Shisuniang, I was wrong.”

Everyone harrumphed and laughed.

Master coughed and everyone immediately quieted down, this atmosphere, it seemed like it was back to when we were at the Divine Dragon Mountain.

Omi also felt incredibly happy for a moment, wasn’t this the kind of happiness that he had been working for.

Regarding his own mother, Omi hadn’t told everyone yet, as it wasn’t the right time yet.

Since then, the master also settled down in the Golden Rock Family, and the face of the teacher’s wife, every day was filled with a cute smile again, the teacher’s wife used to be an innocent, all the time girly person, but since the accident of the master, she changed, and now, she would change back to her original appearance.Omi and his brothers and sisters were very happy to see it.

In the blink of an eye, Omi had spent a year at home.

Omi’s daughter, Qin Nui, was already five years old, and the rest of the children, one year younger each.

Interestingly, Xiao Meng was pregnant and had been for two months.

“Brother Zichen, am I going to be a mother too.”

“Xiao Meng, it’s a good thing, what, I don’t like the way you look.”

“No no, it’s just, I don’t think I’ve learned how to be a mother yet.”.

“Idiot, you’ll learn from them, hahaha.”Omi laughed loudly, and the fifth child came.


However, the good times didn’t last long.

When Xiao Meng was five months pregnant, someone from the Lonely Soul organization came.

“There’s a tiger on the mountain knowingly.”

“Favoring the tiger mountain, tell me, what do you want to see me about this time?”Don Zichen asked.

“Bullhead, this is an assignment for you from above.”Chen Xiang took an unopened letter to Omi, the letter opening sealed with a special kind of glue.

Omi opened the envelope.

“Mission, go to the Royal Academy of the Great Martial Empire and assassinate the son of the Zoroastrian Vice Patriarch, Wang Peiqiu.”

Omi smiled, “Is there any more detail you want to add?How can I know who Wang Pei ball is?”

“This you, if you know who Wang Peiqiu is, what else do you need to do, I’ll just go there myself, won’t I.”


“Niu Tou, the Royal Academy is only accessible to the Yuan Clan, and the descendants of high ranking officials, so this place is heavily guarded, if you force your way in, I’m afraid it won’t work, you have to find another way to enter the Royal Academy, then successfully find out who Wang Peiqiu is impersonating, kill them, and finally retreat smoothly, so that your mission is complete.You can or get 50 contribution points for completing this mission.”Chen Xiang said. Remember the URL

“What do you mean, 50 contribution points?”

“We, the Lonely Soul Organization, have a statistic for every member, the higher the contribution score, the more you contribute to the organization, and when our organization obtains imperial power in the future, the higher the contribution score, the higher the status, the more things you will get.So far, my contribution score to the Lonely Soul Organization has been over 2,000 points, and the Yang Ma you met last time has over 3,000 points.”

“Oh!It’s quite interesting, at least let me know that I didn’t pay for nothing when I went to complete these missions.”

Chen Xiang said, “Bullhead, you now have a total of 100 contribution points, last time in the Imperial City, you killed several members of the Zoroastrian Church and the organization gave you 50 points.Bull Head, your true identity is Little Prince, the higher your contribution points, the greater the future seems to be for you.”

“Good, is there anything else you want to explain?”Omi asked.

Chen Xiang handed Omi a secret book and said, “This is an advanced disguise technique, it is worlds different from the one you learned before, you must learn it to the first level or higher, it is important for you to hide your identity.”

Omi took the secret book, on it was written, “The Secret of Face Change.”

“This Face Change Secret, there are a total of four levels, one is more difficult than the other, if you can learn the third level, then you can really say that the level of Face Change has reached perfection.”

“How perfect is it.”Omi asked.

“You can turn into a woman and have no flaw, is that perfect enough?”

Omi rolled his eyes speechlessly, but it was indeed powerful, the disguise technique that Jin Yue taught him before was too low level compared to this one.

“Don’t think it’s funny, so far, no one has been able to learn the third level, even I’ve only learned the second level.”

