King of kings 1361-1370

Chapter 1361

“Yu’er, then you know that I’m from the Lonely Soul Organization.”

“Of course, if you’re not from the Lonely Soul Organization, why would you be here, and today, when you said you’re from the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, I knew that you would want to frame the Zoroastrians.”

“Haha, yes, I’m from the Lone Soul Organization.”

“Zichen, why did you join the Lonely Soul Organization?Could it be that you were forced to do the same as me?Did you also take the Lonely Soul Organization’s loyalty pills?”

“Yes, I was reluctant to join the Lone Soul at first, but I’m different now because I’ve found out who I am, and it turns out that I’m a little young prince of a former dynasty, and I’m also a grandson of a former emperor, and the Lone Soul organization is my home.”

“Oh, honestly, how did you pretend to be.”Song Yu’er asked.

“Impersonate?I’m not an impostor, I’m real, my real identity is the former Emperor Tai Xuan Sun.”

“Come on, I know all about you, so don’t pretend in front of me.”

“It’s true.”

Omi had to tell Song Yu’er all about his origins, including his previous travels to that world.

“Gosh, you’re too legendary.” Remember the URL

“I don’t have any secrets anymore anyway, well, it’s late, let’s get some sleep.”

“Still sleep, now how are we going to leave?”

Omi said, “Originally, I planned to kill Yuan Bi and the bride, then I would continue to pose as a maid and leave unnoticed, but now your appearance has disrupted my plan.By the way, your disguise technique, is that the secret of changing your face?”

“Yeah, that secret of changing your face, it’s not an unheralded secret, many people in Zoroastrianism know it, but very few people can practice it to the second level.”

“Then how far have you practiced to the second level?”Omi asked.

Song Yu’er said, “The second weight, what about you?”

“Nonsense, the fact that I can turn into a woman means I’ve practiced to the fourth level.”

“Ah, really practiced to the fourth level, gosh.”

“Yu’er, let’s not talk about that right now, let’s find a way to leave.Since it’s hard for us to leave on the ground, the only way to leave now is to drill.”

“Drill the ground?”

Don Zichen whistled.

Not long after, something the size of a small mouse came in, it was Little Fire.

“Rainer, this is my Fire Demon Beast, I can make Little Fire drill a hole and we can leave from underground, it’s still a good idea to take advantage of the fact that it’s the middle of the night and the guards aren’t that focused.”

“Ummm, but why does your fire beast feel more advanced?Other people’s fire beasts can only get bigger and smaller, they can’t burrow.”

“Uh, no, I don’t know oh, I thought all fire beasts were the same.”

“Definitely not the same, I’m on line at Zoroastrianism, she has a fire beast, it’s nothing more than a mount, your fire beast, it can drill holes, it’s amazing.”

Omi smiled, “Is my brother, Little Fire, a different breed than the other fire beasts?Oh, never mind that for now, Fire, you drill the hole right away, it doesn’t need to be too big to get us out of the way, just drill a hundred meters into the ground first, then drill in the other direction to avoid detection.”

“Okay Le.”

Little Fire immediately became bigger, like a mastiff, and drilled into the ground, and all of a sudden it was over ten meters deep.


p; Song Yu’er was busy saying, “Zichen, I guarantee that your Fire Demon Beast is definitely a more advanced one.”

“Hehe.”Omi smiled, and said in his heart, maybe it is more advanced, last time in the Golden Silk City’s Bi-Cao Lake, Little Fire also helped find the underground water beast, while at that time, Omi still thought it was strange how other people with fire beasts didn’t think to let fire beasts help find the underground exotic beasts ah.Now it seems that other people fire beasts, can’t drill holes, let alone diamond heads, they only get bigger and smaller and fly.

Omi looked at Little Violet under the bed and said in his heart, I hope she’s okay.

Omi and Song Yu’er immediately jumped into the hole in the ground, and half an hour later, Omi and Song Yu’er had arrived at a small alley on the street.

“Hey, isn’t this alley the place where I knocked out that real girl, Little Flower, before?”

Omi looked into the haystack of the alley, and sure enough, the little flower that had been knocked out yesterday was still there.

: “Brother Chen, I deliberately chose this place to get out.”

Omi carried Little Flower out of the haystack and said, “Yu’er, you wait for me here now, I’ll send this girl back, these girls are already suffering enough, I can’t harm them, don’t worry, I’ll be fine, since we were able to come out smoothly, it means that no one in Yuan Bi’s house noticed us at all.”

“Alright, then you have to be careful.”

“Of course.”

Omi hugged Little Flower and was soon in the underground tunnel, back in Yuan Bi’s room.

Omi put on the girl costume he had been wearing, and woke Little Flower up.

“Me, where am I.”

Omi immediately used mesmerism on her and said, “Little Flower, remember that today’s bride is a Zoroastrian, and that marquis king is a Zoroastrian spy.”After saying that, Omi knocked Little Flower unconscious again and left.

In this way, Omi would be able to frame the Zoroastrians, and, incidentally, eliminate a very heavyweight Marquis King spy that the Zoroastrians had planted in the court, which was a very heavy blow to the Zoroastrians, and Omi’s credit for the Lonely Soul organization would be exceedingly huge.

Of course, Omi was able to make such a great merit, it was all given to him by Song Yu’er, if Song Yu’er didn’t betray the Zoroastrians, how would Omi know so much about the inner workings of the Zoroastrians.

Therefore, betrayal is very scary for any organization.

Omi returned to the street’s path: “Yu’er, will you blame me if I reveal that, the bride is a Zoroastrian, and that the Marquis King is a spy?”

“Fool, how could I blame you, I’ve already betrayed the Zoroastrian Church, but that Marquis King is a very important person to the Zoroastrian Church, and this time, the Zoroastrian Church will suffer a very heavy loss, so that the Zoroastrian Church will not let me go even more.”

Omi grabbed Song Yu’er’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll always protect you.”

“Mm.”Song Yu’er nodded, but inside Song Yu’er felt that this time, she betrayed and caused the Fire Ritual to lose so badly, the Fire Ritual would definitely not let her off lightly, and she was afraid that she would surely die in the near future.

However, Song Yu’er didn’t regret it at all.

“Go, leave here immediately.”

Omi and Song Yu’er, both of them using their disguises separately, left the scene.

Song Yu’er couldn’t go back to her contact point and had to stay away from her contact point.

Omi brought Song Yu’er to the Green House.

“Why did you come to the Green House?”


Omi said, “The Green House is currently the safest, now I disguise myself as a woman and you disguise yourself, we hide here.”

“But, everyone in Zoroastrianism knows my appearance, I’ve only learned the second level of disguise, I can’t disguise more people’s faces.”

“After the incident tomorrow, Yuan will conduct a thorough search of the Zoroastrians, at that time, the Zoroastrians will be on their own, in a short period of time, there should be no time to find you, we don’t have to worry too much, we’ll leave first after escaping this storm.”


Omi casually entered an empty room in a green house and disguised himself as a prostitute, Song Yu’er also disguised herself as another face, the two of them hid here first.

The next day, the servants found Yuan Bi dead.

The entire residence was alarmed, and the palace came with many, many strong men.

Little Flower and Little Purple were also tied up because they found Yuan Bi’s room.

A splash of water was thrown on Little Flower and Little Violet’s face and they came to their senses.

Little Violet didn’t know what had happened yet.

Little Flower, on the other hand, knows some because she was hypnotized. One second to remember to read the book

“Say, what the hell happened?Where’s the bride?Why did Yuan Bihuang Taixuan Sun die?”

Little Flower was busy saying, “Bride, she, she’s a Zoroastrian, the Marquis of Wans, he’s a Zoroastrian spy.”

“What, are you telling the truth?”

“What I said is true, if you don’t believe me, arrest the Marquis King of the Wan Clan and you’ll see.”

The experts of the Yuan Clan immediately launched to arrest that Marquis King.

At this moment, at that Marquis King’s residence.

“Marquis King, Yuan Bi is dead.”

“Haha, good, it looks like the Code Name Phoenix has succeeded.Someone, get ready, I’m going to go comfort my ‘daughter’, only one day after marrying and becoming a widow, but fortunately, last night’s wedding night left the ‘seed’ behind, hahaha.”

