King of kings 1356-1360


Omi said under his breath, “The door is locked anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

Omi smiled hehehe.

When Xiao Zi turned back, she almost screamed out, the ‘little flower’ in front of her was literally making her pee out of fear.

Omi immediately covered her mouth.

“Don’t talk, you’re treating me as a little flower now.”Omi used a mesmerizing technique.


“Alright, let’s start bathing.”

“Mm, okay.”

Omi and Little Violet, sitting in the bath room’s sink, Little Violet moved sluggishly, using a spoon to fetch water and pour it on herself.

Omi looked at Little Violet, although average looking, not ugly nor beautiful, but, at least a little girl less than twenty ah, so that what under Omi’s eyes, how can Omi not have half a reaction.

“Shit.”Omi was incomparably depressed. One second to remember to read the book

Omi thought about it, no matter what, and pulled Little Violet over.

Half an hour later, Omi and Little Violet walked out of the bath room.

Omi said, “We just finished taking a bath in there, the bathing process is the same as usual.”


“Alright, back to normal.”

Suddenly, Little Violet returned to normal, and it was as if what had just happened in the bath room hadn’t happened at all.

Omi and Little Violet returned to the servant’s room.

Not long after, a maid said, “Little Flower, Little Violet, tonight it’s your turn to serve Little Young Master in the bath.”

“Okay.”Little Violet was busy responding, calling Omi and heading straight to the backyard.

Omi’s heart was incomparably depressed: “Damn, let me serve that trashy Emperor Xuan Sun in the bath?”

Omi had a little fire, but let him live one more night today for now.

When they arrived at the backyard, those male family members had already fetched hot water, a bucket full of it in the room.

: “Little Flower, Little Young Master will be coming to the room soon, quickly bring that purple phlox to spread it.”

“Oh.”Omi scattered a basket of bright red flowers into the barrel.

Soon after, a man walked into the room.

Omi immediately hid his scent, this man, was Emperor Taixuan Sun Yuanbi.

Omi secretly sized up this Huang Taixuan Sun, average appearance, but strong build, after all, they were all martial arts practitioners, the martial arts realm was the middle stage of Dengfeng, it looked like he had stepped into the middle stage of Dengfeng not long ago.

However, Omi felt that his mid peak ascension must have been knocked out by getting high, although it was a skill to get high and be able to knock out mid peak ascension, it was always lower grade than what he had comprehended.

Omi had eaten the flesh of some exotic beasts before, so there was nothing to scoff at, but the vast majority of his realms were comprehended by himself, so in the future Omi would definitely go more steadily.

“Is the water ready?”Genbi asked.

“Back to the little prince, get ready.”

After saying that, Yuan Bi’s hand was extended and Little Violet immediately went up to undress him, while Omi stood aside.

That Yuan Bi’s eyebrows furrowed, “Little Flower, why don’t you help my king undress?”

Omi almost said, “Go to hell.However, Little Purple was busy explaining, “Little Prince, Little Flower is not feeling well today, let the slave servant serve you alone.”

“Hmph, seeing as I’m going to get Fresh Branch tomorrow, I won’t bother with her, hahaha, Fresh Branch ah, tomorrow you’ll finally marry me, hahaha.”That Yuan Bi was sitting in a barrel laughing, and Xiao Zi was rubbing his back behind him.

Omi stood by the side the whole time, how could Omi serve the

A man bathing, Omi would rather settle him tonight, would rather not have that Ghost King Grass, than do this.However, what made Omi despise it was that the bottom of this Emperor Taixuan Sun Yuanbi was so small, on the outside he was quite strong, but inside he was so small, estimated to be less than a third of Omi’s, think about it, if that fresh branch married him tomorrow, the second half of his life was considered to be no happiness to speak of.

After taking a bath, Omi and Xiao Zi retreated.

Little Violet was busy, “Little Flower, what’s wrong with you, fortunately the little prince is in a good mood today, so I won’t bother with you.”