Omi said, “Didn’t you say that there are four levels?Why don’t you tell me about the fourth weight.”

“Oh, the fourth weight doesn’t say it.”

“Why don’t you say it?”

“Because no one is even able to train to the fourth weight, not even the third weight, the fourth weight, why even talk about coming.”

“Uncle Xiang, at any rate, tell me, what would happen if you train to become the fourth weight, the third weight can even turn into a woman

up, that fourth weight, is it not possible to turn into an animal?”

Chen Xiang rolled his eyes, “You think you are immortal, if you practice the fourth level, you can change your face into anyone.If a person’s face changing technique reaches this level, then that person is already too terrifying, no one in the world will be able to catch this person, unfortunately, this is just a legend.”

Omi said inwardly, “For martial arts secrets, I’ve always learned them by just looking at them since I was a child, no matter what martial arts secrets I’ve learned them by just studying them, I don’t know if I can learn the fourth level of this face changing secret.”

Omi no longer talked nonsense to Chen Xiang and flipped through the secret from start to finish.

After reading it, Chen Xiang said, “Now that you’ve finished reading it, where you don’t understand, ask me quickly, I have limited time.”

Omi said, “No need, the secret is back to you.”

“What?Don’t you have the confidence to learn the first level?Bullhead, this isn’t the you I know.”

Omi smiled, “I think I’ve already learned the third level, as for the fourth level, it’s really difficult, but I’ve memorized the contents of the secret.”

“Bullhead, I’m not in the mood to joke with you like this.”Chen Xiang said with a straight face.

Omi said, “I’m also not in the mood to joke with you.”

Chen Xiang looked at Omi and said inwardly, “Is Bull Head, really so heavenly?It’s such a difficult secret, and you’ve reached the third level in 3-5 minutes?It took me sixty years to train to only the second level.”

“Bullhead, are you really not joking?Do you know how long it took me to train to the second level?”

“For how long?Don’t tell me that it took you ten years.”

Chen Xiang snorted, “Ten years, I haven’t even trained to the first weight, and it took me a full sixty years to train to the second weight.Even so, there aren’t many people in the entire Lonely Soul Organization who have practiced to the second level, most of them are at the first level.”


Omi was surprised, he had only practiced to the third weight for less than ten minutes ah, Omi didn’t think it was that difficult ah, it was understandable ah, why was it so hard to be?

“Bullhead, since you said you practiced to the third level, then you change a woman’s appearance to show me.”

“Okay, give me half a pillar of incense time, after all, it’s the first time to implement it.”

After half a column of incense, Omi’s face, turned into a woman, and it was flawless, not a makeup kind of woman at all.

“Ah, you, you’ve actually practiced to the third level, gosh, no one in this world has been able to practice to the third level ah.”Chen Xiang was dumbfounded.

Omi quickly changed back, man body, woman face, it was too disgusting.

Chen Xiang looked at Omi adoringly.

“Don’t look at me with such adoring eyes, I’m just a legend.”Omi said in a lightning struck tone.

“Bullhead, you’re really amazing, tsk, your future is definitely not comparable to ours.”

“Alright, is there anything else?If not, I’m going back to study the fourth level, once I practice the fourth level, I’m sure it will be very easy to enter the Royal Academy.”

“Right, if you train to the fourth weight, you can disguise yourself as anyone you see and pretend to be him, you can even swagger into the Yuan’s palace, as long as you don’t get suspicious of your looks, movements or anything, no one will find out.Bullhead, if you train to the fourth level, I’m afraid that you alone can compete with the entire Zoroastrian religion.”


“Hey, alright, nothing much is going on.By the way, give me a few more assassination lists, after going out this time, I want to complete a few more missions to save myself from running away so many times next time.”

Chen Xiang was speechless, making it sound as if Omi had already practiced the fourth secret of changing his face, saying that completing the tasks was as easy as going out on a trip.

“Hurry up ah, how many to assassinate, give a list.”