But then a super strong voice sounded from outside, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Ah.”That Marquis King, surnamed Wan, was shocked, what was going on.

“Wan Liao, you really are a Zoroastrian spy.”

“No, that’s not possible, that’s not possible.”

“Bang.”That Marquis King, surnamed Wan, was captured by the Yuan Clan’s super expert.

The crown prince of the Yuan clan was furious, but it was his own grandson who died.

“Zoroastrianism, it’s really lawless, someone, interrogate Wan Liao, I want to uproot the power of Zoroastrianism in the Imperial City, then I’ll give my all to exterminate Zoroastrianism, this tumor should also be pulled out.In the past, I didn’t exterminate them because I was considering still being able to hold the Lonely Soul Organization in check, but now it seems that there’s no need.”

In the imperial city, a certain mansion.

“It’s not good, Helm, Code Name Phoenix, betrayed, Yuan Bi’s death, instead of framing the Lonely Soul Organization, she framed us, moreover, she also gave up Vice Helm Wan Liao.”

“What, Code Name Phoenix her?She dares.”

“Helm, she has done it.”

“Kill, kill without mercy, this traitor, she must be broken into pieces.”

“Hmph, hiding here, you really know how to hide.”Suddenly, a black-clothed old man appeared at the door.

That Zoroastrian helmsman, seeing the black-clothed old man, turned pale.

This black-clothed old man was the Yuan Clan, one of the ten protectorates, I never thought that the ten protectorates would actually be sent out to arrest him, it seemed that the Yuan Clan’s royal family was completely pissed off this time.

“Bang.”The black-clothed old man, with a slap, severely injured this helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult and brought him back to the palace.

Within just a few hours, the Zoroastrianism didn’t even have time to get the news to retreat, and their power in the Imperial City was uprooted, before and after adding up to thousands of Zoroastrians who were arrested and killed, this time, the Zoroastrianism’s losses were not insignificant, all because of the appearance of a betrayer, and this betrayer was still associated with the heavyweight Wan Liao, that’s why the losses were so huge.

Plus, because of the betrayer, so the first time, the Zoroastrians thought that they had succeeded, so without any emergency order to evacuate, they were all arrested.

At this moment, at the Green House.

Omi and Song Yu’er were still leisurely drinking tea.

Omi said, “Zoroastrianism has been arrested by the thousands, even the helmsman in the Imperial City.”

“Alas, the Zoroastrians are afraid that this time, they’re going to give everything they have to kill me, the betrayer.”Song Yu’er said.

“It’s fine, trust me to protect you, I’ll immediately think of a way to contact our Lonely Soul Organization’s people in the Imperial City and have them provide protection to you, and arrange for your evacuation first.”


“That captured helmsman, have you seen him?”


“What kind of presence is he in Zoroastrianism?”

“It’s the helm level existence ah, the strongest in Zoroastrianism, the obvious is the god, of course, is there any stronger than the obvious, I don’t know, under the god, is the vice god, then is the helm, so, the helm is a very high position in Zoroastrianism, being caught with a helm, it’s really a very big loss for Zoroastrianism.”

Omi asked again, “That helmsman, what’s his approximate strength?”

“Dengfeng Grand Perfection.”

“Holy shit.”Omi was taken aback.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, Dengfeng Grand Perfection ah, that’s really strong, I’m mid Dengfeng, I’m afraid I’m just a small ant in the eyes of that helmsman of yours.However, I’m a small ant, but I made a peak-denying great success pay the price of my life, I’m also considered to be powerful, this time, I’m afraid that I’ve made a very big achievement for the Lonely Soul Organization.”Omi smiled heedlessly.

“Then I’m not even weaker for this early stage of peak ascension.”

At this moment, in the Imperial City, on a certain street, a woman beggar with crutches was begging along the street while paying attention to everything around her.

This old woman beggar was Song Yu’er’s upline in the Zoroastrian religion.

This old woman, beneath her messy grey hair, hid a chilling face.

“Little slut, how dare you betray the Divine Sect and cause it to suffer such a heavy loss, I, Heaven’s Extinct Woman, vow not to be a human until I find you out and cramp your skin.”This old woman’s face was terrifying, as if she had the horror of losing her mind, it was clear that she was very, very angry, she would do everything she could to find Song Yu’er, moreover, she knew Song Yu’er’s disguise technique like the back of her hand, and she knew exactly how many faces Song Yu’er could change, all taught by her.

So, in her anger, to find Song Yu’er, it must not take too long, after all, she is a very old Zoroastrian strong, and has been doing underground organization work for decades, know very well the art of hiding, hiding, God knows how great the terror of this person’s skills.

Omi left a trip to a green house and arrived at an inn, where a stranger sat across from Omi.

“Knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain.”

“Favoring the tiger mountain.”

“Bullhead, the organization already knows everything about you, including what happened at the Royal Academy.”

Omi asked, “How many contribution points will I get this time?”

“At least five hundred points.”

“Wow shit.”Omi was overjoyed.

“Bullhead, congratulations, with this strength of yours, you can do so many congratulations for the organization, the organization won’t forget you.”

“Hehe.”Omi said in his heart, I’m an Imperial Tai Xuan Sun, how could I forget me.Of course, very few people knew about Omi being an Imperial Taixuan Sun, and this one across the street who connected with him didn’t know either, thinking that Omi was merely a bull’s head.

At this moment, Song Yu’er was standing in front of the window of the green house, suddenly, Song Yu’er trembled, she saw an old beggar on the street below.

Song Yu’er scrambled away from the window to not be seen, her entire body trembled in fear, this old woman was too terrifying, Song Yu’er couldn’t imagine her terror.

And then, on the street, that old woman looked up at the green house.


The old woman thought about it and walked into the green house.

“What are you doing, old beggar, get out.”The guards of the Green House immediately came up.

The old woman originally wanted to use force, but the whole city was now searching for the Zoroastrians, so after thinking about it, she exited the Green House and changed her face before entering the Green House.So as not to clash with the people of the Green House and cause an incident.

And at this moment, Song Yu’er secretly said, “It looks like the Green House isn’t safe anymore either, I must leave immediately.However, Omi hasn’t come back yet, what should I do, if I leave a note or any clues, if the Zoroastrians find out, won’t it harm him.”

Song Yu’er was leaving exactly when a chilling voice came from the window, “Little bitch, where do you want to run to.”

“Ah.”Song Yu’er was shocked, not expecting that old woman to be so powerful.

“Hmph, if you want to kill, kill.”Song Yu’er’s face was crossed, as if she was seeing death.

“Little bitch, do you think you’ll still be able to live?Say, why did you betray the God Cult.”The old woman choked Song Yu’er up.

Song Yu’er was hanging in the air, as if her neck was about to be snapped.

“I won’t tell you, just do it.”

Laotai was very angry, and wanted to crush the little bitch, but inside, she felt that crushing her still couldn’t relieve her hatred, because Song Yu’er was just a small role in her eyes, a small role that had ruined a big pot of porridge, and just crushing that small role couldn’t relieve the hatred that had ruined a big pot of porridge ah. First URL

“Little slut, I want to kill you at this moment, but there are people who want to kill you even more than me, let’s just say, I’ll bring you back to the Divine Religion, and let the Patriarch himself deal with you, so that you will be tortured and pained, and die from the humiliation of countless men day and night, I’ll make you pay the price for betraying the Divine Religion.”

Song Yu’er said inwardly, “Omi, goodbye forever, I love you.”

The old woman grabbed Song Yu’er and disappeared into the green room in a flash, her figure jumping a few times and disappearing into the distant rooftops.

And Omi was still on his way back at the moment.

However, the scene of Song Yu’er being grabbed away was not unseen.

When Omi went out, he explained Little Fire to help watch Song Yu’er, so the scene where Song Yu’er was captured by the old woman, Little Fire watched the entire time.

However, after all, Little Fire was much lower in strength and didn’t dare to show himself, so he could only watch in the dark.

Although the old woman was very strong, but, Little Fire was not a human, and Little Fire’s concealment skills were extraordinary, the old woman did not even know that Little Fire was following her all the way.

The old woman took Song Yu’er with her and soon came to a hidden place where there was a dry well, the old woman saw no one and grabbed Song Yu’er and jumped into the dry well.

It turned out that there was another cave in the dry well, where the old woman usually hid herself, and ordinary people really couldn’t find it.