Omi said, “I’m not feeling well, alright, let’s not talk about this.”

“You ah you, are you really not feeling well ah?Then why didn’t you say so earlier and let someone else take over for you.”

Omi felt, “This little purple is quite a nice person.”

The night went on without a word, and before the next day dawned, all the girls were up.

“Damn.”Omi still wanted to sleep.

It seemed that being a servant was also really hard, Omi had experienced the life of a servant this time, Omi felt as if he had experienced a life that was different from his usual one.

Suddenly, Omi seemed to have a bit of enlightenment.

Omi secretly said, “Could it be that I’m so close to comprehending the late stage of my first ascension?No way. So soon?Other people, it’s usually ten years before they can comprehend the late stage of their first peak ah.”

However, Omi didn’t have time for quiet comprehension at the moment, and had to get up and get to work, heading to the backyard to wipe this, wipe that, and make a spotless mess.

In the distance, that Yuan Bi was practicing in the morning.

Omi snorted, “Three-legged cat.”

Omi took a look at that Yuan Bi’s martial arts skills and felt that there were a hundred holes.

Actually, Yuan Bi’s martial arts skills were quite strong, but Omi was just too strong to think that he was weak.

At noon, the bride arrived in a palanquin.

The entire mansion was very lively and very crowded.

Omi and the others, who had been in the backyard, only needed to serve the bride.

“The bride is here.”

Soon, a bride with a cover on her head was helped in by the matchmaker and others, followed by a group of people, jumping on some burdens, which contained cloth, jewelry and other dowry, even that Ghost King Grass was among them.

Omi and other maidens were busy going up to meet them.

Omi, too, helped to pick a burden and jumped into the new room, where these dowries were piled up.

At this moment, the sky was filled with dozens of Dengfeng powerhouses guarding the residence at all times, and in short, a fly would fly in and be discovered.Of course, ordinary people wouldn’t dare to come and steal the dowry, after all, this was the residence of Emperor Tai Xuan Sun, and they would only come to do such a thing if they didn’t want to die.

After entering the new room, that matchmaker said, “Leave two of the young prince’s maids behind, the rest of you go out, no one is allowed to open the door before the auspicious time arrives, and the food needs to be passed in through the window.”


Omi busily said, “Little Violet, let’s stay.”

“Good.”Xiao Zi nodded somewhat reluctantly, she was actually unwilling to stay, it was too stuffy to have to guard the room until night.

The other girls were of course happy to do so and were busy exiting the room.

Omi swept a glance at the new room, in addition to that bride, there was also a matchmaker, a bride’s side of the girl who had brought the ring, and then it was him and Xiao Zi.

The matchmaker, the bride’s maid, and Little Violet, were all very well settled.

The bride, on the other hand, was also easy to deal with, because she was only at the early stage of peak ascension, and it wasn’t a piece of cake for Omi to deal with her.

Only, with so many strong people in the sky right now, it would be difficult for Omi to leave the residence if he did anything right now.


Omi waited in the room until the evening, and then waited for the opportunity to do it.

That bride covered her head, but, within half an hour, she became impatient and wanted to lift the cover.

The matchmaker was busy saying, “Sheriff, you must not remove the cover privately, it is not auspicious, and you must not let your husband take it off until the auspicious time of the evening.”

That bride said, “I am dying of boredom, I can’t stand it any longer, I want to take it off, and if any of you dare to tell anyone, I will not spare her.”After saying that, that bride took off the cover.

Omi also saw the face of the bride at once.

The looks were indeed okay, but, far from being a stunning beauty, in Omi’s opinion, merely okay, as Omi thought.Her body, however, was as hot as the devil, making people want to possess her with a glance.

“Whew, finally comfortable.”The bride stretched her back.

“Sheriff, since the cover has been taken off, that’s fine, but the room, you can’t leave it, otherwise, even if your little prince doesn’t care, if word gets out to the palace, grandpa Crown Prince might care.”