Chen Xiang had to give Omi ten lists and said, “These ten people are all people that the organization has wanted to assassinate in recent years, or are assassinating, or have failed to assassinate and have been killed instead, you have to decide for yourself, remember to be careful.”


Chen Xiang left.

Omi locked himself in the training room and practiced the fourth weight hard.

This fourth weight of the secret of changing your face, I’m afraid it was something that everyone in the entire continent, everyone dreamed of, imagine being able to turn into anyone’s face, how efficient it would have to be to do things.

Omi spent a full three months, and finally, he had practiced the fourth level of the Face Change Secret.

“Haha, practiced it, damn, it’s really hard, with my level, it actually took three months, just ask anyone else, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough time to practice.Take Chen Xiang when he came here, it took him sixty years to practice the second weight, the fourth weight, it has to be at least ten times harder, even a hundred times harder, then with his level, it would take him over 600 years, but how could he have such a long lifespan, so no one else in the world has practiced it.

Omi immediately tried to change his face. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Omi could control every blood vessel, every nerve, every muscle, even every hair and every pore of his body at will, so Omi could transform into a person according to his imagination.Only, this face transformation secret wasn’t a god after all, and Omi could only change to 80% to 98% similarity.

The more familiar you are with that person, the more you can change your face to resemble him, with the highest resemblance reaching ninety-eight percent, ninety-eight percent is already very similar.

Omi immediately transformed himself, into the appearance of his big brother Xie Yong, and then walked out of the practice room.

When he ran into Qin Ren, Qin Ren called out, “Big Brother, it’s been three months since my phase has finished practicing?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”Don said, even sounding exactly the same.

“Oh, I’ll leave him alone then.”

Omi ran into his master again.

“Xie Yong.”


“I heard that you’re planning to organize a mercenary team by yourself and go to the wilderness for training, is it true or not.”

“Master, it’s true.”

“Oh, I’m going to move my muscles and bones for my master, so count me in as one.”


Master chuckled and walked away.

Even Master didn’t see if Omi was real or not.

Omi continued to walk.

At that moment, three little boys came running.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy.”

Omi was embarrassed ah, because the three boys who came running were the three sons of Big Brother.

Big Brother had been lucky to have three sons.

“Ugh.”Omi looked a bit guilty.

“You and I will find Qin Nui, Feng Xu, Feng Lei and the others to play.”Omi said.

One: “Dad, Feng Lei was spanked by his mother.”

“Uh, why did you spank Feng Lei.”Omi said in his heart, Xuan’er, how dare you spank my son.

“Because Feng Lei he was not good.”

Omi said, “From now on you guys have to be good too, or I’ll spank you too oh.”


“Alright, you guys go play.”The three kids ran off.

Omi walked into a living room.

In the living room, Xie Yong was there alone drinking tea and reading a book.

When Omi walked in, Xie Yong was stunned.

“You, who are you?”Xie Yong was busy asking.

Omi smiled in his heart and said, “Who are you again.”

“How come you look exactly like me?”Xie Yong felt a chill.

Omi said, “I go, there’s a real resemblance, you’re not my long-lost brother, are you?”

“How is that possible.”

In the next second, Omi disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Xie Yong rubbed his eyes.

“Did I blink?I can’t, why would I be blurry-eyed in broad daylight.”

“What, what’s going on here?”

“Oh, shit, a ghost?”

Omi hurried back to his room and changed his clothes.

Omi couldn’t say anything to any of his family members about him practicing the fourth weight of the secret of changing his face, because it was a matter of great importance and Omi would never be able to change into his own family members again.

Omi felt a pain all over his body after changing back to his own face, and it hurt him for half a month before he got better.

It turns out that changing your face isn’t so much fun, it’s damaging to your body tissues, and this is something that you should use sparingly in the future if it’s not a necessary situation.”

After that, Omi stayed at home for a few days, then made an excuse to leave the house, taking Little Fire with him and heading straight to his destination, the Great Martial Empire, the Royal Academy.