“Pah.”As soon as she entered the dry well, the old woman slapped Song Yu’er hard in the face.

Song Yu’er flew away, hitting her head on the stone wall of the dry well.

“Say, why did you betray the God Cult.”The old woman asked angrily.

“Hahaha, I won’t say, just kill me, I’m ready to die anyway, I have no regrets.”Song Yu’er smiled with a determined gaze, she had already predicted this day, but she didn’t expect it to come so soon, she thought that she should be able to stay with Omi for a few more years, but unfortunately, it was only one night.At this moment, Song Yu’er remembered last night’s wedding night, the corners of her mouth smiled bitterly, had she known that she would be caught by the Zoroastrians today, even if she died of pain last night, she would have let Omi continue her that, and it would have been worthwhile to be a woman in this life.

“Bang.”The old woman struck Song Yu’er’s chest with another palm.


sp; “Clack.”Song Yu’er’s ribs, and even her spine, were all broken, and her body had no support at all, falling softly to the ground, blood coming out of the corners of her mouth like spring water.

However, Song Yu’er still had a steely look on her face, as if she still didn’t regret her choice.

“Little bitch, fine, the more you beg for death, the more I won’t let you die, when I bring you back to the Divine Sect, I’ll make you feel the pain, let’s see if you still have that expression now.”The old woman snorted and ignored Song Yu’er.Now that the whole city was tense, she had to hide here for now, and when the situation was over, she would find an opportunity to leave the imperial city and bring Song Yu’er back to the Divine Religion to resume her life.For a betrayer like Song Yu’er, she would definitely have to be brought back and subjected to capital punishment before she could be executed.

The blood coming out of Song Yu’er’s mouth was already going to her eyes, but she was unable to move all over, and in the end, her eyes were covered in her own blood, this feeling was so unpleasant, but there was nothing she could do about it, right now she just wanted to die quickly.

Song Yu’er’s miserable appearance was heartbreaking to watch.

At the Green House, Omi returned.


Omi shouted several times but no one responded.

“Oh no, it’s not like something’s wrong, is it?”

“Little fire?Little fire?”

There were a few shouts, but not even a small fire responded.

Omi knew inside that it was bad.

However, Little Fire didn’t respond, it was very likely that Little Fire had been killed, or, Little Fire had escaped as well.

Not long after, Little Fire returned.

“Brother Chen.”

“Little Fire, where did you run off to?”

“Brother Minister, Song Yu’er has been arrested.”

“What? How could it be so fast, oh my god.”

“Chen don’t worry, I followed the old woman who captured Song Yu’er all the way, I know where she’s hiding.”

“What about Rainyer?”

“A bit of torture will be inevitable, but it won’t be life-threatening, because that old woman obviously doesn’t want Song Yu’er to die so comfortably, and she says she’s going to take her back to the Divine Cult and be tortured and let men abuse her to death every day.”

“She dares.”Omi was furious.

“Little Fire, take me there at once.”

“Brother Chen, I know you’re angry, but this is the time to calm down instead, that old woman, her strength is definitely not weak, you rashly come to her door, instead of making her happy.”

“But I won’t leave her behind, I swore an oath to always protect her.”Omi said urgently.

“Brother Chen, anyway, that old woman doesn’t dare to come out in a day or two, let’s plan from the long term.Now that the whole city is searching for the Zoroastrians, we might as well use Yuan’s power to take out that old woman.”

“Uh, that’s a good idea, just, I but heart long time, will something happen to Yu’er.”

“Brother Chen, believe me, Zoroastrianism won’t let Song Yu’er die so soon, now it’s better to think about how to use Yuan’s to kill that old woman.”

Omi came to the street.

Many guards from the Yuan Clan were on the street.

Omi watched carefully, and once he found an opportunity, he started to do it.

Soon, Omi locked onto a target, that person was a mid peak Dengfeng guard, Omi took advantage of him being alone, he quickly killed him and then dragged him to an empty corner, Omi changed into his clothes and disguised himself as him, then stomped on that person’s face.


In this way, Omi managed to impersonate a guard of the Yuan Clan.

In order to save Song Yu’er, Omi had to fight.

Omi arrived behind a very powerful looking peak-denying perfectionist and said, “Report.”

“What is it?Who do you work for?Why don’t you go and search for the Zoroastrian remnant.”

Omi was busy saying, “My lord, my subordinate found a Zoroastrian remnant, however, that person is very strong, I don’t dare to act rashly for fear that she might escape and our head won’t be able to deal with it, and I don’t know where he is at the moment, so, in case that Zoroastrian remnant escapes, I can only report to whoever I see nearby.”

That adult was busy saying, “Good, you’re smart, are you sure that the person you found, is strong?”


“Haha, hurry up and take me there, it’s finally my turn to make a big merit.”That adult seemed to be very excited, after all, capturing a powerful Zoroastrian member, this was a meritorious task, everyone grabbed it.

Omi immediately took that lord with him and headed straight to a dead well somewhere.

However, while still halfway there, another strong man flew over.

“Hey, Old King, what are you doing?” Remember the URL

That adult was busy telling Omi, “Keep your discovery of the remaining sins a secret beforehand, don’t let him steal my credit.”

“Oh, yes.”Omi nodded his head.

That adult spoke to the strong man who flew in for a while, then left.

“Go, go and arrest someone.”


Soon, it was not far from that dry well.

Omi said, “My lord, below that withered well is where a strong person from the Zoroastrianism is hiding.”

“Haha, I’ll see where she escapes.”

After saying that, that lord couldn’t hold back his excitement and immediately rushed into the withered well.

Omi followed suit and rushed into the dry well.

Once he entered the dry well, Omi saw an old woman, and Song Yu’er collapsed in a pool of blood, not knowing if she was alive or dead, her face was covered in her own blood, and the blood was now solidified.

“Yu’er.”Omi roared inside, his body trembling.

That old woman’s face was now white, she didn’t even know why she had suddenly found this place, without the slightest sign, this dry well was definitely safe, the place she had hidden for years ah.

“Hahaha, there really is a big person hiding here, isn’t this the Zoroastrian Heavenly Extinct Woman?Yo yo, I didn’t expect to be caught by me, if I make this merit today, it would still be something, hahaha.”That adult let out a loud laugh, this old woman, a hall master of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, a powerful person at the peak completion level, had a great reputation.

“Hmph, catch me first.”After saying that, the old woman immediately killed that adult, at the moment she was in trouble herself, of course she was not in the mood to care about Song Yu’er, after seeing that she had found a breakthrough, she rushed out of the withered well to escape, how could that adult let her escape and chase after her.

Omi panicked and went up to hug Song Yu’er.

“Yu’er, Yu’er.”Omi shouted.

However, Song Yu’er fell into a fainting state.

“Little Fire.”

“Chenchen, I’m here.”

“Drill the hole immediately and find a safe place.”

“Minister, I know where it’s safe, it’s not far from here, there’s a family with a secret room, let’s go to that family’s secret room first.”

“Okay, but first we’ll trample this dead well, before someone comes down and finds it along the hole you made.”


Soon after, that dead well was trampled over, and Omi followed Little Fire and soon reached an underground chamber.Little Fire often drilled under the ground, so it was normal to stumble upon a certain family’s secret chamber.


bsp; Omi began treating Song Yu’er in this secret room.

“Brother Chen, can it be cured?”

“Of course it’s a piece of cake, but I’m afraid it will take several days to heal completely, so I hope it will be fine.”

“Don’t worry Chen, I’ll keep an eye on things for you, as soon as something happens, we’ll leave, I’ll make a hole in the ground, it’s hard for ordinary people to chase after me.”

“Well, thank you, Little Fire.”

“Brother Chen, don’t say such words if you still think I’m a brother, alright, I won’t bother you to save the others, I’ll go to the surrounding area to see if there’s any discovery.”

Omi instructed, “You should also be careful, many strong people nowadays like to cultivate in secret underground caves.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve turned into the size of a small mouse, even if there are strong people, they think I’m a mouse.”

Little Fire turned into a small mouse in no time and drilled away.

Omi began to treat Song Yu’er, and Solace Song Yu’er was not in danger of dying.

An hour later, Song Yu’er had woken up.

“Where am I?”

“Rainy, it’s me.”