“Alright, I know, I just won’t leave the room.But, it’s really boring, do I have to wait until tonight?”

“Yes, it is only at the auspicious hour of the night, when His Highness the youngest prince will be able to enter the bridal chamber.”

“It’s going to take so long, alas, how will it be?”That bride said. First published at

Omi and Little Violet had been standing silently to the side.

Omi was waiting for the evening to strike, too early in case the situation changed.

At that moment, that bride looked at Omi and said, “You two, what’s your name?”

“Back to the Princess, my name is Little Violet.”

“My name is Little Flower.”

“Let me ask you guys, do you have anything fun to pass the time?”

Violet shook her head.

“What about you?”

Omi said, “I know a fun one, it’s called the Landlord.”

“Landlord fighting?”A puzzled light flashed in the bride’s eyes, and she looked at Omi with a deep frown.

Omi said, “This is a game to pass the time, it requires four people to play together, but I need fifty-four, palm-sized, thin pieces of wood that are exactly the same.”

Little Violet was busy, “I’ll have someone get them and bring them in right away.”

Half an hour later, the outside window handed in fifty-four pieces of wood, which at a glance were just made.

Omi picked up a brush and made a simple deck of playing cards.

“Alright, you can start playing, now let me explain the rules.”

Omi roughly explained the rules of the poker deck, and then he and Xiao Zi, the bride, and the bride’s maid, the four of them started to fight the landlord.

Omi was drunk when he thought about it, but it seemed like Omi was really bored with fighting the landlord here.

However, with the landlord fighting to pass the time, Omi was not so bored, and the time soon came to evening.

After dinner, the bride asked to continue fighting the landlord.

Then, the fighting went on until the evening at 9 pm.

That matchmaker was busy reminding, “Sheriff, it’s almost time for the亥 hour.”

“Alright, then, no more playing.”The bride said.

Omi said, “Your Highness, the matchmaker and your maid, Little Lei, have worked hard all day, let them rest first, Little Purple and I will just serve you here.”

“Good, then you guys go and rest first.


“Just let you go.”

“Yes, thank you, Sheriff.”

The bride’s maid, Little Lei, and the matchmaker left the room to rest, leaving behind Omi and Little Violet.

Omi saw that it was almost time for Inhai to arrive, and with a hehehe smile, he said inwardly, “It’s almost time to get started.”

“Bang.”Omi slapped Xiao Zi Chen and knocked Xiao Zi unconscious.

“You, what are you doing?Who the hell are you?”That bride was immediately wary, in fact when she fought the landlord today, she knew there was something wrong with this man.

Omi took control of the bride at once, an early stage of Dengfeng, Omi was still very much in control of the situation, and now he was waiting for the groom Yuan Bi to come in.

“Who the hell are you?”The bride asked, because she was controlled by Omi and could only speak, not shout out loud.

Omi said, “Do you think, I am really a maid?”

“Ah, your voice?”

“Yes, my voice is male, I’m a man.”

“You, who the hell are you?”

“Hahaha, it doesn’t matter who I am, when I’ve made a contribution to the Zoroastrian Church, hehehehe.”

“Zoroastrianism, you’re a Zoroastrian, heh, no way.”

“Believe it or not, alright, that Yuan Bi is about to come in.”

“Bang.”Omi slapped the bride unconscious, then hid the bride under the bed down, Omi changed into the bride’s clothes, then changed into the bride’s appearance, put on the cover, and sat on the edge of the bed.

After waiting for a short time, branching out, Yuan Bi walked in with a buzz of alcohol.

“Hehehe, fresh branch, I’m here, hehehehe.”Yuan Bi said with a smile.

Then he closed the door and flung himself on the edge of the bed, and Omi pushed him away.

“Xian Zhi, what are you doing, I’m already your husband, aren’t you still not allowing me to touch you ah.”

Omi said, “Close your eyes, turn around and go over there, don’t resist.”

“Xian Zhi, hehe, you still want to play love games with me, hehehe, I like it.”