A few months later, Omi arrived at the Royal Academy.

Since finding Wang Peiqiu wasn’t something that happened all at once, Omi had to find an identity to enter the Royal Academy.

Omi quickly decided on a target.

Omi captured a child of the Yuan Clan called ‘Yuan Zi’, then forced him to question him for three days and three nights to determine some of Yuan Zi’s identity information, and finally changed his face into Yuan Zi and entered the Royal Academy in a dignified manner.

“Haha, entering the Royal Academy is so simple oh, if I hadn’t practiced the fourth level of the secret of changing my face, I’m afraid it would have taken a lot of effort to enter the Royal Academy, not to mention that I still have to find out Wang Peiqiu after going in.”

Omi arrived in front of one of the Royal Academy’s dormitories.

This was the dormitory where Yuan Zi lived, Omi had pressed for three days and three nights, so naturally he knew all the basic information about Yuan Zi.

Omi walked into Yuan Zi’s dormitory.

“Yo, you’re back.”

“Hurry up, come over and give me a foot squeeze.”

Yuan Zi’s two roommates bullied him.

This Omi also understood that although Yuan Zi was a child of the Yuan Clan, his status was not high, so it was inevitable that he would be bullied by some of the other Yuan Clan children.



In the next second, the two roommates flew out of the dormitory.

“Ah.”Those two roommates were stupid, what was going on?How did Yuan Zi become so strong?

Omi smilingly walked out of the dormitory and said, “If you dare to bully me again in the future, don’t blame me for being rude, get out.”

“Yuan Zi, you, aren’t you in the early stages of the Ancestor Realm?Why so powerful all of a sudden?”

“Ancestral realm, huh.”Omi trailed off.

Omi looked at the huge Royal Academy and said in his heart, “So many people, I don’t know who is the son of the Vice Patriarch of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, heck, it’s really not easy to find ah, that Wang Peiqiu also came in as an impostor and wants to use the teaching resources of the Royal Academy for his own use, how do I find him?”

Just then, Omi saw a beautiful woman in the distance.

“What a beautiful woman, it looks like she’s the one Yuan Zi said, the beautiful princess named Yuan Xiang.The Yuan clan, and my Shang clan are sworn enemies, I wonder if we should take the opportunity to spoil a few princesses?”A wicked thought inside Don Zimmer.



Omi left the dormitory, tailed by that Princess Yuanxiang.

Princess Yuanxiang would go to the Little Bamboo Forest every day to practice martial arts, and today was no exception.

It was just that Princess Yuanxiang didn’t know that someone was trailing behind her, she was only an early clan master.

“Swoosh.”Princess Yuanxiang immediately started practicing martial arts.

Omi observed that there was no one else in the grove.

“Hehe.”Omi walked up.

“Yuan Zi, what are you doing here?”Princess Yuanxiang scolded angrily.

“Yuanxiang, not bad, really hot tempered and beautiful body.”Omi said.

Princess Yuanxiang slapped Omi with a sudden slap.

Omi grabbed her wrist and said, “Yuanxiang, no man likes such roughness.” The first website

“Yuan Zi, you dare to be rude to me, you’re a child of a marginal branch of the Yuan Clan, do you believe I’ll let your whole family die?”That beautiful princess roared.

This Yuan Purple that Omi was impersonating was a very marginal child of the Yuan Clan, after all, the entire Yuan Clan royal family, too many people, it was estimated that adding up all the surnames of Yuan together, it was almost 100,000 people.

Back then, Omi’s Shang clan also had more than 100,000 Shang clan children, but later, after being overthrown by the Yuan clan, they were massacred, at least more than 90,000 Shang clan children died under the Yuan clan’s butchering knife.

Ninety thousand Shang Clan peers ah, Omi was horrifying to think about, how scary that head pile up had to be.

That’s why, Omi would tail this Princess Yuan Xiang, because Yuan really killed too many fellow Shang Clan members, making the justice within Omi’s heart disappear in the face of such hatred.