“Zichen, how is it you?I’m not being.”

“Rainer, I’ve got you out of there.”

“Ah, where’s that heaven’s end woman?”

“Hey, I think she’s either dead or captured at the moment, but there’s no way she’s going to escape anyway.”

“What the hell happened?”

Omi told Song Yu’er exactly what he had said.

At this moment, in the ground sky.

“Ahhhh.”That old woman from the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, let out an unwilling roar.

Yes, she had been captured, he had a chance to escape, and had been circling around for over an hour with the one who had captured him, but the entire Imperial City, in the end, was strong yes.Just a few minutes ago, she bumped into a strong man of the Dengfeng Great Perfection, and was arrested in no time.

The old woman knew full well that it was impossible for her to still be alive after this capture.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know why she was caught, and if she knew that her arrest was again related to Song Yu’er, she would have been furious and vomited blood.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Song Yu’er’s injuries were also completely healed.

In the secret room, there was a discordant sound, and Little Fire came out from the stone wall.

“Oh my, Minister, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were doing something, you guys go on, I didn’t see anything.”Little Fire scrambled to get back into the stone wall.

“I’ll go.”Omi was speechless, Song Yuer blushed.

Omi said, “Rainer, it’s okay, Little Fire isn’t human.”

“That’s embarrassing too.”

“Don’t think about it so much.”

Shortly after, Omi shouted, “Alright, Little Fire, you can come out now.”

“Hehehe, Chen really is a kamikaze, it took him so long to finish.”Little Fire smiled hehehe.

Omi gave him a speechless stare.

“Brother Minister, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“You say it.”

“For the past few days, I’ve been wandering around the underground blindly every day, and I found an underground chamber, that underground chamber, there are so many treasures, of course, besides treasures, there are some other treasures, you?”

“Uh, where is it?”

“Anyway, in that direction of the palace, I think it’s the residence of some royal prince or something.”

“Is it guarded by a strong man?”

“No, I made sure that the chamber was so solidly built that I’m afraid it would be nearly impossible for anyone but me to break it.”


“Very well, in that case, let’s go fishing.”Omi smiled.

“Good, then it’s not too late, we’ll leave the imperial city from underground after we’ve fished.”


Omi and Song Yu’er, immediately followed Little Fire and headed to their destination.

Sure enough, the secret room that was soon discovered.

More than a hundred meters deep underground, the chamber was not large, but it was built with solid materials around it, and if it was someone else, even if they could break it open, then there would definitely be a lot of noise.

: “Brother Chen, then I’ll drill in, because this rock is too solid, I’m afraid it will take me a while to open the hole.”

“No hurry, you take your time.”

A few hours later, Little Fire drilled a not-so-small dog.

Omi and Song Yu’er drilled in, and indeed saw many treasures, of course, treasures Omi was not interested, Omi began to rummage through the boxes, looking for anything of high value.

Omi found a box and opened it, inside was a fiery red Ganoderma lucidum. A second to remember to read the book

“Wow, I don’t know what year it is, good stuff, take it away.”

Song Yu’er also found a box, it was a purple grass, take it away as well.

Omi, the three of them, took away all the geniuses and treasures in the secret room, no matter what year it was.

When they finally left, Omi also carved a line on the wall: worship the Fire God Cult, the sun and moon, and a thousand generations.


Omi drifted away.

He drilled his way out of the imperial city, then changed his face again and headed straight for the Golden Silk City.

A month and a half later, Omi returned to the Golden Silk City.

“Yu’er, you will soon meet Li Xuan’er, Liona and the others, and I’m sure they will welcome you as well.”Omi said.

“But, I’m nervous.”

“What’s there to be nervous about, at any rate, we were all classmates back then, and you were also known as the White Cloud Middle School’s flower.Besides, your strength now is far higher than theirs, everyone will definitely welcome you.”

“But all of my strength, I relied on the mask, and the little stone that strong man gave me to break through, and I didn’t really rely on myself.Although my comprehension has improved a lot more than before, but after all, without the mask, I’m not sure if there’s any improvement in the future yet.”

“Don’t think about it so much, the future will come later, first give me a boy and a girl.”

“Oh.”Song Yu’er blushed.

“I’m back.”Omi shouted.

All of Omi’s family members ran out in droves.

Only, Omi’s master, senior brother, and others, as well as Liu Yue, were not home.

They had formed a mercenary group on their own and went out to practice in the vicious and barbaric lands to capture some spirit beasts.

Only, there was no doubt that they would also suffer casualties if they were out for a long time, but Omi still supported them.After all, they couldn’t stay at home every day and had to fight for their sons and daughters as well.



Several of Omi’s children ran up happily.

“Haha, my children.”Omi was away from home this time, not too long, less than a year.

“Husband, you’re back.”

“Hey, isn’t this Song Yu’er?”Liona was surprised.

Song Yu’er was busy greeting, “Hi, Xiangyun.”

“Uh, it’s really you, Song Yu’er, long time no see, have you come to the Great Martial Empire as well.”



;Omi said with a bit of a blush, “That, Xiangyun, Xuan’er, and you guys, Song Yu’er is now also my wife, the ninth house wife, take care of it more in the future.”


Liona and the others just laughed, there was no surprise, seeing Song Yu’er appear here, they knew that she and Omi had everything going on, besides, Song Yu’er was at least a hometown, they didn’t know each other well here, they also hoped that Song Yu’er could live with them, everyone was like a family.

Omi said to Song Yu’er with a hehehe smile, “Yu’er, these are my children, in the future, you should try to have one too.”

“Oh.”Song Yu’er blushed and lowered her head.

Omi asked, “Where’s Xiao Meng?”

“Probably nursing.”

“Haha, I’ll go find her first and check on my son.”

Omi came to Xiao Meng’s room, Xiao Meng was indeed breastfeeding and whistling while looking lovingly at the baby.Xiao Meng looked at her son every day, and had the feeling of dreaming that she had a son.

“Little Moe.”

“Brother Zichen.”

“Hey, won’t you be a mother, I see you’re doing fine right now.”

“Brother Zichen, you’re making fun of me.”Moe said adorably with her mouth full.

Just then, his son finished drinking his milk and looked straight at Omi with his eyes.

The son looked a lot like Xiao Meng, adorable as hell.

“Haha, son.”

The son that Xiao Meng gave birth to, named Feng Ming, was born when Xiao Meng was pregnant, just nine months out.

A few days after the birth, Omi went on a mission to the Royal Academy.

However, it didn’t matter that it wasn’t full ten months, only reaching nine months wouldn’t be considered premature birth, and he was also growing strong now.

Xiao Meng asked, “Brother Zichen, I just heard their voices, who did you bring back?”

“Song Yu’er, my high school classmate, she’ll be my ninth wife from now on, is that okay with you?”

“No, why should I have an opinion.” ….

Omi carried his youngest son out of the room and went to play with some other children.

Song Yu’er also spoke along with Liona and the others, recounting what had happened to them over the years, but as they spoke, they cried, as they all thought of their loved ones in the other world, who in this life, may never be seen again, and their parents, who were nearly ninety years old, even at this moment, they didn’t know if they were still around.

Omi saw it from afar and sighed deeply.

When will it be time to find that passage, so that in their lifetime, they would be able to return to that world again and see their loved ones one last time.

However, this was certainly not an easy task, Omi felt very sorry for them, if they didn’t follow themselves, how could they leave their homeland, now they were mothers, but the relatives in the other world would not know either.

That night, Omi counted the trophies obtained in the underground chamber of the imperial city.

In total, there were three 50,000 year old Spiritual Grasses.

Ten strains of thirty thousand year old spirit grasses.

Twenty strains of twenty thousand year old spirit grasses, and fifty strains of ten thousand year old spirit grasses.

That was really enough, Omi was going to take all these spirit grasses for his family.

As for himself, he gave up taking spirit grasses and spirit meat.

Because, if Omi wanted to go far in the future, he had to rely on himself as much as possible to make a breakthrough, and usually people who chose to get high on drugs felt that their talent had come to an end.

Although people who were high on medicine could improve, and were already very powerful, but not taking spirit herbs and spirit meat to be able to improve, that was the source of a long-lasting, the future will not be at a certain level, forever stuck master.


Omi distributed the elixir to his wife, Master, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan’er, Liona and the others.