“Shoo.”Omi a silver needle into the back of Yuan Bi’s head.

“Ah.”Yuan Bi was stunned there, feeling unable to move his body or speak, but his mind was still clear.

Omi turned Yuan Bi’s body around and laughed, “Silly Mao, you think I’m really a girl, look carefully who I am.”

After saying that, Omi revealed his true face.

Yuan Bi’s body was trembling, obviously angry, but, unable to move, unable to speak, this feeling, so painful.

Omi smiled and said, “What?Angry?That’s right, that’s what I need as a consequence.Maybe you’ll think that you haven’t offended me at all, well, I’ll just have to tell you who I really am.In fact, I am also an Emperor Taixuan Sun, but I am from the former dynasty.”

Yuan Bi’s body trembled even more as he listened.

Omi added another injection to his body, and now, Yuan Bi couldn’t even tremble, but he couldn’t hide the look of resentment in his eyes.

Omi smiled, “Yuan Bi, you Yuan Clan, have killed so many people from my Shang Clan, we are destined to be two families that will never die in this life, so, you’d better accept your fate, because, you are not the first, much less the last.By the way, you’re wondering where your bride is, right?Hehehehe.”

From underneath the bed, Don Zichen pulled the bride out.


Yuan Bi seemed to want to yell out, but, in vain, he could only look on in pain.

Omi said, “This bride of yours is the granddaughter of the Yuan Clan, a certain Marquis King, hehe, since this Marquis King, back then, betrayed my Shang Clan and colluded with your Yuan Clan, so your bride is also the enemy of my Shang Clan.Even if I spare her today, when my Shang clan takes revenge in the future, I will definitely kill her entire family, so she will definitely die today as well.”

Yuan Bi’s mouth trembled slightly, wanting to speak, but unable to do so.

Omi smiled, “You’re trying to say that you’ve had a hard time marrying her, and she’s still a virgin, you really don’t want to let her go, right?Hahaha,”

Omi touched the bride’s face and said, “The skin is quite good, and the body is also good, although it’s not stunningly beautiful, but it’s still a top-notch beauty, hehe.”Omi said, his hand into the bride’s collar, Yuan Bi saw, the eyes showed indescribable kind of anger, but, could only watch Omi hand into it.

Omi played with it for a while, put the bride down, walked over to the pile of dowry, and began to look for it.

Soon, Omi found an exquisite box and opened it, inside was a pure black grass that looked very textured.

“Wow, I’m sure this is the Ghost King Grass, hehe, mine.”Omi smoothed the Ghost King Grass away.

Omi looked at Yuan Bi and said, “Thank you.”

Yuan Bi glared angrily at Omi.

Omi smiled, “Don’t glare at me with that look, because, your real anger may not have started yet.” Remember the URL

Don Zichen looked at the bride.

Omi didn’t know whether to just kill it, or how to drop it.If it dripped anyhow, Omi was a bit resistant inside, but this woman had to be killed, Omi couldn’t choose.

Sometimes, Omi really felt that he wasn’t a bit of a womanizer.

“F*ck, open-minded.”Omi went up and lowered the curtain on the bed, then said to Yuan Bi, “I’m sorry, I also want to control myself, but, I can’t, your wedding night, I’ll do it for you, you’re welcome.”After saying that, Omi got into the curtain.

Yuan Bi’s mouth puffed out a mouthful of blood.

It was hard to be angry.

About two hours later, Omi got out of the curtain.

At that time, Omi saw that Yuan Bi was bleeding from his nose and his face was bruised.

Omi went up to take a look and was shocked.

“Oh my god, he’s even, like, angry to death.”

Omi was speechless, since he had gashed himself to death, it would save Omi from killing him.

Omi removed the silver needle from the back of his head, Yuan Bi’s body was still standing there, it was weirdly scary.

Omi looked back at the bride on the bed.

At some point, the bride had woken up, but she didn’t say a word.