“Pah.”Omi slapped Princess Yuanxiang to the ground.

“You, you dare to hit me.”Princess Yuanxiang looked at Omi incredulously, but she was a child of the Yuan Clan, the core of the clan, and her status must be much higher than the children on the fringes.

Omi looked at Yuan Xiang’s alluring posture, his heart was in a tangle.

“Having already offended this Princess Yuanxiang today, this person must definitely be killed, or else she will find trouble with me afterwards, although I can change one’s appearance, it’s troublesome to do so, plus I’ve had a hard time familiarizing myself with the basic information of Yuan Zi’s identity.But, before killing her, should I?”

Omi was quite torn inside.

“Puff.”Omi’s hand rose and cut off Princess Yuanxiang’s head with a single slash.

“Just, just kill it.”Omi didn’t do anything like that in the end.

Omi returned to the dormitory.

Omi secretly said, “The two Yuan’s children in the dormitory must also be killed, yes, killed.”

“Bang, bang.”Omi killed the two Yuan children of the dormitory as well, the entire Royal Academy, eighty percent of them were Yuan children.

However, in order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, Omi dumped the bodies of the two Yuan sub-disciples somewhere else.

Omi came back to the training ground.

This training ground was somewhat like the kind of martial field classroom at the Martial Arts Academy.

The martial field was starting classes.

A teacher from the early peak realm was taking roll call.

“Yuan Xiang?”No one answered.

“Gen Violet.”

“Here.”Omi raised his hand.


No one answered.


No one answered.

Yes, Yuan Ao and Yuan Gui, the two who shared the dormitory with Omi, had been taken care of by Omi.

“Strange, why aren’t the three of them here.Yuan Zi, you’re in the same dorm as Yuan Ao and Yuan Gui, have you seen them?”The teacher asked Don Zichen.

Omi said, “No, I don’t.

“Alright, let’s not wait for them, let’s start class.”The teacher said helplessly, after all, one had to be careful in class here, because all of them were the children of the Yuan Clan’s royal family, or the children of some powerful people, and if they didn’t offend anyone a little, then they were finished.

Omi acted naturally so as not to arouse suspicion, and did not draw attention to Omi.

Omi’s purpose here was only to complete the organization’s mission to assassinate Wang Peiqiu.

If you have time, you should think more about how to find that Wang Peiqiu.

That evening, the news of the murder of Yuan Xiang, Yuan Ao and Yuan Gui spread, the palace was shocked and sent someone to investigate.

Of course, no one suspected Omi because everyone knew that Omi was also a child of the ‘Yuan Clan’ and had no reason to kill a fellow clan member, plus Omi’s strength was at the bottom of his class.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed, and the deaths of the three Yuan Clan children could not be investigated at all.

And after half a month of investigation, Omi had already locked onto a few targets.

If Omi wanted to find out the Zoroastrian Wang Peiqiu, then Omi had to be clear that Wang Peiqiu was posing as a Yuan’s child, he had to be very low-key, so Omi spent the past half month checking out each class one by one to see who was the lowest profile, the least noticeable, and that person was still hiding his strength.

As a result, in just half a month, Omi had targeted three targets.

These three targets were all very low-profile, and the true strength of two of them had already reached the middle of the Deng Peak Realm.

Omi laughed, “Wang Peiqiu, I’ve found you, you three, all of you are from the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, and those two of you who are in the middle stage of the Hidden Realm Dengfeng are Wang Peiqiu’s bodyguards, just in case.Hahaha.”

Late that night, Omi arrived at Wang Peiqiu’s dormitory.


Wang Peiqiu’s two roommates, immediately rushed out.

“Puff, puff.”Omi killed those two with a single sword, they didn’t even have the chance to see Omi’s face.

Omi snorted and entered the dormitory.

“You, what are you doing?”In the dormitory, a boy looked at Omi in fear, this boy was at the middle realm of the clan.

Omi said, “What do you think.”