Each of them got a little bit of it.

As for Omi himself, he decided again and again that it was better to get high on drugs.

So, Omi left himself two 50,000 year old spiritual medicines, the Lingzhi and the Ghost King Grass.

After taking these two spirit herbs, Omi closed the door for half a year, and finally, Omi comprehended the intent of the late peak twice.

“Two 50,000 year old spirit herbs, but they only allowed me to advance two steps, what a fucking trap.”Omi was depressed, Omi thought that if he took the two 50,000 year old spirit herbs, he would probably rush to the peak of the peak, but as a result, he was greatly disappointed.

In fact, where did Omi know that Omi was able to advance two steps by taking the two strains of spirit herbs, which was already a very good result for many people, because, there were countless people, who took the spirit herbs without any effect at all.This was why, being high on drugs to be able to advance was all very powerful.

Omi walked out of the training room, although he had been in seclusion for half a year, he didn’t stay in the training room every day, he would come out about once every three to five days to stay with a certain wife for the night.

“Husband, you’ve stepped into Dengfeng Perfection.”Qin Ren saw Omi walk out of the practice room and asked.

Omi gave her a speechless glance and said, “You think you’re going up the stairs and still ascending to peak perfection, those two 50,000 year old elixirs have only allowed me to advance two steps, which is eight steps away from late peak perfection, and eight states of mind away.”

“Ah, that’s a fifty thousand year old spiritual herb.” Premiere URL

“Alas, perhaps, the later it gets, the more it will be difficult to inch forward, never mind, one can only take one step at a time.”

Omi went to play with his children.

Omi’s daughter, Qin Nui, was already seven years old.

Omi thought about how quickly time passed, if she was seven in another world, she would have started first grade.

Little Moe’s son, Feng Ming, who was also one Saturday old, was already very good at walking and was now running to Omi.

“Call daddy.”, but, although Feng Ming could talk yada yada, he didn’t know what to say.

“Feng Ming, daddy give me a hug.”Omi leaned over and picked up his son.

“Brother Zichen, how much have you improved now that you’ve taken the spirit pill?”

“Only comprehended the late peak ascension state of mind twice, and, one of them, I felt a little bit of it when I was in the Imperial City before, so I’m afraid that the effect those two spirit herbs brought me was less than two states of mind, had I known that, I might as well have given it to you, it would have been more effective for you than me instead.”

“Brother Zichen, accumulation over time will always lead to progress, and besides, it’s already very difficult to step into the middle stage of peak ascension, you took just two strains of 50,000 year old spirit grass and had such an effect, I think it’s already very strong for many people, maybe some people, who took dozens of strains were not able to take a step forward.”

“Oh, also.Alright, Xiao Meng, I’ll take the kids today, you go rest and rest.”

“I’m not tired, I feel like I’m having a good time every day with my son.”.

Omi hugged Xiaomeng.

In the blink of an eye, Omi lived at home for another six months.

Omi’s master, big brother and the others, finally came back.

This time they went out for training also took more than a year, fortunately, they all came back safe and sound, no one died, except for the second senior brother who suffered serious internal injuries.

Of course, they had a lot to gain, killing a 20,000 year old exotic beast, but of course, they had already eaten it, or that meat would have rotted.Also, they had each improved somewhat.

“Zichen.”Shangguan Rou came from afar.


bsp; “Zoe, what’s looking so good.”Omi asked.

“I’m pregnant.”Shangguan Zuo said shyly.

“Uh.”Omi was shocked, Samira was finally pregnant, it was really hard.

“Haha, Zoe, it’s been a few months.”

“Less than two months, the one I had this month didn’t come, then I asked your teacher’s wife to take a look, but I’m pregnant, hahaha, I’m so happy, I’m finally going to be a mother too.”Shangguan Rou said excitedly.

“Mm well.”Omi gave Shangguan Rou a kiss on the cheek.

Just at this moment, Qi Xue Yun came along.

“That, Omi, come with me for a moment, I have something I want to tell you.”Qi Xueyun said with some embarrassment.

Omi smiled, “Xueyun, don’t tell me, you’re also pregnant.”

“Ah, how do you know?”

“I go, really.”Omi called out incredulously.

Shangguan Rou, who was next to him, was also very surprised.

Qi Xue Yun looked at Shangguan Rou and said, “You’re pregnant too?When was that?”

Shangguan Rou smiled, “I just got Zichen’s wife to check it out, how about you?”

“Ah, so am I.”

Omi laughed out loud, “Today is really a double celebration, hahaha, hahaha, I’m going to have a big feast tonight.”

That night, Omi invited everyone at his home for a banquet, and Jin Yao and Jin Yue both invited them over for dinner to celebrate Shangguan Yu and Qi Xue Yun’s double pregnancy.

This year, Omi spent more time at Shangguan and Qi Xueyun’s place to spend the night, perhaps because of this, they were both pregnant.

Among Omi’s nine wives, only Youruo and Song Yu’er have yet to have children now.

Song Yu’er was just fine, after all, she and Omi had only been together for a year, but Youruo, at the moment, was very frustrated, she was originally from another continent, the Hundred Flowers Valley, followed Omi to this, it’s been more than ten years, her stomach has not moved at all, everyone else has given birth, she is the only one left, inevitably frustrated.She even wondered if she, like Omi’s teacher’s wife, was inexplicably sterile for life.

Before the feast ended that day, Youruo pulled Omi out.

“Youruo, what are you doing.”

“Coming back to the room with me.”

“Everyone hasn’t finished drinking yet, why are you going to your room.”

“I don’t care, come back to my room with me right now.”Youruo held Omi’s hand and didn’t let go.

In the living room, everyone was laughing.

Liu Yue shouted, “Zichen, we’re not afraid of insomnia, you can play to your heart’s content.”


“Brother Feng, don’t disappoint Brother Youruo oh, you can do it.”


Omi was speechless, Youruo was only anxious to ignore so many people and forcefully dragged him to his room, causing a group of brothers to laugh.

Omi came to Youruo’s room and said; “Youruo, what are you doing, you’re making everyone laugh.”

“I don’t care, I’m the only one who hasn’t conceived yet, I don’t care, I order you, within six months, you must conceive for me.”

“I’ll go, why are you in such a hurry.”

“Husband, I’m sixty-two or thirty-three years old, if I’m not in a hurry, I’m old, I don’t care, within six months, you must give me one.”

“I’m speechless, this thing is dependent on fate.”

“I don’t care.”Youruo pounced towards Omi.


Omi lived at home for another six months.

In these half a year, Omi had been tossed by Youruo enough.

However, what he didn’t expect was that after half a year, Youruo was indeed pregnant, and Youruo was so happy that he couldn’t sleep for three days and nights.

Of course, Shangguan and Qi Xue Yun, are also about to give birth.

Just at this time, one morning, Chen Xiang, of the Lonely Soul Organization, came to look for Omi, and at the back of the manor, Omi met with Chen Xiang.

“Tell me, what mission did you come to find me this time.”Omi asked.

Old man Chen Xiang smiled, “Bullhead, you made a great achievement for the organization last time, causing the Zoroastrianism to suffer heavy losses.”

“Hehe, that’s natural, by the way, how many contribution points did I get for making such a great merit last time.”

Chen Xiang said, “Over three thousand points.”

“What, more than three thousand contribution points?No way, I remember that you only contributed over two thousand points to the organization.”

Chen Xiang smiled, “Do you know why you were able to make such a great contribution for what you did in the Imperial City last time?” Remember the URL

“Hey, because the Zoroastrians lost a helmsman, and several halls, and thousands of Zoroastrians,”Omi said.

Chen Xiang shook his head, “Wrong, it’s not because you made Zoroastrianism lose so much, but because, what you did last time made Zoroastrianism clearly understand the power of our Lonely Soul Organization, understand?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Oh, let me put it to you this way, in the past, the Zoroastrianism looked down on our Lonely Soul Organization, after all, we have only been developing for a few decades, and the Zoroastrianism didn’t treat the Lonely Soul Organization as a rival at all.This time, you ruthlessly taught Zoroastrianism a lesson, so that Zoroastrianism had to acknowledge our greatness and had to treat us as rivals.This is the greatest contribution you have made to the organization.”Chen Xiang said with a smile.