Omi was shocked and was busy pouncing on her to cover her mouth, Omi didn’t expect her to wake up at all, as Omi made sure to have put her in a complete slumber, it was impossible for her to wake up.

“You, when did you wake up.”Omi asked in shock.

That bride looked at her body and knew that everything had already happened.

“You are shameless.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, who put us on opposite sides of the fence.”

“Omi, you bastard, during the day when you uttered the words of the landlord, I wondered if the world was

There’s a landlord too, but I didn’t expect it to be you, and you’ve turned into a woman.”

“You, who are you?”Omi was shocked, it shouldn’t be, he never revealed the name Omi, the ones who knew he was Omi, other than those family members, were from another world.

Omi saw the bride’s body, so hot, and suddenly thought of someone.

“You’re Song Yu’er?”


The bride’s face twisted and gradually, transformed into another face, it was Song Yu’er.

Moreover, she used to be empty above her nose, revealing white bones, but now, it was intact, and after she regained her true face, she was more than ten times more beautiful than the previous bride’s appearance.

“How could it be you?”Omi was stunned, even if Song Yu’er came to this world, but he was on the other side of the ocean on that continent, he couldn’t have run here ah, and turned into some kind of shire.

Song Yu’er looked at the trace of blood on the sheets and said angrily, “Omi, you turtle bastard egg.”

“Alright, how was I supposed to know it was you, this is a misunderstanding.”

“You’ve sullied my innocence, can a misunderstanding explain that?”

“So what do you want?We’re all from the same hometown, why make it so unpleasant, you’re not too young anyway, you’ve always been a virgin, you’re good for yourself, really.”

“Yah yah.”Song Yu’er gritted her teeth in anger and grunted, “If it wasn’t for the sake of knowing each other, I would have just woken up and shouted, you would have broken into a million pieces right now, and you still have such a tone.”

“Alright, thanks.”No wonder the bride woke up just now but didn’t shout, Omi was shocked to see the bride awake just now, but Song Yu’er was able to wake up, she really had some skills, this chick can’t look at her with her old eyes anymore, I don’t even know what kind of encounter she got.

Omi smiled, “That, how’s your face?You used to wear a mask, but I know full well that you’re showing bones underneath your mask.”

“Why should I tell you.”

“What’s the harm in telling me, besides, how did you come here from that continent, and how did you become a Sheriff?”

“I won’t tell you.”

“If you won’t tell me, I’ll sleep with you again.”After saying that, Don Zichen pounced.

“You bastard.”

An hour later, Omi hehely laughed, “How about it, tell me or not, I’ll do it again.”

“You dare.”

“You see if I dare, you can’t beat me anyway.”

“Come on, I can’t say it yet.”Song Yu’er was so depressed, she couldn’t take any more of Omi’s torment.

“Say it.”

“Many years ago, I was on that continent across the ocean, and coincidentally, on a beach, I saved a sea beast, that sea beast was very grateful to me, we became friends, and after that I let it take me across the ocean.However, the ocean was too huge, and halfway across, the sea beast was killed by other sea beasts, my friends were all dead, and I escaped to an island by myself.I thought that my life was going to be over, but, never thought that a man would suddenly appear and he asked me if I would trade with him for one thing.That thing was the mask on my face, and if I was willing to trade with him, he would restore my face, and he would also give me a small stone that had some kind of spiritual mark of his on it, and he would also take me away from that island, and if it was fate, I could see him again after two hundred years.Then, I came here, well, let’s not talk about the unnecessary, go use your own imagination.”


Omi looked at Song Yu’er with a deep frown on his brow.

Omi found it hard to believe that Song Yu’er was so lucky, the person she met, if Omi wasn’t wrong, was the same person as the one Omi had met in the ocean whirlpool.

Omi asked, “The person you met, what did he look like?”

Song Yu’er said, “I don’t know, I can’t see his face clearly, in short, it’s a strange feeling.”