“Dare, I’m a Yuan Clan royal son, you dare to try to touch me.”

“Hahaha, a good royal descendant, don’t make me tell you, your name is Wang Peiqiu.”

The boy’s face changed.

“No, no way, I’m not.”

“Wang Peiqiu, you, a son of a Zoroastrian Vice Patriarch, how dare you come here.”

That Wang Peiqiu tried to escape.

“Poof.”Omi struck him to death with his sword.

Omi smiled heedlessly, “Last half a month, complete the first mission.”

Then, Omi drifted away, there was no longer any need to stay at the Royal Academy.

The next day, Omi returned to an inn in the Royal City and sat drinking in the inn, when he changed into another person.

In the inn, there were many discussions.

“Have you heard ah, tomorrow is the wedding of Emperor Taixuan Sun Yuanbi, I heard, the bride is as beautiful as heaven.”

“Isn’t it, and I heard that she is still a virgin!”

“Wow, this Yuan Bi is so lucky, he’s married to a beautiful woman.”

“Nonsense, that Yuan Bi isn’t an ordinary person, he’s only sixty years old, a genius who has reached the middle stage of peak ascension.”

“That bride’s family is also a marquis on the side of the Great Martial Empire, the dowry is a fifty thousand year old Ghost King Grass, tsk tsk, that’s a really generous offer.”

Omi’s ears moved, the corners of his mouth slightly smiled, in his heart he said, “Looks like there’s a need to go to this Emperor Tai Xuan Sun’s house tomorrow to have some fun, that dowry seems to be good, that bride well, huh?”


Omi walked out of the inn after finishing his meal.

Since he had decided to go to Emperor Taixuan Sun Yuanbi’s house tomorrow, it was necessary for Omi to first familiarize himself with the terrain and whatnot, as well as how to most safely enter the completed home.

Omi disguised himself as a beggar, and then found the residence of Emperor Taixuan Sun Yuan Bi.

Yuan Bi’s residence was decorated with lanterns in preparation for the big wedding tomorrow.

Omi squatted not far from the residence, with a bowl in front of him.

“Clang.”A coin was put into the bowl in front of Omi.

“Thank you, good man.”Omi said carelessly.

Omi’s purpose of pretending to be a beggar here was to familiarize himself with the terrain, and although Omi’s disguise was brilliant, it wasn’t flawless, so Omi had to be careful.

Omi said inwardly, “Tomorrow, I will sneak into Yuan Bi’s residence, kill the bride, then steal her dowry, then kill Yuan Bi, and finally, frame everything to the Zoroastrians.”

“Hahaha, perfect, last time Zoroastrianism killed Princess Yuanying and then framed her to the Lonely Soul Organization, this time, I’ll learn from them too, hehehe.”Omi smiled sinisterly.

Yes, Omi’s move was indeed sinister enough, no wonder that old man Chen Xiang said before that Omi had learned the fourth secret of changing his face, a person could confront the Zoroastrianism, indeed ah, Omi framed the Zoroastrianism every time in the future, the Yuan Clan was on fire, and would definitely give his all to deal with the Zoroastrianism. Remember the URL

“If we succeed in framing the Zoroastrians this time, we don’t know how many contribution points we’ll get.”

Just at this moment, the back door of Yuan Bi’s mansion came out, a group of maids, who seemed to be preparing to go to the street to purchase items.

Omi immediately tailed after them.

After reaching the street, Omi dragged one of the maids into the alley at a corner.Omi, of course, was not thinking of that, but rather performing a mesmerizing act on this maiden.

The reason why Omi was looking for the girl ring to do it was because Omi’s mesmerizing technique could only mesmerize those below the Soul Master realm.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Little Flower.”

“That, Genbi’s big wedding tomorrow, isn’t it?”


“So, what’s the name of Genbi’s bride?”

“It’s called Fresh Branch.”

“Is it really pretty?”

“Yes, it’s so beautiful, our little prince is crazy about her.”