“Is it important to have the Zoroastrians treat the Lonely Soul Organization as a rival?”

“It’s very important, our goal with the Zoroastrianism is to overthrow the Yuan Clan, we could have cooperated with the Zoroastrianism to overthrow the Yuan Clan together, and after we overthrew the Yuan Clan, we would then discuss how to get along.However, the Zoroastrianism looked down on our organization and refused to cooperate with us, this time, the Zoroastrianism deeply appreciated our power.”

Omi was surprised, “Uncle Xiang, don’t tell me that our organization, now, wants to cooperate with the Zoroastrians?”

“Hahaha, yes, with our Lonely Soul Organization’s manpower, it’s hard to overthrow the Yuan, instead it will be swallowed up by the Yuan bit by bit as time goes by, so we have to cooperate with the Zoroastrianism, so that’s possible.We’ve asked the Zoroastrianism to cooperate with us before, but unfortunately, the Zoroastrianism doesn’t look down on us, and this time, we’ve completely beaten the Zoroastrianism, and they’ve finally realized that our Lonely Soul Organization is far more powerful than they can imagine, so the Zoroastrianism has already revealed, the intention to cooperate.”

“Uh!”Omi was a bit surprised to be working with the Zoroastrians.

It seemed that there really were no eternal enemies in the world, only common interests.

Omi wasn’t opposed to cooperation, in fact, cooperation was the greatest credential against the Yuan Clan.

“We were in the Imperial City and caused the Zoroastrians to lose so much, are you sure they want to cooperate with us?By all rights, they should hate us to death.”

Chen Xiang smiled, “Bull Head, you are wrong, strength will only win out equally, besides, the Zoroastrians have lost so much, so it is all the more important for them to consider cooperating with us, otherwise they are a point weaker in dealing with the Yuan.”

Omi nodded his head and asked, “Uncle Xiang, then you didn’t have any mission to find me this time.”

Chen Xiang said, “Niu Tau, this time I came to find you, I was ordered by the Crown Prince to take you home.”


“Uh, pick us up?”

“Yes, now that you no longer need to hide your identity, sooner or later we will cooperate with the Zoroastrians, and you will be able to go home afterwards to discuss important matters together.My subordinates welcome His Imperial Highness, Huang Taixuan Sun, back to the organization.”

“Oh, to be honest, it’s a bit out of ideas.”Omi laughed.

Chen Xiang said, “Your Imperial Highness, Your Mother is waiting for you to return to the organization, so hurry up and bring your wives and children home.”

“But, my two wives, they will be born in about a month.”

“It’s okay, a birth on the road is fine, with your wife also being a martial arts practitioner, you can still afford this run.”

“Alright, then you wait for me for a few days and I’ll settle here.”


That night, Omi gathered his entire family, including the brothers Jin Yao and Jin Yue.

It was time to announce Omi’s true identity, which had been hidden before for safety reasons.

“Feng’er, what’s the matter again, to call everyone together.”The teacher’s wife asked.

Omi said, “Everyone, next, I am about to tell you something very important, about my origins.”

“Ah, you found the mystery of your origins?”Omi’s brothers and sisters were pleasantly surprised.

The only one on the scene was Song Yu’er who had known before.

Omi nodded, “Yes, in fact, I found out about my origins years ago, but I had to hide it from everyone first to be safe.”

“Quickly say, what is your birthright?”

Omi told his life story from beginning to end, one by one.

“Wow shit, you’re actually a former imperial Tai Xuan Sun.”

Everyone was surprised to learn this result, Omi’s family was a former imperial family.

Jin Yao and Jin Yue both felt incredible.

Omi said, “Now, my family has already sent someone to take us back, so everyone get ready and come home with me.”


“There is nothing but, my mother, is already waiting for us at home, you all are my family, you must come home with me.”Omi’s attitude was tough.

Omi’s wives, however, were a bit nervous, the feeling of a daughter-in-law finally meeting her mother-in-law.

Jin Yao gave Jin Yue a wink, then suddenly knelt down to pay his respects, “Greetings to His Imperial Highness, Emperor Ta Xuan Sun.”

“Uh, big brother and second brother, what are you guys doing, get up quickly.”

“Previously, we brothers did not know the meaning of heaven and earth, we dared to call ourselves brother to Huang Tai Xuan Sun, we brothers deserve to be punished, we expect Your Highness Huang Tai Xuan Sun to punish us.”

“Hahahaha, big brother, second brother, if you continue to be like this, I’ll be angry, what’s Huang Tai Xuan Sun, to be frank, it’s just a false name, maybe one day we’ll be exterminated by the Yuan Clan, alright, get up.”

“Your Highness, I believe that your Shang clan will rise again.”

“Yes, I believe that too.”

“Alright, we’ll have to talk about this later, all these years, thanks to the two brothers for taking care of me and my family, Third Brother toasts the two big brothers.”


“Not drinking is disowning me as a third brother.”

“Well, then we are offended, Third Brother, cheers, I wish you a great future.”



A few days later, Omi and the others left the Golden Silk City with a thousand-mile farewell from the brothers Jin Yao and Jin Yue.

Looking back at Golden Silk City, Omi and the others were a bit reluctant.

“Uncle Xiang, where is the headquarters of our Lonely Soul Organization?”On the way, Omi asked.

“In the Dahliang Mountain.”

“Is Daliyang Mountain very secretive?”

“It’s okay.”

“We’re not going to be found by the Gen’s clan and killed?”Omi asked with confusion.

Chen Xiang smiled, “Your Highness Shang Hong, have you never heard me say that about the Emperor of our Lonely Soul Organization?Every time you say Crown Prince?”


“That’s the fundamental reason, our Lonely Soul Organization, the current supreme leader, is your great-grandfather, Shang Yao.”

“Shang Yao, my great-grandfather.” One second to remember to read the book

“Yes, but he rarely shows his face, and the organization’s affairs are left to the Crown Prince, your grandfather, to manage.The reason why the Yuan clan doesn’t dare to kill the door is because of your great-grandfather Shang Yao.”

“How strong is my great-grandfather?If my grandfather is strong, then it shouldn’t be difficult to overthrow the Yuan Clan ah.”

“Your Imperial Highness, he is a genius, back then, if it wasn’t for Your Imperial Highness surpassing the peak at a critical moment, I’m afraid that the Shang clan wouldn’t have been able to preserve even the last bit of their bloodline.”Chen Xiang sighed.

“Uncle Xiang, are you saying that my great-grandfather, he surpassed the peak of his ascension?”


“What is the realm after ascending the peak, can you tell me about it?”

“Of course you can, after surpassing the Dengfeng Great Perfection, the martial dao enters the first stage of Return to Void, your great grandfather, is currently the first stage of Return to Void.”

“Returning Void Stage One?The next realm to ascend to the peak is to return to the void?”

“Yes, the Returning Void is divided into Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5.So far, our Lonely Soul Organization, there is only one Returning Void Phase One, and that is your great grandfather, he is our Lonely Soul Organization, the only support left.”Chen Xiang felt his breathing heavy, as if, the fate of the entire Lonely Soul Organization was in the hands of one person.

Omi was busy asking, “What about the Yuan Clan?How many returned to the void?”

“The Yuan Clan has one Returned Void Stage 2 and ten Returned Void Stage 1.Among them, that strong man of the Homing Void Stage 2 is the current emperor of the Yuan Clan.Those ten Returning Void Stage 1 strongmen are the Yuan Clan’s ten famous protectors.This time, the Zoroastrianism suffered heavy losses in the imperial city, and I heard that one of the protectors was sent out.”

“Uh, so the Yuan Clan is much stronger than our Lonely Soul Organization.”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

“Isn’t it obvious that the Yuan Clan has one Returning Void Stage 2 and ten more, and we only have one Returning Void Stage 1.”

“Oh, Your Highness Shang Hong, at the level of the top powerhouses, the strength is not based on quantity.Your great-grandfather Shang Yao, once defeated the strongest one among the Yuan Clan’s ten protectors, and your great-grandfather’s age is a few dozen years younger compared to the Yuan Clan’s ten protectors, so that’s fundamental.”

“I see, then, what about the Zoroastrian Fire Cult?”


nbsp; “Zoroastrianism, which has developed for hundreds of years and its strength is also very strong, also has one Return to Void Stage 2 and three Return to Void Stage 1.”