Omi nodded his head, the person Omi met in the ocean whirlpool at first, he also couldn’t see his face clearly, he could see his face, but he couldn’t form a shape in his mind anyway, it seemed that the person Song Yu’er met was really the same person.

Omi asked again, “Why did he exchange masks with you?What’s so special about your face?”

Song Yu’er pursed her lips, “You seem to be asking a little too much.”

“You don’t want to say that I’m not forcing it, but it’s up to you anyway, in fact, I know that you had a crush on me when you were in high school.Just because you had a crush on me, you always came to trouble me, just to get my attention well, am I right?”

Song Yu’er snorted, “Are you that thick-skinned, I was also a school flower when I was in high school, and there were a lot of people chasing me, why would I have a crush on you, hmm.”

“You still won’t admit it, then I went to Martial Island and got stronger and stronger, while you are just an ordinary person, you have low self-esteem inside because you know you are not good enough for me, but you still can’t forget me in your heart.”

“Don’t you say that.”Song Yu’er’s face was a bit abnormal now. One second to remember to read the book

“One time in particular, when Liu Yue assessed to become an imperial talent, that night, Liu Yue and I went to your house for a visit, I was only accompanying Liu Yue, but you always aimed at me, in fact, at that time, I knew how much you wished inside that I could take you in.Unfortunately, I didn’t, and even Liu Yue, who used to stalk you, disliked you.After that, your personality got a bit twisted.Later on, I don’t know what kind of strange encounter you got, in short, you’re still quite a lucky person, you quickly became stronger, even Liu Yue is not as good as you, that time when I got married in Wangjing City, you also came.But I noticed a detail.”

“Yeah, what detail?”

“According to reason, before Liu Yue disliked you, after you became strong, you should have viciously retaliated against Liu Yue, but what, in Wangjing City you didn’t focus on Liu Yue, but on me instead.This means that Liu Yue humbled you and hurt you in the first place, there’s hardly any trace of it in your heart, instead I, in your heart, made you feel that you want to viciously get back at me, surpass me, and make me regret, maybe that’s what you thought at that time.”

“Hahaha.”Song Yu’er snickered, but inside Song Yu’er had nothing to say, Omi was half right.

Song Yu’er snorted, “Omi, I don’t deny what you said, but where so what, I’m just going to surpass you and make you regret it.”

“Oh.”Omi laughed and asked, “If you do surpass me, what do you want?Kill me?”

Song Yu’er bit her lip and said somewhat depressingly, “I merely wanted to surpass you, then I wanted you to kneel in front of me and beg me to be your girlfriend.”

“Haha, you really want to, and then you reject me as a way to soothe that hurt heart of yours back then, right?”Omi asked.

Song Yu’er shook her head, “No, I’ll say yes.


“What? You’ve been trying to outdo me for a long time, haven’t you, to get back at me?Why did you agree?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Alright, what happened in the beginning is all in the past, in high school, I only had Little Sister in my heart, even Xuan’er and Xiangyun were barely accepted, so, you, the brain-damaged girl, back then I didn’t put it in my heart at all, I even despised you as a brain-damaged girl, so, I completely ignored the love you revealed to me intentionally or unintentionally, my actions, hurt yourSelf-esteem.You’re another person with high self-esteem, I’m now saying sorry for the harm I did to you back then.”

Song Yu’er bit her lips and burst into tears, looking like she was very aggrieved.

Omi wiped her tears and smiled, “Don’t cry, from now on, you’re my wife, are you willing to be my wife?”

“But I’m still very unhappy in my heart, I’m no worse than Li Xuan’er and the others, why don’t you look at me just once.Think about it yourself, if you like one person, but the other person doesn’t look at you at all, and calls you brain-damaged and childish, how hurt your heart should be, but it’s just that person, you can’t look up to in your whole life, this oppression, you can’t experience, because you’re always high above.”

“Alright, I’ve apologized to you, in the worst case, I’ll make it up to you for a few hundred million.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hehehe.”Omi smiled badly and aimed at Song Yu’er’s breasts.