“I hear the dowry is a fifty thousand year old what-have-you grass.”

“Ghost King grass.”

“Who is that Genbi?How strong is the martial art?”

“Our little prince, is a top-notch genius, deeply loved by the crown prince, he’s highly skilled in martial arts and handsome, he’s simply a perfect pair with the Fresh Branch County.”

Omi snorted, “I’ll let you know how perfect it is tomorrow.”

Omi asked again, “What is your status in the house?”

“I’m the little prince’s backyard maid.”

“So, you’re free to enter that Genbi’s room?”

“Except for the little prince who is resting, all are allowed to enter the room and clean it, we are servants and it is common for us to enter the master’s room.”

“Very well, who are those people who just came out with you?”

“They are Little Water, Little Violet, Little Bob, Little Ge, and Little Qiang.”

“What are their identities?”

“All are like me, little master backyard maids.”


“What are you guys doing out here this time?”

“We’re out to see if there’s anything else we need to purchase, some supplies we need for the backyard, we have the right to purchase on our own, just go to the housekeeper’s afterwards and report it.”

“Alright, that’s about right.”Omi slapped the girl unconscious, then used a silver needle to give her selective amnesia, she didn’t know anything that happened in the meantime.Omi could have killed her, but she was just an innocent girl, and Omi couldn’t bear to do it.So he had to spend some time and energy to make her lose her memory of what happened during this period.

Then, Omi toned down his body by using the Locked Bone Technique to make himself short, the same shape as this girl’s body, and finally, disguised himself into the appearance of a girl.

Then, Omi took off this girl’s clothes and put them on.

Omi just shook himself into a woman, of course, if he took off his clothes, he would know that it was a man inside, but who would pay attention to a little girl?

Omi looked at this naked girl, gave her his own clothes, and then threw her into a hidden haystack, because Omi’s clothes were originally beggar’s clothes, so hidden in the haystack, for a moment even if someone saw it, they thought it was a beggar, after Omi finished his mission, he would return here and return her clothes, everything, seamlessly.

“Little Flower, Little Flower, strange, where did she run off to?”

“I’m coming.”Omi mimicked that little flower’s voice and ran down the street.

“Little Flower, why have you suddenly disappeared.”

“Oh, I went over there for convenience.”Don Zichen said.

“Let’s go.”


Omi followed the group of maids.

However, Omi was quite depressed because, it was really painful for him, a grown man, to pretend to be a woman.

Omi wandered the streets for an hour, buying a few things, during which time, Omi also clarified the names of the girls, and then returned to Emperor Taixuan Sun Yuanbi’s mansion with some of his purchases.

At this time, it was almost evening.

Omi had to stoop to following a group of maids, working at the residence.

After dinner, the one who called, “Little Flower, let’s go take a bath first.”

“Uh.”Omi was stunned, bathing?

Omi was a big man, with clothes on, the average person couldn’t tell, but if he took off his clothes, then.

“Little Flower, let’s go, the bathhouse is crowded at night, let’s go wash first, hehe.”That girl called Little Violet pulled Omi away.

Omi was so helpless, what to do?Looks like we can only see what happens.

Although Omi could disguise himself and use the Bone Reduction Technique, his body couldn’t really turn into a woman.

“Little Flower, why are your hands getting a little thicker.”The girl who was pulling Omi said.

“Uh, have they, they might have gained weight.”

“Heehee, I’ve also gained a bit of weight recently.”

Soon arriving at the bathing room, the bathing room was reserved for the servants, of course, there was a difference between the male and female bathing rooms, the place Omi came to at the moment was the female bathing room.

Entering the women’s bath room, there was no one inside.

Omi was relieved, it was good that there was no one there, in that case, Omi could use mesmerism to solve the problem.

Little Violet locked the door of the bath room, Omi said, “Shall we wash together?”

“Or else, it’s faster to wash together, we’re all girls, what are you afraid of, besides, it’s not the first time we’ve done this.”After saying that, Violet started taking off her clothes.


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