“So, in the entire Great Martial Empire, there are only two Returning Void Stage 2 and fourteen Returning Void Stage 1.”

“Right, Returning Void, it’s not that easy, it’s too hard, too difficult, from ascending the peak to entering Returning Void, it’s like a transformation like a fish jumping over a dragon’s door.”

Omi asked, “Then how was my Shang clan, destroyed back then?”

“Back then, the strongest person of the Shang clan, Shang Lie, he was at the second stage of Return to Void, but unfortunately, his life expectancy was over.After Shang Lie’s death, the Shang clan had no one to succeed him, no one stepped into the Returned Void, but instead, the Yuan clan, who was previously the Vice State, that strongest man, the current Emperor of the Yuan clan, he stepped into the Second Stage of Returned Void from back then.So, it was natural to take his place, but this Yuan Clan was very ruthless and treacherous.Originally, as a vice-state, they could replace the Shang Clan as an imperial family in the future, but instead, they want to cut off the Shang Clan by the roots.”

“Uncle Xiang, I don’t quite understand what you mean?What does it mean that Genji used to be the vice state of the Shang clan?It’s our Shang’s subordinate, right?”

“Your Highness Shang Hong, it’s impossible for this continent, regardless of any family, to control an empire forever.This generation, maybe a certain child is strong and becomes the strongest, but the next generation, the next generation, in case there is no offspring to take over, then this empire will have to die out.Therefore, throughout the ages, in order to consolidate this empire and keep the huge families from dying out, the former people had thought of many ways.In the end, they came up with a solution.That is, to set up a few sub-states.Back then, when our Shang Clan became a royal family, there were five vice-nations, namely, the Yuan Clan, the Jing Clan, the Lian Clan, the Bai Clan, and the Zhu Clan.These five vice-national clans were the highest status clans other than the imperial family, referred to as the vice-national clans for short.The Vice State Clan’s mission was to protect and support the Imperial Clan and rule the Empire.In the future, if the strongest member of the imperial family died, then which family in the vice-nation was the most powerful, he could take his place and become the new imperial family, while the original imperial family was relegated to the vice-nation, in this way, the rule of the entire empire could be ensured to continue for a longer period of time.For example, when the strongest of the Shang clan, Shang Lie, died, according to the rules, the Yuan clan was the strongest of the five vice-nations, then the Yuan clan became the royal family and the Shang clan was relegated to a vice-nation.However, after the Yuan Clan took his place, it went so far as to kill Shang.”

“I already understand.”Omi snorted, Yuan Clan, the dog, betrayed his trust.

“Later, fortunately, your great grandfather Shang Yao, he stepped into the return to the void at a critical moment, then the Yuan Clan only had some scruples, and the Shang Clan is now able to preserve some of its bloodline.”

“What about the other vice-national clans back then?”

“Oh, without a doubt, it’s definitely only possible to follow the Yuan Clan, those ten protectors of the Yuan Clan are the strongest of those vice-nations.In the future, when the strongest of the Yuan Clan dies, one of the protectors will step into the second stage of Return to the Void, or become the strongest, they can replace the Yuan Clan as the imperial family, and the Yuan Clan will be relegated to the vice-nation.As the saying goes, the emperor takes turns being an emperor, that’s the reason, right?In this way, the imperial family along with the five vice-powers, the six families can take turns to ensure the continuous continuation of the family, this is one of the best ways that the ancients came up with to keep the family for the longest time.The Great Martial Empire, which is such an empire, has existed for thousands of years, and over the course of thousands of years, the six families have been wheeled around countless times, I never thought that by this generation, the Yuan Clan would do such a thing.”

Omi nodded, Omi used to be curious as to why after the Yuan Clan became an imperial family, the name of the empire was still the Great Martial Empire, the empire did not change its name, now it was completely understood.


“Thousands of years ago, our ancestors of the Shang Clan, the Yuan Clan, the Jing Clan, the Lian Clan, the Bai Clan, and the Zhu Clan, were very close brothers of the opposite sex.It’s like you and those good friends of yours, different, they were all geniuses, they became strong, destroyed the previous empire, and the six of them worked together to establish the Great Martial Empire.In the future, the six of them will be able to continue on and on for their children and grandchildren.It’s a pity that the Yuan Clan did such a thing, if their ancestors from thousands of years ago knew about it, they would definitely die of anger.”


Omi looked at his brothers, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, as well as big brother Xie Yong, Hao Zizhu, and others.

It was a pity that these brothers of Omi didn’t have the same talent as him, otherwise in the future, Omi would also set up an empire, and after his death, whoever of them had the strongest offspring would be the royal family, and the rest’s offspring would be the vice kingdom.

A month later, Omi and the others temporarily stopped in a city.

Because, Qi Xue Yun was going to give birth.

In an inn.

Qi Xueyun was giving birth, and Omi and the others were waiting outside the door.

Not long after, the midwife came out happily and smiled, “Congratulations Master, Madam has given birth to a young master.”

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed out loud.

Old man Chen Xiang laughed, “Congratulations to His Highness on the happy addition of a prince.” The first website

“Uncle Xiang, thank you.”

“Your Highness, it’s time to give the little prince a name.”

Omi said, “Let’s call him Feng Qi.”

“Ah, Your Highness, how can that be.”

“Why not?”

“Your Highness, you’re from the Shang clan, you’re surnamed Shang, I hope that Your Highness won’t be hasty and change the names of your several children before you return to your family.For example, you can call them Shang Qi.”

“I’ll go, it’s all called habit.”Omi said.

However, a name was just a name, Omi didn’t mind, after all, he was indeed of the Shang clan’s bloodline.

“Alright then, the Qin daughter born to Qin Ren will be renamed Shang Qin; the Feng Xu born to Xu Mei Qian will be renamed Shang Xu; the daughter born to Liona will be renamed Shang Bell; the son born to Li Xuan’er will be renamed Shang Lei; the son born to Xiaomeng will be renamed Shang Ming; and the son born to Qi Xue Yun will be renamed Shang Qi.”

“Hehe.”Chen Xiang smiled, it seemed that this satisfied him, he was loyal to the Shang clan, he would not tolerate any wind of Omi’s children’s surnames.

Back when Omi was a child, his name was also given haphazardly.

Omi held his sixth child, Shang Qi, and smiled hehehe.

Omi and the others stayed at the inn for a few more days, Shangguan Rou was also about to give birth, they both had been pregnant at about the same time before.

“Congratulations Master, Madam has given birth to a little princess.”

Omi smiled, it was expected, after all, Omi had already given birth to three sons in a row.

“Omi hugged the daughter born to Shangguan Rou and smiled, “Call her Shang Yao, I hope she grows up to be as beautiful as her mother.”

Shangguan Rou looked at Omi happily, Omi was saying that she was beautiful in disguise, although the old husband and wife, but still very happy to hear it.

After resting at the inn for another ten days, Shangguan and Qi Xueyun both recovered and were ready to continue on their journey.

After another month, Omi and the others, finally arrived at their destination, Daliyang Mountain, the headquarters of the Lonely Soul Organization.

Chen Xiang said, “Your Highness Shang Hong, we have arrived.”

However, Omi looked at the mountainous landscape and did not see a single house, frowning, “Could it be that the headquarters of the Lonely Soul Organization, is inside the mountain?”


sp; “Haha, right, but we still have a ways to go, and this is the same underground palace that was built for safety in the first place.Please follow me.”

Omi, led by Chen Xiang, saw a small, mine-like cave in a hidden place at the bottom of the Great Ranging Mountain.

Chen Xiang said, “This cave, there are more than three hundred forks going inside, and only one of them is the correct way to the headquarters of the Lonely Soul Organization, if you don’t have someone you know to lead you, you can easily go wrong, and if you do, you will be killed by our organization’s guards.

“Oh, it seems to be quite tight.”

“Everyone keep up, don’t go wrong.”

A large group of people at the back followed into the cave.

The cave was lit by torches, so it wasn’t considered dark.

It was just that Little Sister, Xu Mei Qian and the others muttered, “We shouldn’t be allowed to live in the cave from now on.”

“How can we do that, it’s okay for us adults, but what about the children, how can they grow up without sunlight.”

“Yeah, it’s better to think about the Golden City.”