“Ah, I don’t want it anymore.”Song Yu’er said in a panic, covering her chest.

“If you don’t want it, then let bygones be bygones, and live a good life with me from now on.What? You don’t want it, then forget it.”

“I didn’t say that I don’t want it.”Song Yu’er pursed her lips and said.

“Hehe.”Omi hugged Song Yu’er.

At this moment, Song Yu’er felt that all the reluctance from the past had vanished.

Song Yu’er had actually always liked Omi, since high school, and never changed.In the beginning, Omi disdained her, and she suffered the torment of unrequited love alone; after that, she was not worthy of Omi, and Omi became unattainable, and she still enjoyed the torment of the unfairness of fate alone; finally, she had a strange encounter, and was finally worthy, but she was disfigured and uglier than a ghost, and this unwillingness to fate distorted her character.So she didn’t dare to expect Omi to like her, she only wanted to surpass him.

However, in her heart, she had never forgotten him.

Strictly speaking, Song Yu’er’s feelings for Omi came to be far more devoted, intense, sincere, and heartbreaking than the women around Omi.

As Omi lay on the bed, hugging the naked Song Yu’er in his arms, Song Yu’er’s perfect body could be felt even with just his body.

Song Yu’er had gone through a thousand hardships to finally fall into Omi’s embrace, if she wasn’t allowed to be happy, maybe the heavens wouldn’t be able to see it.

Song Yu’er had been able to get all sorts of strange encounters in these decades, maybe the heavens just saw that she was so hard on a man, so they helped her in every way to get her to where she was today.

“Yu’er, can you tell me now, what kind of strange encounters have you gotten?”

“Hmm.”Song Yu’er nodded her head nicely and said, “It all started with that mask.”


“That mask?”

“Yes, back then, my whole family, were about to be marginalized by the family, my grandfather was very unhappy, and wanted Liu Yue to marry me, Liu Yue was an imperial talent at that time, unfortunately, Liu Yue refused, even I gave him as a lover he didn’t want.Oh, I just felt very lost at that time, but I was not lost because Liu Yue disliked me, but, even Liu Yue disliked me, you, made me feel even more unattainable, and, that night when I saw your expression, it was so lonely, I was very painful.I didn’t expect that after so long, you still felt so bad for me, I really envied Liona when I was in high school, and one of the things I regretted the most was that I didn’t accept you as my bodyguard, and I regretted my guts.Then, I ran away from home, and I heard that a lot of ordinary people pursuing chance on Wulin Island could work there as waiters or something.So, I went to Wulin Island, and I worked as a waiter in a hotel on Wulin Island.Usually when I have nothing to do, I go to the Martial Arts Academy with my colleagues and look at the students who practice martial arts, and I look at them and I think of you, and I realize how far away I am from you, but I firmly believe that one day, I will realize my dream and I will become a martial arts expert.”

“After I worked as a waiter for a year, I accidentally found a mask in a mountain, at first I thought it was just made of gold and it matched my face shape, so I tried to wear it on my face.What I didn’t expect was that after I brought it to my face, my mind suddenly came alive, my brain became very flexible and my comprehension became very high.At that time, I realized that this mask was extraordinary, and after that, I went all the way backwards and became stronger and stronger.”

“But, I’m afraid of people finding out the secret of my mask, so I’ve been keeping a low profile, I’ve just been quietly getting stronger myself, I hope that one day, I’ll be worthy of you.”

“But, slowly, I noticed that where I wore my mask, my skin started to corrode constantly, I was in so much pain, I would have to be ordinary if I didn’t wear my mask, and ordinary would never be good enough for you.”