Indeed, they were all nervous when they saw that they had entered the cave to go.

After walking a few hundred meters, Chen Xiang said, “Attention everyone, a fork in the road is starting to gradually appear ahead, you must follow closely, don’t lose sight of it.”

Sure enough, forks began to appear in the cave ahead, more than three hundred forks in total.

Under the leadership of Chen Xiang, everyone had been walking for an hour without fail, walking and walking.

“Uncle Xiang, how much longer is this going to take?”

“Soon, we are now out of a certain range of the Great Ranges.”


“Oh, we’ve been walking in the cave for so long, we must have left the range of Daliyang Mountain ah, Your Highness forgive me, it’s set up this way for safety reasons ah.”

After another half hour of walking, finally, Chen Xiang stopped and said, “Your Highness Shang Hong, the residence that the organization has arranged for you, has arrived.”

“Where is the residence?”Don asked with a roll of his eyes.

“Hehe.”Saying that, Chen Xiang pushed a rock behind him, which revealed a large cavity, about a hundred pairs of meters long and more than eighty meters wide, moreover, there were many rooms separated by wood, as well as the front yard, the back yard, and most importantly, on top of each room, there was a direct light window to the ground, although the light window was not large, but at least it could have light.

At first glance, it’s a bit like a suite ah, a suite is not also a piece of ceiling above the head, the difference is that a suite has windows on all four walls, while this side does not, only the ceiling has a ventilation and light.

“Your Highness Shang Hong, given your contribution to the organization, your residence, it is already considered quite luxurious la, go in and take a look.”Chen Xiang said.

Omi and the others walked in and visited this underground residence, very bad wouldn’t be, but it definitely couldn’t be compared to the ground, first of all, the air and light couldn’t compare.

“Your Highness, this is a very bad time, we can only begrudge you a little.”

“Okay, I understand, what about the rest of me?Not so many people crowded into one residence, right?”

“Oh, Your Highness, there are three slightly smaller underground mansions on the opposite side of this mansion of yours, as well as on both sides.”

“That’s fine.”

In total, there were four mansions, enough for so many people to live in Omi.

Omi asked, “Uncle Xiang, I’ve been in here for so long, but apart from the cave, this mansion, where else?Where are the others?Where’s my mother?”

“Oh, there’s no need to rush, Your Highness, you can settle in, and once you’re settled in, I’ll take you on a tour of the rest of the city, and take you to meet your mother on the way.”



A few hours later, Omi settled the crowd.

“Uncle Xiang, you can take me to my mother now.”

“Good, come with me, who else wants to go.”

“My wife and children, all go.”

Omi brought his nine wives, plus seven children, his master and mother, and a group of brothers and friends, almost all of them went.

Chen Xiang led Omi around and around the cave, sparing ten minutes before stopping.This way, there were very many forks in the road, many of them criss-crossed, it was like an ant’s nest.

“Uncle Xiang, is there only also one right fork in the road here?”

“Oh, no, the forks in the road here, you can understand that, the streets, each one goes somewhere.Alright, your mother’s mansion is here.”

Chen Xiang knocked on a stone wall on the side of the cave.

“Boom.”The stone wall struck open.

Two maidservants stood at the door. Remember the website

Chen Xiang said, “Is Her Highness Princess Qiao Xue here?”

“In there.”

“Help me announce that the young prince Shang Hong has returned and come for an audience.”


At that moment, an excited voice came from inside, “Is it Hong’er who has returned?”Said a woman strode out.

“Mother.”Omi scrambled to greet her.


More than three years had passed between mother and son since their last separation and then this meeting.

“Hong’er, you’re finally home.”

“Mother, my child will never part with you again this time.”

At the door, Omi’s relatives were quietly watching Omi and his mother.

At this time, Omi was busy saying, “Mother, I’ve brought my wife and children back, I’ll introduce you to them.”


“This is my master and my aunt.”

Ding Ru and Yan Xinyi were busy paying their respects, “Meet Your Highness the Princess.”

“No, no, no, it’s me who wants to thank you, thanks to you my child was preserved and you have educated my child so well, please accept my worship.”Said the mother of Omi, bowing.

“Your Highness, Your Highness, you must not.”Ding Ru and Yan Xinyi were busy helping Qiao Xue up.

Omi smiled, “Everyone needn’t be polite, Mother, come, I’ll introduce you again, this is Qin Ren, my wife, this is Xu Mei Qian, my wife, this is Liona, Li Xuan’er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, Youruo, Xiaomeng, Song Yu’er, all my wives.”



Omi’s wives called out, they all looked a little shy.

Omi’s mother-in-law smiled, “Good, good, all of them are good children, all of them have a national appearance, my Hong’er is really blessed.”

“Mother, these are your grandchildren, this is Shang Qin, this is Shang Xu, this is Shang Ling, Shang Lei, Shang Ming, Shang Qing, and Shang Yao.”

“Grandchildren have met Grandmother.”

Omi’s children who could speak were busy paying their respects.

“Fine, fine.”Omi’s mother said with wet eyes.

“And they are my brothers and sisters, Xie Yong, Hao Zizhu.”

“Liu Yue, Wang Xing.”

Omi introduced the teachers and brothers one by one.

“Pay your respects to the Queen Mother.”They also paid their respects.

“You all don’t need to be polite, come inside and sit down

You are my child’s family, my relatives.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Omi chatted with his mother-in-law for several hours before Omi left his mother-in-law’s mansion, preparing to visit the rest of the Lonely Soul Organization.

Of course, Omi’s mother-in-law asked them to come to her place for dinner tonight, and Omi agreed.

“Your Highness Shang Hong, this is the organization’s deliberation palace.”

“This is the organization’s intelligence palace.”

“This is the living area for the various members of the organization, and your area before that was the living area for the organization’s royalty.”

Omi asked, “Why are they all missing?”

“Oh, after all, it’s an underground palace, everyone closes their respective doors, and the passage connecting each residence is longer, so it’s less likely to see people, I’ll take you to the organization’s canteen, bathhouse, schoolhouse, and other places again.”

Omi strolled around for a whole lap, several hours passed and it was almost evening .

Omi arrived at his mother’s mansion and had a dinner at his mother’s house, only returning to his own mansion late into the night.

Although the stay was a little more depressing, it was still passable.

The next day, Chen Xiang came to look for Omi.

“Your Highness Shang Hong, the crown prince asked me to take you there.”

“Crown Prince, my grandfather?”

“Yes, they want to meet you, and your aunts and uncles.”


Omi arrived at a palace, where hundreds of people were already waiting there.

When Omi entered the palace, everyone turned their attention to Omi.

Omi was a little surprised to see hundreds of people in the palace.

Chen Xiang was busy saying, “Report to Your Imperial Highness, Prince Shang Hong has arrived.”

“Mm.”At the top of the palace steps, an old man nodded, this palace was large and tall, dozens of meters high, like a naturally formed cave, and it was quite imposing.

“Pay your respects to grandfather.”Omi bowed.

“Hahaha, you must be my Shang Hong’s grandson.”


“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that you are still alive, good, very good, I already know all the things you did in the Imperial City.”

“This is what Sun’er should do.”

“Shang Hong, let me introduce you, these twenty or so, they are all your real uncles, they are all your father’s real brothers, just, different mothers.”

Omi paid his respects to the twenty-odd men, “Nephew pays his respects to your uncles.”

“Oh, nephew Shang Hong, there’s no need to be polite, get up quickly.”

Some of these twenty-odd men looked younger, a middle-aged man, while others looked like old men, their ages were generally between 80 and 110 years old.It seemed that Omi’s grandfather had married quite a few wives, otherwise he wouldn’t have so many sons.This was just the daughter, the daughter hadn’t even been introduced yet.

“These are all your aunts now.”

“Nephew pays his respects to your aunts.”

“Hong’er need not be polite.”

“And these men and women, more than two hundred in total, all of them are your cousins and cousins and cousins, they are your uncles’ children, some as old as you, some older than you, and some younger than you.As for their names, you can slowly get to know them on your own later, I won’t tell you.”

Omi looked to the side of the palace, several rows, men and women, mama, many cousins.But it was normal, Omi had so many uncles and aunts, even if each person had ten, that would be more than two hundred already.So, normal, these were all young princes of the Shang clan, Omi was just one of them.


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