“I don’t want to be ordinary, I want to be worthy of you.So, I didn’t care, I wore the mask every day and never took it off, and then I reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and I also happened to get the news that you were going to have your big wedding in Wangjing City.I went to see you with an excited heart, but when I was about to go to Wangjing City, I took off my mask and realized that underneath my mask, there were already bones, and if I took it off, I was ugly to the soul.I was so pained that I left my mask on to be worthy of you, but when I finally became worthy of you, I was already ugly.However, I still went to your wedding, in Wangjing City, I met you, but, you saw that I had become stronger, not happy for me in the least, just surprised, no change in your feelings towards me, I was in pain, I took pains to become what I am today for you, I took pains, I suffered a lot, and you treated me like this, I was in pain inside.So, I vowed that I would surpass you, I would make you kneel before me one day in the future and force you to marry an ugly woman.”

“But, I didn’t expect that after I came to this world, I ran into that strong man, he might have discovered that my mask was extraordinary, so, he offered to trade with me, he said that I can’t control the mask at the moment, and if I continue to wear it, my whole head might turn into a skeleton.So, I traded with him, but he was a good man, he didn’t make me suffer, he cleansed my veins, in short, she restored me to normal, and also increased my talent a thousand times, and gave me that little stone again.So, in a short time, I stepped into the early stages of peak ascension.”

“After I stepped into the early stages of peak ascension, one day, at an inn, I met an old woman, and that old woman captured me, and she forced me to join the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, and I was forced to join the Zoroastrian Fire Cult .

After that, I learned the art of disguise, and with my current talent, it’s not difficult at all to learn disguise.Then, I began to carry out my mission, and several years ago, I infiltrated the palace and killed Princess Yuanying, after which, I became a County Master.The reason why I became a County Master was because the ‘father’ of my identity was a spy of the Zoroastrians.The reason why I married Yuan Bi, it’s because I have to carry out a mission.”

“What mission?”

“Kill Yuan Bi and frame the Lonely Soul Organization, and then I can become a member of the Yuan Clan for a long time as Yuan Bi’s widow.” First URL

“How did you kill Genbi?”

“I’ve got cartilage here, and Genbi thinks I’m his wife and has no defense, so I’m definitely hit.”

“Uh, huh.”

Omi said in his heart, this story is really twisted.

Perhaps, Song Yu’er’s experience was also legendary.

“So now that you’ve revealed everything to me, you’re not afraid of Zoroastrianism?You’re betraying the Zoroastrians.”

Song Yu’er laughed, “Betrayal it is, because, for you, it’s nothing.”

“But, the Zoroastrian Church must have given you some kind of pill, right.”Omi asked nervously.

“Yes, if you betray the Zoroastrians, when they find you, they can make a medicinal trigger, and all I have to do is smell that scent and interact with the pills I took before in my body, and I’ll die.”

“Then you’re still so stupid, betraying the Zoroastrians.”

Song Yu’er smiled indifferently, “I’m not afraid because it’s worth it, and besides, if I’m not found by the Zoroastrianism, I’ll be fine.”

“What if I’m found?”

“Then I have no regrets, because, I’m finally with you.Omi, can you tell me that you really like me now?”

“Really like.”

“It’s really not sympathy, or because you accidentally slept with me?”

“No really, even if I hadn’t slept with you, I was going to marry you this time.”


“Because I was touched by your dedication.”

“It’s because I said so, that’s why you know, otherwise how would you know that there’s someone else in the world who’s silently fighting for you.”

“No, actually I’ve felt it for a long time, it’s just that I used to think that I already have enough women.Yu’er, don’t worry, I’ll protect you, even if the Zoroastrians find you, I won’t let them hurt you.”

Song Yu’er laughed bitterly, “Impossible, Zoroastrianism is more powerful than you can imagine, there were betrayers in the past, how miserable they were, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.Omi, I’m actually ready to die, my intuition tells me that I shouldn’t live long, the Zoroastrianism will never let me go, but I, still, am willing to betray for you, I don’t care if the sky lasts forever.”

“Song Yu’er, don’t say such things, trust me, you can’t possibly die.”

“Hmm.”Song Yu’er smiled slightly, but inside, she knew very well that she definitely wouldn’t live long, but she didn’t regret it.


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